50 Great and Wonderful Tattoos Ideas and Designs of Wolf

 A lot of men relate their personality with a wolf because of the true nature and loyalty aspect of the wolf. You will see or must have seen men primarily with wolf tattoos. 

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50 Great and Wonderful Tattoos Ideas and Designs of Wolf

The wolf looks like some of the dogs because they belong to the same family. However, a wolf stands for more things than loyalty, things like protection, strength and family. These are qualities that people often relate to. Although the reason that a person is opting for a wolf tattoo may differ, like a person in a relationship can get this tattoo to show his loyalty, and at the same time, a person who holds their family dear may opt for one.

There are a lot of designs and ways in which you can get a wolf tattoo; let’s explore all the possibilities for you.

In some cultures, the wolf is also taken as the protective natural guide in life. 

Wolf Tattoos

1. Half Sleeve Wolf Tattoo

Here is another beautiful way to get the sleeve done with the wolf tattoo and add elements of nature to make the tattoo attractive. Here a baby wolf is etched on the bearer’s arm and looks like a pretty adorable tattoo.

Image: @ufotattoo

2. Traditional Pierced Wolf Tattoo

A dagger tattoo is the symbol of betrayal and loss or can even mean protection and bravery. A wolf is also a sign of protection, so a dagger can perfectly match the wolf’s face. But here, the blade goes right across the wolf’s face, which is more symbolic of betrayal and danger.

Image: @niknatas

3. Traditional Half Flower Face Wolf Tattoo

If you like things the traditional way, then here is another style of the wolf face with a half flowery face. The flower is the symbol of natural beauty and love. The wolf here is made more abstractly with a different kind of flower, and each flower has its specific meaning.

Image: @john_gwynne_illusionink

4. Feather Crown With Wolf Tattoo

Here is another great style to signify the native American tribal wolf. The feather hat stands for wisdom, power, strength and trust. It is known as the gift from the sky.

Image: @pinky847

5. Pack of Wolf tattoo

Wolves have a particular trait, and that is of family, and they stay in packs. So getting the entire pack is a fantastic tattoo idea if you are a family person and adding a forest background complements the tattoo greatly.

Image: @veneziatattoo

6. Bold Shoulder Wolf Tattoo

The shoulder placement of the tattoo also gives a pretty significant area for such intricate designs. Such bold tattoos like the wolf look attractive on strong shoulders; many men chose this tattoo, you have a furious wolf face made on your shoulder like the one done here.

Image: @inked_by_shay

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7. Lone Wolf Tattoo With Moon

The lone wolf, you must have heard this phrase many times. But, if you are as strong as the wolf to be on your own, then here is a tattoo idea for you. This one looks like a memorial tattoo with the dates etched to it. Having two wolves with one as a silhouette in the shadow of the other is a fantastic idea.

Image: @torres.tat2

8. Girl With Wolf Tattoo

Here is another wolf with girl tattoo idea done with a wolf and done in an arm sleeve tattoo style. Below the prominent tattoo, another tribal tattoo is added to add significance to it. The orange face paint is unique to the tribes’ tattoos to incite fear.

Image: @sandrock_tattoo

9. Wolf Chest tattoo

Chest tattoos look great both on men and women, and these tattoos are great to get for your family as all chest tattoos are closer to your heart. So if you want to get tattoos for people that are close to your heart, then the chest is the best place to get one. Look at the chest tattoo done here for your reference.

Image: @ianleo666tattooartist

10. Tribal Pattern Wolf Tattoo

Here is another style to get the wolf tattoo with the tribal pattern; if you are in for an arm sleeve tattoo, then here is a perfect idea for you. You can get the tribal design in the background and then wolf as the prominent tattoo on it. 

Image: @robe.art

11. Half Geometric Wolf Tattoo

If you like modern tattoo art, you can choose another geometric style tattoo. The half diamond face is blended perfectly, and the diamond symbolizes inner beauty and power.

Image: @studio23_sj

12. Traditional Wild Wolf Tattoo

The traditional wolf can vary from culture to culture, but you can get a similar one if you like the conventional wolf style. The flowers are a nice touch with the wolf’s face, reflecting the wolf’s wilderness.

Image: @emmyjaee

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13. Howling Wolf With Full Moon Tattoo

You must have seen in movies and animations the graphic of a wolf howling to the moon. When a wolf does this, it is a social rally call or a signal for hunting. It looks impressive as a tattoo; look at the one below with the negative space used ideally to make the trees. The perfect detailing on the wolf makes the tattoo more engaging.

