80 Incredible Bird Tattoo Styles To Ink On Shoulders

Birds have also been a popular element of tattoos and it never goes out of style. The meaningful yet elegant and suiting aesthetic from traditional bird tattoo to contemporary phoenix tattoo design remains one of the top choices to pick.

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80 Incredible Bird Tattoo Styles To Ink On Shoulders

If you are careful and love to travel or are a wanderer, lifting the style to heaven with a bird’s tattoo design gives incredible appeal. 

80 Incredible Bird Tattoo Styles to Ink on Shoulders

Credit: @lwtattoos

What Do Bird Tattoo Symbolize? 

The symbolism of birds is complicated and some values are universally associated with at least some species of birds. Bird tattoos represent wisdom, freedom, goodness, beauty, love, and peace.

The different bird tattoo designs are endless and depend on the personal preference of the individual. 

1. Birds And Trees Tattoo Design

A charming and highly popular option is a small bird tattoo on the inside of the wrist. Since bird tattoos can be scaled down to a truly minute size, you could even have several birds within one very small design.

A flock of birds in flight is a popular choice, as are several birds perched on a wire or tree branch.

Birds and trees tattoo design

Credit: @violetteviette

2. Birds Of Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are growing in popularity and are majorly common amongst sailors. These tattoos are famous for hundreds of years and can be inked with large and small bird tattoo designs. It can be inked for both men and women.

Birds of anchor tattoo

Credit: @bo_mademoiselle

3. Birds And Cross Tattoo Design

The popular tattoo placement carries out different meanings. The black ink tattoo design with small or simplistic ideas seek enlightenment with cool religious Jesus ink. The tattoo ink represents faith, freedom, and wisdom. 

Birds and cross tattoo design

Credit: @iam_tatt_lyfe

4. Matching Birds Shoulder Tattoo

Bird tattoos have a lot of meanings and symbolize freedom, adventure, cheer. These were derived from how birds can do whatever up there. As humans who are not capable of flying, etching a colorful bird tattooed on the skin can certainly provide the same feeling.

Matching birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @leftysirons

5. Birds Tattoo Design

Bird tattoo designs are versatile as they come in different forms. Often letting you hide your ink, the shoulder tattoo design also draws attention when in focus. The black ink tattoo design looks adorable and is a smart option for a first piece.

Birds tattoo design

Credit: @lulachina.art.tattoo

6. Birds Sketch On Shoulder Back

As a common traditional bird tattooing despite being the bold style, the bird design can be placed anywhere. Flying birds’ tattoos usually hold freedom or liberty and it also depicts victory for good over time. 

Birds sketch on shoulder back

Credit: @tattoosbyina

7. Birds Tattoo On Left Shoulder

There are a variety of bird tattoo designs to get it inked on the left shoulder. The bold black inking in the same path with simulating migrating birds suggests free-spirited and freedom. 

Birds tattoo on left shoulder

Credit: @beccambtattoo

8. Birds Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Contrary to popular belief, bird tattoos are just more popular in men than they are in women. This is not only due to the great meaning of bird tattoos, but also because tattoo artist can change the design to fit your personality and the tattoo style you like.

Birds tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @tattooist_dori

9. Birds With Infinity Tattoo Design

With a representation of infinite love, the bird tattoo is for those that enjoy the beauty in life and that love to travel and be free. Although, it is a fantastic choice for a woman who is more laidback and classic and wants a piece that reflects these aspects of her personality

Birds with infinity tattoo design

Credit: @nooratattoo

10. Black Birds Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Birds are creatures who can fly and this makes them worthy of drawing a link between heaven and earth. People who get winged creatures tattoo generally have a longing for freedom of the mind and body.

Black birds tattoo design on shoulder

Credit: @tavaresmarcostatuador

11. Dandelion And Black Birds Tattoo Design

The dandelion is a favorite pickup for kids and the tattoo design idea includes birds flying upwards from the plant that help represent new beginnings, and it gives the ability to move on and forget the past. It allows you to look upon your ink and remember the reason you chose it.

Dandelion and black birds tattoo design

Credit: @tattoology_studio

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12. Birds And Skull Shoulder Tattoo

The basic black body tattoo is better and is loved with many simple design ideas. Often, individuals choose something small without color or shading, with the beauty is in the lack of details.

