50 Lovely and Glorious Butterfly Tattoos Ideas and Design for Ankle

There are many ways in which the butterfly tattoo can be done, and there are a lot of designs out there. However, the butterfly is a prevalent choice for tattoos because it symbolizes change and transformation. It has a deeper meaning to it than what meets the eye. 

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Here we will only be focusing on the ideas of doing the butterfly tattoo only on the ankle area. Ankle tattoos look elegant on women and make those ankles look even more attractive than they already are. So let you grow through these fantastic designs to choose that perfect ankle tattoo for you.

50 Small Butterfly Tattoo Design

1. Butterfly Tattoos On Ankle

A simple black butterfly is a popular choice and looks fantastic on women. However, the design is made in such a size that the butterfly looks flat from a view.

Credit: rotem.neeman.tattoo

2. Flying Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

 The flying butterfly shows the butterfly in range of motion from sitting down to taking a flight to moving in several directions. This tattoo starts from the foot and goes right through the ankle.

Credit: izzitats

3. Stunning Ankle Large Butterfly Tattoos

This one is a unique tattoo as it is made of a combination of blue and black, and not only that, the upper half of the butterfly is made of blue roses stuffed in the wings of the butterfly. The petals of the rose are done with intricate detailing, and shading of black and gray is also done beautifully on the butterfly.

Credit: allycattatz

4. Flying Butterfly Tattoo

 Another idea is to do the flying butterfly tattoo with shading in the background. You can see that the tattoo begins to form the ankle and then goes to the shin, but if you want a similar tattoo, you should know the shin will hurt a lot more than the usual body parts for making a tattoo. Shin has a minimal layering of skin.

Credit: gnat_zeitz

5. Elegant Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

 A matching tattoo in a pair looks impressive because of the unique, catchy design but not only this; it has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. The butterfly’s body made with a semicolon has become quite a popular tattoo choice because the semicolon is the symbol of solidarity against suicide, depression and other health issue. So when added with the butterfly, it adds significant meaning to the tattoo. In Christianity, the butterfly symbolizes resurrection, so this semicolon butterfly tattoo indicates to those troubled individuals who were disturbed or were suicidal have come back standard to live and are living their second life. A tattoo in pairs like this one can mean that two people have helped each other overcome such issues.

Credit: bluerocktattoo

6. Cool Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

 Blue color butterflies are for a fantasy world; you must have seen a lot of cartoons and animations that use blue butterflies. So if you are a fan of the fantasy world, you can get this tattoo; moreover, the blue butterfly is a good luck charm.

Credit: kayvalentine_

7. Attractive Tiny Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 Small dainty butterflies look cute and elegant; look at these in the sideways position and the normal one in simple black sketch design and the words “I love you” added with it is a great love tattoo. You can add other small elements to it, as tiny stars added here, denoting honor.

Credit: cherr.ybombtattoo 

8. Outstanding Butterfly Tattoo Designs

 A simple sketch of the butterfly’s design making it look different is a brilliant tattoo idea. Look at this tattoo with a simple but catchy design.

Credit: darkplants_tattoo

9. Black Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The black butterfly symbolizes the temporality of life, so if you are a person with the same belief that life is temporary and you should live to the fullest, then this tattoo is for you. Moreover, minimalistic tattoos in bold black look super attractive.

Credit: lmtattooeart

10. Cute Butterflies Tattoo Art On Ankle

 Dainty black butterflies compliment light tone girls ankles because of the contrast it creates. To make your tattoo one of a kind, you can play with the design and add different designs.

Credit: allycattatz

11. Small Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 Simple, dainty, minimalistic tattoo, this can be the tattoo choice for you if you are looking for a tattoo idea as a first tattoo.

Credit: olejnik.tattoo

12. Flowers With Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Many people get the half butterfly, and half flower butterfly is a classy tattoo. This tattoo shows your deep interest in nature, and flowers represent natural beauty. If you have a particular favorite flower, you can get it fused with your choice of butterfly.

Credit:  antstattoo_eric

13. Awesome Butterfly Tiny Tattoos On Ankle

The butterfly tattoo can also be done with creativity by adding a unique color. For example, purple butterflies are rarely seen but look majestic like these. Purple butterflies stand for joy and vitality.

Credit: hannastudio.ink

14. Colorful Butterfly Design Tattoo On Ankle

The combination of blue and green with black will give you a one-of-a-kind-looking butterfly tattoo. If you are looking for a unique tattoo, this can be the one.

Credit: aliciabethantattoo

15. Realistic Black Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The texture and pattern of the butterfly add more life to it. Look at this average-sized butterfly with great design and a combination of little white spots. 

Credit: muscat_tattoos_oman

16. Beautiful Flying Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Small dainty butterflies flying around the ankle always look cute on girls.

