20+ Marvellous Ashley Piercing Design Ideas That You Can Cherish

Among the few lip piercings, the Ashley piercing provides an attractive aesthetic that matches beautifully with bright lipstick. It’s a piercing for individuals who have beautiful lips and are aware of it.

Even though the Ashely piercing is identical to the vertical labret piercing, the formal title for the Ashely piercing is the inverted vertical labret piercing—the exit hole appears within the lips rather than underneath the lip giving the appearance of a single piercing. The Ashley piercing, which is embellished with a single bead, diamond, or charms, gives a minimalistic aesthetic that is out of the conventional, offering plenty of favorable attention.

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

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Unfortunately, the Ashley piercing seems to be in a high movement location. Because of its closeness to the mouth, it’s also much more susceptible to germs than other forms of piercings. As a result, you’ll have to take extra precautions during the recovery process. Here’s what you should know.

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Ashley Lip Piercing

Ashley lip piercing, often called inverse vertical labret piercing, is an actual lip piercing in which a puncture is made in the mid of your lip. In contrast to a vertical lip piercing, hole is usually performed by marking an inch upwards to the lip contour. Therefore it is also known as the opposite vertical lip piercing.

When you install the jewelry, its bottom protrudes from the inside. As a result, just the front section of the piercing is seen from the outside, classifying it as a mono lip piercing. While earrings are a common choice in this situation, an Ashley piercings hoops or a bar is still an alternative.

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

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How Much Pain Does Ashley Piercing Hurt?

Despite its position on the delicate lip, the Ashley piercings are generally painless. Most people have mild pain that subsides rapidly. While most of your suffering will be determined by your own pain threshold, an experienced piercer will be willing to aid you via breathing techniques and perform the piercing correctly and successfully, leading to less pain. In fact, it’s important to do your homework and choose a reliable piercer.

Ashley Piercing

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You may most probably notice some pain and inflammation after the piercing. This is quite normal. In order to meet the swell, the piercer will equip you with a more significant beginning jewelry piece. Keep a watch on your Ashley piercing jewelry in the first several days to guarantee that the extremities do not rub on the piercing. If it happens, you can interact with your piercer to change your jewelry to a bigger piece.

After the swelling has subsided for a few days, you should transition to a smaller jewelry item that rests closer to your lip. This will maintain the jewelry away from your teeth and prevent you from chomping on it while chewing.

Ashley Piercing

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Ashley Piercing Procedure For Healing

The Ashley piercing usually cures in 3 to 4 months; however, it may take longer based on your aftercare and your body’s capacity to recover. Piercings may seem totally cured sometimes but not in reality, so have a piercer check at it and ensure that the healing process is finished before discontinuing aftercare activities.

Best ashley piercing

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Ashley Piercings Aftercare Rules

Because of the particular spot of the Ashley piercings, you must be extra careful with your piercing healing procedure. To prevent trauma to the skin’s surface, restrict touching or shifting the new jewelry, as with all new piercings. Unfortunately, adhering to this regulation might be very challenging because the piercing is right on the lips.

Be extra cautious with new jewelry in the initial days of piercing. Cracking your tooth on your jewelry, trauma that produces unattractive scars, and jewelry rejection are all concerns linked with this form of piercing; therefore, this is one piercing that should not be subjected to careless maintenance procedures.

Ashley Piercing on Girl

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Here are some Ashley-specific aftercare suggestions to aid you during the recovery process:

Don’t clutter around with the jewelry

This is quite tough to follow because of its position in the center of your lip, particularly when you have a restless tendency of biting on the lip.

Interacting with your jewelry before the piercings have recovered, on the other hand, might lead in issues as in hypertrophic scars.

Ashley Piercing

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Maintain good oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential for any piercing which has an exit point within the lips. Because the Ashley piercing sits on the lips, you must be mindful of both the front and rear of your piercing when eating.

It’s a great way to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste available so you can swiftly wash your mouth after meals, even when you’re on the run, to reduce illness.

Lip Piercing

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Look out for overly tight jewelry

Embedded jewelry is a concern for all piercings, but because the Ashley piercing swells faster than others, you should keep a constant check on it. If you believe that your jewelry is too tight, consult with your piercer right away to have a bigger one.

