15 Outstanding Double Triangle Tattoo That One Should Try

Triangle tattoos are very remarkable, despite their apparent simplicity. One could help but be motivated to discover the social value systems that have influenced the development of several triangle tattoos. Let’s examine the symbolic meanings associated with the many structural variants of tattoos in various sectors of human existence.

Greeks believed that a triangle represented a key that might open doors to great insight. Seeking greater intelligence is specifically made possible by the triangle-shaped interconnection of ideas and emotions. The Celestial and Mortal sides of existence are symbolized by the Spiral of Life, a Celtic interpretation of the triangle tattoo. Additionally, it symbolizes the afterlife.

The three overlapping spirals of the pattern, according to the Celts, are highly symbolic of a desire to find the full potential of spiritual enlightenment or knowledge. The triangle, which is interpreted as the delta glyph and represents a gateway; it was believed that combining opposites would create a new entrance and that harmonizing cognition and emotion would open a gateway to greater insight.

You may have noticed several people with the double triangle tattoo because it is not only very basic and minimalist when you desire it to be, but it also holds significant meaning. In general, two triangles united will represent mankind as a whole. They may also be used to symbolize a balance between conflicting forces, creativity, and a link to life.

Conjuring up cosmic abilities of intuition and empathy, in addition to connecting up the body to the encompassing universe and the natural world around you, the double triangle downward pattern is most frequently utilized to signify a relationship to the feminine divine.

Triangle tattoos are among the most adaptable tattoo designs. A triangle may be created using almost any picture, logo, or phrase, and they are incredibly flexible in terms of intricacy and color. The Holy Trinity, families, time passing, and more can all be represented by the three corners and sides.

It is simple to comprehend why triangles are common in the realm of inking. We’ll discuss some of the most well-liked patterns and hues for these tattoos as well as the greatest locations for them.

1. Faith Double Triangle Tattoo

The double downward triangle on a female might represent a woman’s femininity, motherhood, the planet Earth, the natural environment, and the cosmos. All of these aspects can be represented by two triangles that point downward, serving as a reminder to the wearer that they are the protectors of life. 

The back of the neck is the typical location for this tattoo. The other element of the tattoo, such as the phase of the Moon, takes the look of the tattoo to another level. The Moon, which depicts the cadence of time via its various cycles, is a feminine emblem as a whole. The Moon’s phases are considered to represent illumination, vitality, and eternity.


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2. Simple Double Triangle Tattoo

A straightforward linear tattoo of any kind always looks stunning, and this straightforward triangular tattoo is no exception. Its placement or design is not a very important consideration. Almost anything will accommodate this little tattoo.

You may put it anywhere, including your ankle, wrist, neck, or ear. The Holy Trinity is represented by the three sides of a basic triangle, which is frequently used as a tattoo to symbolize Christianity. Each of the triangle’s sides represents the Father, the Child, and the Spirit of God.


3. Simple Bold Double Triangle Tattoo

The triangle is a recurring symbol of wisdom, power, and recovery. The simple, bold double triangle tattoo serves as a constant reminder of our own personal strength and the interconnectedness of all phenomena. Harness the power of the triangle the next time you are feeling down or incompetent so that it might serve as a reminder of your inner divinity.

Despite being modest in size, this tattoo of two overlapping triangles signifies a significant significance. The bold look of this tattoo is so appealing that it can grab anyone’s attention. The ascending double triangle is a potent representation of the sun, fire elements, aspiration for grandeur, and achievement.


4. Intersect Double Triangle Tattoo

Tattoos featuring double triangle symbols have now become increasingly fashionable. The three points stand for your history, present, and future, as well as your spiritual path. The three points might also stand in for the three moon phases for Pagan religions. The person with this type of tattoo is probably a woman if the two double triangles are both pointing downward.

The double triangle downward symbol is most frequently used to indicate a relationship with the feminine divine, calling up cosmic abilities of perception and feeling, in addition to freeing up your physique to the external universe and the natural world around you. Fundamentally, it serves as a potent emblem of femininity and everything that goes along with it.


5. Earlobe Double Triangle Tattoo

Are you looking for a simplistic double triangle tattoo that would embrace your earlobe? This earlobe double triangle tattoo would be the best fit. Two interlocked triangles can be observed in the tattoo. Considering the fact that it appears to be formed of two overlapping triangles, this geometric pattern is actually only one continuous line that loops over and underneath itself.


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6. Inverted Double Triangle Tattoo

Alchemy uses the inverted triangle as a symbol for the element of water. Water is a symbol of healing, calm, and purity. The three components of water, solid, liquid, and space are also represented by a triangle. The inverse triangle is frequently used in alchemical illustrations to represent the start of the transformation process.

In the same way, Earth is symbolized as an inverted triangle with a horizontal line added to it. Many people believe that this sign stands for security, belongingness, and fecundity.


7. Celtic mythology Double Triangle Tattoo

A Celtic mythology double triangle tattoo is a tattoo that features two interlocking triangles, which is a common symbol in Celtic mythology. In Celtic symbolism, the double triangle is often interpreted as representing the balance between male and female energy and the harmonious relationship between the material and spiritual realms.

In Celtic mythology, the double triangle is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony and is often chosen by those seeking to symbolize these values in their lives. The tattoo can also be a tribute to Celtic heritage or a symbol of spiritual connection to Celtic traditions.