Credits: melanie_smith_studio

17. Elegant Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

The majestic blue butterfly with a pattern of unique design looks impressive. The blue butterfly is for good luck charm, and it is thought that it is supposed to bring luck to the bearer and those near it. The bold use of colors in this tattoo indicates that this tattoo can also be used as a coverage tattoo for scars and marks.

The shining silver and vibrant blue compliment each other and look like the fantasy world.

Credits: beccambtattoo

18. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Black butterflies’ engaging yet straightforward design is a popular tattoo choice for the ankle. Three butterflies symbolize freedom, and you will see it in many people.

Credits: _inked_ann_

19. Ankle Butterfly Tattoo

Minimalistic with minimal usage of ink yet a rare tattoo design. You can look at this tattoo as a reference to create one beautiful design with simple black lines.

Credit: belikeadevil

20. Pretty Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Light black butterflies with a simple white color shading at the end of wings.

Credit: tattoosbysarahh

21. Cute Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Butterflies in two different positions are also tattoos that can be done in many different ways.

Credit: alfredocitarella

22. Butterfly Tattoos On Ankle For Girls

 Dainty tattoo idea for cute girls’ ankles can be the perfect accessory for you to flaunt with those flats and short dresses.

Credit: imperiotattooshopmty

23. Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

Wear your good luck charm in this unique traditional tribal way. This one is done with a touch of tribal design. Tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your culture; if you are inspired by the same, then you can pick up a design from your culture and have it infused with a butterfly to honor your ancestors. The vibrant color combination makes the tattoo more engaging.

Credit: monarchtattooink_india

24. Pretty Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Ankle in pretty black shade and right in the center.

Credit: inkstitutiontattoostudio

25. Awesome Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The two butterfly combination tattoo is also an excellent choice for men.

Credit: jonny.rosser.tattoo

26. Black Butterfly On Flower Tattoo Design 

There are many ways of doing the flower and butterfly tattoo; look at the choice of flowers in this one with a combination of fauna in black and gray shading with good detailing.

Credit: wynningtattoos

27. Black and Pink Butterfly Tattoo

 The black and pink butterfly tattoo is done realistically by adding a 3D effect. The butterfly’s shadow beneath it gives the mirror of the butterfly sitting right on the person. Moreover, the combination of black and pink looks blazing.

Credit: keeanftattoo

28. Black Ink Butterfly Tattoo Design

Three dainty butterflies are a popular tattoo choice for a person to show his love for freedom. 

Credit: melanie_smith_studio

29. Black Cute Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The body art here is done diligently; you can also get a similar-looking tattoo with opposite-looking butterflies. The detailing and design look appealing to the eye, and the tattoo starts from the foot. But if you want a foot tattoo, it will slightly hurt more.

The butterfly tattoo on foot has a gap in the wings, a creative tattoo design.

Credit: pete_swifty_luna

30. Blue Flowers And Butterfly Tattoo

A graphically appealing tattoo done on the ankle looks fantastic. The combination of blazing blue and pink looks terrific. Tattoo artists can draw inspiration from this tattoo to prepare a similar-looking tattoo for you. 

Credit: tattooartistsiya.bhardwaj

31. Black and Orange Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 Light orange with a shade of yellow makes a cute tattoo and is of the monarch butterfly. If you like monarch butterflies, you can choose from them and get one etched on your ankle.

Credit: tattoographer_dj

32. Classic Butterfly Tattoo 

The blue butterfly tattoo is done like a painting looking way with blue as the primary color and then other colors added to look at a picture. So if you saw a butterfly painting that was visually appealing to you, you can get this painting done on you. Likewise, you can show your love for paintings by getting a similar-looking tattoo.

Credit: elchapo_tattoos 

33. Amazing Colorful Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 The colorful butterfly tattoo here is done with names added to it; you can also get it done for a family in this way. The butterflies are done differently, purposely made to resemble the person’s personality for whom it is done.

Credit: atzy_tattoo

34. Pretty Small Butterfly Tattoo For Ankle

Small butterflies are a popular choice when looking for minimalistic tattoo options.

Credit: fifthsense.fs

35. Realistic Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

A rarely found butterfly because you must have barely seen it in real life when looking at the design. But the skill of the tattoo artist brings life to the butterfly tattoo.

Credit: bishop.tat

36. Butterfly Ankle Tattoo Idea

A butterfly sketch is good if you do not want too much ink on your body, and it is your first tattoo. No design or pattern is added to this tiny tattoo, and you can even hide it easily; if you are an introverted person, this is also an excellent choice for you.

Credit:  pokesbyal

37. Butterfly Tattoo Design On Ankle

Here is another idea for a simple tattoo design idea for your ankle. Unfortunately, this vector also has no texture, but these tattoos are done for the symbolic meaning rather than the visual appeal.