Image: @kylectomlin

14. Raven With Wolf Tattoo

The raven symbolizes intelligence and wisdom; if you like the raven and the wolf, you can get them both with a beautiful blend. Look at the tattoo done here to draw inspiration.

Image: @inkkkgod

15. Watercolor Splash Wolf Tattoo

You can get the watercolor water style tattoo; if you like paintings with watercolors, then here is a style you can get. The color scheme used in it looks like splashes of color used for the tattoo. The purple and blue adds to the mystic aura of the tattoo. The black shading to the wolf’s face makes the tattoo look fabulous, and different eyes complement the tattoo.

Image: @jostestattoos

16. Miniature Finger Wolf Tattoo

A small finger tattoo is a great place to get the wolf tattoo as it will show alongside your ring so that it will be pretty noticeable. Finger tattoos have become popular, and look at this adorable wolf tattoo design.

Image: @mertustun87

17. Tribal Black Wolf Tattoo

The Tribal wolf tattoo with black bold ink looks stylish and the negative space in the tattoo enhances the beauty of this magnificent tattoo. It is one of the famous tattoo choice among tattoo loves because it shows their culture. This is why tribal tattoos are considered a great way to stay connected to your roots in a unique way. A tribal tattoo will never set out of trend and will also be a tribute to honor the ancestors. So if you like tribal designs, then look deep into your culture to find some authentic designs for yourself or get one from a culture you desire.

Image: @rarebreed_tattoo

18. Snarling Wolf Tattoo With Night Scenic View

The snarling wolf can be used to show the furious side of your nature; the blue and white moon adds to the visual appeal of the tattoo. In this tattoo, the teeth of the wolf should be done with good detailing as it is the main focus of this tattoo. Additionally, the blue sky with the moon is unique to the tattoo. 

Image: @krakencurtis

19. Grey Wolf Tattoo In Forest

The wolf face with the forest background is an excellent style to get as a shoulder tattoo, as the shoulder provides a good amount of space for a big tattoo. Also, the forest is a sign of serenity, life and rejuvenation so that you can get it with the wolf. Finally, the peeking sun through the forest’s trees is a nice touch. 

Image: @treasurecoasttattoo

20. Half Wolf Half Compass Tattoo

You can blend in the wolf face with a compass and an arrow if you like geometric designs or for the symbolic meaning of these. The compass is the sign of a traveler, a person that finds peace in traveling, and the arrow is the symbol for a skilled hunter. An arrow tattoo on someone means he is a good hunter, and the wolf is considered an apex hunter, so the arrow is the perfect element to blend with the wolf’s face.

Image: @neely_tattoo

21. Huge Thigh Wolf Tattoo

A thigh tattoo is a suitable place for you to choose for your tattoo; if you are looking at a big tattoo idea, look at the one done below to get the idea. Here the thigh tattoo is done in a leg sleeve manner, and a lot of other elements are added to it, making the graphic visually appealing. You can have a similar tattoo with many designs with prominent tattoos and add color.

Image: @skininc.dgo

22. Japanese Doodle Wolf Tattoo

If you want the wolf tattoo made in the way of a doodle, then here is a tattoo reference for you of the Japanese wolf. The Japanese wolf stands for a person’s strength. The black color wolf looks hilarious on this bearer’s chest.

Image: @inkystinkyray/

23. Native American Grey Wolf Tattoo

The native American wolf with the face of women is a great way to show the ties of this wolf. Because during the native times, the skin and fur of the wolf were worn by tribal people, as you can see in the tattoo done below. So if you belong to the native American culture, you can go for a similar-looking tattoo.

Image: @beckyharristattoo/

24. Neo Traditional Wolf Hand Tattoo

The hand wolf tattoo can be done in so many ways. For example, you can choose the doodle animated wolf like the one done here or a real-looking wolf tattoo. The colors in the animation tattoo play a significant role in the tattoo’s graphic appeal. For example, the wolf’s face here has blood in his mouth, making it scary.

Image: @westlondoninktattoos

25. Dream Catcher Wolf Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is an amulet that is said to catch all the negative thoughts and dreams and only leave the positive ones so that the bearer has sound and calm sleep. The wolf in the dream catcher is wise to signify protection and good thoughts.

Image: @pandorasboxtattoo

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26. Growling Sharp Toothed Wolf Tattoo

The wolf is even known for its hunting skill and is referred to as the apex predator, and the growing face with sharp pointy teeth makes it look more fierce.

