47 Impressive Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

Most religious organizations associate the praying hand tattoo’s most prevalent meaning with spiritual or religious themes. However, folded hands are a symbol of respect and ‘thank you in nations like Japan, China, and India.

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The recognizable pattern is frequently connected to religion. There is much more to it than just being a religious symbol, and many people add various patterns to it, such as Bible verses and proverbs, angels or virgins, a symbolic cross, thorns, and rosary beads.

The act of folding two hands is seen as being highly spiritual. The synchronization of the mind and body for a wave of complete calm & constancy is communicated when the hands are in perfect harmony in a union.

Others see this symbol as a way to honor or, more often, to remember a loved one, a friend, or a family member who has passed away. It might be viewed as a small ray of hope during our darkest moments. It is urging us to hold on to the good things.

In addition to how you interpret the message, the folded hand tattoo is top-rated. Therefore we have compiled a list with options ranging from tiny to large, from straightforward to elaborate patterns, and even 3D designs. So continue reading to learn more! 

Why Do People Fold Their Hands During Prayer?

It’s not too difficult to comprehend the psychology behind folding your hands while praying. According to science, folding our hands helps us focus more since it lowers our blood pressure and relaxes us. The Yoga mudras cover this idea in great detail.

Praying hands have a long history that dates back to the Sanatani Hindu Saints of the Vedic era. Folding your hands in front of God symbolizes your submission to the Almighty & your acceptance of his grace, according to Rigveda.

It was common to meditate while closing one’s eyes and folding one’s hands. Saints would close their eyes because it would eliminate any visual interruptions and give them a better chance to communicate with their souls. Later, the clasped hands or the hands in prayer also evolved into the well-known “Namastey” mudra of yoga.

Indians typically strike the Namastey position when greeting their elders, friends, family, and other close relatives. This serves as a symbol of their regard for their elders. Other religious traditions also place a great deal of symbolism in the position of the hands in prayer. It is seen as a means of honoring and pledging allegiance to the supreme god in almost all cultures.

Religious people frequently select tattoos that reflect their beliefs. One of the most well-liked interreligious tattoos that people from various backgrounds can try is the praying hands.

1. Chakra with Praying Hands Tattoo

The chakra symbol has represented various aspects of the mind, body, and spirit for many millennia. According to the notion underlying the chakra’s potency, the mind can initiate healing and growth when a specific energy center, or chakra, is concentrated upon with enough energy.

However, when combined with praying hands, this tattoo has numerous elements, such as lovely red flowers, rosary beads, and praying hands, to represent the Lord’s deep-seated faith.

Image: @emr_ink

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2. Cross In the Praying Hands Tattoo

A cross, in addition to clouds, enhances the attractiveness of a religious tattoo and is quite popular even when it is the only thing tattooed. There are other methods to include a cross in your tattoo. But the greatest is represented in the image above, in which the hands are holding the cross.

This design also includes a few dates that are inscribed on a banner. These dates may be associated with your loved ones or with other key events in your life.

Image: @saint_and_sinners

3. Sunshine with Praying Hands Tattoo

These little, straightforward tattoos merely feature the contour of hands in prayer and some sunshine. This tattoo is suitable for all genders.

Anyone who wants the well-known praying hand tattoo but is interested in fashion and style might choose this. Additionally, this tattoo illustrates how God’s blessings positively impact your life.

Image: @americantraditionstudio

4. Dove with Praying Hands Tattoo

The peace emblem is the dove. Most Christians believe in praying hands tattoos, which are highly popular and feature one or more doves. Since the dove is a common subject in the Bible, there are numerous stories about it.

Biblical allusions abound when illustrating the significance of the dove. Combining two of Christianity’s most recognizable symbols is an excellent approach to expressing how strongly you believe in religion and peace.

Image: @bigjoeandsonstattoo

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5. Scripted Praying Hands Tattoo

Many people want to add biblical verses to their tattoos, but some like to add something unique to make the tattoo more personal. Frequently, the words are inscribed above or below the palms of the hands.