8. Minimal Band Double Triangle Tattoo

This is one of the most distinctive double triangle tattoos, with some dot work on the front triangle. This simple variation makes a nice little arm ornament. Your informal or semi-formal attire will undoubtedly get a boost from it. The band formed by the line connecting one edge of the triangle to another gives this tattoo a highly unique look that looks like a bangle.


9. Dot Work Double Triangle Tattoo

In the tattooing technique known as “dot work,” the artist uses a number of tiny dots to create a spectacular aesthetic impact. Either the entire image or only the shading is made up of these dots. The artist must have exceptional talent and patience since each dot should always be positioned perfectly.

One of the triangles in this tattoo design is entirely a dot work design, while the other triangle is a minimalistic triangle design. The intersection of these different pattern triangle designs is one of the most striking and eye-catching features of this tattoo design.


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10. Roman Letters Double Triangle Tattoo

For people who enjoy body art, Roman numeral tattoos are really quite popular. More multifaceted than simple numbers, they are intriguing, stylish, and appealing. The roman letters double triangle tattoo offers a great technique to write down significant dates or magical digits. The greatest thing about some of these tattoos is how much meaning they hold for the person who has them.


11. Florals Double Triangle Tattoo

The floral designs can enhance the beauty of any tattoo design. Two triangles, overlapping and pointing in the same direction, make up this gorgeous tattoo. In alchemy, two stacked triangles stand for fertility, birth, and development, as well as the elements of imagination and spirituality.

It represents construction and production more broadly. Add a beautiful flower accent and make this triangle tattoo slightly more feminine and adorable. Although it is tattooed on the upper arm, it may also be placed on the hand, shoulder, neck, or ankle.


12. Fire Lily Double Triangle Tattoo

This tattoo is for you if you enjoy intricate designs. The center of this tattoo’s lovely flower design is that it covers both triangles beautifully. The triangle’s interior and exterior sides each contain a portion of the flowers.

The darkening of the leaves makes them even more exquisite and realistic-looking. Any flower or other pattern may be used to produce this lovely concept. Get it tattooed on your calf, thigh, waist, or back. The overall look of this stunning fire lily double triangle tattoo is quite noteworthy and staggering.


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13. Daisies Double Triangle Tattoo

Are you a fan of the triangle and flower? If so, you might also enjoy this one. A daisy flower intersecting the double triangular pattern is the focal point of this tattoo. One triangle has a dotted pattern, while the other one has a bold outline.

The daisy is supposed to be the holy flower of the goddess of fertility, elegance, and love. Therefore, daisies are a symbol of childbearing, motherhood, and optimism for the future. Thus, the combo of a daisy flower and an inverted triangle has a profound meaning.


14. Libra Space Double Triangle Tattoo

The unique pattern with the space element is the most stunning feature of this tattoo design. The upward triangle comprises the planet Saturn with attractive dot work that might represent stars.

The downward triangle portrays the formation of the Moon with dot work. This beauty is one of the most appealing tattoos for the space lover. Get this tattoo to relish the beauty of space elements within the triangle pattern.


15. Little Slapes Double Triangle Tattoo

A small triangle tattoo is a simple and minimalistic design that can symbolize various meanings, such as balance, stability, or direction. It can be placed in various locations on the body, such as the wrist, finger, or behind the ear, and can be designed in a variety of styles, such as watercolor, line work, or geometry.

The beauty of triangle tattoos is beyond their apparent simplicity. Learning about the social belief systems that have influenced the creation of a variety of triangle tattoos cannot but inspire one. 


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Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Tattoo With Two Triangles Mean?

In general, two triangles united will represent mankind as a whole. They may also stand for innovation, a relationship to life, a balance between competing ideas, and a link to reality. An upward triangle signifies masculinity and all related to it, whereas a descending triangle stands for femininity and all related ideas.

What Does It Mean If You Have A Triangle Tattoo?

Triangles are associated with the force of the holy divine and the number three. They stand for harmony and genuine insight. They are body, mind, and spirit; they are history, current, and destiny. This explains why a tattoo with a triangular motif can have a variety of meanings and connotations.

What does a tattoo of a Celtic triangle mean?

The Earth, air, and water are represented by the three points by the Celts as the components of nature. It has also been interpreted spiritually as standing for creation, death, and resurrection. The Holy Trinity—the Creator, the Child, and the Holy Spirit—is represented by the sign for Christians.

What does a tattoo of an upside-down triangle mean?

An upside-down triangular tattoo also has a lovely significance, even though triangle tattoos often point upwards. An upside-down triangle stands for a woman, a mother, positivism, equilibrium, and creativity. An upside-down triangle represents strength and power in a nutshell.

How does the color scheme give a distinctive appeal to the triangle?

The majority of double triangle tattoos are done as large, overlapping black triangles. Although you may absolutely do this, you can also choose to add some color to your work. Additionally, they don’t necessarily have to represent anything. The traditional black toner double triangle gains some color, which not only improves its aesthetic appeal but also gives it a more distinctive feel.

How is Sacred Geometry linked to a double triangle Tattoo?

Certain forms have symbolic and religious implications according to sacred geometry. It uses certain geometric ratios and is compared to God, who is the world’s geometer. As holy geometry, the triangle is employed extremely frequently. Ancient Egypt is a subject that many people like. There are several pyramids in Egypt, and the world has never fully understood how these enormous structures were made.

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