Credit: haileypma

38.Cute Flowers And Butterfly Tattoos

Cut a looking flower with a butterfly about to sit on the flower to suck the nectar. You can use this tattoo to show that you are a nature lover and go for the scenic beauty of its creatures and nature itself.    

Credit: ashatanktattoo

39.Great Butterfly Tattoo

The black and gray shading is used intelligently to shape this light-colored butterfly.

Credit: laneytattoo

40.Fabulous Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 A tribal butterfly tattoo is an inspiration from the person’s culture or from a cross-culture that a person is fond of. These tribal tattoos are a great way to be connected to your roots in a uniquely stylish way.

The dark bold black border and other design elements added to this design make the tattoo more visually appealing.

Credit: hochitattooandpiercing

41. Blue Flowers And Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The blue butterfly with a hint of purple color is a treat to the eyes, and with it, you can add pink flowers to it, which will add more meaning to your tattoo. In addition, the sketch of a girl added between the tattoos makes the tattoo antique, and you can similarly make your tattoo.

The lady’s body is the best way to show the transformation and change of a girl into womanhood.

Credit: hawktattoodelhi

42. Orange And Red Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

The orange and red butterfly looks fantastic on girls, and this is the design of a moth. It is done creatively by looking at the color combination used. 

Credit: othala__creations

43. Flower And Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 A stem of cute flowers with beautiful orange color with fully bloomed ones and some in buds shows the transformation. You can use this tattoo to show your growth and the beautiful person you have blossomed into. Adding butterflies to this tattoo will add more significance to your tattoo.

Credit: karinamayorgatattoo

44. Nice Ankle Butterfly Tattoo

Intricate detailing and shading will make the tattoo glorious. This tattoo looks like a firefly inscribed in between the boundary of a butterfly.

Credit: messieink

45. Lovely Butterfly Tattoo Design For Ankle

The butterfly in light shade with a simple design in average size is a good tattoo style.

Credit: argentocheese

46. Realistic Black And Orange Butterfly Tattoo

Another pattern of a monarch butterfly done realistically will give the mirage-like the butterfly is sitting on you and is about to fly.

Credit: aizjatattoo

47. Dark Black Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

 The popular choice is two black butterflies tattoos.

Credit: valdovinos.ink

48. Adorable Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

This is a rare-looking design because of the pattern done on the wings, and the butterfly is done sideways and overlapping texture.

Credit: kabir12810

49. Colorful Flower And Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 A double shade butterfly with a blue and brown combination looks fabulous. Here the owner also has a beautiful lily made on foot, which symbolizes motherhood. Hence is a great tattoo idea; you can go for a butterfly with a lily.

Credit:  ink_addict_tattoos_piercings

50. Realistic Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle

 Another great combination of flowers with the butterfly body shape is used as a boundary for including flowers inside it. The good luck charm blue butterfly can also be done uniquely. 

Credit: urbanstudiotattoo

Other ideas that you can get in your ankle are butterfly skull tattoo, colorful butterfly tattoos, tiny butterfly tattoos, butterfly thigh tattoo, white butterfly tattoo, butterfly wings tattoo, yellow butterflies, tribal butterfly tattoos, a watercolor tattoo of a butterfly.


What does it mean when a girl has a butterfly tattoo?

For girls, the butterfly can often have a romantic connotation. It can represent love, often first or young love, for young ladies, as butterflies are always seen hovering around flowers. Moreover, they are emblematic of joy, immortality and grace. In Chinese culture, they are also used to represent summer.

What does a butterfly tattoo symbolize?

The butterfly tattoo’s meaning is of natural beauty and freedom, and transformation. It also represents faith and is closely connected with romantic love and femininity; all these reasons all together make them an infamous choice.

What does a butterfly on the wrist mean?

A project named the butterfly project has a movement in which it encourages people to draw a butterfly on their wrist and then name the butterfly after a person they love. If the person feels the need to harm themselves, they can cut it, which means they have killed the butterfly. So this is a great creative way to keep people solid on their stand and prevent them from cutting or harming themselves. People tend to injure themselves out of feeling numb and alone, so this tattoo makes them feel worthy.

What does a tattoo of two butterflies mean?

In the Greek Language, the butterfly means soul, and in Chinese culture, two butterflies together symbolize love. 

What do butterflies symbolize in death?

 The black butterfly is associated with death in some cultures. Many of these tattoo collections have black tattoos on ankles, but it does not mean they all are for death. Instead, it symbolizes a restless deceased soul unable to move; also, butterflies have other meanings for death; they are seen as a symbol of rebirth.

Bottom Line

Butterfly tattoo meanings in separate cultures so that you can get your tattoo shapes according to your culture or according to your liking. Here are a lot of styles for your ankle, included in this post; choose one and get one today.

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