72 Roman Numeral Tattoos On Shoulder That Are Super Creative

Key Takeaways 

  • Roman numerals use letters from the Latin alphabet to represent numbers. Common symbols include I for 1, V for 5, X for 10, L for 50, C for 100, D for 500, and M for 1000.
  • Roman numerals tattoos to commemorate important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other memorable events. The numerals provide a classic and elegant way to represent these dates.
  • Roman numerals have been in use for centuries and are associated with a sense of tradition and timelessness. This contributes to their popularity in tattoo art, as they can convey a sense of permanence and enduring significance.

In today’s tattoo industry, Numeric tattoos are very popular and have a lot of meaning. These precise designs, on the other hand, are much more than an ancient form of numbering. This is a symbol that represents the attainment of wisdom and achievement.

Each tattoo is unique. This fantastic trend offers an excellent way to show off some special meaning to others and give a different look than your average tattoo.

67 Roman Numeral Tattoos On Shoulder That Are Super Creative

This post introduces an elite collection of 64 Roman numeral tattoo patterns you have probably never seen before. But, even if you’ve visited one before, this article shares a lot more roman numerals and tattoo patterns that are creative and imaginative.

Get ready to peel your eyes with some jaw-dropping designs! But before we head to dig out the designs, make sure you know some great facts about your roman tattoos!

History & Origin

When you see Roman numerals in a tattoo, there is usually a story to be noted about what this number means to the wearer. However, understanding the history behind Roman numerals will give you a glimpse into how special the meaning truly is.

Roman numerals tattoos. Not everyone who has this tattoo has been detained and is not forced to pay for the crime they pushed online. The design initially started as a way for the rulers of Ancient Rome to indicate all the people who were in trouble with them.

With time, they become the hottest trend in the town! Some people think that Roman Numeral Tattoos On Shoulder are only for celebrities or senior citizens, but this is not true. People who want to emphasize their unique and different personalities should consider these types of tattoos. 


Roman numeral tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. They symbolize different things such as accomplishments, hobbies, loved ones, and favorites. The most common roman numerals are I and V.

Furthermore, the tattoo symbolizes the bearer’s age at that particular moment of their lives. It is a gift from generation to generation.

What do roman numeral tattoos mean?

The eternal beauty of Roman numerals makes them a perfect way to honor a number or important date that holds importance in your life. The simple, straightforward design is ideal for any occasion, and the meaning inside each number is open to creative interpretation. 

This lasting symbol of love or remembrance has been spread across the globe by sailors and biker gangs alike–and it’s not hard to see why. So in honor of these strong and versatile markings, we set out today to explore the reasons behind their ever-lasting appeal.

Why Are Roman Numeral Tattoos Trending?

Without a doubt, tattoos are the most noticeable type of body art. They are permanent marks made on your skin and last for the rest of your life. Almost everyone has a tattoo these days!

The innovative modern collection of new tattoos uses roman numerals to create a fascinating array of designs, so now you can subtly display the date of any special occasion, the year of a significant event or even a simple series of numbers.

The roman numeral tattoos are created using small diamonds colored by hand with different inks drawn onto each body part where roman numerals look best: hands, arms, lower backs and legs.

Why Are Shoulder Tattoos So Special?

They are significant because you are close to your heart. Tattoos on this part of your body will take months for healing. It is a good idea to get lots of rest. Also, do not exercise until a month after getting your tattoo.

A roman numeral tattoo is a great way to honor a year of significance in your life. For example, getting the number twenty-three in Roman numerals can celebrate the year you got married.

Some of the Most Common Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman numerals come in different types, perhaps you are curious or not, but the ones that are majorly on the hit list are the roman numerals – I, V, X, L, and C. There are many rules to using these numbers, such as you can’t use I before V. But, another control for using these numbers is that “C” comes after “L,” however, you can never put an “M” or “D” after an “I.” When reading these numbers, try memorizing them through flashcards if you find yourself confused. After enough time, people learn to read them like a native speaker.

