36 Amazing and Beautiful Dance Tattoo Ideas and Design Dancers Will Love

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

People like to express themselves using tattoos and get anything they love etched on themselves, whether pizza, chips, pets or even their love for dance or music.

36 Amazing and Beautiful Dance Tattoo Ideas and Design Dancers Will Love

In this post, we will talk about one such tattoo: the dance tattoos. The ballerina tattoo is the most common tattoo you will see among dance tattoos. Therefore, we will focus on ballerina tattoos because they symbolize grace and femininity pertaining to their form.

Dancing Ballerina Tattoos

1. Dancer with Number Tattoo

You can even get the dancer etched on you with your favorite number; look at the tattoo done below for your reference; the number 7 is used to make the leg of the dancer. Similarly, you can get a favorite number done with your dancer’s tattoo. You can also have a birthdate like this.


2. Dancer with Cat Tattoo

The cat is the symbol of resilience, and dance also requires stability. Therefore, the cat is done in a silhouette, and the ballerina is made using shading and negative. The wire used between this tattoo is a creative way to bind these two things. You can even get this tattoo if you are fond of these two things.


3. Pointed Shoes with Birds Tattoo

There are various ways of showing love for dance, like this creative one here by making just the shoes. Ballerina shoes made in your way can show your passion for it, like the tattoo done below with many colors and elements used. This tattoo adds birds and flowers as secondary elements, symbolizing freedom and natural beauty, respectively. So it can mean that dance gives you freedom. A big orange-yellow heart is added right in the middle to denote love.


4. Compass With Dancer Tattoo

Here, a geometric tattoo is done with various elements and excellent skill because the dancer is made using the negative space. The background is made colorful using different styles like the watercolor painting style with splashes of color.

You can draw inspiration from this artistic impression and create something authentic of your name.


5. Dancing Skeleton Tattoo

Here is one hilarious-looking abstract tattoo idea with the skeleton dancing. The skeleton is usually scary, but this one here is made in a rather funny way. Skeletons symbolize you are overcoming hard times and show that everything will pass. So if you had a severe injury doing your dance and have overcome that, this might be the perfect tattoo for you. Moreover, this is a one-of-kind ballerina tattoo.


6. Traditional Indian Dancing Tattoo

Here is a traditional tattoo idea for a dance tattoo. You can get a tattoo of any culture you belong to, but a dancing tattoo of Indian culture is done. This kind of tattoo can be used to denote Bharatnatyam and Kathak, the Indian dance forms of dancing. Also, something written in the Indian script with deep meaning adds to the aesthetics of the tattoo.


7. Graceful Ballerina Tattoo

Here is a beautiful piece of art done with the optimal use of shading. If you like tattoos in black and negative space shading, you can draw inspiration from this tattoo to get a similar one. Choosing this tricky ballerina move for your tattoo means this is your favorite one.


8. Dancer in Hand Tattoo

This one is a sketch kind of tattoo with minimum use of color and neat use of design. On the other hand, the dancer is a creative tattoo idea and an infrequent one if you are in for a rare tattoo.


9. Beautiful Dancer Tattoo

The graceful dancer with her moves looks like someone’s picture; if you are a dancer, you can get your picture with your favorite dance step tattooed on you.


10. Skeleton with Dancing Girl Tattoo

If you are fond of skeletons, then here is a big thigh tattoo idea for you; the skeleton symbolizes strength and the ability you have to overcome challenging situations. Our bone structure is what keeps us together and going, so if the dance has given you the strength to overcome rough conditions in life, you can use this tattoo.


11. Dancer with Dragon Tattoo

A dragon wrapped around the dancer is a tattoo you will barely see on anyone, but this is a fascinating tattoo choice. Dragons are also the symbol of grace along with strength and intelligence. So if you like dragons, this may be the unique way of getting them etched on you.


12. Outline Half Body Dancer Tattoo

A simple sketch of a ballerina dancer with a half body looks very elegant. If this is your first tattoo, you can go for this one as first-timers usually want as little ink as possible on their body. Moreover, these minimalistic Tattoos with a simple outline and minimal design have become popular because of their grace.


13. Sketched Outline Dance Tattoo

Here is another minimalistic tattoo style made by using the sketch as an outline. If you are looking for minimum design, then this elegant piece of art can be yours to do.


