38 Bands of Art: Exploring Armband Tattoo Designs

Key Takeaways 

  • Armband tattoos are typically placed around the upper arm, encircling the bicep or forearm. The choice of placement can affect the design and shape of the tattoo.
  • Armband tattoos can be worn in color, black or gray, depending on your preference. Black is a classic choice, especially for tribal or geometric designs, but adding color can make the tattoo more vibrant and personalized.
  • Many people customize their armband tattoos by incorporating names, dates, or meaningful symbols. 
  • Think about how the armband tattoo will age over time. Areas that bend and flex, like the elbow, may experience more wear.

Armband tattoos are a style of tattoo that typically encircles the upper arm, forearm, or wrist. These tattoos can be simple bands or more elaborate designs, and they can hold various meanings depending on the wearer’s preferences and the chosen elements of the design. 

Armband tattoos have been popular for many years and are a common choice for both men and women. 

The designs range from tribal, Celtic, floral, geometric and minimalistic. As for symbolism, armband tattoos can hold various symbolic meanings based on the design and elements chosen by the wearer. For example, tribal armbands might symbolize strength and heritage, while floral designs can represent beauty or personal growth.

You can personalize your armband tattoos by incorporating names, dates, initials, or symbols that hold special significance to you. The armband tattoos can also vary in size and thickness. You may prefer a thin and delicate band, while others opt for a thicker and bolder design.

Armband tattoos offer a wide range of possibilities for self-expression and creativity. When considering an armband tattoo, it’s essential to take the time to plan the design, choose elements that resonate with you, and work with a skilled tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life.

Before You Get Started

  • Take your time choosing the design. Consider the style, symbolism, and aesthetics that resonate with you. 
  • Determine if you want the armband to have a specific meaning or prefer it to be purely aesthetic. 
  • Armband tattoos can be placed on the upper arm, forearm, or wrist.
  • Decide on the size and thickness of the armband. Thicker bands may have a bolder impact, while thinner ones can be more subtle. 
  • Determine if you want a colored armband or a black and gray design. 
  • Choose a skilled and reputable tattoo artist with experience in armband designs.

Armband Tattoo Designs

1. Polynesian Armband Tattoo

The people that existed in the Polynesian period used no writings, so they used symbols to communicate among themselves. They also used it to express their personality and identity. These conveyed essential things like one’s rank in society and sexual maturity. Therefore, the pattern of this tattoo is also quite alluring.

Polynesian Tattoo

Image: @_.fitoor._

2. Trishul Armband Tattoo

The Trishul ties back to Hindu mythology, and it is the symbol of power. It is something that lord Shiva holds in his hands to protect his followers from evil. You can tie the band with the Trishul in quite a few ways, and you can even get the damru with it.

Trishul Tattoo

Image: @smile_tattoo_art

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3. Maori Armband Tattoo

One reason that people go for this tattoo is to honor their Maori culture and celebrate it. But, more importantly, this sign stands for dedication to their tribe in the ancient times when it was worn for social status. Other tattoos that you can have a look at are the Celtic armband tattoos.

Maori Tattoo

Image: @magda.ink_book

4. Vikings Armband Tattoo

The Viking tattoos are popular with people who have a thing for tattoos because the Vikings were amongst the most powerful tribes that existed a long time ago, and they have a rich history. The descendants of the Norse still wear this tattoo. Fierce Vikings who used to fight in battles used to wear this tattoo in black and white.

Vikings Tattoo

Image: @nihaltattooist

5. Japanese Theme Armband Tattoo

You can pick many meaningful things from Japanese culture because they have a lot of deep meaning tattoos and a very diverse culture. For instance, the dragons are an adoption from their culture, and like here, the Uchiwa is taken.

Japanese Theme Tattoo

Image: @anne.tattoo

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6. Two Solid Lines Armband Tattoo

Full black in bold black color line is a rare tattoo choice but looks impressive. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind armband, then this is the one for you; blend it with your favorite design or simply with just a name. Moreover, these armbands go with all kinds of skin tones and look elegant because they are simple. Black armband tattoos are even used as memorable tattoos. These are even popular as bracelet tattoos.

Two Solid Lines Tattoo

Image: @tattoosalar

7. Tribal Armband Tattoos

Here is a tribal armband design made with great use of negative space. A person getting a tribal tattoo like this can signify a fighter who never gives up in life, as earlier signs like these were used mainly by warriors. So get this tattoo to derive motivation from those who fight for the life they choose.

