18 Coolest Neck Tattoos For Men

Neck Tattoos For Men signify boldness, strong personality, and masculine appearance, often related to the criminals and gangs who prefer to get these tattoos.

The body art on your neck is a focal point that doesn’t conceal easily, and the neck is the most painful placement for the ink.

You can check through these possibilities to select the ideal Neck Tattoo Design that fits your personality better.

Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men

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Classy Neck Tattoo For Males

1. Back Neck design Ideas

One of utmost well-liked tattoo locations for men’s the backside of your neck, which ensemble a smaller or more subtle design supreme for your first neck tattoo.

You can cover it with a shirt or your hair, but if you have a shoulder or back inking, one fresh option approach is to connect it with the back neck tattoo.

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2. Full Neck Design Ideas

A whole neck tattoo creates a stunning collar appearance by wrapping around your throat, and if you want to get a design that stands distinct from the rest, you can consider an absolute neck tattoo.

Geometric patterns with an intricate design look gorgeous, and when you get that for your neck, the black ink will make your design stand out with the placement.

Full Neck Tattoo Designs

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3. Small Neck Tattoos For Men

These Neck tattoos suit all types of size, but the small tattoos go well with the right placement, and you can choose any symbol according to your ideas.

A smaller inking is an excellent option for your first neck tattoo; it looks cute and looks elegant no matter where you are placing the same.

Small Neck Tattoos

Credit: rox_tattooartist

4. Angel Tattoo On Neck 

Angels are among the most popular designs for men’s tattoos, and it is because they have different meanings – for some men, angels signify Christian belief.

For some others, they are just a complement to classic design because angel art tends to have so many  activities with fluid lines that suit a somewhat curved place.

Angel Neck Tattoo

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5. Front Neck Tattoo

The front of your neck is an excellent place for an eye-catching tattoo that will be visible to the onlookers, and it can be an ideal place for an artistic or meaningful piece.

You need to know that getting a tattoo on the front neck is going to be painful as the skin is fragile with a lot of nerve endings, so you need to get a design that becomes a point to talk about.

Front Neck Tattoo

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6. Words Neck Tattoo

Any word tattoo will be meaningful, and even more when you are placing it on your neck, it makes the message more significant. Many men select to have words colored on their front neck across their voice cords, as your tattoos look amazingly good.

Words Neck Tattoo Ideascenter>

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Best Neck Tattoos For Men

7. Cross Neck Tattoo

The neck will remain one of the popular places to get a religious tattoo, and a classic cross always stands out when you are getting it inked with bold and clear lines.

The tattoo shows everyone that you have complete faith in God that is everything in your life.

When you don’t have enough space, you can go with a simple black ink cross without adding too many details – it is going to make your tattoo stand out.

Cross Neck Tattoo Ideas

Credit: autumnsoriginalart

8. Rose Tattoo On Neck

Roses have been popular since the sailor tattoos have gained popularity, and they represent both the beauty and the pain of life and your love towards your close ones and death.

They look good no matter the size you are opting for – especially, the rose tattoos stand out with the neck location.

They suit those who want a cool tattoo that is poetic yet traditional as well, so go with the style that stands out.

Rose Neck Tattoos

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9. Tribal Tattoo On Neck Ideas

The curving lines and dark black ink with the classic tribal design are going to add an elegant touch to your tattoo, and it looks even gorgeous when you are getting it on the neck.

For a distinctive appearance of tribal tattoos, you can go with a pattern that touches your hairline, and it will create your hair thick while adding a unique style that sticks out.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

Credit: tribal.korner

10. Wings Neck Tattoo

Wings tattoos usually have a religious meaning, and to various men, they signify guardian angels who protect and guide them, particularly their loved ones who are not there anymore.

When you prefer to get a wing tattoo, it can be a reminder that you can use to bear in mind to be a better man and to win the ongoing struggle against our worst conditions.

