55 Beautiful Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas With Hidden Meaning

You must have seen a lot of girls wearing a lily tattoo, and there is a good reason for it; the lily tattoo is a symbol of motherhood, purity, and fertility. 

55 Beautiful Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas With Hidden Meaning

There is nothing precious to women than being a mother, and the lily symbolizes that pride. There are many ways and places of getting a lily tattoo, and here in this post, we will go through all such possibilities.

55 Lily Flower Tattoos Designs

1. Lily Inside A Heart Tattoo

If you want a heart tattoo, then this one is a great tattoo for you; you can get a heart shape and in the heart a beautiful lily, as a small tattoo on your forearm, or you can even call it a whole big tattoo on your back.

Image: @tattoo_bora

Image: @kwantattoostation.hdy

2. Lily + Bee’s Lily Tattoos

Bees sit on various flowers and are one of the most common reasons for pollination, you can get that picture of bees flying after sitting on the lily, and the symbolic meaning is loyalty.

Image: @beccambtattoo

Image: @stretchytattoo

3. Small Flower Tattoo Design

If you like minimalistic and simple tattoos, then you can get a small lily flower on the back of the arm below the bicep or near your wrist.

Image: @francesssdominiquee

Image: @maro_ink

4. Forearm Lily Tattoos Design

The forearm is also a great place for getting a lily tattoo; it makes a unique forearm tattoo.

Image: @taylorhelmantattoo

Image: @ccc_room

5. Lily of the Valley Flower Tattoo Designs

The valley flower is different from the usual lily because it has a different structure, and the flower in this tattoo is yet to bloom, which symbolizes that the best of you is yet to bloom.

Image: @kulkapoke

6. Single Black and White Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

The simple black and white lily with a single lily flower and not-so-dark colors look incredible. 

Image: @abbie.rose2001

Image: @justotattoos

7. Diamond Lily Flower Tattoo Design

The diamond lily tattoo is an idea for a geometric tattoo design; the lily is made between the triangles of a geometric form, so the tattoo gets a modern touch.

Image: @ladylinework

Image: @inkbyfrances

Image: @8088y.d_tattoo

8. Pretty Lily Bundle Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

The small bundle of lily-like ones we give as a bouquet is also an excellent choice for a simple tattoo. 

Image: @melinda_fugu_tattoo

Image: @trending__tattoos

9. Bold Calla Tiger Lily Tattoo Design

You will not easily come across this lily as this is the symbol for deep love that someone has for a person. Whereas, the tiger is to signify the color of the lily with stripes.

Image: @raff_vivas

10. Dainty Lily Tattoo

Girls often go for dainty tattoos; check out this particular tattoo for you.

Image: @inkspirationbb

Image: @brina.ink

11. Water Lily Flower Tattoo

The water lily is the symbol that shows that you are at peace with yourself and are a self-sufficient person, and it is suitable for one of a kind lily tattoo ideas.

Image: @jimmygalan

12. Small Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

A cute and dainty tattoo looks great on women no matter which tattoo it is, and if you try this lily tattoo, it can look wonderful.

Image: @krystalbee

Image: @tattooartbyhailey

13. Detailed Lily of the Valley Tattoo

The detailed lily of the valley looks fantastic as a unique lily tattoo with flowers about to bloom on both sides of the stem and can also be done like big body art.

Image: @tattootesss

14. Tiger Lily Tattoo Side Piece

The side piece lily tattoo is another way of getting a tiger lily in a black and white format without the colors but good detailing.

Image: @kocurjn

15. Lily Flower Shoulder Piece Lily Tattoos

The proper flower with all its leaves and shrubs is a piece of art and makes a great shoulder tattoo for girls. Tell your tattoo artist to include intricate detailing and shading to the tattoo.

Image: @terytorium_inku

Image: @tory_tattooer

16. Back Water Lily Tattoo

Backwater lily looks excellent when made with the complete proper design; it seems like the imagery of a lotus.

Image: @yvvitattoo.ink

Image: @lovetatsindonesia

17. Pink Lilies Tattoo

The pink lilies look elegant and graceful and have a symbolic meaning to them: love, admiration, compassion so that it can be the perfect tattoo for you as a shoulder or collar bone tattoo.

Image: @mandiebarbertattoos

Image: @jessicaoesch89

18. Lilly Bundle Tattoo Idea

A couple of Lilies jolted neatly together is a great tattoo and unique.

Image: @zezetattoo

Image: @artbycomet

19. Ankle Tattoo Idea

You can also have this as your ankle tattoo to show off this summer, with leaves and shrubs added with good detailing to the tattoo.

Image: @dibiasodesigns

Image: @jehlickou

20. Tiny Tiger Small Lily Tattoo

The tiger lily is for wealth, positivity and pride, so you can get this one to spread positivity around you.

Image: @elly_tattooist

Image: @gabsumi

21. Lily Head Tattoo

The Lily head tattoo is a beautiful one with the body and head of women, but the top of the head is made of lilies, so it is a lovely artistic impression.

Image: @caragrand.art

Image: @kaylabre_tattoos

22. Black and White Water Lily Tattoo

The simple black and white water lily with good shading looks excellent and makes a fantastic forearm tattoo; now, wear your symbol of motherhood on your forearm with pride.

Image: @classic_tattoo_berlin

Image: @alisa.ink

23. Matching Lily Flower Tattoo

You can also get the lily tattoo in a pair; for instance, a mother and daughter pair or two best friends can get these; they look amazing and is one of a kind idea for a pair tattoo.

Image: @smalltownink_libbiealyse

Image: @annamarie.wessels

24. Lily of the Valley Wrapped Tattoo Design

The valley lily tattoo can also be done in the style of a band; yes, you can get it wrapped..

Image: @arminblvckworkstudio

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Image: @handyhsu

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Image: @markeduptattoos.nl

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What are lily tattoos?

Lily is a small graceful, elegant gorgeous flower grown in valleys and water; the lily in the water looks like a lotus but do not confuse lily with lotus; it is different.

And these flowers stand for devotion and purity.

What does a lily tattoo mean?

A lily tattoo’s symbolic meaning is purity and fertility; this is why many women get these tattoos. In addition, the women wear these tattoos as pride in their motherhood.

What does a water lily tattoo mean?

The lily water tattoo is for patience as when you see the lily in the water; you will notice that it stands still in calmness and peace. So, if you are getting a lily water tattoo, you are patient and at peace with yourself and a strong soul and do not get shaky with the little things in life.

What do flower tattoos mean?

The delicate and colorful flowers have been the symbol of natural beauty and life for ages now. In ancient culture, the meaning of flowers was multi-layered, and it was a symbol of God’s contentment, and it also represented the love between two people.

Why are lilies the flower of death?

With so many varied meanings, the lily is also used when someone dies; using lilies at funerals has the purpose of defining it means that the departed has been granted restored innocence after death. So now, when you see lilies at a funeral next time, you know why they are there.

Bottom Line

Lily flowers are a popular choice for tattoos, so if you are a fan of flower tattoos, you can choose from these fantastic lily tattoo ideas; it is popular with women and is the ultimate symbol of fertility.

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