12+ Coolest Auricle Piercing Ideas That Will Leave You Mesmerized

You seldom alter your mind about how amazing you think a piercing is, unlike periodic hairstyles or the beauty styles now flooding your Insta favorite collection. In reality, the majority of piercing fads from decades ago are nevertheless fashionable today. With all that being said, a new piercing has magically appeared on our horizon for maybe the first time in ages – and we’re instantly impressed.

Auricle piercings have indeed been shrouded in mystery for years. It is, however, the most recent and popular style that everyone is applauding.

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Auricle Piercing

Auricle piercing is a great way to connect cartilage pieces together for individuals who enjoy having their ears pierced. The auricle piercing, positioned between the helix and lobe piercings, looks stunning alone or as a component of a cartilage cluster.

The auricle, like the helix, offers a massive canvas to deal with. Because there’s a lot of room to pierce your auricle, you’ll like to consider where you would like your piercing to go until you get it done.

A 16G or 14G needle is commonly used for auricle piercing. However, the size depends on your preferences. Take into account that stretching the piercing is much easier than shrinking it, so if in doubt, go for the smaller dimensions.

Because the piercing is in the cartilage, your healing process will be somewhat different than in other meaty regions. Furthermore, because cartilage is often injured, you’ll be particularly cautious during the healing process and find an experienced piercer.

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Auricle Piercing Pain

Piercings in the cartilage pain further than piercings in the lobes. The best part is that the cartilage in the auricle is generally softer, so any discomfort will be noticed quickly. The auricle is usually the least painful part of the body.

Your piercer’s skill plays a significant role in how painful your piercing is. More skilled piercers have strategies for reducing pain, limiting your duration under the needle, and assisting you in breathing and feeling at ease during the procedure. If it really is your first piercing, look for a piercer who understands how nervous you are.

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Auricle Piercing Procedure

Piercing forms a hole in the skin that passes through several layers to make room for your jewelry. As a result, your piercer is basically producing a wound that can become infected if not properly maintained.

That’s why you should only have your body pierced by somebody who has expertise with the kind of piercing you choose and utilize the correct instruments and methods to guarantee a secure and painless treatment.

Apart from infection, there are a number of other possible problems that might arise during the piercing procedure, the most noticeable of which is an allergic response. Understanding the indicators as soon as they arise can save the punctured region and save you a lot of pain.

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Auricle Piercing Healing Process

The time it takes for an auricle to repair varies substantially from individual to individual. As a result, the healing time for an auricle piercing might range from 3 to 9 months. Because cartilage is readily injured during healing, it’s good to check with your piercer before discontinuing aftercare practices to ensure that you’re completely healed.

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Auricle Piercing Aftercare Rules

Piercing lumps, cauliflower ear, as well as other problems are common with cartilage piercings, and indeed the auricle piercing will be no exception. Don’t let anything deter you from getting this adorable piercing. Here are a few aftercare ideas that go beyond normal practices to aid you on your way to a joyful recovery.

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Don’t get your hands on the jewelry.

It’s vital not to touch your jewelry or the piercing site unless you’re cleaning or wiping the region after a piercing. Your hands are home to a plethora of microorganisms that might affect your piercing.

If you have to approach your piercing, it’s better to wash your hands first. Another way the body rejects wearing jewelry while recovering from cartilage piercings is that cartilage tends to create scars and lumps all around the region if injured or infected.

Surgical removal is sometimes the only way to get rid of pimples. Keep your jewelry alone to be on the safe side.

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Don’t lay stress on your jewelry.

This guideline is particularly challenging for individuals who prefer to slumber on their sides. Exerting stress on the jewelry, such as embedded jewelry, might cause complications during the healing process, so try to avoid resting on your sides.

When you have both ears pierced simultaneously, make a point of changing sides at night. It might be a smart option to only have a single ear pierced at a time, so you don’t rest on the healing piercing. Make absolutely sure you have quite a spotless pillowcase each night.