Birds and skull shoulder tattoo

Credit: @inkedbybillionaire

13. Black Flying Birds Shoulder Tattoo

When it comes to finding inspiration for your tattoo, one of the most appealing designs is the three ravens Tris tattooed on her shoulder. The piece was done to honor her life and serve as a reminder of the past. The same concept can apply to a man or woman who wishes to replicate her body art.

Black flying birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @potockarina

14. Black Little Birds Shoulder Tattoo

Bird tattoos designs are versatile designs and are attractive pieces of art which makes them a poular choice for different cultures. Birds are for optimism, peace and happiness. So not just the design but the meaning behind it justifies the tattoo.

black little birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @t.arttoo

15. Blue Colorful Bird Tattoo

When deciding on getting a tattoo design, dove birds symbolize peace, innocence, and love. The tattoo option is particularly meaningful. As the stunning white bird, the dove often represents a new beginning. The tattoo design comes with a deep meaning for the wearer who has suffered hardship in the past.

Blue colorful bird tattoo

Credit: @inkdeleble_tattoo

16. Colored Birds Tattoo On Shoulder Back

In general, though, birds tend to be seen as a positive symbol, most often representing freedom, peace, and liberation. Another pro is that blue ink bird design with colorful flowers can be less painful and cost less. It often takes shorter tattoo sessions. 

Colored birds tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @karol.ink

17. Colored Dove Tattoo Design

They also symbolize eternal love, fidelity, and compassion. This is why many couples also opt for doves to symbolize their love. Lastly, many people get dove tattoos for their religion, whether it is Christianity or Judaism.

Colored dove tattoo design

Credit: @owen_mercer02 

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18. Black And White Dove Tattoo

Unlike the eagle, dove tattoos are not known for symbolizing strength, not bravery. The dove birds inked in black and white are the main symbol of peace and harmony and it reminds us of the importance of achieving a fresh start and change.

Black and White dove tattoo

Credit: @cpt.cekla_tattoo

19. Colorful Bird Tattoo Design

If you want a tattoo that stands out, and you’re not afraid of large, colored pieces, then this is for you! The blue ink bird design is often seen as a symbol of liberty and is believed to be a creature that cannot survive in captivity.

Colorful bird tattoo design

Credit: @stav_kestas

20. Two Colorful Birds Tattoo

The species are brightly colored, and therefore, your ink should be, too. It is not hard to see why someone would want to get inked with these winged creatures, and visually, they create an eye-catching piece. It could also be romantic, as the name suggests, and a man may wish to honor his partner and his affection for them with this design.

Two Colorful birds tattoo

Credit: @polish.dan.tattoo

21. Cover Up Birds Tattoo Design

The winged creatures have been considered everything from messengers of God to harbingers of death. If you have a specific bird in mind for your tattoo design and identify strongly with a particular culture or religion, be sure to look further into the relevant symbolism and meanings.

Cover Up birds tattoo design

Credit: @alla_leunova

22. Three Birds Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Three little birds’ tattoo is inspired by Bob Marley’s song of the same name. It represents positivity and serves as a reminder that even when you are having a bad day, everything will be alright in the end. 

Three birds tattoo on right shoulder

Credit: @picsola

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23. Black Cross And Bird Shoulder Tattoo

A black cross does not carry a specific meaning with itself and the color choice is often related to the style decision. The symbol of an elevated cross with birds flying towards it looks amazing. It can also be accompanied by a quote of your favorite or your own.

Black Cross and bird shoulder tattoo

Credit: @chexsar

  24. Carpe Diem Blue Birds Shoulder Tattoo

As a sign of freedom and liberty, the bluebird tattoo is represented in a unique style. The phrase helps improve the tattoo design as it adds a new meaning to the tattoo. With meaning to seize the day, the design is a popular choice among both men and women.

Carpe Diem blue birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @vishnuvijay2710

25. Cute Birds Shoulder Tattoo

The preferred bird tattoo design among women relates to doves, gorgeous peacock designs, and many more. The small bird design idea inked on the shoulder looks elegant yet stunning. The black shaded look with realistic rendering is an ideal bird tattoo design.

Cute birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @jimenaa.home

26. Cute Flying Birds Shoulder Tattoo Design

As a symbolism of optimism, ease, and feminine value, the flying bird tattoo design also derives a numerology meaning with the count of birds. The bold black ink tattoo symbolizes freedom to travel and represents the link between heaven and earth.

Cute flying birds shoulder tattoo design

Credit: @flor.brn

27. Flock Of Little Birds Shoulder Tattoo 

As with most tattoos of winged creatures, a flock of birds design also represents freedom. There is something immensely attractive about this option, though, as the image of many birds flying across your skin creates an impressive visual.