When you wish to express your devotion to God or express gratitude to Him for something, use this symbol. This tattoo is a thank-you note to the deity for providing for his family.

Image: @betostattoos

6. Wavy Praying Hands Tattoo

In this instance, a chain of pearls encircles the folded hands. It is a terrific method to give the design some more meaning. Additionally, the waves on our backside stand for the ups and downs of life. But hands in prayer illustrate that you must trust God and pray to God regardless of your situation in life.

Image: @kaichao049

7. Football Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo is an excellent option if you play football or soccer and want to express your gratitude to God.

The football is visible over the hands in prayer in this tattoo. And to express your appreciation of God, you can add any number on your hands, such as your player or jersey number. Additionally, this tattoo expresses your gratitude after winning a game.

Image: @b_pro_tatts

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8. Gold with Praying Hands Tattoo

While the prayer hands are intended to be a design component, they must be given the entire focus. The forearm or elbow is the ideal location for this tattoo, which is a great way to catch everyone’s attention.

This will also reflect poorly on your gratitude to the Lord or Jesus Christ. And with this tattoo, you might get God’s blessing.

Image: @sixty_two_ink

9. Doodle Praying Hands Tattoo

The praying hands, dove birds, and circles in this tattoo by Doodle are all incredibly artistic. This is one of the most fashionable tattoos that can enhance your personality in addition to being a way to express your gratitude to God.

This will easily match whatever type of tattoo you have, whether you’re wearing casual clothing or business dress.

Image: @geztattoo

10. Clouds with Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo of praying hands in the clouds is absolutely stunning and realistic-looking. This tattoo has a cloudy background and is tinted in light blue and white ink.

This tattoo is intended for men, who should have it done on a large area of their bodies like the chest or back. Additionally, this tattoo depicts true hope and wisdom toward God.

Image: @jezas_wiz

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11. Leaves With Praying Hands Tattoo

This is a tiny tattoo, and there are leaves next to it. This tattoo can be placed on the forearm or close to the elbow. Additionally, this tattoo is created with shaded black ink that draws everyone’s attention and helps you stand out in a crowd.

The leaves also offer your tattoo a fashionable touch, which enhances your beauty. Go ahead and get this tattoo, and remember to thank God for every aspect of your life.

Image: @ink.oon_hktattoo

12. Lettering Praying Hands Tattoo

There are many different scenarios and reasons why people get praying hands tattoos. This tattoo can occasionally use to honor someone in remembrance, to show respect, or even out of religious fervor. Additionally, adding letters or a word to the praying hand tattoo becomes even more gorgeous and eye-catching and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Image: @99s_tattoo_ink

13. Faith Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo, which features the phrase “Keep the Faith,” appears beautiful. To avoid this, you must have confidence in God, pray to him in every circumstance, and be grateful to him for all the blessings in your life.

A dove bird, clouds & rays of sunshine are also included in this tattoo’s design. All these symbols stand for the idea that God is always bring good things into your life.

Image: @radtattoodavao

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14. Liner Praying Hands Tattoo

This design is undoubtedly the most unique among the ones we’ve seen on this list. Here, the praying hands are incorporated into the design and command complete attention. This image shows a praying hand with the number 1999, which may reference a loved one’s birth date.

This tattoo can be placed on your forearm or close to the elbow because of its modest size. However, if you prefer a larger size for another body section, tell your tattoo artist.

Image: @gordon_richards_tattoos

15. Tiny Praying Hands Tattoo

This adorable tattoo of a praying hand is a lovely way to express gratitude to God. Additionally, its adorable appearance might make you more likable to others. You might attract attention when you get this tattoo on your face next to your chick. Girls often get this tattoo to draw attention to their facial checks.

Image: @inkedbyjay_5150

16. Praying Hands with Gun Tattoo

This tattoo is specifically for tattoo enthusiasts who enjoy collecting guns or who have a tough mentality. This tattoo can be on your calf or any larger body area.

The primary feature of this tattoo is a design of a revolver, but it also includes a skeleton with an eye drop, a rose, and another face mask. With black color ink, it appears more appealing in the end.