Understanding I, II, III, IV, C, D:

I – 1

V – 5

X – 10

L – 50

C – 100

D – 500

M – 1,000

These tattoos are made by drawing roman numerals in various designs on one’s body. The roman numerals chosen could have a variety of meaning only the bearer is aware of. You may, for example, get a tattoo that depicts the dates of your birth, marriage, and other significant events in your life.

The Best of Roman Numeral Tattoos That Are Total Show-Stoppers

It is difficult to find a design that isn’t too complicated or detailed. You are looking for something that everyone will understand and isn’t too graphic. You want something unique and meaningful, but not something you have to stare at for hours .

Before You Get Started

  • Roman numerals can be adapted to fit various body parts, making them versatile for tattoo placement and the shoulder is one of the best placement areas.
  • Roman numerals are associated with ancient Roman culture and have historical significance. 
  • When getting a Roman numerals tattoo, it’s essential to carefully plan the arrangement and ensure the accuracy of the numerals. 
  • While the basic symbols remain the same, there’s room for creativity in the font and style of Roman numeral tattoos.
  • As a tattoo, they can symbolize the passage of time, with each numeral representing a moment or phase in one’s life.

Keeping all these in mind, we have rounded up a delightful list of 72 Amazing Roman Numeral Tattoo for shoulders that look just fabulous!

1. Amazing Roman Numeral Tattoo for Front Shoulder

Want to be unique and personal? Please choose your favorite number and get it tattooed on your body. Find here ideas what numbers to get inked!

It’s simple to express your thoughts and feelings with roman numerals. But, first, choose the year, month or day you wish to commemorate, and consider whether you want a sequence of numbers or a single figure.

These tattoos can be done in any area of the chest. First, choose from the neck to below the waist. It is best to get your tattoo done before any weight gain or loss, as it will be more painful after. Most have their tattoos on the front shoulder and above the nipple line.

Image: @arnabb39        

       Image: @inkbyheather_

Image: @junhan_tattoo          

Image: @spilled.ph

Image: @golfnnc  

  Image: @dontinkaboutit_

2. Timeless Roman Tattoo for Back Shoulder

You may think these kinds of tattoos are boring and predictable, but they can be entertaining, and they stand out. And they will make a strong statement!

Your back shoulder area is a perfect canvas for a tattoo. There are hundreds of styles and designs, including hearts and flowers, or bolder designs like tribal art combined with roman numerals. This spot is perfect for your first tattoo and can be an excellent cover-up work. It is ideal for covering up your old tattoos, but it looks pretty amazing with straight lines even if you’re inked-up already.

Below are some great ideas you can think of if you’re planning to have a back shoulder tattoo.

  Image: @kingpanda.ink

Image: @owsleyink   

Image: @belle_tattooist    

  Image: @als_ink_

Image: @cinnabaryidan       

                     Image: @gstattoo_

3. Amazing Roman Tattoo On Shoulder

It is quite a noticeable spot when you get a tattoo on your shoulder. If you are the type of person who can wear clothing that reveals your artwork, it is a terrific place to get a tattoo. Just be sure that you choose one that makes sense if you take off your shirt in public. Having a chest tattoo may be painful, but you can make this area unique with some care and attention.

Image: @freddie_shamrock   

Image: @aninepavestad

   Image: @ink_287    

   Image: @max_txttoo   

Image: @ricky_caparal

Image: @miyagi.ink 

4. Beautiful Roman Tattoo Design

If you have to pick between the shoulder blade, upper back or chest, the shoulder blade is my recommendation. This area is very flat for most people, so you will have more room for a design that’s big enough for a statement. The downside is that tattoos in this location can take months because there isn’t much fat or muscle to help the healing process.

Image: @roddytattoos  

Image: @theartist_eleksis

Image: @ea.ink     

      Image: @jonnyblackink

Image: @papi_tattoos

 Image: @kevi_tattoo   

5. Beautiful Roman Tattoo On Front Shoulder

Many tattoo designs can be placed on the chest area. It is a large enough space to cover and conceal but still leaves room for your design. Chest tattoos are commonly placed as close to the heart as possible, and there are also smaller designs that cover just a tiny portion of the body. Chest tattoos can be colorful and bright, but they can also be subtle in design and color.