Image: @tusz_to_sztuka

27. Graceful Wolf Tattoo On Back

The back is also a great place to get the wolf tattoo, and a giant tattoo will suit here. So if you are considering a big wolf tattoo, then get it on your back and here is a simple tattoo idea if you are looking for a minimum design.

Image: @ciarahassard

28. Half Mandala Wolf Tattoo

According to Buddhist culture, the mandala represents the balance between the body and mind. Therefore, the half face of the wolf made with a mandala can be a great way to show that you have the strength of the mind and body in balance within you. Although there are specific ways to get the mandala with the wolf, here is one wise way to get it.

Image: @sarah_tattoos

29. Triangle Wolf Face Tattoo

Geometric tattoos look impressive because they have a modern feel, so if you like them, you can use them as a boundary for the prominent tattoo like the tattoo done here. Here, the black dots tattoo style is used for the tattoo, which contributes to the tattoo’s antique look.

Image: @theinterbellumtattoolounge

30. Baby Wolves tattoo

A baby wolf is a great tattoo that you can get for your family because the wolf has the trait to take care of the family and is loyal. For instance, a father can get this tattoo for children.

Image: @tesiacoil_tattoos

31. Fantastic Passive Expressions Wolf Tattoo

Here is another very clever way to do the wolf tattoo by emitting the sun rays from the end of the mouth. Again, the picturesque trees and ponds suit the wolf tattoo a lot. The fur made using the negative spacing in the tattoo looks fantastic.

Image: @jason_jimbo

32. Bloody Neck Wolf Tattoo

The neck is the placement choice for those people who are very bold and extroverted in their personality because a tattoo on the neck can’t be hidden easily. So if you relate to the character, you can choose it to be done on the neck. This is a scary tattoo because of the arrows going across the wolf.

Image: @justtattoosbirmingham

33. Skull And Wolf Tattoo

The wolf is the perfect tattoo to get with the skull as the skull is the symbol for death, and a person wearing the skull tattoo simply means that he is not afraid of death. Here the wolf is also made in a scary style to match the skull. There are specific ways to match the skull with the wolf, but it is classic.

Image: @tattoo_kovis

34. Lineart Wolf Tattoo

Here is a minimalistic tattoo idea for you with minimum design, these tattoos look intimidating on ankles, wrists and even neck. You can go for this tattoo if you are looking for minimum design and ink, then go for such a tattoo. If this is your first tattoo and you want minimum ink on your body, this is also the perfect tattoo for you.

Image: @jade.auguste

35. Celtic Knot Wolf Tattoo

The Celtic wolf is the zodiac sign of those born between October 28 – November 24, and those who fall under this category are fiercely driven and determined. It also stands for protection and power; you can go for this wolf tattoo idea if you like Celtic designs. Here is one style of Celtic design you can get if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo idea.

Image: @adrenalinesgirl

36. Skull In Wolf Mouth Tattoo

Here is another scary way to blend in the wolf with the skull to make your tattoo more intimidating, as the wolf here is made more in a tribal wolf tattoo style. You can have a similar tattoo as an arm sleeve or a typical forearm tattoo.

Image: @bangkok_tattoo_studio

37. Forearm Wolf Eyes Tattoo

The intimidating wolf eyes tattoo can be done in this rare style; the body hair of the wolf and the color chosen for the eyes of the wolf make the tattoo ravishing. If you are looking for a one-of-kind tattoo idea, you can get a similar tattoo on your arm or any other body part by consulting your tattoo artist. The deer in the background of this tattoo is also a cool one to get with the wolf. The deer symbolizes spirituality and spiritual authority, whereas the wolf symbolizes spiritual protection.

Image: @ricks_tattoo

38. Ankle Wolf tattoo

The ankle tattoo of a wolf is a unique tattoo in itself, and with the colorful forest, it makes it look one-of-a-kind. If you like colorful tattoos, you can get a similar one done below and even get the wolf in original colors; this will leave a vibrant look to your tattoo.

Image: @dan_ball_tattoo

39. Geometric Grey Wolf Tattoo

There are many ways of doing geometric tattoos, and there are various elements used in such tattoos. So if you like a modern touch in the tattoos, you can go for an identical tattoo and choose elements for your tattoo according to your preference. The orbit-looking pattern of the planets is also a nice touch. Astronomy lovers can go for this tattoo design.

Image: @inkredibletattoos

40. Blue-eyed Wolf Tattoo For Forearm

The forearm is the most commonplace that you will see where men have got the wolf tattoo. Here is another style to get the forearm tattoo, and these tattoos look terrific on men. The forearm is one of the most beautiful parts of men’s bodies, so they like to flaunt it more by getting it tattooed.