Flock of little birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @abtattooartstudio

28. Dandelion And Birds With Quote Shoulder Tattoo

Known as the flower of Hecate and an Oracle Goddess in Ancient Greece, the Dandelion design gives an incredible appeal. It appears with the realization of one’s fate as well as the fulfillment of one’s wish. The addition of a quote makes the tattoo elegant. 

Dandelion and birds with quote shoulder tattoo

Credit: @studiolaurakoski

29. Dandelion Birds Shoulder Tattoo

The bird tattoo design gives a representation of freedom, wisdom, and faith. With a symbol of hope, healing, and growth, the dandelion flower tattoo comes from its unique puffball seed head rather than the sunny flower

Dandelion birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @khaotic.tattz

30. Floral Birds Shoulder Tattoo

The beautiful countless type of bird design gives a unique representation of a bird tattoo that symbolizes a different aspect of what we value. To travel undoubtedly the perfection of design with different designs makes the tattoo distinctive with intricate detailing.

Floral birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @micho8330

31. Live The Life You Love Birds Tattoo Design

With some beautiful bird tattoo design a great choice gives an incredible result. Especially true for anyone, the idea of a clean tattoo state is meaningful. Giving an incredible idea, the distinctive yet subtle tattoo design looks different.

Live the Life You Love birds tattoo design

Credit: @tattoo_esf_women

32. Dead Bird Tattoo Design

Bird tattoos are one of the most popular choices today. The unusual tattoo design with a bird tattoo symbolizes different aspects of what we value. With deep and significant meaning, the birds represent bad omens and even death as the ultimate truth.

Dead bird tattoo design

Credit: @andrei.urvik

33. Designer Bird Tattoo On Shoulder

Bird tattoo designs depict trust, dedication, freedom, nobility, mortality, and spirituality. Apart from birds, the addition of flowers and butterflies inked in black with the effect of light shades makes the tattoo design appealing.

Designer bird tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @marlonfrancotattoo

34. Infinity Birds Tattoo On Shoulder Back 

This comes as an inspiring tattoo design as the concept defines infiniteness, an endless and limitless definition. With the popular choice of giving a whole new meaning, the birds and feathers come together representing the endless cycle of life.

Infinity birds tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @stevesart

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35. Outlined Dove Shoulder Tattoo

As a messenger of God, the small outline tattoo design can be simple and complex. The tattoo design comes in a large variety of designs and is a symbol set for peace. The gorgeous and sentimental tattoo designs are often widely inked on the shoulder. 

Outlined dove shoulder tattoo

Credit: @lucypokes

36. Dove Tattoo On Shoulder Back

The gentle white birds are the most popular among lovers of peace. The addition of Roman numbers and a cross bold design on the shoulder makes it appear gentle and special, making it represent blessing and flying forward.

Dove tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @dukelife

37. Holy Dove Tattoo On Shoulder

It is one of the most simple tattoo designs you can go for. Becoming a popular symbol of love, the dove tattoo is the Holy Spirit in the region. Making a great choice, the dove also symbolizes the opening of gates of heaven held by Saint Peter.

Holy Dove tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @king_erik_909

38. Owl Bird Tattoo

The tattoo of an owl can represent several things like mystery, wisdom and magic. In the after life it has significance in the native American culture referred as spiritual guides. Because they can turn their heads almost 360 degrees and see in the dark, owls often also symbolize observation, thoughtfulness, and intuition.

Owl bird tattoo

Credit: @prime_ink_tattoo_koeln

39. Eagle tattoo Idea

The eagle is a mighty and majestic bird that has been symbolic to multiple cultures and countries. The bird is generally associated with strength, freedom, and independence. It can also be seen as a symbol of patriotism and pride.

Eagle tattoo

Credit: @buccaneertattoo

40. Elegant Bird And Lotus Tattoo On Shoulder

Religious symbols have been one of the most popular tattoo design ideas and where bird tattoo represents a symbol of freedom, Lotus tattoo inked in bright and beautiful represents life, fertility, eternity, and purity.

Elegant bird and lotus tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @meelgimenez_tattoo

41. Birds And Heart Shaped Leaf Shoulder Tattoo

The beautiful, graceful and delightful phoenix bird tattoo design on the shoulder tends to express the love, appreciation, and identity of the wearer. The unique and diverse meaning behind the incredible colors of black ink gives distinctive appeal to the individual. 