Angel Wings Neck Tattoo

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Cool Neck Tattoo Designs

11. Religious Tattoo On Neck 

If you are looking to get a religious tattoo, you can prefer a minimalist cross that shows your faith and belief in God, and you can ask your tattoo artist to add a saint that reflects your beliefs.

Most men prefer to get St Michael as their tattoo design since he’s the head of God’s army, balances the spirits of the demise, and fiercely protects the church very well.

Religious Tattoos for Neck

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12. Crown Neck Tattoos For Men

Every one of us is the ruler of our lives, and a crown neck tattoo works excellent to indicate the same; due to this reason, men prefer to get a crown as a mark that looks like a remarkable accomplishment of their life.

The tattoo works great to motivate people to control their destiny, and all set to walk towards success. Crowns work great for the couple’s tattoo, and you can ask your other half to get a tattoo that looks elegant.

Crown Neck Tattoo

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13. Star Back Neck Tattoos

In the 19th Century, sailors were used to getting a star tattoo, and to them, it represents good luck as ships used to navigate with the constellations.

The sailor neck tattoo with stars works great to remind that light and inspire many men to get this tattoo design for their neck even in the darkness.

They signify guidance and spirituality, which you can get on the back of your neck or anywhere if you are looking for a minimal neck tattoo.

Star Tattoo Body Art

Credit: myart_carmen

14. Eagle Neck Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are popular for many men because of their deeper connection with the strength, wisdom, and power that makes them a trendier option.

They are also a patriotic tattoo for the Americans, and an eagle in flight suits perfectly for a neck placement due to its elegant wings.

The wings design looks elegant, enhancing the tattoo style and giving the design an original look while adding a lifelike feel.

Eagle Neck Tattoo Ideas

Credit: cody_tattoos

15. Shoulder And Full Neck Tattoos

One of the coolest Tattoos for men is the combination of shoulder and neck tattoos, and extra space allows your artists to add the details that you are expecting in your design.

For that reason, you can choose a tattoo that looks adorable no matter the design; it needs to blend well with your personality.

Credit: amynguyenart

16. Dove Neck Tattoo

Doves are related to peace, but they do have their own meaning, and for many people, doves are a representation of new hope and a new beginning due to their strong significance in the biblical story of Noah.

They work great as a representation for the victory or the will of God, and Doves, like other bird tattoos, look amazing when placed on the neck since their wings move.

Dove Neck Tattoo

Credit: mikey_maz

17. Owl Neck Tattoos

Owls are linked with wisdom, and they are considered guardians and protectors of the dead, so due to their rich significance, it has great importance across different cultures.

They have been a top choice for men’s tattoo for years, and still, they are growing in popularity that looks even better when you blend them with elegant designs.

Owl Neck Tattoo

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18. Lion Neck Tattoo

Getting a Lion tattoo on your neck alerts others about your dominance, confidence, and bravery within you; this is why the tattoo has gained huge popularity among men.

When selecting a lion design tattoo on your neck, you need to make sure to get a lion head – it looks appealing and makes your jawline look even sharper.

Lion Neck Tattoo

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Cool Neck Tattoo Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

How Bad Does A Neck Tattoo Hurt?

The neck is full of nerves and has minimal padding of the skin, so you have to bear a pair a lot more, and there is a possibility that you will feel vibrations in your head as well.

It can give you a headache, so if you are getting your first tattoo, ask your tattoo artists to design a small tattoo that looks gorgeous.

Can A Neck Tattoo Be Dangerous?

Getting a neck tattoo design is not dangerous, but there are chances of getting allergies, so make sure not to expose the tattoos to the sun as it can cause sensitivity.

What Does An Entire Neck Tattoo Represent?

A neck tattoo denotes that you’re daring and unafraid to take big risks, and if you are getting the same in a visible location, you should be confident and not afraid to stand out.

The popular tattoos on your neck show your boldness, power, and masculine personality.

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