87 Life Changing Spiritual Tattoos You Should See Before Getting Inked

To be human is to feel things. And with these feelings and thoughts comes a deeper understanding of within and without – this immense understanding of oneself and others is spirituality. People like to express their journey through spiritual tattoos. People like to express their journey through spiritual tattoos, they are an extension of numerous things going inside the mind.

Are you on a spiritual journey? Then, delight yourself with this collection of the best 87 spiritual tattoo ideas which hold deep meaning explained in the article and FAQs. These spiritual tattoo designs consist of spiritual symbols, religious tattoos, and everything related to good luck and warding off evil spirits.

Your search for tattoo ideas ends here. But before you start looking at the designs, you need to understand some common tattoo symbols and their meanings, followed by a quick FAQs section.

Symbols and Meanings

Here are some of the symbols you should know about before your start looking for spiritual tattoos:

  • Hamsa: The symbol originated from Mesopotamia and is used as protection against evil spirits.
  • Flower of Life: The sacred flower of life has six petals that represent life and its meaning.
  • Yin Yang: A Yin and Yang symbolize the joining of good and evil, sun and moon and masculine and feminine.
  • Dharma Wheel: A Buddhist symbol shows the path to enlightenment.
  • Star of David: The Jewish symbol for the divine connection.
  • Om: The eternal sound that connects you to the universe.
  • Lotus Flower: The symbol of peace, love and purity.
  • Tree of Life: The symbol represents growth, development and strength.
  • Mandala: A mandala symbol shows your spiritual journey and the essence of life.
  • Pentacle: It is a sacred object or talisman used to protect you against evil.
  • The eye of Horus: The Egyptian symbol of health and healing.
  • Zen Circle: It represents the universe, completeness and oneness.
  • Cross: The cross symbolizes the power and teachings of Jesus.


What are some spiritual tattoos?

Some of the best spiritual tattoos are the lotus flower, om tattoo, mandala symbol, Hamsa symbol, the cross and Yin and Yang.

What are sacred geometry tattoos?

Sacred geometry tattoo designs are natural designs combined with spiritual meanings and some holy geometry tattoo ideas are hexahedron, tree of life, and Hamsa.

What do Buddhist tattoos mean?

Buddhist tattoos are a representation of Buddhist teachings and they represent the journey towards enlightenment and discipline.

Which tattoos represent strength?

The lotus tattoo, the cross, spiritual animals, and phrases symbolize strength, resilience and courage.

Do tattoos bring good luck?

Some tattoos associated with good luck are the four-leaf clover, Ankh, Hamsa, lucky bamboo and crossed fingers.

Spirit-Filled Tattoo Designs

1. Colorful Chakras Tattoo

A chakra is a spiritual center, and there are seven chakras in your body, that is why it is always the #1 choice among spiritual tattoos – it symbolizes that you’re working towards healing your energy.

You might have seen a lot of chakras in black ink but you can have colorful chakra designs with colors that represent their aura and you can make it a sleeve tattoo or a back tattoo.

Credit: tattoos_by_mya 

2. Mandala Tattoo

In different cultures, the mandala represents the universe, completeness and unity so, if you are looking for a tattoo with a deep spiritual meaning, this may be for you.

These spiritual tattoos aren’t just meaningful; they are beautiful too – you can choose a design from your tattoo artist’s portfolio or create a custom one for yourself.

Credit: hobojacktattoo 

3. Cross Sign Tattoo Idea

A cross tattoo is one of the most straightforward and meaningful tattoos you can get among the numerous other tattoos, your cross sign can be minimal or an ornate Celtic cross.

You can get a cross tattoo with Jesus Christ design and highlight your Christian faith – the choice is yours, and you should take your time to find exactly what you want.

Credit: gor.tattoo

4. Peace and Love Tattoo Design

Spirituality is all about finding peace and loving everything within and without, that is why a peace and love design can be your choice for spiritual tattoo designs.

Many cultures have multiple symbols for love and peace; if you follow a religion or are a part of such a culture, you can get a tattoo that honors that.