And nothing fits best more than roman numerals here!

Image: @prettyhotandtattood       

   Image: @jolimedspa

Image: @vil_smoker    

 Image: @k4lea_tattoo

Image: @mickeyinktattoo

Image: @highvoltage_tattoo4224

6. Bieber Roman Tattoo On Shoulder

Bieber needs no introduction!

One of the most successful pop stars of modern times, he has been a heartthrob of girls as young as nine and boys as old as twenty. His success came money and fame, but he never forgot where he came from, as he showed with his tattoo dedicated to his mother, Patricia Mallette.

Justin Bieber’s tattoos are symbols of his life at that moment. One such tattoo is the one he gave to his mom. Justin said, “My mom is my heart. I put her birth year in Roman numerals on my shoulder so that I can look at it every day.”

Justin Bieber’s tattoos were inked on his upper body, arms and wrists. Most of these ink creations are a tribute to his fans and his mother. As he was born in 1994, 2012 is expressed as “MY MOM,” representing his fans. Probably the most recent tattoo of Bieber’s collection is the one on his right shoulder, which was released back in 2013. This tattoo carries significant meaning as it represents his mother’s birth date, which happens to be the same as that of her son.

Image: @justinbiebertattoofansite

 Image: @justin_bieber__tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyra_         

  Image: @dado_ink93

Image: @tattoosbyjcwest

Image: @bl_inkd   

7. Fabulous Roman Tattoo Design for Your Loved One

Your loved one did a lot of great things in their lifetime, and the best way to preserve their memory is through tattooing. This memory tattoo can be customized with their initials, birth date, or death date. The choice is yours!

Taking the time to honor loved ones with tattoos is a thoughtful way to say, “I’ll never forget you,” and it can be a great way to help deal with grief. People choose to remember lost friends and family members in various ways, including by wearing jewelry or having their pets inked as well. Roman Numeral Tattoos on the shoulder are popular symbols of affections, representing messengers of love. However, many people prefer wearing them on the wrist as well.

 Image: @amber_ledrew_bonvarlez  

       Image: @rts_rangsittattoostudio

Image: @stace.ink  

Image: @made_by_mathis

Image: @pintadon_tattoo

Image: @davidsalvadoralbis

8. Large Roman Tattoo

Sometimes you want to put a big, bold tattoo on your body, but the only problem is that you’re not quite sure if your love for that person or number will remain forever. Fret not!

Now you have the option to get it covered up with stunning roman numerals!

Large roman tattoos will never go out of trend! They look just so fabulous and create a magical impact on the first view. So if you’re also planning to ink a giant tattoo on your shoulder, you’re making a great decision.

Image: @y1xin_9  

   Image: @logan_scj

Image: @dado_ink93    

      Image: @ink.houze.studio

      Image: @i_rabbit_tattoo   

Image: @houseofdonstattoo

9. Lovely Numeral Tattoo On Shoulder

A subtle mix of elegance and simplicity, this elegantly designed Roman numeral tattoo on the shoulder is a great way to commemorate a loved one who has passed. A thoughtful design combined with special dates looks fantastic and makes it unique. Moreover, if you wish for something minimalist yet elegant, wear it on your wrist – it will look just fabulous.

Image: @taruns_tattoo_indore      

Keep In Mind

  • Size and Detail: Decide on the size and level of detail you want for your tattoo. Smaller, simpler designs may be more discreet, while larger and more intricate designs offer more visual impact.
  • Prepare for Possible Pain: Understand that getting a tattoo involves some level of pain. The pain can vary depending on the location of the tattoo. Be mentally prepared and communicate with your artist if needed.
  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: After getting the tattoo, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. This typically includes keeping the tattoo clean, avoiding direct sunlight, and applying recommended ointments or creams.
  • Think About Long-Term Significance: Consider the long-term significance of the tattoo. Will the chosen date or number still hold meaning for you in the future? Roman numeral tattoos are often chosen for their timeless quality.
  • Research Tattoo Studios: Choose a reputable tattoo studio with skilled artists. Look at portfolios, read reviews, and ensure that the studio follows proper hygiene practices.
  • Be Patient: Tattoo sessions may take time, especially for intricate designs. Be patient throughout the process, and don’t rush the artist. It’s essential to allow for proper execution and healing.