Image: @roberts.zach.art

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17. Quoted Praying Hands Tattoo

The tattoo design known as a praying hand is popular throughout the world. This religious tattoo, as well as crosses and praying hands that emphasize religious feelings, have a significant place. Additionally, it has a deeper meaning when combined with the sentence,

“Your Happenies Matter the Most to Me.” Therefore, this tattoo of a praying hand is a wonderful way to share your faith with your loved ones.

Image: @defytattoo

18. Red Rose with Praying Hands Tattoo

Catholicism is mainly linked to this tattoo. It shows two hands clasped in prayer, holding roses, as Catholics practice. This is primarily used for religious and devotional purposes. You must wear this tattoo on your body if you believe in the praying power to god. 

Image: @bucogmarkanthony

19. Pinterest Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo is among the most gorgeous in the Praying Hand Tattoo collection. It features praying hands that are folded in a specific way. This tattoo is enhanced in beauty by the red roses and green leaves, and the purple butterfly adds the finishing touch. This tattoo is primarily intended for women or girls who enjoy getting it done to express gratitude to God.

Image: @swingneedles

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20. Banner Ribbon with Praying Hands Tattoo

This is a different kind of religious tattoo. Most of these are connected to an idea or passage from a sacred text. This body art inspires choosing the right course. The primary motivation behind getting the tattoo is this.

Image: @rowansnafu

21. Realistic Praying Hands Tattoo

As it depicts actual prayer hands, this tattoo appears to be lifelike. The black background also improves how this praying hand appears. This tattoo design allows you to draw attention from everyone’s eyes and can be done on your hand or forearm. 

Image: @badass_bomi_tattoo

22. Outliner Praying Hands Tattoo

This type of tattoo design is often associated with a Catholic upbringing. It displays two lovingly clasped hands in a prayer position with a rosary. Not only is this a sign of dedication, but it also describes how the prayer ceremony is carried out. The rosary symbolizes Catholicism since it is associated with the Roman Catholic Church. 

Image: @truck_ridin_boss1233

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23. Lucky Number with Praying Hands Tattoo

While praying hands are beautiful, the creativity displayed when your lucky number is combined with the skill of the tattoo artist creating your design is even more spectacular. This tattoo artist has given the details of the prayer hands a marble touch. Because of its modest, adorable appearance, it is very simple but incredibly beautiful.

Image: @rui_tattooist

24. Skeleton Praying Hands Tattoo

We have just encountered the skeleton praying hands on this list. It is quite a unique one, which is one of the causes. However, that does not imply that it has no real significance.

This tattoo design represents qualities like faith, blessings, prayer, loyalty, fortitude, and fearlessness, just like the other designs on this list. To further enrich the design, you can add a phrase or theological allusions to this tattoo.

Image: @shihhuatattoo

25. Praying Hands with Money Tattoo

One of the creative and distinctive tattoos is the Praying Hands with Money design. The different components of this tattoo, such as the dollar, rings, sunshine, and clouds, not only improve its overall beauty but also make it more attractive. Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer and have this tattoo on your shoulder or any significant body region. 

Image: @az_tattoo_studio

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26. Greenish Praying Hands Tattoo

The majority of this tattoo’s design is done with green ink. Additionally, the fingers of the tattooed prayer hand are decorated with various letters.

The back of the hand features a design of a stunning girl’s face with intricate detailing wearing a cap. These factors combine to make the tattoo appealing and innovative. This tattoo must draw on your leg or shoulder.

Image: @ronaldlopeztattoo

27. Thorns with Praying Hands Tattoo

The praying hands are created in this tattoo using thorns and blooded droplets. With two skeleton heads, this tattoo has an appealing vision. It also serves as a reminder that praising God will enable you to resolve your life’s problems. And the optimistic hope will lead you away from the negative aspects of society and toward the beneficial ones.

Image: @shihhuatattoo

28. Praying Hands With Tattoo

This tattoo has a lot of different elements, such as lovely numbers, phrases, a cross, an umbrella, tiny embellishments, and praying hands to represent the Lord’s abiding faith. A lovely halo surrounding the hands gives the entire design an excellent appearance. The photo depicts the ideal placement choice, namely the biceps, and the hands have a very realistic appearance. 