Ashley Piercing

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Keep your teeth safe

Biting on new jewelry is a problem, but you should also keep a watch out for any damage to your teeth caused by the back of your jewelry scraping on your teeth when you speak or eat.

Moving to a smaller stud will presumably reduce wear on your teeth, although some friction is still inevitable. You should keep an eye out for enamel deterioration, cracking, or receding gum lines all across the lifespan of your piercing.

Ashley Piercings

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Avoid lipstick

One of the most appealing characteristics of this piercing is that it gives a stunning appearance when paired with bright lip tones.

However, you must wait till your piercing heals completely before applying foreign chemicals, such as lipstick, to the piercing site.

Please remember that the interior of a piercing requires months to recover than the exterior, so consult with your piercer before experimenting with lip colors.

Piercing on lips

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Take care with what you consume

Stick to soft meals during the first few days after getting your lips pierced to get adjusted to the new jewelry. This reduces the possibility of accidentally chewing on the new jewelry item. You should avoid eating acidic or spicy meals while you are recuperating.

Aside from being extremely uncomfortable for the piercing, it will also damage the delicate healing skin, perhaps leading to piercing infection. Mouthwash containing alcohol should not be used.

This, like hot or acidic meals, will be uncomfortable and aggravate the piercing. Rather, use an alcohol-free mouthwash or a saline solution to cleanse your mouth.

Lower Lip Piercing

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How Do You Remove The Ashley Piercing?

Downsizing your Ashley piercing as soon as possible is always a smart choice. Now that you’ve given yourself adequate healing time, it’s time to find a suitable fit.

To reduce the likelihood of swelling, begin by switching to a longer inverse vertical labret piercing bar. Once you’ve recovered, you can switch to a short-fitting stud for optimal comfort and avoid all Ashley piercing risks such as tooth erosion or poor enamel.

After successfully downsizing your piercing jewelry with the assistance of a piercer, you can replace it yourself in the future.

Simply unscrew the top section of the gem and replace it with the new one. You do not need to remove the fixed component of jewelry that has been put.

Lip Piercing

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Styles Of Ashley Piercing Jewelry

In the Ashley piercing, you may only use plain lip piercing jewelry. The flat back is critical so that the jewelry does not rub on your teeth and gums and create problems.

While jewelry types are restricted, you may be inventive with different jewelry endings, choosing between sleek and elegant or luxurious and spectacular.

Jewelry Piercing

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Preferred Metals For Ashley Piercings

Choose bigger gemstones for a statement effect or daintier labret stud ends for a simple and minimalist style. You can pick a pure 14k gold ball or adorable charms, jewels such as diamonds or opals, or even small pearls.

The ring setting is ideal for this piercing since it lets you display a sparkling gemstone while still creating a smooth and secure placement.

This piercing’s simple appearance makes it a very attractive option to mix with other lip piercings or a septum or nose piercing.

Lips Piercing

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Why can’t I get an Ashley piercing?

As previously indicated, the Ashley piercing should be left alone while healing. If you like to experiment with your lips, you might like to explore a Monroe piercing or similar out-of-the-way lip piercing.

Your labret stud will rub on your teeth even if it has a smooth disc back. If you have dental problems or poor enamel, you should choose a piercing that really is gentler on your teeth. Vertical labret piercing is an excellent alternative.

Ashley Piercing

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What is the cost of the Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercings cost you between $30 and $85 to get. Always go with a respected piercer, especially for a piercing like the Ashley, which requires exact placement. When something comes to body piercing, never skimp on the price. Choose a reputable piercer you can rely on.

Ashley Piercings

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Should you kiss while having an Ashley piercing?

Kissing anyone with piercing lips is similar to kissing anyone without piercing lips. For Sure, you need to handle the odd sensation of jewelry, but this isn’t a major issue.

Face Piercing

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Do piercings cause tooth damage?

Pay extra attention to your new jewelry, particularly in the initial two weeks of recuperation. It is one of the piercing which must not be observed in careless aftercare techniques since it is related to hazards such as gem teeth breakage, a trauma that creates scars, as well as stone rejection.

Ashley Piercing

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How do I conceal my Ashley piercing?

Rather than studs, go for a translucent or flesh-colored retainer, labret retainers, or flat-end acrylic jewelry.

You can apply the required makeup or you can flip the stud to hide your piercing for a short span of time.

Put on special dressings to hide it.

Lip Piercings

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