32 Attractive And Influential Neck Tattoo Designs For Men

Last Updated on July 10, 2023

Neck tattoos today are a symbol of power and badass masculinity. It is a bold move to get a neck tattoo as they cannot be hidden by clothing and will be visible for everyone to see. Neck tattoos for men have tremendous options to try.

32 Attractive And Influential Neck Tattoo Designs For Men

That, and the fact that the neck is a painful part of the body to ink, makes them a particularly daring look.

Neck Tattoo Designs Include:

1. Rose Tattoo On Full Neck

One of the most popular tattoo designs for men and women is the neck tattoo idea. The attractive blue ink rose with leaves gives a realistic appeal and symbolizes love and affection.

The beauty of the tattoo on the neck also makes the style look decent.

Rose Tattoo On Full Neck

Credit: mrscutella

2. Black And Grey Neck Tattoo 

The black and grey rose color design is an excellent way to make a statement. The design looks great on the neck, and the tattoo keeps up the artwork with a relaxed and distinguished look.

Giving an excellent way up for the tattoo keeps up the style.

Black And Grey Neck Tattoo

Credit: tattoosbywoodard

3. Praying Hands Neck Tattoos For Men

Praying hands design gives a different meaning to different artwork. The tattoo design looks great with a shading effect with an interesting symbol of keeping faith and being strong on the back of the neck. It gives a refined look to the whole art style.

Praying Hands Tattoo On Neck

Credit: focustattoos

4. Awesome Butterfly Neck Tattoo

The most fantastic butterfly tattoo on the neck is associated with verbal communication. The delicate design on the back of the neck inked in blue gives a unique look. With intricate detailing, the tattoo helps enhance the overall artwork.

The intricate detailing of the tattoo provides a stunning look to real art.

Awesome Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Credit: _jonathanadame

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5. Lettering Neck Tattoo

A half-neck tattoo design around your throat is an excellent form of getting a tattoo. The tattoo stands out from the crowd with the inking name, with the part exposed to show off.

With this year’s edition, the character makes it a personalized tattoo design for men. You can also add calligraphy art to make it look stylish.

Lettering Neck Tattoo

Credit: ferrucci.ink

6. Chrome Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal tattoos give a bold style with the addition of contrasting ink. The neck has a chrome tattoo design with a passionate look. With an advanced style, the transition is almost certainly on its way to enhancing the overall design idea.

Giving it a distinctive look for the tattoo looks attractive.

Chrome Tribal Neck Tattoo

Credit: grimignorance

7. Traditional Rose Neck tattoos For Men

The traditional rose design with an exciting look gives a natural look to the artwork. Because of their delicate composition, roses often symbolize beauty and grace.

The red ink rose gives an undeniably exciting look that helps provide a soft look to the tattoo artist.

Traditional Rose Neck tattoo

Credit: adrian_rollins4

8. Horror Neck Tattoo

Skull tattoos are popular for many reasons, and the design gives a diverse, tough-looking, and edgy artwork. The black and grey horror tattoo design on the neck shows that the person is not scared of death, and the person leads his life to the fullest.

You can ink the excellent design with the customization and different variations.

Horror Neck Tattoo

Credit: karlos_tattooartist

9. Free Hand Script Neck Tattoo

The script tattoo design with freehand artwork has clean and fancy characters with modern art. Giving a perfect choice for a bit of tattoo art, the personal and unique calligraphy and handwriting tattoo enhances the look.

With black ink art, the tattoo design on the back of the neck gives a designer look.  

Free Hand Script Neck Tattoo

Credit: venomisssss

10. Peony Neck Tattoo

Peony tattoo meaning is linked to favorable omens such as love, beauty, nobility, and honor. In flower tattoo art and Chinese and Japanese folklore, the peony flower is a massively influential and exciting design.

With an intuitive look, the dark ink style enhances the overall look of the neck.

Peony Neck Tattoo

Credit: brookesteele_tattoos

11. Black Butterfly Neck Tattoo

The unique and eye-catching butterfly tattoo in bold black gives a delicate look to the incredible appeal. The black outlined butterfly is associated with freedom, joy, and grace.

In association with transformation, the versatile tattoo on the neck gives a feminine and desirable look.