Birds and Heart Shaped Leaf shoulder tattoo

Credit: @nat__freitas

42. Extreme Birds Shoulder Tattoo Design

Based on the popular tattoo design, the meaning associated with the black ink looks fantastic with its appeal. The traditional bird tattoo design can adorn any body part that comes with a combination of other additional elements making the tattoo graceful.

Extreme birds shoulder tattoo design

Credit: @sparta_tattoo

43. Feather And Birds Shoulder Tattoo

A tattoo of both feathers and birds is a rich symbolic value and it is something that you can show off. Holding a wide variety of meaning and symbolism, the different interpretations often represent freedom, courage, bravery, and travel. The small design looks elegant. 

Feather and birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @ahmetgulsentattoo

44. Feather And Infinity Birds Shoulder Tattoo 

The infinity feather is one of the most popular figure-of-8 tattoos. The feather can hold a few meanings including free spirit, floating or flying, and even letting fate choose your path. The bird tattoo also represents timelessness and uniqueness.

Feather and infinity birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @scottmichaelarte

45. BRASIL Bird Tattoo

Small black swallows bring the spirit to the Amazon to his work by creating tattoo designs. The colorful inking design with the addition of leaves makes the tattoo look amazing. The tattoo on the chest makes the design with incredible and intricate inking.

BRASIL Bird tattoo

Credit: @artofarthur

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46. Colorful Feather With Birds And Quote Tattoo

The feathers associated with the new beginning with a phrase make the tattoo appear great. The colorful tattoo design looks great if you use more than one color. Rich with symbolic meaning, the amazingly beautiful design represents elegance, grace, pride, and beauty.

Colorful feather with birds and quote tattoo

Credit: @uriel816tattoos

47. Flock Of Birds On Shoulder Back

Discover a symbol of tattoo depicted realistically or whimsically making the design beautiful. Bird tattoos are popular because they are so versatile. Bird tattoos symbolize freedom, as well as peace. It also represents being independent, optimistic, and happy.

Credit: @mat.lipka_tattoo

48. Dotted Flock Of Birds Shoulder Tattoo

The dotted bird tattoo features a flock of birds flying in a straight line from the shoulder towards the nape of the neckline. The winged creatures look stunning and delicate with distinctive and intricate detailing. It is a painful design that also looks great.

Dotted flock of birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @angelgunztattoos_lkt

49. Small Bird Tattoo

Small bird tattoos are emblematic of both the old and new school approaches to body art. The cute small bird tattoo can represent both death and rebirth. Making the design etched with freedom gives an incredible result.

Small bird tattoo

Credit: @eminenza.tattoo

50. Two Birds And Tree Shoulder Tattoo

Enhancing the bond between you and your family with renowned tattoo design gives so many tattoo options. The bird tattoo design on the tree branches makes the design look incredibly great. One of the most beautiful stains and its innovative design gives stunning appeal. 

Two birds and tree shoulder tattoo

Credit: @velsaden

51. Two Flying Birds Shoulder Tattoo

The twin swallows are usually the symbol of love, prosperity, and rich family relations, so tattooing two of them can hint at the care and affection, as well as fidelity and loyalty between two soul mates

Two flying birds shoulder tattoo

Credit: @_katerina_kit_

52. Birds Flying In Line Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Flying birds usually represent freedom or liberty. The shoulder tattoo design can be flaunted and looks cute for an individual’s life. Depicting a victory of good over bird’s design makes the tattoo look incredibly awesome. The vibrant design makes the style look distinctive. 

Birds flying in line tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @jackson.carlos.tattoo

53. Flying Colored Hummingbird Shoulder Tattoo

The hummingbird tattoo means many things to different people and cultures. It has importance to Native American peoples and was a symbol of rebirth to the ancient Aztec civilization. To others, these tiny creatures can represent hard work, dedication, resilience, determination, hope, good luck, and optimism. 

Flying colored Hummingbird shoulder tattoo

Credit: @spaceacetattoo

54. Graceful Bird Tattoo Design On Front Shoulder

Different birds carry different meanings based on the placement of the tattoo design. With different shapes and sizes, it comes as a powerful symbolism associated with the birds that make it unforgettable. With deep significance, it refers to freedom, bravery, and wisdom.

