60 Winsome and Delightful Butterfly Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Waist

Different colors of butterflies stand for different meanings, but in general, the most common meaning attached to a butterfly tattoo is transformation and young love. So butterfly tattoo on waist can also be used to connote a romantic sense.

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60 Winsome and Delightful Butterfly Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Waist

Like butterfly floats from young flowers from one to another, so do the young lives flow from one social circle to another. There are some more meanings that are attached to a butterfly tattoo which are joy, summer, grace, and immortality.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For All

1. Cute Butterfly Tattoo

Together, the butterflies are done in a tattoo stand for rebirth, freedom, and transformation. This butterfly tattoo is done in an abstract form; butterflies roaming around the heart and stars are good elements to go with the butterflies.

Cute Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @gubbi_tattoo

2. Monarch Design Butterfly Tattoo

The monarch butterfly is a butterfly tattoo that is made in a traditional way. It is also used to denote infants or warriors that have died in battle. The monarch butterfly is to signify the spirits of those who have departed.

This butterfly tattoo on waist is a good choice for those who like the traditional kind. This butterfly is made in a unique way by using a flaming design.

Monarch Design Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @vagotattooink

3. Butterfly With Eyes Tattoo

Here is a pretty unique butterfly design that instills the eyes in the butterfly design. This eyes design can add meaning to the tattoo; the eyes are for knowledge, guidance, protection, and clarity.

There are various final butterfly tattoo on waist that you can get with these eyes.

Butterfly With Eyes Tattoo

Image: @alexandre.tattooart

4. Weird Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design? If so, then you can experiment with your butterfly tattoo and add personal secondary tattoos to it.

Like here, this girl has added a half lady face to her tattoo. The way it is made is in the form of outline sketch tattoo.

Weird Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @humanclyd

5. Simple Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Minimalistic kinds of tattoos always manage to steal the show. Simple tattoos look graceful and will mean lesser time under the needle. For example, look at this with two outlined butterflies.

And two butterflies in a tattoo carry meaning in different cultures like in Russian culture, it stands for woman and grandmother. While in Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together are the symbol of love.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @pitts_tattoo_penang

6. Multicolored Butterflies Tattoo

If you are someone who likes colorful things and things on the brighter side, then you can add colors to your butterflies.

These many butterflies scattered around the body can just mean one thing: they are there to spread good luck, and the bearer loves these creatures.

Multicolored Butterflies Tattoo

Image: @gracinhavieira_74

7. Black And White Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

You can create a contrast in your butterfly in your butterfly tattoo. For example, you can use white color with black ink or just use the skin tone.

If you want to use bold black ink, then it goes great with light skin tone only because of the contrast it creates.

Black And White Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @ale10_tattooartist

8. Two Butterflies Tattoo

Here is another scheme on how you can use the two butterflies tattoo. Two butterflies add meaning to the tattoo. The shading on these looks impressive because it looks like the work of a skillful artist.

Two Butterflies Tattoo

Image: @countess_ink

9. Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo

Here is one pretty creative idea with the butterfly shown in motion picture style, with it going from one surface to flying off to somewhere else. These are traditional butterflies; if you like traditional tattoos, then you can go for a similar one. 

Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @rebord_pointu_tatouage

10. Big Red Butterfly Tattoo

The color of the butterfly changes the meaning attached to it. So if you like the red color, then you are in luck as you can get a butterfly in it.

The red butterfly is the symbol of love and passion. This is a relatively big tattoo and the shading done in this tattoo also looks fabulous.

Big Red Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @b.iancart

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11. Butterfly With Roses Tattoo

The rose is one of the most popular tattoo choices if we have a look at the flower’s tattoos. The meaning attached to the rose tattoo is for passion in love.

So the young love denotation of a butterfly goes well with the rose tattoo. The rose tattoo is made with an outline sketch style.

Butterfly With Roses Tattoo

Image: @sofiyaa_vo

12. Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo

Simple tattoos with outlines have become famous for tattoo ideas because of their grace. You can also go for such a tattoo if you want. 

Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @v4lf_tattoo

13. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a great way to honor your ancestors because they have their ties to the ancient people.