Black Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Credit: zimni.ink

12. Small Devil Tattoo On Neck

The free-spirited small devil being the inner devil controls gives a styling appeal to the neck. The beautiful devil tattoo is inside all and provides a mark of good and evil, temptation and grace.

The badass look as a symbol of inner heritage shows self-satisfying actions and needs.

Small Devil Tattoo On Neck

Credit: d_t.h

13. Black Rose Tattoo On Neck

The black rose tattoo inked on the neck and behind the ear gives a styling look to the wearer. The hyper-realistic design shows beauty, passion, and love.

The badass symbol also shows fantasy, mystery, and impossible looks. The elegant and distinctive art of the tattoo shows stylish appeal.

Black Rose Tattoo On Neck

Credit: dab.houstontexas

14. Spider With Rose Neck Tattoo

Spider tattoos or web tattoos represent their captivity and being in prison as if caught in a web. Black widow tattoos are also used as a symbol of fear and death.

The design represents strength, fear, and death, and the addition of a creative tattoo look gives an enhanced appeal. 

Spider With Rose Neck Tattoo

Credit: savytattoos

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15. Cover-Up Rose Neck Tattoo

The cover-up rose design can have different meanings as an inspiration for your dream. The neck tattoo in red ink gives a meaningful representation symbolizing purity and magic.

With a striking combination, the tattoo comes with delicate leaves and provides a styling look.

Cover-Up Rose Neck Tattoo

Credit: you_aint_seen_muffins_yet

16. Pokemon Neck Tattoos For Men   

The devil pokemon tattoo design inked on the neck in colorful ink represents fandom. The stunning art with monochrome design by choosing your favorite look locks meaning. In the samurai’s practice, the neck design enhances the overall look.

Pokemon Neck Tattoo

Credit: laceybtattoos

17. Bold Outline Butterflies Neck Tattoo

A pink tattoo is a version that many women love because of its femininity. Purple butterflies are considered among the elite of butterflies and can represent grace, beauty, and divine connection.

In addition, the design inked on the neck gives a desirable look to the wearer.

Bold Outline Butterflies Neck Tattoo

Credit: mrtattemup1

18. Leopard Seal Tattoo On Neck

The leopard seal tattoo design inked on the neck represents strength, skills showing their killer ability to adapt and their ability to manipulate the situation.

The design work inked in bold green with yellow eyes with intricate detailing represents bravery and power.  

Leopard Seal Tattoo On Neck

Credit: themactatty

19. Geometric Neck Tattoos For Men

The neck tattoo represents balance, symmetry, intelligence, stability, and mystery regarding geometric tattoo meaning. With a distinctive look, the patterns are understated and undeniably cool.

The black and grey ink enhances the overall look with a stylish look.

Geometric Neck Tattoo

Credit: perdoname_madre16

20. Scorpion Neck Tattoo

The scorpion tattoo shows deadly power and is said to protect against evil spirits. Representing strength for the tattoo offers the ability to its status and position.

The black ink on the neck sees combat giving an expression of power and the ability to protect and control.

Scorpion Neck Tattoo

Credit: graceless_tt

21. Owl Eye Neck Tattoo

An owl tattoo inked on the neck is often associated with the afterlife and spiritual guides. The owl tattoo design on the neck is a sign that shows the message’s desire to conquer, intense aggression, and cunning.

With a bold look, the owl design on the neck gives a sense of mystery to the wearer.

Owl Eye Neck Tattoo

Credit: jilver

22. Cedar Branches Neck Tattoos For Men

It is a beautiful way to honor your nearest and dearest ones. Showing essential aspects to the tattoo shows strength, close bond, and endurance.

The bold black ink with intricate detailing on the neck and collarbone represents an offshoot of the family.

Cedar Branches Neck Tattoo

Credit: tara_tattoos_

23. Neo-Tribal Neck Tattoos For Men

The neo-tribal neck tattoos have meanings including good luck, wisdom, peace, and strength. Tribal patterns inspire the deep roots of the body art tradition.

With memorized thoughts, the tattoo is often connected with significant transformation. With bold black art ink, the tattoo gives a neo look.

