90 Best Spiritual Tattoos To Show Journey In Life

People love to get inked with different tattoo styles on their bodies. The concept is from the past thousands of years. With different designs compared, spiritual tattoos were inked in the past. The trend is still inked with spiritual tattoos on their body and compared to the other tattoo designs as a safeguard protecting against the evil power. 

90 Best Spiritual Tattoos To Show Journey In Life

Top Spiritual Tattoo Designs Include: 

1. Spiral

The spiral tattoo design is a sign of the development of evolution and spiritual growth. Seen everywhere in life as the tattoo can show the path leading to the outer consciousness of the inner soul. It shows ego, outward concept, worldly-mindedness and outer consciousness. With the phases of growth, dreams and personal wishes, the tattoo gives a significant look to convey a sense of calm. Showing constant change for the simple symbol cannot be fooled. 

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2. Inner strength

The tattoo design of inner strength also means self-assurance and a positive self-image. With determination to a better life, the tattoo design helps to raise awareness of mental health issues. It could be a powerful statement with a similar purpose representing masculine strength with one’s feelings to show a distinctive look. 

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3. Maple leaf

The maple leaf tattoo design shows a balance of longevity, balance, love and abundance, offering practicality. It is connected with the power of love, longevity and power. With constant changes, the favorite season leaves is a reference to heaven, freedom and life. The leaf tattoo gives distinctive appeal without aiming for any deep cultural connotations in honor of a loved one. 

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4. Tree of life

The tattoo of a tree inked on the body gives a gorgeous design representing personal growth, strength and inner and outer beauty. With association to wisdom, knowledge and eternity, the interconnections between all lives give the same source. As a symbol of connection with the earth, the tattoo looks distinctive and appealing. 

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5. Lotus tattoo

As a sign of purity, the lotus flower tattoo is inked as a sign of spirituality. As a sign of purity, the lotus is held in many of God’s hands. Considered a small spiritual tattoo, people used to get Lotus tattoos with deep religious thoughts and divine beauty. With the new beginning and rebirth symbol, the tattoo gives a deliberate look. 

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6. Pentagram tattoo

The pentagram tattoo design is a religious tattoo representing the five elements of life. Often encircled, showing five elements symbolizes senses and health. as a sign of protection and power, the mysterious characters are used in Chinese and Japanese religion. Interested in the very best and unique magical powers, the tattoo gives a protective look. 

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7. Harmony tattoo

Bringing perfection and balance to the harmonious tattoo represents spirituality. Achieving duality for the beautiful and impressive tattoo can be added to enhance the peace message signifying change influencing lives; the inevitable tattoo design gives a particular reminder to the circle of life, showing graceful art. 

Image: @0one_tattoo

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8. Dharma wheel tattoo

With the perfection of the Dharma, the circle represents Buddha’s teachings. With meditative concentration and mindfulness, the striking divinity encapsulated by the exquisite details represents eight fold path with the right intentions for the spiritual progression. The corresponding tattoo design represents the cartwheel and is an important symbol of Buddhism. 

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9. Strength tattoo

The strength tattoo raises awareness of mental health issues to live a better life. It can serve as a distinguished look like a sign of female power through transition and growth. The gorgeous collection of tattoos means the wearer chooses to take a break. The design is famous among mythological creatures and is associated with courage and protection. 

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10. Yin yang tattoo

The yin yang tattoo is a sign of unity amongst opposites. It portrays a trust in the cosmic forces with a purely evil and distinguished look as a reminder to have good and bad qualities. As a fate of the universe, the two sides show darkness and light and opposite forces, harmonic balance and deep ties. The seeming tattoo art gives a designer appeal. 

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11. Evil eye

The glare coming from one person to the other is a prevalent concept. Protecting against the negative impressions as the tattoo protects against malevolent gaze and bad luck. With evil intent, the generally considered tattoo for protection shows good luck, success, peace and health. The concept of great success, in the same way, attracts envy from the people. 

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12. Unalome tattoo

To reach enlightenment as the path starts in the center of the spiral. The primarily used tattoo design and male energies stand for life’s path and battle. Showing the path in life begins with profound meaning, shows wisdom and gives a beginning of life and stands for the journey one to take. With powerful Unalome, the tattoo gives a specific higher source. 