Tribal Tattoos

Image: @roqu.ttt

Quick Guide to Armband Tattoo Designs: Tips and Inspiration

  • Consider Skin Tone: Consider your natural skin tone. Some colors may complement certain skin tones better than others. 
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Think about your overall aesthetic preferences. Do you prefer bold and vibrant colors, or do you lean towards more subtle and muted tones? Consider how the color of the armband will blend with your style and other tattoos, if you have them.
  • Tattoo Style: The style of your armband tattoo may also influence color choice. Traditional styles often use a specific color palette, while watercolor tattoos can incorporate a wide range of hues. Ensure that the chosen color complements the overall style of the tattoo.
  • Environmental Considerations: Think about the environments you’ll be in regularly. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider how sunlight may affect the colors over time. Sun exposure can cause fading, so choose colors that will maintain their vibrancy.
  • Test Temporary Tattoos: If you’re unsure about the color, consider trying temporary tattoos with different color options. This allows you to visualize how the colors look on your skin before committing to a permanent design.

8. Hawaiian Armband Tattoo

It looks like an array of arrows instilled in a linear direction; are the Hawaiian armband tattoos. The traditional tattoo of the Hawaiians is called the Kakau, this was the body art used in earlier times, and it represents war hula and honoring the Gods; it is also a mark of protection. The Hawaiian tattoo can also mean the things of the culture like flora and fauna such as dolphins, orchids, turtles, etc.

Hawaiian Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_krizz

9. Speed Dash Armband Tattoo

The sign indicates speed as a lightning bolt is used in the flash movie to denote his incredible speed. So you can go for this creative tattoo, and your tattoo artist can add his creativity to the tattoo.

Speed Dash Tattoo

Image: @inklovers_tattoo_studio

10. Geometric Armband Tattoo

Do you like the modern patterns of tattoos and designs? Geometric tattoos are a great way to use the contemporary tattooing style. Some certain textures and vectors are specifically used to make the tattoo geometric. Look at the tattoo done below to draw inspiration and ideas of how you can have your tattoo done. 

Geometric Armband Tattoo

Image: @kurylak.tattoo

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11. 3D Solid Black Armband Tattoo

3D tattoos look fantastic and have been in trend for a long now. Here is another way to use the black line tattoo on your forearm with other patterns. The triangles look impressive in tattoos, and also they are a part of geometric tattoos.

3D Solid Black Tattoo

Image: @black_cat_tattoostudio

12. Loops Armband Tattoo

A random design can also sit on your arm with no explanation other than that you like the design. Similarly, you can go through many of these designs of the same genre and get that etched on you just for its love.

Loops Tattoo on Arm

Image: @kazolsahoo

13. Lion Armband Tattoo

The lion is the king of the jungle and is pretty intimidating as a tattoo that represents things like power, courage, bravery, and loyalty. Most people relate their traits to animals and then use tattoos to express something about their personalities. You can do the same and get an armband with a tiger-like like the one done below.

Lion Armband Tattoo

Image: @ahmedabad_tattoo_studio

14. Abstract Armband Tattoo

The abstract art looks grasping, be it in paintings or tattoos. If you like to keep things a little raw and like basic things more, you can glance at these abstract artistic impressions.

Abstract Armband Tattoo

Image: @amit_tattoo_studio

15. Cubes Armband Tattoo

The cubes armband for something that looks like the snake‘s scales is a rare tattoo choice and has the perfect use of different shades. However, if you are looking for a sleeve-like tattoo, go for a similar design.

Cubes Armband Tattoo

Image: @inkmaniapoznan

Keep In Mind

  • Pain Level: Be prepared for some level of pain, as the sensitivity varies for individuals. The upper arm is generally less painful than the forearm or wrist. However, pain tolerance is subjective, so be mentally prepared for the experience.
  • Future Considerations: Think about how the armband tattoo may fit into your future plans. Consider factors like potential job restrictions, lifestyle changes, or future tattoo additions.
  • Research Aftercare: Familiarize yourself with proper aftercare procedures. 

Cultural Sensitivity: If you’re considering a design with cultural or religious significance, be respectful and aware of the potential implications.

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16. Leopard’s Eye Armband Tattoo

The leopard symbolizes killer instinct, strength, and the ability to adapt. If you relate to the traits of this beast in your personality, you can use the leopard’s eyes to personify it. Getting the tattoo of just the eyes is a very intimidating tattoo. And they are also known for their beautiful features and scales on their body that help camouflage.