Image: @_horishita_

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29. Stair Way To Heaven Praying Hands Tattoo

If you heed a tattoo lover’s advice, you’ll learn that the best tattoos are those with some significance behind them. Only a small number of tattoos that include additional symbols besides the prayer hands have a deeper meaning. This specific tattoo refers to a religious idea. It also includes the praying hands as a reminder of courage and strength. It is a profound commitment to one’s faith and beliefs. 

Image: @ping13tattoo

30. Couple of Roses Praying Hands Tattoo

Like any other form of tattoo design, these tattoo designs can symbolize different things to different people. The person getting tattooed determines what each tattoo means to them. Another crucial factor is the tattoo’s placement.

Additionally, some people choose to get a tattoo out of curiosity or perhaps because it is now fashionable. This tattoo on the side of the stomach looks rather lovely with the crimson rose. 

Image: @tattoos_vangorden

31. Plants with Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo defies human nature. The praying hands emerge from the branch and leave the tattoo, representing nature’s defense against hazardous gases, pollution, and global warming.

This lovely tattoo sends the message that nature needs to be preserved. This tattoo can design explicitly for your forearms or area close to the elbow. Additionally, the tattoo’s black ink gives it a realistic touch.

Image: @nero_tattooer

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32. Colorful Praying Hands Tattoo

Colors give your tattoo design a ton of liveliness. Here, the use of color has given the folded hands a more upbeat appearance in contrast to the vivid color tones of the background. So if you love vibrant colors in the praying hand tattoo, then ink this colorful praying hands tattoo on your body. 

Image: @franzorazal

33. Clock with Praying Hands Tattoo

This is another unusual-looking tattoo pattern that isn’t frequently found on people’s bodies. Despite being folded in a praying position, the hands’ fingers are not straight and are interlaced. The rosary, a religious symbol for Catholics, is also included in this tattoo. Additionally, a large clock is artistically crafted by an angel.

Image: @killer_inkstinct_tattoos

34. Gloves Weared Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo is designed for bodybuilders, bickers, racecar drivers, and stunt performers. This tattoo appears excellent, especially on men. On your biceps, you can design a tattoo that will help you catch everyone’s attention. Additionally, gloves are worn over the praying hands to highlight the tattoo’s appearance and finer intricacies.

Image: @26abel

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35. White Highlighted Praying Hands Tattoo

The enthusiasts of both male and female tattoos will find this pattern yet another ideal style. The combination of pleading hands and a magnificent halo will develop into a lovely art form like this. You can see these tattoos created with different other color sequences, which will enhance the tattoo’s creative appearance.

Image: @clitchetattoo

36. Praying Hands with Family Initials in Dog tags Tattoo

This stunning tattoo features a pair of praying hands overlaid on the sacred text. This tattoo’s 3D effect gives the impression that it is deeply ingrained in the wearer’s flesh and will still be there after the skin has been torn and shredded. The black-and-white color scheme nicely illustrates the tattoo image’s profundity and grandeur. A halo surrounding the entire artwork gives it a divine appearance. 

Image: @trang_tattoos

37. Blossom Praying Hands Tattoo

This is a gorgeous tattoo, especially for girls and women. This tattoo is composed primarily of brown and black, with accents of other colors, including pink, purple, orange, and red. The leaves are tinged with black and brown, and the lovely light hue styles lovely blossoms. This entire tattoo is a beautiful method to express your religious passion.

Image: @jakemacqueen

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38. Frame Praying Hands Tattoo

This tattoo is intended in particular for major body parts like the leg. All of the tattoos are mostly designed with flowers, and the prayer hands are created in between the frame. The praying hands appear lovely, and the flower symbolizes peace and faith in God. Additionally, this tattoo incorporates additional components like stars, birds, and flowers to increase its attractiveness.