The tribal tattoos had great significance in older times as they were used to communicate important things like ranks in their tribe and sexual maturity.

The sideways butterfly position is a good idea. 

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @tintayterapia

14. Unique Butterfly Tattoo

There are specific ways of making your tattoo unique, like here are flowers used on the butterfly’s wings. This shows the owner’s love for butterflies and flowers.

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @minhhoang.tattoostudio

15. Bent Butterfly Tattoo

There is a certain way of doing tattoos: either one can get it in a position that looks on the correct place to the onlooker, or every time the owner looks at it, it seems in the proper position.

Yet, this tattoo is done in a pretty creative way by making the wings of the butterfly on opposite sides. So it will look like the tattoo is in a perfect position no matter who looks at it.

If you are getting a tattoo in a tricky position then you can go for something like this.

Bent Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @ixchel_tattoo

16. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

Small tattoos look great on girls, and you can even use a tattoo like this of two butterflies flowing together to symbolize love.

However, if you do not want too much ink on yourself or this is the first tattoo you will ever get, this may be ideal.

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @pintadon_tattoo

17. Butterflies With Flowers Tattoo

Butterflies and flowers go well together in tattoos. Both are parts of beautiful nature, and both carry beautiful meanings. So if you like flowers and want to get a butterfly tattoo, you can opt for something like this.

Butterflies With Flowers Tattoo

Image: @tattooist.lake

18. Pink Butterflies Tattoo

The pink butterfly has the same meaning as red butterflies, like love and compassion. Getting the motions of the butterflies in which they fly is a great idea if you are someone who likes realistic tattoos. The texture used on the wings of the butterfly is quite a unique one.

Pink Butterflies Tattoo

Image: @inkedprincess_tattoo

19. Butterfly With Moon And Stars Tattoo

The moon and stars tattoo is something that can often be seen done together, and these celestial forces together can be the symbol of spirituality.

Whereas alone, they stand for separate meanings, like the Moon is the symbol for change and the stars are for honor and hope.

In this tattoo, they match the butterfly tattoo perfectly.

Butterfly With Moon And Stars Tattoo

Image: @florcita_ponce

20. Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Here is another way you can get the monarch butterfly; it is done in a little different way than the one we saw earlier in this post.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @tayladempsietattoos

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21. Butterfly And Heart Tattoo

Here is a simple yet exact kind of tattoo of the butterfly. You must have seen paintings done in the abstract art form; if you like those, then you can get your butterfly tattoo in the same kind of texture. Have a look at this beautiful body art compiled below.

Butterfly And Heart Tattoo

Image: @inkbox

22. Pretty Butterflies Tattoo

Pretty and dainty tattoos are great options for girls as girls are looking for cute tattoos that can complement their personalities.

These delicate tattoos are the best because they will not cost you much; moreover will probably be done in a single sitting.

Pretty Butterflies Tattoo

Image: @tattoorebelmuse

23. Fly High Butterfly Tattoo

This one is called fly high purposely because the butterfly is rising from a lower surface, so this kind of tattoo can be used as a motivational tattoo as well.

Also, the butterfly is also a sign of transformation as it goes through a physical change in its life cycle.

Fly High Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @pauldominic11

24. Butterfly With Leopard Tattoo

A leopard tattoo is for strength, power, and adaptability. Moreover, a leopard is famous for its killer instinct. So these two animal tattoos may not be the best choice to get together, but then you can go for your personal preference as it is your tattoo.

The leopard is made in a traditional way and matches the texture of the butterfly.

Butterfly With Leopard Tattoo

Image: @p.paluch_tattoo

25. Butterfly And Fire Tattoo

A butterfly on fire is a hilarious thought for a butterfly tattoo. The fire is the symbol of life and death and stands for remembrance. So putting the butterfly in fire is a damn creative thought; also, it is done in a trio that already has deep meaning.

Three butterflies done together in a tattoo are for rebirth, freedom, and transformation.

Butterfly And Fire Tattoo

Image: @lotiii

26. Impressive Butterfly Tattoo

Sternum tattoos are a popular choice among girls because they are among the most sensual body parts of women’s bodies.