Graceful bird tattoo design on front shoulder

Credit: @kamaldas_blackpearltattoo

55. Graceful Chasing Bird Tattoo On Shoulder

Birds are an ever-present symbol in Polynesian tattoos and the two birds chasing each other represents two people who are always supporting each other. Representing freedom and standing for your custom change gives an angelic tattoo design to the person.

Graceful chasing bird tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @philiberato.tattoo

56. Flying Dove And Hand Shoulder Tattoo

Dove tattoos are meaningful and represent a symbol of peace. These bird tattoo designs are primarily used as an icon that is associated with victory. With purity, the hands are represented as of God’s hand just like a messenger underlining religiousness. 

Flying dove and hand shoulder tattoo

Credit: @gassed_tattoo_studio

57. Bird Flying Out Of Cage Tattoo

As a will to represent independence, when birds escape their cages, they show liberty, and a better harmony, far away from rules and possession. As a symbol of being free, the cages are associated with imprisonment while the doors open represent freedom and liberation. 

Bird Flying Out of Cage Tattoo

Credit: @villagetat2

58. King Of Birds Tattoo

Birds are considered as a strong metaphor for human life and if you are looking for a kind of tattoo that symbolizes marital bliss, the king of bird tattoo gives distinctive appeal. 

King of birds tattoo

Credit: @sabinatattoo

59. Adorable Bird With Read Heart Tattoo Design

The birds on the branch represent the children you have now or the children you lost. When the lines are delicate and simple without losing the actual image they are creating, the tattoo symbolizes peace and harmony. 

Adorable bird with read heart tattoo design

Credit: @willtattoochapeco

60. Adorable Birds And Tree Shoulder Tattoo

If you want something classic and chic, the stained tattoo design helps you find your own unique and perfect meaning to the tattoo design. The popular and meaningful tattoos associated with the birds make the inking style elegant yet distinctive.

Adorable birds and tree shoulder tattoo

Credit: @randyblaze

61. Adorable Birds On Dry Tree Tattoo Design

The dead tree tattoo with birds sitting on the branches or flying away symbolizes that there is a life that comes in death. Trees are beautiful, lofty, savvy, solid, and just all-around astonishing and they can also be associated with nature, healing, birds, family, and more.

Adorable birds on dry tree tattoo design

Credit: @lwtattoos

62. Amazing Black Bird Tattoo Design

Blackbird tattoos symbolize higher thoughts, higher ideas, and higher intelligence because the birds tend to fly higher. The black ink tattoo with flowers tends to blossom with a symbol of pure unlimited potential.

Amazing black bird tattoo design

Credit: @harismatattoostudio

63. Amazing Scary Bird Tattoo On Shoulder

It is a perfect tattoo design for a spooky or horror film lover. The bird styles and masculinity meaning are popular and can be inked on the bodies as protection from evil. The black ink bird with red city highlights makes the design unique.

Amazing scary bird tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @voinatattoo

64. Amazing Colorful Bird In Green Field Tattoo Design

Birds mate for life and symbolize true love and longevity in a relationship. The beautiful colorful tattoo gives an amazing option giving deeper meaning. With bold qualities, the bright crimson coloring the features represent dignity and individuality. 

Amazing colorful bird in green field tattoo design

Credit: @davidftattoo

65. Attractive Fineline Bird Tattoo

Elegant, discreet, and usually small monochrome tattoo design gives a uniquely delicate and pleasing tattoo design that makes the design beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. With bold outlines, the tattoo is less painful and is the best selection of designs.

Attractive fineline bird tattoo

Credit: @danirg.home

66. Amazing Tattoo Of Flying Bird On Right Shoulder

Most of us love the ability to fly and the free-spirited tattoo design represents freedom. Making a powerful statement, the bird represents optimism, freedom, and autonomy. The incredible tattoo design can also brighten up an individual’s mood.

Amazing tattoo of flying bird on right shoulder

Credit: @jhonsrojas

67. Attractive Birds Aand Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

Butterflies are viewed as representative of rebirth, renewal, change, and rebirth. Birds can symbolize higher understanding, spirituality, or communion with other worlds or realities. The bold black ink design gives incredible tattoo design.

Attractive birds and butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Credit: @afterinked

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68. Awesome Birds And Sword Tattoo

As a representation of the broken heart, lost love, or betrayal, the sword inked with the birds is a representation of protection or courage to the heart symbolizing freedom, wisdom, and spirituality. Representing an individual’s struggle in life makes the tattoo distinctive.