14. Dancer with Stars Tattoo

You can always experiment with the superior design of your tattoo by adding various elements; like in this one, stars are added wisely to the background of the lady’s hair. The stars symbolize good luck and protection, so it goes perfectly well with the ballerina. Moreover, this tattoo can even mean dancing takes you to the stars and moon.


15. Creative Dancer in Motion Tattoo

This is a random girl made with pure creativity doing a tricky step of the dance form. So if you love the dance form or dancing, you can get this body art.


16. Abstract Dancer Tattoo

The abstract art of creativity is popular in paintings and the world of tattooing. If you like things raw, then you can go for the abstract style art, have a glance below at what your tattoo will look like. The negative space is used ideally in this tattoo, and the little use of highlight color makes the tattoo even more engaging. 


17. Dancing Girl with Whale Tattoo

The whale is the symbol for good luck; it is considered a blessing if you ever see a whale swimming. The idea of a whale dancing is an unusual little one, but to club it with a dancing girl is genius. A sporadic tattoo style is done flawlessly with good detailing and design, and the splashes of water added to the tattoo make the vector visually appealing. If you are looking for a tattoo, get a big one like this one done here, which covers a significant part of the leg. To make such a tattoo visually appealing, a good amount of space is required for the elements.

The moon is a genius idea to show that it can bring high tides.


18. Couple Dancing Tattoo

You can even get two people dancing tattoos like a couple of dancing tattoos. So if dancing is the favorite memory you share with your partner, you can go for this tattoo. The tattoo done here looks different because the face of the male looks like an alien’s. The color combination and the detailing used in the tattoo make it more grasping.


19. Floral Ballerina Tattoo

The design here is made carefully to bring grace to the tattoo, and red flowers add to the tattoo’s aura. The flower symbolizes natural beauty and love, so it might be the perfect symbol to add with a ballerina tattoo.


20. Realistic Dancer Tattoo

Is there a favorite ballerina dancer that you idolize or like? Then you can get her tattooed on you in a realistic tattoo manner. For instance, look at the tattoo done beautifully with intricate design.


21. Dancer with Globe Tattoo

There are numerous ways in which you can show that you love dancing. The below tattoo is the perfect way to show that dancing means the world to you. The little butterfly also complements the tattoo and is the symbol for transformation and change; if the dance has transformed your life, you can go for this tattoo. A globe can also be used to denote that you want to explore the world of dancing. And little stars used represent guidance.


22. Cabaret Dancer Tattoo

Cabaret is also a trendy dance style, and if you enjoy it and love it, you can show your love for it in this unique way by getting it tattooed on you. The red Sun used with the tattoo complements it perfectly, and it is the symbol of light and renewal.


23. Graceful Watercolor Dancer Tattoo

Here is another wonderful piece of abstract art with the perfect color combination of red and orange. The tattoo is made resembling the fire flames like the girl is on fire. If dancing sets your soul free as the girl here looks, you can get a similar abstract clubbed with these geometric designs.


24. Red-Dressed Dancer Tattoo

Ballerina in a red dress looks appealing to the eyes. If you like shows where ballerinas were something with a hint of red, then it may be your go-to tattoo, or if you are a dancer yourself and see it as your favorite clothing, then you can get it tattooed. 

The contrast of red and black always looks terrific, be it tattoos or clothes.


25. Marvelous Dancer Tattoo

You can even get the ballerina tattoo as an ankle tattoo like this one below, which is made out of pure creativity. The tattoo looks like the dance form is elevating the person’s soul, meaning that the passion for dance is deep. This is a one-of-kind tattoo; if you are looking for something similar, you can get an idea for your authentic artistic impression.


26. Dashing Dancer Tattoo

Here is a dancer’s tattoo done in a lovely and creative way because of the use of colors in it. If you like colorful tattoos, then this is a tattoo that you can go for. The placement of this tattoo is also unique in terms of dance tattoos.


27. Pink Ballerina Tattoo

The pink ballerina with treble clefs added to it shows that the girl is having a merry time dancing. If you also enjoy dancing and your feet automatically get to work as soon as it hears music, you can get a similar tattoo. If you like to watch ballerinas dancing wearing pink, this can also become your tattoo choice.