So tattoos on the sternum or near it look gorgeous on women. The shading done on this butterfly tattoo looks fantastic, and this one is a traditional butterfly.

Impressive Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @dark_art_tattoo_

27. Nice Butterfly Tattoo

Earlier also, we came across a tattoo with the stars and the Moon in the butterfly tattoo; here is one more style of how you can do this tattoo.

According to Russian culture, two butterflies like this, one bigger than the other, can be the symbol of grandmother and granddaughter.

Nice Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @bonustattootawanna

28. Abstract Butterfly Tattoo

If you like abstract art, then here is one tattoo that you can get in that style. The design added around the butterfly adds to the abstract touch of the tattoo.

Abstract Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @amourtattooinc

29. 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Like 3D tattoos? Then get your butterfly tattoo done in the same way. This kind of tattoo is a vivacious one, and it will give the mirage that the butterfly is sitting right on you.

The color added to the wings of the butterfly can be a depiction of the personal choice of colors of the owner.

3D Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @delano.elijah

30. Ultimate Butterfly Tattoo

The way the design is made on the wing of this butterfly can be a source of inspiration for you to experiment with the kind of design you want on your butterfly tattoo. Using the black boundary for the butterfly is a good idea.

Ultimate Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @tattooink583

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31. Impressive 3D Butterfly Tattoo

This is a mixture of the dot-art of tattooing, and then a traditional butterfly is made on it. In the dot-art small dots are used to prepare the shape of the tattoo. A mix of different butterflies is a good idea for a tattoo.

If you want a 3D tattoo, then you can even get one in this form because it will create the same mirage.

Impressive 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @inkedfolk

32. Big Butterfly Tattoo

Here is a combination of a bee tattoo with a butterfly. The main body of the butterfly is made from a bee. A bee stands for loyalty; hence it will add meaning to your body.

The skin tone used in this tattoo is nearly perfect, so you can opt for a tattoo idea that has maximum use of the negative spacing.

Big Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @taguinhoartes

33. Textured Butterfly Tattoo

This one here is quite an interesting take on the butterfly tattoo with a flames-like boundary on all sides and a small star to go with it. The star is put there less for adding aesthetic sense to the tattoo and more for its meaning. 

Textured Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @katalleykat

34. Butterfly Tattoo Design 

The tribal butterfly with a giant tattoo on the upper leg has enough room for a relatively more extensive vector. If you like tribal tattoos, then you can get this one also. 

Butterfly Tattoo Design

Image: @seeeeebra

35. Word With Butterfly Tattoo

Word tattoos are the best to deliver a straight and plain message. Combining a script tattoo with the butterfly is a good idea. For example, growth complements the butterfly tattoo because it stands for transformation.

In a similar way, you can combine a word with your butterfly tattoo that adds meanings to the prominent tattoo. Moreover, a blue butterfly is a sign of good luck.

Word With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @raluca.fratilaa

36. Chimp With Butterfly Tattoo

A chimpanzee is taken as humans’ closest relative in the animal kingdom. So they are a symbol of humanity’s inmate connection to them. So you may even get this tattoo to show the evolutions of humans.

Yet a butterfly is a gid element to go with as it is also the symbol of change. So matching the eyes of the chimp with the butterfly’s color is genius to draw a relation in the tattoo. The detailing done on the chimp is just fantastic and gives it a realistic look.

Chimp With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @theinkcave

37. Red Outline Butterfly Tattoo

A red butterfly is the symbol of love and compassion. So if you want a love tattoo, you may get a red butterfly tattoo.

There are all kinds of options for love tattoos; let this one be your unique one. You can go for one with design or just a simple one with just red color forming the shape.

Red Outline Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @blackpoisontattoos

38. Matching Butterfly Tattoos

Here is another idea for a love tattoo; not only a love tattoo but there are other things for which you can get this tattoo. Firstly, couples who are in love and have grown through their problems into a beautiful relationship can get this tattoo.

Moreover, best friends can get these identical tattoos, and a mother and daughter may also get this tattoo. So if you fit in any of these categories, then you may get this tattoo.