Awesome birds and sword tattoo

Credit: @boris_tattoo_777

69. Beautiful Love Bird Tattoo Design

Birds live for life and symbolize true love and longevity in a relationship. These lovebird tattoos are a popular kind of tattoo and are versatile. The colorful timelessly elegant yet trendy way to express one’s love towards nature makes the design adorable.

Beautiful love bird tattoo design

Credit: @vikingit.tattoos

70. Beautiful Angel And Bird Tattoo

Angel tattoo most often symbolizes protection and is also heavenly linked and is commonly associated with birds and angels. The men and women both can get the design inked with deeper meaning. It is majorly inked in black and the birds also symbolize wisdom and freedom.

Beautiful angel and bird tattoo

Credit: @luvitattoo

71. Beautiful Birds And Heart Tattoo Design

Bird tattoos are considered distinctive and are a positive symbol that most often represents freedom, peace, and liberation. As a multitude of designs, it is a simple expression of love or desire as well as friendship and passion. The design inked in black makes the tattoo look adorable.

Beautiful birds and heart tattoo design

Credit: @joeparenti23

72. Beautiful Birds With Colored Feather Tattoo

Of all the meanings associated with feathers, perhaps the most powerful is the idea of freedom. It is an all wish so that one could take to the sky the way birds do and to travel to places that are beyond our reach.

Beautiful birds with colored feather tattoo

Credit: @mikerochetsol

73. Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design

Bird tattoos have many variations and the design are one of the most popular tattoos for many people. It gives a different significance in popular culture that gives a beautiful design with distinct shading of flowers.

Beautiful flower tattoo design

Credit: @anhnongdann

74. Geometric Tattoo Of Bird On Shoulder

Geometric cute bird tattoos on the shoulder look modern and are attention seeking design for both men and women. The attention-seeking realistic tattoo design gives an idea of association with shapes of line giving it a style.

Geometric tattoo of bird on shoulder

Credit: @buracks

75. Crowned Bird Tattoo Design

As with huge internal freedom with the power of spirit, dominion over their desires and life, the bird with crown tattoo gives an incredible result. The addition of butterflies in the tattoo makes it look more adorable.

Crowned bird tattoo design

Credit: @jacquie.tattoo

76. Bird And Clock Shoulder Tattoo

A bird and clock tattoo design represents different meaning from simply time to life and death. It also represents mortality, existence, infinity, endless love, stability where a bird represents wisdom, freedom. The bird and clock tattoo design inked in black shading gives an incredible appeal with intricate detailing.

Bird and clock shoulder tattoo

Credit: @grandblvdtattooco

77. Bird In Cage Tattoo

Some individuals feel trapped in their lives because of a dead-end job or a toxic relationship, and a bird in a cage tattoo would represent these feelings. It is a powerful image and one that is relatable.

Bird in cage tattoo

Credit: @mooody.ink

78. Tiny Bird On Branch Tattoo

Featuring super thin lines, two birds inked on the shoulder is a popular choice with simple shapes. Birds in flight represent freedom and independence. Birds are free to travel wherever they want, something many of us are envious of.

Tiny bird on branch tattoo

Credit: @sapiens_tattoo

79. Two Birds Sitting On Branch Shoulder Tattoo

When deciding to get tattooed, the meaning behind your piece is important, and this is undoubtedly one of the most joyous options! Your design will work best in color, and the bigger and bolder, the better!

Two birds sitting on branch shoulder tattoo

Credit: @arizonskiy_tattoo

80. Black Bird Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Blackbirds are native to Europe, Asia, and North America, and they also bring a lot of positive energy to life. With a symbolism of seriousness, intelligence, protection, adaptability, the blackbird looks adorable. The free-spirited bird can simply be elegant with a distinct appeal.

Black bird tattoo on shoulder back

Credit: @katootatoos


What is the most common bird tattoo?

Swallows are the most common bird type in traditional tattoos, and they’re often seen in pairs.

Do birds have meanings?

The meaning of birds tattoo can have different meanings like departed souls, spirit messengers, immortality, fertility, strength etc. 

What is the meaning of bluebird tattoos?

Bluebird is a symbol of the angelic realm. It means one of happiness, grace and delight.

What type of bird represents freedom?

A dove is a common bird used to depict freedom, but it can also symbolize peace, purity, and hope. For Americans, the bird used to depict freedom is the Bald Eagle.

What is a bird a symbol of?

Birds are widely regarded as symbols of freedom and eternity due to their ability to soar into the skies. Bird symbolism exists all over the world as part of different cultures, religions, and traditions.

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