Triangle Tattoo Design With A Variation Of Different Meanings

Triangle tattoos are one of the best types of ink to look at. When it comes to having a lot to choose from, triangle designs for tattoos are towards the top of the list.

Everyone will have their own reasoning for getting a tattoo and have their own meanings behind the designs they choose. Triangles can have many different reasons and none of them are incorrect.

Triangle Tattoo Design With A Variation Of Different Meanings

Whatever you’d like your tattoo to mean is down to you, but there are common reasons for getting them. Different combinations and different add-ons can change the meaning of your triangle tattoo, and we’re here to tell you what they mean.

Common Meaning For A Triangle Tattoo

People will get triangle tattoos for their own personal reasons, however, there seems to be a common theme for a lot of the more-used meanings for a triangle tattoo.

This is the power of three! The power of three is having the three different points of the triangle representing a different meaning.

However, all three points are linked – forming the triangle. For example, someone may get a triangle tattoo to represent the three aspects of the self (thought, feeling and emotion). Although they are different aspects of the same meaning, they are still linked, like a triangle’s points.

One of these designs can be to represent family. The three points of the triangle can stand for a mother, a father and a child.

This can obviously be a significant design to get following the passing of a family member, or oppositely, with the birth of a child. It can symbolize the start of a family, with a date accompanying the triangle to remind the individual of the moment.

The most common triangle type used with tattoos is the equilateral triangle, which means that the sides of the triangle are all equal lengths, as opposed to other variants consisting of unevenly sized sides.

Another meaning behind the triangle tattoo can be time. Again, with the three points of the triangle, each corner can represent the past, the present, and the future, respectively.

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The triangle can also mean something different when rotated a different way. For example, if the triangle has a point at the top and a flat side at the bottom, it can stand for masculinity or ‘father’.

However, if the triangle is the opposite way with the point facing downwards, and the flat side at the top, then it can stand for femininity or ‘mother’.

Meanings Of The Triangle Tattoo Throughout History

The triangle is one of the earliest symbols in human history. Due to its simple design and its wide range of uses, the triangle can be used for so many different reasons; religious and cultural meanings included.

When it comes to religion, the triangle tattoo is used a lot when it comes to Christianity. With each point linked, a lot of people like to think of the triangle as a representative for The Holy Trinity.

One point represents the Father, so the triangle will most likely be facing upwards, with the point at the top of the triangle. This is due to the triangle representing masculinity when facing upward, as mentioned earlier. The Father is another name for The Lord, or God in Christianity.

Meanings Of The Triangle Tattoo Throughout History

The second point of the triangle represents The Son, an associated title for God’s child Jesus Christ. The third point of the triangle can then represent The Holy Spirit, completing the triangle.

Another way the triangle has been used in symbolism with religion is in Celtic culture. Celtic culture originates from countries in Great Britain like Wales and Scotland.

With intricate tribal details used, these types of tattoos can have lots of different meanings, which will have changed and adapted over time.

The triangle is usually used as a smaller part of a greater design, such as a knot or trinity symbol. This just goes to show that the triangle can be used in so many different scenarios on someone’s body.

Two triangles can be used in a tattoo to mean something different entirely. Sometimes people will get this tattoo to mean humanity or to symbolize creativity.

These tattoos most commonly look like two triangles overlapping. These tattoo designs can vary with how they overlap. Some will have a smaller triangle inside of a larger triangle and some will overlap, with the top of one triangle and the bottom of the other interlocked.

Some triangle tattoos also overlap from side to side, it all depends on the person’s specific preference on how they want their ink to look.

Valknut – Norse Historical Symbol

Another example of triangles in culture is with Norse tattoo designs. Norse tattoos originate from countries like Norway, Denmark, and other surrounding countries with similar cultures.

Their most common design for a triangle tattoo is three interlocking triangles forming a ‘Valknut’. A Valknut is a symbol, known in Viking culture, symbolizing a person’s safe passage from this life into Valhalla – the afterlife.

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The Eye of Providence

Variations of pyramids can also be found in tattoo form. Some people will get them in three-dimensional form, whereas others may prefer to have a simpler 2D tattoo.

For example, The Eye of Providence is used throughout religion and popular culture alike. When it comes to tattoos, it’s most commonly depicted as a triangle with an eye in the center. The eye is then surrounded by beams of light, representing Glory from Heaven.

The Eye of Providence

The eye symbolizes the all-seeing eye of God. The whole symbol, with all of these aspects put together, represents God watching over the Earth and humanity.

The Delta Glyph – Greek Culture

One form of triangle tattoo that has been frequently used throughout human history is the Delta Glyph. This design of the triangle is used to symbolize a doorway to higher wisdom, keeping one in touch with their mind.

It can be used to represent a new chapter in someone’s life or appreciation at the opportunity for a second chance.

Popular Culture

There are even instances of triangles used in popular culture, like TV and film. One popular tattoo design that derives from these areas is The Deathly Hallows symbol from the well-known book and movie series, Harry Potter.

The tattoo consists of a triangle with a circle inside it, which has a line splitting the circle in two. The line in the middle of the symbol represents the Elder Wand, possessed by Professor Dumbledore.

The circle around it symbolizes the Resurrection Stone and the triangle represents the Invisibility. This proves the point even further, that triangle tattoos can have such a wide range of meanings, suitable for different people with different ideas on what they want their body art to represent.

Final Thoughts

Although the triangle is simple in design, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s simple in meaning. When it comes to tattoos, the triangle can have many more meanings than other designs, meaning that people can find lots of different reasons to get a triangle tattoo.

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When an ink design has a specific meaning or representation, it narrows down the reasons for getting it. When the triangle has been around as long as it has, the meanings can change and evolve with different cultures and traditions.

These factors can consist of popular culture, religion, and personal beliefs.

Being present for so long in human culture and beliefs, the triangle symbol has quickly become one of the most popular and most common tattoo designs in recent history.

With so many potential meanings and so many representations, the shape is a great tattoo to get, whether it’s your first or you need the finishing touch to your sleeve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Meaning Of A Triangle Tattoo?

Triangle tattoos can mean love, wisdom, and connection. The inclusion of both thought and emotion supposedly opens up an individual’s mind to higher wisdom, making the triangle a very sacred design to have symbolized on your body.

What Does A Triangle Symbol Mean?

A triangle is connected to the number three, which represents balance in many cultures. It can also symbolize time, meaning that you’re a product of your past, present, and future.

What Does An Upside-Down Triangle Tattoo Mean?

An upside-down triangle can represent balance and power to many people, but can also mean ‘mother’, strength and creativity.

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