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Retain the piercing clean and dry

Piercing lumps might form whenever the ear is not kept sufficiently dry. Be careful to wipe the piercing area thoroughly with a dry paper towel if you wash, exercise, get caught in the rain, or have any other wetness.

Avoid taking a bath in a pool. It’s smart to stick around an aftercare saline solution since you can sanitize on the spot.

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Auricle Piercing Jewelry Styles

The auricle piercing, such as the helix piercing, seems to have a wide variety of auricle piercing jewelry types to pick from. Furthermore, the auricle piercing looks fantastic in a group of cartilage earrings, so have some fun with it!

For this sort of piercing, captive bead rings are extremely popular. They blend the elegant hoop style with a tiny bead for a statement piece. To add more color, use more colorful gemstones or beads.

Auricle piercings can also be done using hoop earrings. Make a statement with a seamless ring or experiment with different hoop types.

Cartilage studs are more discreet than rings and can be embellished with various Jewels and gems. This jewelry alternative is ideal for folks who prefer more conservative appearances and calmer styles. Amongst many other cartilage piercings, studs are also very popular. For something like a cleaner look, choose jewelry with a flat disc back.

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The auricle piercing also enables the creation of one-of-a-kind jewelry. The cartilage barrier in this piercing is excellent. The guard will drape around your ear for a striking piece of jewelry.

Another unusual alternative is a twisted barbell, which wraps around your ear like a cartilage shield.

Round and curved barbells are frequently seen on those with auricle piercings.

Unless you’re not prepared for the needle, a false earring can be worn in place of the auricle piercing. High-quality fake hoop earrings can trick anyone into thinking you had your auricle pierced while avoiding the agony.

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Auricle Piercing Cost

Auricle piercings are usually between $30 and $50. However, you do not need to choose a piercer purely on budget; you should choose to ensure you get your ear piercing off to a good start.

Furthermore, a more skilled piercer will be capable of lowering your suffering during the piercing procedure, so if you have a poor pain threshold, it’s a smart option to go with the professional choice.

Pick a good piercer who does not use a piercing gun. This is usually sound advice, but it’s especially important when it comes to cartilage piercings. Blunt force trauma to the ear causes difficulties like cauliflower ear, as well as a piercing gun, works by driving jewelry through the ear, which is the essence of sudden impact. Locate a piercer that utilizes a needle and save yourself from some extra pain.

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Auricle Piercing Variations

In cartilage clustering, double, triple, or quadruple auricle piercing is prevalent. Numerous auricle piercings are the best way to accomplish that style. When getting several piercings, consider the fact that while getting them in one go is feasible, it may make healing harder and more unpleasant. Plan to get one piercing at the moment for a better healing process.

What’s Stopping Me From Getting An Auricle Piercing?

Keloid scars are often a possibility whenever it relates to piercings, but they’re even more with cartilage piercings. Cartilage piercings may not even be right for you if you’re prone to scars.

Cartilage lumps are a serious hazard. The healing process is important in reducing this risk. If you have trouble with aftercare, you should likely go for a much more tolerant piercing.

The ear’s size varies a lot from individual to individual. Certain ear shapes are not at all suitable for piercing the auricle. Examine your ear form with a piercer to see whether the auricle piercing is appropriate for you. Or else, they can suggest alternative piercings.

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 What Jewelry Should I Use For My Auricle Piercing?

The auricle piercing offers a lot of inventiveness whenever it comes to jewelry. Tiny cartilage hoops are trendy, but they’re hardly the sole alternative. Try pins and barbells to spice up your ear bash.

What Jewelry Size Do I Need For My Auricle Piercing?

Your piercer will most likely utilize a normal 16 gauge needle (1.2mm thick) for your auricle piercing. You should only wear earrings with 16 gauge hooks to maintain your auricle piercing intact. Whether you’ve worn regular earrings, it may compress a little, in which case an 18 gauge (1.0mm thick) post would be a good fit.

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