Credit: mumbai_kingink_tattoo 

5. Buddha Sleeve Tattoo

Buddha tattoos are one of the most popular spiritual tattoos, however, you can still make them unique and add your own intricate patterns.This article has multiple buddha tattoo ideas you might like.

You could also get a laughing Buddha tattoo; it is full of life, a symbol of happiness, abundance and wellbeing.

Credit: xonexmorex 

Small Spiritual Tattoo Ideas

6. Third Eye Finger Tattoo

A third eye on a hand or palm design is called the Hamsa hand tattoo. So if you want a tattoo that hugely relates to abundance, fertility and protection from the evil eye, this is for you.

These tattoos come in numerous designs, you could consult tattoo artists to choose the right design for you, so you get a tattoo that is truly yours.

Credit: freakorunique_tattoostudio 

7. Dainty Stick and Poke Tattoo

Stick and poke tattoos are cute and appealing; the process may sound daunting at first, but it is just as simple, even many spiritual tattoo designs are made through the stick and poke method. 

You can get a sacred symbol or a tiny tattoo with deep meaning from a trusted stick and poke tattoo artist.; ultimately, the process of getting a tattoo is your choice; choose the method you find easy or personal.

Credit: kateoliviaillustration 

8. Matching Eye Palm Tattoo

If you wish fortune and happiness to your friends too, as you should, you can get a matching Hamsa tattoo with them; with a matching spiritual tattoo, take your friends on a journey of spiritual growth.

Such spiritual symbols are the perfect way to show your beliefs, it has a spiritual meaning, looks excellent, and has multiple options, spiritual perfection!

Credit: ephemeraltattoo.artists 

9. Simple Lotus Tattoo Design

A lotus flower tattoo can have multiple meanings: according to ancient Indian beliefs and Buddhist mythology, a lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening and purity; it could also represent your growth in getting away from temptations.

If you want to get a small lotus tattoo, you have to choose simple tattoo designs and leave them to your tattoo artist.

Credit: _buzzingart_ 

10. Spiritual Tattoo Idea

You can choose your spiritual tattoo, it is essential. It could be an eye to protect you from evil spirits, chakra tattoos to show your healing energy, buddha tattoos to symbolize the peace within you or a religious symbol you hold close to your heart.

Your spiritual tattoo is entirely your choice, so choose wisely, however, if you still feel unsure, you could try temporary tattoos before.

Credit:  xsugarduckyx.tattooo 

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas

11. Child of the Universe Tattoo

You are just asincredibly magical as the environment around you and you are equally important for everyone – so be grateful and get a “Child of the Universe” tattoo. You can enhance the tattoo with elements like angel wings, mystical center design or a geometric frame.

Credit: swapnils_tattoo_studio 

12. Still I Rise Tattoo

A spiritual tattoo can also be a positive reminder, a “Still I Rise” tattoo will be one of your spiritual tattoos to help you be better. You can choose the tattoo’s font from the multiple options available, but it would be effective if you got the tattoo in your own handwriting, it will make the tattoo even more beautiful.

Credit: panipanda16 

13. Yes I’m Changing Tattoo

If you feel you are growing with time and your human energy is changing, your spiritual tattoo symbols can depict that – a tattoo with text can be your design; it could be a bible verse, religious tattoos or simple life tattoos.

Add an evil eye protection symbol, trinity knot or tree of life to complement your tattoo and enhance how it appears.

Credit: ariadnabk 

14. No Rain, No Flowers  Tattoo

After a difficult time comes growth. Your tattoo can be your ally if you want to keep going and growing, a simple text can have deep meanings, and a design could be a power symbol that proves your strength. Angel wings, Buddhists symbols, sacred geometry, texts and totemic animals are some examples of such spiritual tattoos.

Credit: lulutattoo 

15. Self Love Tattoo

There is no greater love than self-love; yes, you can help other people even when you do not feel great, but it gets easier to help other people if you feel great. A blue lotus tattoo, dove tattoos, tree of life and koi fish are some tattoo options for you but there are multiple more.