 Image: @dado_ink93     

 Image: @sarabia_ink

Image: @giui.li 

Image: @dii_tattoos

Image: @jstattoomelbourne  

10. Meaningful Roman Shoulder Tattoo

A popular choice among many, the roman numeral tattoo is an elegant design and uses a classic font to entitled a meaningful message. However, these numbers are usually reserved for names and dates as they can be difficult to read otherwise.

The placement of this design can vary depending on your preference, but the most common areas include front shoulders,  behind the ear or around the ankle or wrist.

     Image: @dii_tattoos

Image: @s.k_ky_tattoo   

    Image: @felix_ccc

 Image: @pokesby_bobasaur

Image: @paulgbtattoo        

Image: @like_a_b0ss_1 

Quick Guide to Roman Numeral Tattoo Designs: Tips and Inspiration

  • Accuracy is Crucial: Roman numerals are specific and can easily be misinterpreted if not written correctly. Double-check the accuracy of the numerals to avoid errors in representing your chosen date or number.
  • Choose a Significant Date or Number: Select a date or number that holds personal significance to you. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or any other meaningful event in your life.
  • Placement Matters: Consider the placement of your tattoo carefully. Roman numerals can be adapted to various body parts, so think about where you want it and how it will complement your body’s natural contours.
  • Font and Style Preferences: Explore different fonts and styles for the Roman numerals. Whether you prefer a classic and straightforward look or a more elaborate design, choose a style that resonates with you.
  • Discuss with Your Tattoo Artist: Consult with a skilled tattoo artist who has experience with Roman numeral tattoos. They can offer guidance on design, sizing, and placement, as well as ensure the accuracy of the numerals.

Image: @theodysseytattoo

More Roman Numeral Tattoos to Consider

Image: @reck.ink

Image: @patrick_regodon

Image: @allens_tattoo_art

Image: @the8tattoostudio

Quick Tip

Consider incorporating additional elements into your tattoo. This could include symbols, images, or names that complement or enhance the meaning of the Roman numerals.

Image: @cp6.tattoo

Image: @inkhaustattoo

68. Shoulder Roman Numerals Tattoos 

A shoulder Roman numerals tattoo elegantly captures the essence of timeless significance, with the numerals delicately arranged to represent a meaningful date or milestone. The clean and linear design enhances the shoulder’s natural contours, creating a sophisticated and personalized expression of enduring importance.

Image: @days__ink

69. Top Shoulder Roman Numerals Tattoo

A top shoulder Roman numerals tattoo elegantly graces the upper part of the shoulder, combining a classic representation of significant dates with the body’s natural contours. The clean lines and simplicity of Roman numerals add a timeless and sophisticated touch, creating a visually striking and personally meaningful tattoo.

Image: @visions_from_above_ink

70.  Top Shoulder Back Roman Numerals Tattoo

This top shoulder Roman numerals tattoo elegantly graces the upper part of the shoulder, combining a classic representation of significant dates with the body’s natural contours. The clean lines and simplicity of Roman numerals add a timeless and sophisticated touch, creating a visually striking and personally meaningful tattoo.

Image: @oghieflores_tattoo

71. Girl Lion Hoodie and Roman Numerals  Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a fusion of strength and femininity. The lion symbolizes power, the girl represents femininity, while the Roman numerals at the shoulder  represent a significant date or personal milestone, creating a harmonious blend of symbolism in a visually dynamic sleeve tattoo.

Image: @ghettotattoo

72. Inner shoulder Roman Numerals Tattoo 

This tattoo delicately embraces the intimate space near the collarbone, allowing for a discreet and personal representation of a significant date or number. The subtlety of this placement, coupled with the elegance of Roman numerals, creates an understated yet meaningful tattoo accentuating the wearer’s unique style.

Image: @chucky_tattoos

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