Neo-Tribal Neck Tattoo

Credit: nekotattu

24. Baby Spider Spooky Neck Tattoos For Men

A spooky neck tattoo’s most common symbolic meaning represents their captivity and being in prison if caught. The spider tattoo on the neck resembles your strength and the power that we are tangled in the destined web every day.

The cute face of the spider gives a desirable look.

Baby Spider Spooky Neck Tattoo

Credit: 154.tattoo

25. Rose And Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

The rose and butterfly tattoo is filled with meaning and beauty. Combining a rose and butterfly tattoo cannot be considered a better choice as it signifies passion, transformation, and love.

The feminine and stunning design with classic and timeless appeal of the neck gives a distinctive appeal.

Rose And Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

Credit: polgrande

26. Crown And Heart Neck Tattoo

Crown tattoos are opted for by both genders. The more striking and straightforward design inked on the neck gives a strong symbolism. The tattoo is associated with love, affection, emotions, and nobility as a reminder of heartbreak.

Providing a stylish look for the tattoo looks great.

Crown And Heart Neck Tattoo

Credit: codenamehoney

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27. Scary Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Considering a neck tattoo with a scary look is a unique idea. The butterfly inked in difficult ink choice arresting to a minimal intricate detailing gives a pretty print.

The back ink design with rich meaning, providing a massive look to admire, is a go-on-the-go option for men and women

Scary Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Credit: unatintade_mas

28. King Crown Tattoo On Neck

The king crown tattoo is the perfect design art and is the only option for men to feel confident and powerful.

From the core of being one of those, the king’s crown on the neck with a symbolic representation of authority and royalty gives a new look to the tattoo design. 

King Crown Tattoo On Neck

Credit: catherinepizarro   

29. Amazing Swallow And Rose Neck Tattoo

The swallow and rose neck tattoo design remains unisex and gives a significant meaning with a sign of enlightenment, faithful men, and loyalty with passion and beauty.

Moreover, the combination of the tattoo gives a desirable look to the whole attractive tattoo idea. 

Amazing Swallow And Rose Neck Tattoo

Credit: everlastingtattoo813

30. Bird Tattoo On Neck

A bird tattoo on the neck signifies freedom and peace, happiness, independence, and optimism. The attractive look of the beautiful bird has the bravest options on the neck.

The tattoo with intricate detailing helps give versatile options to choose from before getting one inked. 

Bird Tattoo On Neck

Credit: andres_navaz_

31. Horror Spider Tattoo On Neck

The design of the neck tattoo shows the spiders’ wisdom, harmony, and balance. With various unique designs that are rarely aggressive or influential, the spooky spider look makes the tattoo art look graceful.

In addition, the tattoo design makes the person look distinctive. 

Horror Spider Tattoo On Neck

Credit: alan_landytattoo

32. Arrows Tattoo On Neck 

An arrow tattoo is something that represents the idea of struggle. A design that features an arrow being pulled back o a bow represents conflicts and struggles.

The unique and customized design of arrows on the neck gives the overall exposed look a styling appeal. Staying focused and alert for the tattoo provides a unique look to the whole idea. 

Arrows Tattoo On Neck

Credit: tinymilo.tattoos_

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Neck Tattoo Say About You?

Tattoos on the lower and backside of the neck show they’re not afraid to make tough choices and cover for them if need be. Unfortunately, this skin area is sensitive, so neck tattoos are often painful.  

Do Tattoos Make You Hotter?

Women rated tattooed men as healthier but not more attractive than men without tattoos. Conversely, men viewed tattooed men as more attractive but not healthier than men without tattoos. 

Do Tattoos Affect Your Personality?

Tattoos affect our personality. Those with tattoos have higher levels of need for sensation seeking and uniqueness.

They are supposed to be risk-takers and adventurous than those who have lower levels of self-confidence and are devoted to God get no tattoos inked.

Are Tattoos Attractive To Females?

The reasons may vary, but most attribute beauty to their motivation for getting inked. And they are correct, and it is beautiful.

Is A Neck Tattoo A Good Idea?

 Neck tattoo is a great idea but as the neck is an area filled with nerves and nerve endings; the soft skin makes it easier to reach the nerves and causes skin irritation and incredible pain. 

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