Credit: _panic_ink_ 

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for Guys

16. Sun and Moon; Yin and Yang Tattoo

Sun and moon represent different parts of you. It is essential to acknowledge your inner world, an amalgam of inseparable opposing forces – Yin and Yang are also one of those powerful symbols that address your dark and sunny side.

Credit: shantitattooing 

17. Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Spiritual tattoos also make for excellent sleeve tattoo designs. The best thing is that you have many designs to choose from, for example, Buddhist saints, a palm-shaped amulet, holy spirit, chakra tattoo design, lotus tattoos, mandala tattoos and cross tattoos. And you can get temporary tattoos, to be sure.

Credit: drew_potts 

18. Spiritual Journey Tattoo Idea

Your spiritual tattoos are a depiction of your personal energy on your journey and the spiritual meanings they hold are unique – that is why you need a thoughtful tattoo. A Christian symbol, Hindu tattoos, a trinity knot, virgin Mary, and metaphysical ideas are some of the best spiritual tattoos for you.

Credit: gleis_1_barber_tattoo_ 

19. Cross with Rose Tattoo

A cross tattoo is one of the most popular spiritual tattoos and rightfully so – they are incredibly gorgeous. To add more elements to the design, you can add roses, if you want a minimal tattoo, you can get a cross symbol made with roses, and if you want something bold, a cross tattoo surrounded by roses looks excellent.

Credit: everetteddietattoo 

20. Neck Tattoo

The neck is one of the best places to get a spiritual tattoo that highlights your religious beliefs or a design that represents wisdom. Your design could be a powerful symbol, for example, something that shows divine providence, invisible centers of energy, your spiritual level or other signs you can relate to.

Credit: rodrigosalcedo.v 

Additional Spiritual Tattoos For You

21. Spirit Tattoos

Credit: aknowi

Credit: lindagarciatattoo

Credit: gabhortontattoos

22. Hamsa Tattoos

Credit: awencobh

Credit: melli_ink

Credit: smashtasticallydelicious

23. Cross Tattoos

Credit: herinkx

Credit: herinkx

24. Sun and moon Tattoos

Credit: inkpoke.art

Credit: nahmoojungwon

Credit: elektrikstormtattoo

Credit: cj.concepts

Credit: courtneyc_tattooartist

Credit: charlottemckenzietattoos

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Credit: _lala_siya_

Credit: _lala_siya_

Credit: _lala_siya_

Credit: linzalayoga

Credit: ritual_tattoo_cork

Credit: patrick_tatowiert

Credit: mintzink

25. Lotus Tattoos

Credit: inkipoptats

Credit: loxluna.tattooing

Credit: tattoos1960

Credit:  littledragon.tattoos

Credit: awencobh

Credit: small.tattoos.maribor

Credit: artbyconnfyfe

Credit: inkurous

Credit: ziazeff

Credit: capetowntattoo

26. Yin and Yang Tattoos

Credit: aarontylertattoos

Credit: noctis.tattoo

27. Mandala Tattoos

Credit: raphaelvallelian

Credit: krskueen

Credit: littledragon.tattoos

Credit: pharos.ink

28. Eye Tattoos

Credit: karo_tattooartist

Credit: christinesink11

Credit: architex_tattoo

Credit: invictusinkplymouth 

29. Buddha Tattoos

Credit: heavygoldchris 

Credit: tattooxism

Credit: doinktattoos

30. Minimal Tattoos

Credit: lokke_jak

Credit: intuitive_tattoo

Credit: lasirenelunairetattoo

Credit: safe.space.tattoos

Credit: inky_ali

31. Om Tattoos

Credit: yulidoesit

Credit: indigoj_tattoo

Some more Tattoos

Credit: noirpink.tattoo

Credit: cj.concepts

Credit: inkkmetattoos

Credit: intuitive_tattoo

Credit: goodomengallery

Credit; oztattoom

Credit: tatuaggioalchemico

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Credit: squid.n.ink

Hope you found the tattoo symbols you were looking for.  These tattoos have a spiritual meaning and are some of the best designs you’ll find on the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Get your spiritual tattoo now!

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