Matching Butterfly Tattoos

Image: @golden.ttt

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39. Stylish Butterfly Tattoo

Adding the butterfly tattoo in this way with the flowers is just genius. Using the leaves as a camouflage thing is suitable as a tattoo idea. The green butterfly stands for more meaning; hence it adds to the whole purpose of the tattoo.

Prosperity, wealth, and success are the things that a green butterfly stands for.

Stylish Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @csolistattoos

40. Adorable Butterfly Tattoo

The color that is done on the butterfly plays a role in deciding the meaning that it stands for. So you can even use two colors on one butterfly.

For example, a pair of these is the symbol of love, while the pink one is for compassion and the blue one is for good luck. 

Adorable Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @ikaw_storyzii

41. Quote With Butterfly Tattoo

If you like quote tattoos, here is one more idea on how you can get it with the butterfly. Rose is for love won and love lost, yet getting it with the butterfly and quote adds to the visual appeal of the tattoo. A yellow butterfly is a symbol of happiness.

Quote With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @dunn_tattoos

42. Red Dotted Butterfly Tattoo

Red and black color is a good combination for any kind of tattoo. So you can use this contrast to make your tattoo more engaging.

For example, the butterfly here is made in an antique way, and the red dots at the end of the wings make the tattoo more engaging.

Red Dotted Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @marsu_tattooer

43. 3D Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

There are specific ways of how you can make your tattoo in a 3D look. Here is one exciting way of doing that. If you want a lot of design in your tattoo, then you can draw a combination of designs on the wing.

The artist has given his creative touch to the tentacles of the butterfly.

3D Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @sevenartstattoo

44. Girl With Butterfly Tattoo

Here is one fantastic tattoo idea for the ladies. Combining the wings of the butterfly with the flowers is a pretty good way of combining elements in a limited space. However, if you look at the overall aspects of this tattoo, it seems like a pretty intimidating tattoo. 

Girl with Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @butterfly_090310

45. I Love You Butterfly Tattoo

Another love tattoo, and the design on the butterfly is also a pretty intriguing one. This kind of tattoo can be for a particular person or can carry personal meaning to the owner.

Waist tattoos hurt a little less than other places that have less fat lining; moreover, the artist has a free hand to create something beautiful utilizing the more extensive area.

I Love You Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @tattailor.jon

46. Blue Butterfly And Red Rose Tattoo

If you are in for lively or realistic tattoos, then here is something that you can take inspiration from. Here the rose and its petals are done perfectly and bring life to the tattoo.

As one may interpret, the meaning of this whole tattoo is that it is done for luck in love. As the rose is for passion in love, and the blue butterfly brings good luck.

Blue Butterfly And Red Rose Tattoo

Image: @fehrnc

47. Small Butterfly Tattoo

Minimalistic and tiny tattoos are in nowadays. If you want to follow the trend or if you want to get a tattoo for the first time in your life, then you may get this. A tattoo will not put a dent in your pocket or take much of your time under the needle.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @rafdeart

48. Leaves With Butterfly Tattoo

Leaves are a magnificent secondary tattoo or fuse with the butterfly. Like the butterfly, the leaves also stand for change.

They represent the eternal circle of life where life exists even after death. A tattoo like this, with minimum design and significant meaning, might steal the show for you.

Leaves With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @paulina_kocurek

49. Graceful Butterfly Tattoo

The dark bold black ink used for tattoos looks great on those with a light skin tone only because of the contrast it creates. So if you have fair skin tone, you can try such a tattoo; it will compliment you perfectly.

Graceful Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @bnt_tattoo

50. Forest Girl With Butterfly Tattoo

This one is a popular choice for tattoos among the girls because we saw something similar to this earlier in the post, but the placement was different. Yet, if you are a girl, this might be the ideal tattoo you have been looking for.

In addition, a forest is the symbol of proud protectors of those around them, so this might be the perfect tattoo for mothers as well.

