27 Simple Butterfly Tattoos With Great Meaning

Women are the most who are seen with butterfly tattoos, and it is a popular choice among women because the symbolism of the butterfly tattoo is femininity and freedom and faith.

27 Simple Butterfly Tattoos With Great Meaning

Butterfly tattoo’s symbolic meanings add a vibe to your personality as it shows your belief in transformation.

Here we will go through some fantastic butterfly tattoo ideas that you can get this year.

27 Butterfly Tattoo Designs

1. Black Ink Half butterfly And Half Flower Tattoo Designs

One half of the butterfly body will be the actual shape, and the other half will be the flower, a fabulous idea for a one-of-a-kind tattoo. 

Image: @kylejohnson.tattoos

2. Bright Colored Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

Bright watercolor butterfly looks beautiful and one of a kind. You must have seen a beautiful butterfly picture so you can get it on your body.

Image: @aniko.candussi

3. Unique Butterfly Tattoo With Moon Next Ink

The moon symbolizes female power and transition, so the butterfly best fits this symbol and looks excellent in vibrant colors so that tattoo lovers can get the ultimate symbol of femininity, looks great on the upper arm.

Image: @peria_tattoo

4. Double Monarch Tattoo Idea

Double monarchs also look great, and this particular tattoo is for the spirits that have departed and are not anymore in this world; the monarch butterfly was also used for infants and warriors that died in the line of duty.

Image: @paxromanaink

5. Back of Arm Butterfly Tattoo

The back of the arm has become a popular place among tattoo enthusiasts to get a tattoo; the tattoo is placed in such a place that if someone is behind you, he will see your tattoo.

Image: @jadedrawsshit

6. Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking for a forearm tattoo, you can have a butterfly; it is one kind of tattoo and will be a small handy tattoo.

Image: @ebonytyacktattoos

7. Half Monarch, Half Outline Tattoo

The half butterfly will be in the perfect shading with good color, but the other half will be pretty straightforward in a sketch done in simple black.

Image: @monteratattoo

8. Half Butterfly, Half Semicolon Tattoo

The butterfly also means resurrection in Christianity, so combining it with a semicolon shows your transformation. So to mark your evolution this year to the amazing person you have become from your growth journey.

Image: @clo_kat_

9. Monarchs Up the Back Colored Ink Tattoo

If you want a big tattoo, you can go for a butterfly tattoo on your back; you can have 2,3 butterflies going from small to big, showing their flight or growth.

Image: @midnights_muse_

10. Semicolon Colorful Large Butterfly Tattoos Idea

The butterfly is seen as the most elegant and beautiful among butterflies, and they represent divine connection, beauty and grace, and when combined with a semi-colon, it is for solidarity against suicide.

Image: @carolla_deville

11. Colorful Semi-colon Butterfly Tattoo Idea

The detailed wings of Colorful butterfly tattoos and the semi-colon in between both the wings make a great one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Image: @rupintart_com

12. Unique Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The monarch butterfly is the unique classic tattoo butterfly, about to take flight. 

Image: @vlasicstudio

13. 3D Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs

If you want a butterfly design in a 3D texture, you can go for this tattoo; this particular tattoo looks excellent as a small tattoo on your wrist or your shoulder. 

Image: @abbeyschulz.ink

14. Watercolor Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Idea

A painting of these butterflies inspires the watercolor butterfly tattoo, meaning that the tattoo will give the mirage of a watercolor painting.

Image: @elisabeth.stene.tattoo

15. Multiple Colors Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Splashes of color with the prominent tattoo of the butterfly is a great artistic impression and looks like watercolors used on a canvas.

Image: @house.of.colour

16. Semicolon Black and White Particular Butterfly Tattoo

 A semi-colon is for solidarity against depression, addiction and other mental issues, so a semi-colon will give you the strength to push through hard times, and the white butterfly is for salvation and purity.

Image: @celebrityinksunshineplaza

17. Small Butterfly Ankle Tattoos

If you are looking for a small minimalistic tattoo, then you can get one on your ankle as your perfect accessory to flaunt this summer and a talented tattoo artist can add life to it.

Image: @melanie_smith_studio

18. Purple Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Do you like the color purple? Nothing looks more beautiful than a purple butterfly with purple feathers flying around it; it forms a mystic impression of one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Image: @tattoobahar

19. Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs Body Art

Blue butterflies are considered a good luck charm so you can get one to bring luck in your life and to those around you.

Image: @4utattoo.bucharest

20. Colorful Butterfly Wings Cluster Tattoo

Small butterflies with different colors form a great tattoo, and you can get a tattoo as a sleeve or as a big tattoo on your back or sternum.

Image: @samm_garabatos

21. Pink Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

Pink is a popular color with girls and has been their favorite color since childhood so that you can get butterflies in pink as the ultimate sign of femininity.

Image: @beckagoings

22. Little Monarch Back Butterfly Tattoos

Small and dainty monarch butterflies look cute on girls.

Image: @jbeeink

23. Soft Traditional Butterfly Tattoo design

The soft butterfly will have dainty colors and structure, and the colors will not be very sharp.

Image: @jack.ink.tattoo

24. Red Butterfly Outline Tattoo Designs New Life

The red butterfly is for passion, love and attraction, so you can get one with a border of red or fill your butterfly with it. It looks good with skin tone.

Image: @storyoftheyoung

25. Monarch Semicolon Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Monarch butterfly semi-colon tattoo looks elegant and beautiful.

Image: @richuwelltattoos

26. Small Tribal Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Great Idea

Wrist tattoos are popular mostly with women; many celebrities also have wrist tattoos, so you can also get a small butterfly on your wrist or represent life.

Image: @highstreet.tattoo

27. Monarch Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

The monarch watercolor butterfly is a popular choice and can be seen in many girls.

Image: @leni_ink


What is a butterfly tattoo?

The butterfly is the paradigm for natural beauty. It stands for freedom and represents transformation; you can call a tattoo a butterfly tattoo when it has a full butterfly, or half butterfly with some other element, or something else used in the tattoo to make the shape of the butterfly.

What do two butterfly tattoos mean?

Two butterflies can have have several meanings attached to them and have significance in different cultures. But in the Chinese culture they are seen as a symbol of love if these butterflies are flying together.

Should I get a butterfly tattoo?

The butterfly tattoo can be an excellent choice for the ladies, because of the deep meaning it stands for in separate cultures. It is the sign for happiness and joy according to Chinese and Japanese culture. It can even be used as a symbol to show transformation of a girl into adulthood.

Why is everyone getting butterfly tattoos?

The realistic butterfly tattoo has become a popular choice because it is beautiful, adaptable, and feminine, so it has become a prevalent choice for ladies.

What do butterflies symbolize in death?

 The black butterfly is associated with death in some cultures. It symbolizes a restless deceased soul unable to move; also, butterflies have other meanings to them for death they are seen as a symbol of rebirth.

Bottom line

Butterfly tattoos have become popular now and are very common with ladies, with minimal and dainty tattoos on the wrist and ankles. These small butterfly tattoos look elegant, the mark of true beauty and grace; they can become your next tattoo.

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