Leopard’s Eye Armband Tattoo

Image: @matthewnuttalltattoo

17. Landscape Armband Tattoo

The landscape tattoo design is for those people who like the elements of nature and the things in it. Like a landscape contains the perfect view of nature with the mountains, moon, birds, sky, or it can be done just with the hills like it is done here. So if you have a love for mountains, you can use a tattoo to communicate it to others.

Landscape Armband Tattoo

Image: @zolzabenia_tattoo

18. Flower Armband Tattoo

Earlier, the flowers were associated with women only as the tattoos were thought to have a feminine touch, but this misconception has been warded off now. You can go for a flower tattoo for the love of it, and they are a symbol of natural beauty. Also, you can choose flowers if you want an arm sleeve tattoo, and different flowers stand with different meanings. For example, grey shading makes the flowers look beautiful. Other things that flowers stand for are friendship, good luck, and power.

Flower Armband Tattoo

Image: @hollywoodnt420

19. Folklore Armband Tattoo

Folklore is something related to your culture and something that used to happen. It can be of your culture or some other culture that you like. The tattoo’s symmetry looks beautiful and done with intricate detailing.

Folklore Armband Tattoo

Image: @alienstattoodelhi

20. Planets in Armband Tattoo

Different planets have separate meanings attached to them like here, the planet used is Saturn which is the symbol for love for agriculture or hard work. The Saturn planet may even be used to depict the love for nature. The venus symbolizes a woman taking pride in being one, so it is considered an ideal tattoo planet choice for the female gender. The black background used in the tattoo is a creative way to make the tattoo more grasping and highlight the planets. If you fantasize about the things of the other space, then you can go for a similar tattoo. The tattooing style used here is the dot tattoo art.

Planets in Armband Tattoo

Image: @robert.bocko

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21. Flash of Piston Armband Tattoo

A lightning bolt is a good choice for those who are seeking enlightenment, intelligence, and intuition. The bolt is considered the weapon choice of use that gave him the power over man and Gods. Club it with a simple armband or some unique pattern.

Flash of Piston Armband Tattoo

Image: @1920tattoozhub

22. Celtic Knot Armband Tattoo

If you are looking for an entry-level tribal tattoo, this may be for you. This tattoo has a design similar to a small air-swirl, and it originates from the Celtic tribal tattoos, and they are a bit darker than the Celtic tattoos. Most of these tattoos include dogs, birds, dragons, and other symbols. Celtic creatures are considered one of the most powerful ones in the world.

Celtic Knot Armband Tattoo

Image: @tattoofever105

23. Shiva Forearm band Tattoos

Shiva is an Indian God that a lot of people believe in. He is believed to have the power to destroy the universe and recreate it and is considered one of the most powerful Gods. So the placement of this tattoo will also have different meanings; if you have the Shiva tattoo on your chest, then it means that you have high regard for Shiva in your life, and if you get him on the back, then it means he is the guiding force in your life.

Shiva Forearm band Tattoos

Image: @machutattoos

24. Cherry Blossom Armband Tattoo

The cherry blossom flower has ties with the Chinese culture; it stands for feminine, beauty, and love. So it can be an excellent choice for women as an armband, and you can even get a colorful one using red, pink, and black. This one is made in solid armband tattoo style using negative space.

Cherry Blossom Armband Tattoo

Image: @__jingandtonic.redeemed

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25. Feather Armband Tattoo

Feather tattoos are related to the custom and culture because many tribes used these in ancient times. Other things that the feather represents are freedom, courage, travel, and bravery. The feather tattoos look fantastic in color schemes, or you can just have them in simple black ink.

Feather Armband Tattoo

Image: @jddunlaptattoos

Some More Armband Tattoos You’ll Love

26. Patterned Armband Tattoo

Here is another random pattern with not much slight texture used for detailing. Again, minimalistic and straightforward tattoos look great, and this is why people are inclining more toward these kinds of designs in this new age.

Patterned Armband Tattoo

Image: @twinkletattoo

27. Name Initials Armband Tattoo

A name tattoo means that you are very fond of a person if you are getting someone else’s name done, or you can even have your initials done. There are a lot of ways in which you can have the name tattoo. For example, if you want to express your love for someone out loud, you can use a tattoo. A father may also get the initials of his daughter done.