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13. Star of David tattoo

The tattoo mainly signifies a potent symbol of Judaism. The tattoo represents harmony between the physical world and the unseen for the dark theme. The Star of David is a popular option that leads to pleasing design and is a distinctive meaning. As a symbol of balance between males and females, the tattoo gives a distinguished look. 

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14. Endless knot tattoo

As a sign of infinite wisdom and compassion of all sentient beings, the endless knot represents everything connected and associated with an aspect of gesturing toward enlightenment. The tattoo design shows distinctive art-making endless forms with a glorious knot. In addition, it enlightens the overall look making a distinctive tattoo design. 

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15. Om tattoo

One of the best spiritual tattoo design ideas. The most popular and straightforward Om tattoo inked on the body represents the religious side of an individual. It is a very encouraging word in Hindu mythology to signify unity and peace. It also shows traditional art done in the form of a contemporary look. 

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16. Apple

The Apple tattoo comes as a sign of immorality, temptation, and knowledge. Although, in ancient mythology, most sacred trees show future happiness and good health in various contexts, the tattoo blossom with a sign of a woman’s beauty. The perfect design gives a distinguished look to real art. 

Image: @sinsa_rt

Image: @tiagoborgestattoos

17. Bagua tattoo

As a sign of fundamental principles of reality, the tattoo is seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. With three lines, the tattoo shows Yin or Yang, respectively. Showing balance found within the earth, you and your life, the broken and unbroken in different combinations, shows natural forces. 

Image: @morris_the_borris

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18. Cupid tattoo

Based on Cupid, the tattoo represents desire. The tattoo is always considered a sign of attraction, well-being, love, and affection with an instant crash. The tattoo represents elements, the human emotions with the God embodying themes of sexuality and desire. With a sign of innocence, childhood and purity, the tattoo gives a distinctive look. 

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Image: @_donbraga

19. Buddha

The Buddha tattoo design represents an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection. Purely through human means, the tattoo signifies determination, focus, hard work and power. Moreover, as a symbol of love and compassion for love to follow them, the tattoo signifies the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. 

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20. Namaste

It expresses love for the person while also respecting space and divinity. With honors and acknowledgment in the tattoo, it is a perfect Sanskrit greeting that is very popular among the different phases and the Hindu tradition. Connecting with the symbol as different connotations are supposed to help the ward and help ward away the ultimate form of protection. 

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21. Dove tattoo

Dove tattoos are a common symbol of love, peace, purity and peace. It relates to the meaningful tattoo ideas that depict the incident to fly forward. The tattoos usually portray long-lasting results, giving meaning to the peace and hope for a new life. With guidance, it is also shown as God’s messenger. 

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22. Infinity tattoo

The infinity tattoo is a sign of a never-ending loop, and the tattoo can be seen as limitless possibilities that make the design unique and beautiful. The long-lasting relationships could mean a big commitment with the tattoo design, and it encompasses the universe of all for life. The tattoo design gives a desirable look. 

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Image: @zeetattooo

23. Eye of Horus

The ancient Egyptian symbol is known all around the world, and the eye of Horus is a sign of wholeness, rebirth, rejuvenation and protection. The tattoo is a sign of protection and improvement with quite a few things. As a dedication to following through with the act of words and ideas, the tattoo gives a hopeful look. 

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Image: @adintattoo

24. Bodhi leaf

‘The leaf of a wisdom tree,’ the Bodhi leaf is a sacred symbol of Buddha. The tattoo comes as a sign of a mythical world tree, growth towards liberation and spirituality for several reasons. First, as a sign of peace, the ultimate leaf design shows enlightenment and is a reminder of human potential. 

Image: @benfiction

Image: @zeetatart

25. Caduceus tattoo

In North America, it is a sign of medicine and the medical profession. A symbol of Hermes of Mercury in Greek and Roman mythology, the Caduceus is a sign of unification of opposites. Featuring two snakes winding around as the tattoo is often winged. It shows the elements of air, earth, fire and water. 

