The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women

If you have ever seen someone with a tattoo of a bow on their body, or you have seen pictures of such tattoos online, then you might be left wondering what the meaning behind these bow tattoos actually is.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women
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Most people associate bows with a way to tie up a gift, but it has actually become a symbol for something else in itself. Many women who have the bow tattoo will get it on their thigh, but it can be tattooed in other places, depending on what you are looking for.

This is a tattoo that is traditionally sported by women, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that men can’t get the tattoo. Although, it does have a significant meaning for women that do choose to get this tattoo.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women

In this article, we are going to be exploring the meaning behind the bow tattoo for women, so you can understand what it means. If you have been thinking about getting this tattoo, or you are simply interested in what it means, then you have come to the right place. Just keep reading to find out more.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women

For those that don’t already know, there is a bit of a story that goes with the meaning behind the bow tattoo.

Not too long ago, there was a time when women were not even allowed to vote, and before the suffragette movement came along, women around the country were expected to fulfil their limited roles, while men were able to thrive both publicly and politically.

However, this all began to change with the suffragettes and the femenist movement. Although women are not considered to be equal with men as of yet by many people, things have come a long way from what they used to be. This is why some women view the bow tattoo as a symbol of their struggle for liberation.

If you are still not sure what this means, then try to think about the way in which a bow is tied to a gift. Tension will be placed upon the ribbon, and the bow is released to tie the knot. The idea of the tension and release is what is considered to be symbolic of women’s liberation.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women
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This is the reason why the bow tattoo is typically viewed as a symbol for women, but there are of course some men that choose to express their affiliation and support of feminism and women’s rights by getting the tattoo too.


There is a sense of irony that is often discussed when it comes to the bow being a symbol of liberation for women, and this is because there was a time when lots of women’s clothing was fastened with a bow.

An example of this would be a lace up corset from the 19th century, which is a time when women were still very much oppressed.

For this reason, there are some women that associate the brown tattoo with a sense of femininity in a traditional way. So, in one sense, the bow is a representation of women’s liberation from oppression, but in another way, it stands as a reminder to a time when women were dressed up in clothing and tied up with a bow.

Some women choose to get two bows tattooed on their thighs, and this can mean that they consider themselves to be feminine. It can mean that they believe that they are fulfilling a gender role that is viewed to be much more fluid today than it has been in the past.

Some people might think that it would be strange for the bow tattoo to symbolize two opposing ideas, but there is a plus side to this, which is the idea that women can claim an identity for themselves, and this is something that can be very empowering.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women
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Women are able to liberate themselves in a sense by abolishing strict views of women, even if this means choosing the tattoo of a bow, which is a more traditional view of what a woman should be.

So, in this type of context, the bow can represent a woman’s right to choose who they want to be. Being feminine can mean so many different things to different people.

Women As A Gift

Another more straightforward meaning behind the bow tattoo is that it is a symbol of women ebing a gift in this world, no matter who they view themselves to be. Women are strong, and of both worth and value.

If a woman has the bow tattoo in this context, they are expressing who they are and what they can offer to the world.

For this type of tattoo, many choose to place the bow around the wrist. There are various different intricate designs that can be chosen, and some people will have the ribbon tattooed in color to further express themselves.


It is also not uncommon for a bow tattoo to be placed on either the front or back of the thighs, with one bow placed on each leg. This type of bow tattoo is much more strongly associated with female sexuality and the power that comes with this.

Some women will also include a garter as a part of the overall tattoo design, and this is a symbol that is representative of female sexuality.

When the bow is placed in an erogenous area, it is supposed to represent sexuality and feminine power. Women that choose to get this kind of tattoo are opting to express their sexual nature in a more powerful way. This is a great display of personality for some women.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women
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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know almost everything that there is to know about the meaning behind the bow tattoo, we are going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the bow tattoo.

Does The Design Of The Bow Matter?

There are lots of different types of bows and designs that you can get, and it doesn’t necessarily matter which one you choose. There are no rules when it comes to this tattoo, and if anything, the design that you choose is a representation of who you are as a person, so you should choose to express this in any way that you want to.

If you are looking to express a more traditionally female personality, then you may opt for a colored ribbon that is intricate and slender. On the other hand, if you are looking for a symbol of strength in your tattoo, then you may want something bolder and more rigid.

Can I Get A Bow Tattoo?

If you want to get a bow tattoo, then you should definitely go for it. As we have already said, there are no rules as to who can and can’t get this tattoo. This is a tattoo that is more commonly worn by women, but it is not limited to this.

This tattoo can have lots of different meaning, whether that be sexual, personal, or as a symbol of expression. This bow tattoo shows that you are free to be who you want to be, and if you want a symbol of this on your body, then you might want to get this tattoo.

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos For Women
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Can Men Get The Bow Tattoo?

Although this is a tattoo design that is typically worn by women, men can also get this tattoo if they believe in the things that it stands for. Although, tattoos don’t always have to have a meaning, and you could simply get this tattoo because you like the design of it.


One of the best things about the bow tattoo is that it can mean lots of different things to different people. It has a strong association with sexuality, empowerment, liberation, and identity, and it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

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