Forest Girl With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @anomalia_stattoo

Some More Butterfly Tattoos You’ll Love

51. Multiple Butterflies Tattoo

Multiple tattoos of butterflies can depict several kinds of meanings. One with the same butterfly showing motion and flight, which can mean change, while butterflies with different designs can be a sign of transformation.

So if you like butterflies, then you can have butterflies of various kinds made as your tattoo. A small rose is a nice touch to go with it.

Multiple Butterflies Tattoo

Image: @bigmiketattoos

52. Floral Butterfly Tattoo

Flowers are undoubtedly the best element to go with the butterfly tattoo. But, if you also think the same, then here is another idea for how you can get that tattoo. 

Floral Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @most_dope_182

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53. Huge Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Generally, you will encounter butterfly tattoos in a relatively smaller size, but it does not mean you cannot have them in a bigger size.

If you want a big one, it will look something like the one below. You can get one as big as one that is enough to cover the whole abdomen area.

Huge Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @artist.icideas

54. Skull Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

The skull may not be the best tattoo you can choose to go with the butterfly, but it adds significant meaning to the tattoo. It is excellent to show two extremes of life. The skull is the symbol of death, while the butterfly is for life.

So the tattoo in total communicates that all the life you have can convert into death in a jiffy, so live it to the fullest. There are specific ways of adding the skull to a butterfly, but this one is a wise way of replacing the body with the skull.

Skull Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @harvey.ink

55. Butterfly With Blue Roses Tattoo

A blue rose stands for mystery, impossible, and unattainable, so if you get it with a butterfly, then it will add significant meaning to your tattoo. If you like blue, then also this might be the tattoo for you.

Butterfly With Blue Roses Tattoo

Image: @leathertattoo_studio

56. Amazing Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Flowers are good to go with the butterfly, while sunflowers may be an excellent option to get with the butterfly as they are for longevity, intelligence, and good luck. You can even try a mix of different flowers like it is done here.

Amazing Butterfly Tattoo

 Image: @bloodbrotherscyprus

57. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Small but attractive lively tattoo. And the blue butterfly is for luck, so you can wear your luck everywhere you go, and also, the tattoo gives a mirage-like it is just sitting on the owner’s body about to fly.

Attractive Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @ovejanegra_tatuajesacapulco

58. Awesome Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Here is another demonstration for those looking for a small and minimal tattoo. The size of the tattoo is also crucial in determining whether one can hide it or not. So it means that you can choose your occasion when you want to flaunt your tattoo. 

Awesome Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Image: @alfredocitarella

59. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

This tattoo is an extension of the freehand art of doing body art. If you are fond of this style of tattooing, then get your butterfly tattoo looking like the one done here.

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @gamblestattoo

60. Black And Grey Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

The Black and grey color combination has become an infamous choice for tattoos now and looking at the tattoo done below, you will know why.

Black And Grey Butterfly Tattoo On Waist

Image: @madamebutterfly.tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Butterfly Tattoos Mean?

The butterfly symbolizes natural beauty and is a long-standing symbol of faith, freedom, and transformation.

Moreover, the butterfly has also been closely associated with romantic love and femininity, making them a popular choice for tattoos.

Why Is Everyone Getting Butterfly Tattoos?

The butterfly has become a popular choice because they are feminine, versatile, and beautiful. And the fact that it represents transformation makes it an excellent way to show your journey and embrace the better version of you that you have become.

What Does A Black Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

The black butterfly is often done as a Celtic tattoo or a tribal tattoo, and the meaning they depict is one that is the temporality of life. However, a black butterfly can also be a sign of something terrible that is about to happen.

Whereas on the lighter side, it can also be for the concept of aging.

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Mean On A Girl?

For girls, the butterfly tattoo typically is to denote one meaning which is young love.

What Does A Half-Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

The butterfly is also for other things like love, faith, and calmness; of course, it also depends on the flower you choose. Both the flower and butterfly have beautiful individual meanings, so getting them together will only make your tattoo more graceful and elegant.

Bottom Line

Butterfly tattoos are prevalent when it comes to the choice that people usually go for. You can get a butterfly tattoo on almost any part of your body, and the good part is that you can add various elements to it to depict several meanings.

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