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Image: @flipmccoy

26. Shou tattoo

A shou tattoo is a sign of longevity. It signifies longevity and is often used in décor. As a male name in Japanese, it is a sound of wind sough in Chinese. The powerful symbol is associated with spirituality. The tattoo designs can be stylish, meaningful, and excellent for most famous men. With distinct colors, it looks graceful. 

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27. Eagle

The eagle tattoo comes as a sign of courage, tenacity and immorality. With different possibilities and opportunities, the tattoo might have different meanings. As a prominent symbol, it shows multi-tasking, determination and wisdom. The modern tattooing addition also helps enhance the overall look, signifying inspiration. 

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28. Lion tattoo

As one of the most common manly design ideas, the lion tattoo gives a different and distinguished look. The bold look to mark an overcoming challenge through courage gives a fantastic look. Showing self-confidence and royalty are one of the designs showing leadership, masculinity, spirituality and ferocity. 

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29. Cross tattoo

As a sign of your devotion to religion and faith, the tattoo signifies religion or faith. With a relationship to express hope and conviction, the tattoo is commonly associated with sacrifice in Christianity and expressed with design. Therefore, a tattoo is a great way to honor or convey your beliefs and spirituality. 

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30. Angel wings tattoo

The angel wings have different design factors with different meanings, and the art of listening to the way leads to distinguished appeal. Wings in the open form show openness, freedom, protection and faith. One of the beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs is a way to remind one of the deep thoughts a tattoo represents.

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31. All seeing eye 

The all-seeing eye tattoo shows awareness. The Illuminati tattoo is surrounded by power and mysticism. With a sign of awakening and protection, the tattoo is depicted to believe in God looking down on humanity. The tattoo comes with royal power and protection to protect from evil and disease with different design options. 

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32. Egyptian spiritual tattoo

The Egyptian spiritual tattoo shows prestige and power as a sign of well-being, health, protection, and healing. The tattoo is a sign of eternal life with firm believers in life. With the union of male and female energy, the tattoo gives good health with divine connotations and a distinctive look. 

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33. Monochrome religious tattoo

Representing faith, the outstanding representation of the cycle of life, the tattoo gives a distinguished look: favorite monochrome and nonrealistic looking fade of textured black, white and gray. As a symbol of enlightenment and truth, the classic design is a powerful tribute. With a distinguished look, the tattoo looks classified look.

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34. Inspiration tattoo

With a minimalistic and clean look, the tattoo design gives a distinctive look making a distinctive appeal. It is a survivor of depression, and the tattoo gives a distinctive look. When you do that tattoo with all the linework, think of a fantastic look every time you put a good solid line. The quote gives a distinctive look. 

Image: @_sandra.o

Image: @inktales_56

35. Crescent tattoos

A Crescent tattoo design is a sign to show many meanings from its purity, shadow, magical mystique, and even dreams. The moon tattoo on wrist gives a stylish look, and with different outlooks and design ideas, the crescent tattoos enhance the overall look. 

Image: @___chaehwa___

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36. Chakra tattoos  

As a distinctive look, the Chakra tattoo design is a sign to show that you either thrive or have the harmonization of mind, body, and spirit. With the Chakra representation on the back, the connection gives a distinct spiritual meaning. They focus on specific attributes as the tattoo gives a distinguished look to amplify. 

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What is the most spiritual tattoo?

Trinity Knot, also known as Triquetra, is one of the most popular Celtic symbols with deep spiritual meaning; hence the Triquetra is widely recognized as a spiritual tattoo.

What tattoo represents strength?

The lotus flower tattoo is an ultimate sign of physical, emotional and personal strength. The flower tattoo idea is approachable for both men and women and it is a sign of endurance, strength, power, and one’s ability to overcome life’s struggles.

What is the tattoo for protection?

Celtic culture is full of knots, and most of them symbolize protection. The knot symbols often end up on the popular armband tattoos, many of which were inspired by the Celtic culture.

What tattoo is a sign of overcoming struggle?

The lotus tattoo is a sign of hardship, overcoming obstacles, and to fight for whatever life throws at you.

What design shows a new beginning?

The white dove tattoo gained a lot of significance in all religions and cultures. While it has been used as a symbol of peace, the tattoo is also a sign of new beginnings. The white dove is an important symbol of fresh beginnings in Christians.


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