Image: @mgcustom_ink

41. Paw With Wolf Face Tattoo

Here is a rare-looking tattoo of the wolf done creatively; the face and the wolf are made inside the wolf’s paw. The wolf’s paw is the symbol for moving forward or being guided along the right path, and they tie back to the native American and Japanese culture. This tattoo can give you the strength to stay on the right track in life.

Image: @ikova_tattoo_studio

42. Wolf With Full Moon Tattoo

The moon is the symbol for growth and change and is the perfect tattoo to get with the wolf as the wolf howls at night, looking above at the moon and sky. If you are in for a tattoo sleeve idea, then this one can be your choice as it looks fantastic.

Image: @titin_tattooer

43. Wings With Wolf Tattoo

The wings symbolize protection, the same as the wolf, so it is also an excellent element to get with it. The wings also stand for freedom and faith, so you can use these two to symbolize any of these things. Look at the tattoo made here in the most intriguing way with the wolf face in the middle and wings around it, leaving an aura like it has wings and the color is used in a fashion that looks like it is leaking down.

Image: @ali.cheikh.tattoos_

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44. Amazing Black Wolf Tattoo

If you like flowers and the wolf, you can blend them uniquely with fabulous designs. Add flowers of your choice to the tattoo, as all have different meanings associated with them.

Image: @kunstwerk.chelle

45. Full Back Wolf Tattoo

If you are looking for a significantly big tattoo, as big as the whole back, you can have the entire pack made on your back. For instance, in this tattoo, a wolf pack family is made, and then the black background is used to cover the whole area. Consider this design for ideas to pop up in your mind.

Image: @jasondavistattoostudio

46. Amazing tiny Wolf Tattoo

You can also go for a small tattoo for your ankle or the forearm as it will have minimum ink used, and you shall endure lesser pain.

Image: @gerardoqgarcia

47. Roaring wolves Tattoo

The roaring, furious wolf is about to strike, but here is a perfect blend of the tribal style of tattooing. You can get your antique tattoo made in this way with intricate design. This tattoo looks like a tribal wolf king of the jungle’s pack.

Image: @yashtattoo

48. 3D Realistic Wolf Tattoo

3D tattoos are a lot popular among tattoo enthusiasts; if you also like the style, get the wolf tattoo in a 3D way then.

Image: @kabir12810

49. Traditional Black Wolf Tattoo

Here is an antique-looking tattoo made in quite a different manner with many black color usage. If you like traditional tattoos, you can show this to your tattoo artist to draw inspiration for your authentic tattoo.

Image: @matteo_gottardello

50. Ghost Wolf Tattoo Design

A ghost stands for a spiritual healer and a guide to show you your path from another dimension; you can get it along the wolf face as wolves are also related to spirituality.

Image: @acspengler


What does the wolf tattoo mean to a man?

A Wolf tattoo on a man is often related to loyalty for all loved ones and those in blood relations.

Wolves do not leave their packs and perfectly explain the idea of numbers and how staying together makes the family stronger, and how everyone pushes and takes care of each other in hard times.

Is a wolf tattoo common?

Yes, it is the most common tattoo that you will see on men who want animal-inspired ink etched on them. All the mighty and awesome wolf tattoos come in different designs and structures.

What does a growling wolf tattoo mean?

The growing wolf reminds the wolf’s true nature that he is the perfect defense mechanism against threats and the trait that they will do anything to protect themselves and the ones they love. Wolves have to do with honorable and robust protection.

What is the wolf symbolic of?

The native wolf symbol that ties back to older times represents strong family ties, loyalty, good communication, intelligence, education, and understanding. Yet, the wolf is the most accomplished hunter and has the most potent supernatural powers of all the animals on the land.

Why do wolves howl at the moon?

This is a misconception about the wolves howling to the moon! The wolves do not howl at the moon; it appears so because they look up at the dark sky while howling, and in tales, graphics are always made with wolves howling alongside the moon. But in reality, the wolves howl to communicate to each other, and howling is the most direct they use to communicate. It is also associated with social calls and is the most effective where the wolf territory is vast.

Bottom Line

Wolf is one of the most popular animals that you will see as tattoos on someone’s skin, and there is a good reason for that, the metaphorical meaning behind the wolf is all with deep sense. So if you are also engaged with the animal and can relate to any of the traits, get one etched on you today! Choose from all these awesome designs jotted for you.

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