Image: @annyfuckinsuzaki

39. Homeward Bound Praying Hands Tattoo

Homeward bound praying hands tattoo is an amazing option if you want a tattoo depicting a lovely evening in praying hands. The back of the hand has a lovely pattern or creation that incorporates a variety of themes, such as the setting sun, a ship, a tower, birds, clouds, and the ocean, to create a lovely evening. If you want to rock the trend, you must get this tattoo.

Image: @redliptattoo

40. Snake With Praying Hands Tattoo

Due to the snake’s dark ink, this tattoo stands out from the others. Chinese culture views raising your hands in prayer as a way to express gratitude. In this way, you can express gratitude to someone you admire most. This tattoo conveys to anyone your purity of heart and inner power.

Image: @eleven_tattoos

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41. Sacred Heart Praying Hands Tattoo

If you want a Halloween tattoo, this one is a great option. The tattoo is made with a scary heart with crosses over it, which is done with the help of thorny ropes. The praying hands and the heart tattoo make for a beautiful religious tattoo. It is an excellent method to demonstrate your religion to your loved ones.

Image: @luciano_arancibia_baja

42. Stop Watch with Praying Hands Tattoo

The praying hand is adorned with a watch, and a beautiful halo surrounds the tattoo. You must have faith in God whether things are going well or not. Time will alter and bring about tremendous changes when you truly believe in God.

Image: @camenatattoo

43. Praying Hands with Scissors Tattoo

A sign of severing links with someone or something in your life that has made you feel inferior. People frequently obtain scissors to remind them occasionally to be cautious because scissors might signify danger to some, such as the risk of running while holding them.

The praying hand tattoo with scissors shows that if you truly have faith in God, he will remove all of the challenges in your life. This tattoo is made much more beautiful by its additional components.

Image: @inkbyjoowei

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44. Lighting Praying Hands Tattoo

Consider getting this tattoo if you enjoy both popular and conspicuous tattoos. Faith, as well as a tender side that is within you, will be demonstrated by a pair of praying hands and a lighting image. A smaller indication is preferable because bicep tattoos shouldn’t stand out too much.

Image: @mizuki_tattooist

45. Praying Plague Doctor Hands Tattoo

This tattoo pays tribute to the doctors who saved us from the plague. Doctors are praying for us to be protected from this dangerous disease plague, as shown by these praying plague doctors’ hands. Its innovative design will catch everyone’s attention and help you stand out.

Image: @mindcrawlerr

46. Skull Praying Hands Tattoo

No matter if we’re alive or dead, religion plays a significant role in our life. Any person or entity with their hands folded in prayer will be perceived as having a religious mindset. Thus, this tattoo of praying hands can be fashionable and spiritual, as well as expressive. They are always a symbol of respect, silence, and prayer.

Image: @bondars_tattoo

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47. Galaxy Praying Hands Tattoo

This is the option for you if you don’t like straightforward tattoo designs and are looking for the ideal large chest tattoo. Galaxies, planets, or even space with stars are a few distinct aspects of this image. This tattoo is perfect for those who want to follow the tattoo trend.

Image: @kcdaydream

Frequently Asked Questions

When Praying, Why Do People Fold Their Hands?

It’s relatively easy to comprehend the psychology of folding one’s hands in prayer. Folding our hands helps us focus more because it lowers our blood pressure and relaxes us, according to a study. The Yoga mudras provide a thorough discussion of this idea.

What Does The Praying Hand Tattoo Symbolize?

Tattoos of praying hands may symbolize different things to different people. Hands in prayer represent submission, obedience, sincerity, and thanksgiving.

What Placement For Tattoos Of Praying Hands?

The location of the praying hand tattoo might reveal a lot about you. The first rule is that you should never have a religious tattoo on your lower body since it is disrespectful. Second, since praying hand tattoos are often medium to huge, they require a significant amount of body space.

What Does Stop Watch With Praying Hands Tattoo Mean? 

If you’re a Christian, raising your hands in prayer is terrific. Similar religious hand tattoos are something you should obtain if you’re religious. A clock on your shoulder is also a good idea to serve as a quick reminder that time is limited and should not be wasted.