28. Girl With Dancer Couple Tattoo

You can even get the dancer’s tattoo sleeve and glance at the tattoo done below. One highlight tattoo is done significantly on the arm; a small tattoo of a couple dancing can be seen in its shade. If you are as fond of dancing, you can get a similar tattoo; your tattoo artist can draw inspiration from this piece of art.


29. Dancing Ballerina with Books Tattoo

The faint tattoo of the dancer on the books looks like a visually appealing and antique tattoo. However, the book tattoo is a symbol of learning and wisdom. So to create this tattoo in this way is a brilliant idea.


30. Let’s Dance Tattoo

The disco ball is another creative way to show your love for dancing to the world. Disco ball is the thing that gives all those shimmery and energetic vibes in the discotheque. So you can get this ball with the simple script “let’s dance” written with it.


31. Ballerina with Balloon Tattoo

If dance takes you higher, then you can get such a tattoo. The tattoo represents lightness and can be inspirational; if the dance has inspired you and given you new hope, then get this tattoo. The ballerina made here is done more in a doodle way.


32. Belly Dancer Tattoo

The belly dancer is another infamous form of dance loved in all parts of the world. If you are fascinated by the jaw-dropping moves that girls can do using their bellies, then this is a tattoo for you. The colors used in this tattoo add to the cartoonish look of the tattoo as the tattoo made here looks like a character from a cartoon.

The half-moon and stars add to the visual appeal of the tattoo.


33. Dancing Girl with Butterfly Tattoo

If the dance has transformed you and changed your life, the little butterflies are the perfect element to add to your ballerina tattoo. The butterfly represents change and transformation. Productive hobbies often make a significant difference in a person’s life, so you can use this tattoo to denote that. The shading in the tattoo is done perfectly, and the symmetry of the butterflies also complements the tattoo.


34. Dancer with Smoke Pipe Tattoo

Here is a unique tattoo idea for all smoke pipe lovers. A smoke pipe tattoo simply means that you are fond of burning the lungs like a chimney. The tattoo is done beautifully with the coming-out smoke making the idol of the dancer. Most smokers are obsessed with the smoke that comes out after a puff; some people start smoking because they like to see this smoke.


35. Ballet Dancer Tattoo

The elegant ballet is done with simple black and a hint of little red. If there is a favorite ballet dancer, you can get her tattoo done on you. 


36. Dancing Hippo Tattoo

A hippopotamus is the sign of bravery, motherhood and protection. This is a tattoo that a mother can get for her daughter, as hippopotamus is believed to go to any limits to protect her offspring. If your daughter loves dancing, this may be a great unique way to celebrate her love for dancing. Look at this cute hippo tattoo done below for your reference.



Can you have tattoos as a dancer?

A dancer should get a tattoo in a personal place, meaning places that are easy to cover while giving performances. Areas like the lower ankle or groin are excellent for the dancer to tattoo on. Because while performing, these tattoos may look appropriate and disturb the elegance of the whole thing, or you may have to use a lot of makeup to hide your tattoo.

Can I do ballet if I have tattoos?

Getting a tattoo can make things harder for you as a ballet dancer, but tattoos have become a popular choice among dancers now. But there is no such problem as long as the dancer can get it covered for the performance time.

What is the most popular tattoo?

There was a time when animal tattoos were the most popular choice, and the second most

popular were the Chinese character and quotes or script tattoos. The third tattoo category that follows is the flower tattoos.

How painful is a tattoo?

All the tattoos that you get or want involve repeated piercing of the top layer of the skin with a sharp needle covered with a pigment. Yet, getting tattoos has always been a painful process and always will be; however, the levels of pain one may experience may differ. This is because several areas in the body are most unfortunate, like nerve endings or skin that does not have less layering of fat and thin skin linings like shin and fingers.

Is a tattoo a sin?

No, tattoos are not a sin, but there are possibilities that some tattoos could become one. Like if your tattoo has the potential to hurt someone’s religious sentiments and can offend someone, then it is a problem. Spiritual tattoos are a result of the personal preference of people.

Bottom Line

Dancer tattoos can be seen on many dancers now, but ballet dancers should go for a place that is easy to hide for a performance. Although, you can get the tattoo in appreciation of a dance form and some particular element added to it. You can choose from the above list customized just for you if you have a thing. 

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