Name Initials Armband Tattoo

Image: @stepztattoostudio

28. Space Armband Tattoo

Above, we saw a beautiful black and white tattoo that you can get of the planets, and here a colorful scheme of tattoos is included in the outer space theme. If you like bright things, this one is for you with an alluring contrast of colors. The planet added here is the Earth, which symbolizes life and the manifestation of a home. 

Space Armband Tattoo

Image: @maniek_dm

29. Polynesian Armband Tattoo Design

Polynesian tattoos are pretty popular in the tribal tattoos genre; here is another suggestion of how you can get the same.

Polynesian Armband Tattoo Design

Image: @wels_tattoo

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Quick Tip

Remember that personal preference plays a significant role in choosing your armband tattoo color. Take your time exploring different options, and don’t hesitate to ask your tattoo artist for their input. Ultimately, the best color is the one that resonates with you and enhances the overall aesthetic of your armband tattoo.

30. Dual Layer Armband Tattoo

There are a lot of tribal designs out there, and some may even date back to your culture. To find out, dig in a little deep in your culture and then find out what you can work out on your arm. Because customized tattoos not only look great but have deep meaning.

Dual Layer Armband Tattoo

Image: @remybtattoo

31. Stylish Armband Tattoo

Another portray of the minimalistic tattoo elegance. These look fabulous around the bicep as well.

Stylish Armband Tattoo

Image: @kibinblack.redeemed

32. Decorative Armband Tattoo

Here is an artistic impression with the perfect se of negative spacing with the combination of black and grey shading. A band looking like a sleeve is also a great tattoo choice. 

Decorative Armband Tattoo

Image: @badya_tattoo_arts

Other tattoo ideas that you can go for are Christian forearm band tattoos, dotted forearm band tattoo, tribal black band tattoos etc.

33. Gummy Bear In A Dream  Armband Tattoo

This is a  vibrant and whimsical armband tattoo featuring a playful scene of a gummy bear floating among fluffy clouds in a dreamy sky, creating a sense of sweet nostalgia and the joy of imagination. The colorful design adds a touch of lighthearted fantasy to the wearer’s arm, creating a delightful and visually captivating tattoo.

Image: @xinamon_tattoo

34. Compass Armband Tattoo

This  armband tattoo wraps around the wearer’s forearm, intricately detailed with a vintage compass rose and navigational elements, symbolizing a sense of direction, adventure, and the journey of life. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder to stay true to one’s path and embrace the opportunities and challenges that come with navigating through different phases of existence.

Image: @natattoostudio

35. Colorful Mountainscape Armband Tattoo 

This is a vibrant armband tattoo that depicts a majestic mountainscape in a riot of colors, with hues capturing the essence of a sunset or sunrise. The tattoo encircles the wearer’s arm, symbolizing resilience, the beauty of nature, and the ongoing journey through life’s peaks and valleys with a visually striking and picturesque design.

Image: @newtattoo_demi

36. Jungle Theme Armband Tattoo

This  armband tattoo features jungle vegetation around the wearer’s arm, creating a vivid and immersive portrayal of a natural scene. The tattoo captures the essence of nature’s untamed beauty and symbolizes growth, resilience, and the interconnectedness of life within an enchanting jungle environment.

Image: @jeyz_tattoos and tintenstrich.tattoo

37. Peonies Armband Tattoo 

This armband tattoo delicately wraps around the wearer’s arm, showcasing the timeless beauty of these elegant flowers. The soft-looking petals symbolize romance, prosperity, and a sense of grace, creating a feminine and visually captivating design that embodies the enduring allure of peonies.

Image: @inkfairyy and repereauxloups

38. Geometric And Floral Patterns Armband Tattoo

This armband tattoo seamlessly integrates geometric and floral patterns, harmonizing the precision of geometric shapes with the organic beauty of blooming flowers. This design represents a fusion of structured elegance and natural grace, symbolizing the balance between order and the vibrant, ever-changing aspects of life.

Image: @kalakaar_amandeep

Fun Fact 

Some societies used armband tattoos as part of a rite of passage, marking a transition from adolescence to adulthood. The tattoo symbolized maturity, responsibility, or a new role within the community. Some cultures still use these armband tattoos for the same purpose in these modern times.

Bottom Line 

Whether the tribal armbands, the memorable name tattoo, or simple style, the name tattoos look impressive. If you were looking for an appropriate armband design, you must have found one here. Show it to your tattoo artist so that he can draw inspiration to create your authentic design.