71 Incredible and Inspiring Wave Tattoo Designs Giving you Endless Ink Spots to Try

Many people in the world do not think much about oceans, but they are happy when they visit one of them. People love to get in it with mesmerizing blue color, captivating horizons, and incredible creatures living in it.

71 Incredible and Inspiring Wave Tattoo Designs Giving you Endless Ink Spots to Try

Waves can be the most beautiful and terrifying. A lot of people appreciate and love tattoo designs that remind them of long walks on the beach or the noises of the waves crashing upon sand.

One of the most popular trends is getting a micro tattoo, and you can opt for an ocean-inspired design with different categories making it thick or single line waves. Getting a different yet distinctive ocean tattoo makes it a literal piece of art.

What is the history of wave tattoo design?

In studies, it is believed that wave tattoos were first introduced on Pacific islands. The Polynesian tribal designs symbolized an ocean and became a simplistic idea filled with more meanings.

What is the meaning of wave tattoo design?

A wave tattoo for ocean lovers indicates different yet meaningful notes. It simply represents the soul, sub-consciousness, excitement, nature, an initial state, existence, fiction and love.

Some of the wave tattoo designs are:

1. Wave and quote tattoo design

You can customize an ocean tattoo design with a wave and quote just with the sea itself with an addition of your favorite tattoo design. The wave tattoo design gives a unique and incredible tattoo design.

Image: @tattuera

Image: @ink_mantra_tattoos

Image: @tattooist_chio

2. Japanese wave tattoo design

Japanese wave tattoos, also known as Irezumi, are famous works of art thanks to the elaborate imagination. As the main motif here appears in many tattoos, the design is accompanied by dragons or a combination with other animals.

Image: @yangleetattoo

3. Hawaiian wave tattoo design

A tattoo artist can depict the beauty and power of the ocean tattoo with a colorful look. Therefore, the choice of tattoo is crucial for Hawaiian design. Interrupting the oceanic theme for the design can suffice perfectly.

Image: @tatuajas_rasta

4. Sea animal wave tattoo

With a creature of the sea or ocean and turning the piece of body art indicates octopus tattoo design as a perfect example of getting ocean themed and the water itself. The design in bold black ink makes the tattoo look stylish.

Image: @lil_chihua

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5. Shaded wave tattoo

Adventurous men and women who love to tattoo stand out with edgy and elaborated designs showing a specific story can be inked in black or colorful texture depicting the ocean.

Image: @seangilberttattoos

6. Blue and white wave tattoo design

The blue and white wave tattoo design for ocean lovers represents excitement, nature, an initial state, existence, fiction and love for the tattoo lovers. The inking style makes it look unique and excellent.

Image: @tattooist_yaza

Image: @hippiheaven

7. Hokusai wave tattoo

Hokusai is a woodblock print with a great tattoo design and is an iconic art piece. The renowned and undoubtedly inspired tattoo design gives an important and substantial use of tattoo design.

Image: @ninovitsch

Image: @davide_arillo_tattoo

Image: @dennis_debruin

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8. Hourglass wave tattoo design

One of the best times representing the passage of time gives an incredible tattoo design. Particular tattoo designs are trendy and a sign of a silent fight. However, considering the astonishing design, it provides a unique appeal.

Image: @psych_ink

9. Arm wave tattoo

Armband tattoo designs are not only associated with death, but it also represents a sign of strength. The arm wave tattoos or design can have more profound and positive vibes when designed for an oceanic theme.

Image: @ofhandandsoul

Image: @m87studio

Image: @tattoo_art_elisa

10. Polynesian wave tattoo

The tattoo artist creating the ocean can often represent life, change and continuity through change. Waves can also describe the world beyond the place where the departed go and rest on their last voyage.

Image: @paganinkbysarahstreet

Image: @inkedbykuu

Image: @joshuaflinn

11. Triangular wave tattoo

An upside-down triangle tattoo design is all about power and strength, and to add some meaning to the design, the vertical lines running through the center acts as a unique border style.

Image: @tonymazuranictattoo

Image: @jule_mst

Image: @unbroken.crue

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12. Watercolor wave tattoo

If an artsy side wants to show it off, opting for an unusual ocean tattoo design gives an incredible look. The watercolor look with waves makes the design unique in its creative regard.

Image: @larkin181

Image: @katinarvl 

Image: @2bitsmashisttattoos

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13. Windswept wave tattoo

The windswept tattoo design makes it all happen with an incredible and unique twist, featuring wave design with the animals underneath. The ankle tattoos having waves can only be used as an oceanic tattoo design.

Image: @simya_tattoo

Image: @saharlevi

Image: @jelolachica_tattoo

14. White color wave tattoo

Finding a great tattoo artist can help turn the ideas into art. The white ink design makes it look invisible with imagination to show an impressive and lovely tattoo design.

Image: @jeffwiettattoos

15. California coast wave tattoo design

The California coast tattoo piece is modeled with colors, making a coastline artwork. The tattoo design gives a realistic design idea that shows a distinctive and fantastic tattoo design idea.

Image: @kelseyknown

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16. A simple wave tattoo

As a popular choice of men and women, simple and fine wavy lines make it elaborate to represent tons of ideas tied to someone’s soul or character.

Image: @biancaoctavia.p

Image: @kirstin.young.tattoo

Image: @reomji_tt

Image: @ghost_talons

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17. Glowing wave tattoo

The gorgeous glowing waves etched on the arms give a perfect styling design to the tattoo. It can fix with some touch-ups, but sometimes the touch-ups can be more expensive than the tattoo itself.

Image: @emilyyx8x

Image: @yeraytattoo

18. Rectangular wave tattoo design

The great and powerful tattoo design in a rectangular shape creates a considerable impact, but the tattoo itself does not have to be huge. The tattoo designs are equally powerful, giving different ocean themes.

Image: @japanese.ink

Image: @ink_rock

Image: @coffincow

Image: @des_betises_tto

19. Dot work tattoo design

Giving a tattoo design much like a single dot line or dot work becomes a significant and trendy style in body art showing crashing waves or waves breaking design. The stunning use of technology provides depth and dimension to the ocean scene.

Image: @jasmineroseellery_tattoo

Image: @artesanaritual_ink

Image: @nicholasoryan666

20. Circular wave tattoo

The ocean tattoo doesn’t have to depict the body of water itself and choose the design in a circular form representing the body of water itself. The fine line matches the prowess of the ocean perfectly.

Image: @kenziegurls_tattoos

Image: @joeyxink

Image: @netedu_castorinktattoo

Image: @bali_kustom_ink

21. Landscape wave tattoo

Besides the beachside tattoo design, you can opt for other sea tattoo designs with a gorgeous art piece. Whether you love simple or broader lines, the tattoo looks incredible in both ways.

Image: @tattooist_taeeun

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22. Blue wave design

The blue wave tattoo designs are ideal for quickly covering them up with clothing. The blue design can work upon the perfect solution. Giving a deeper meaning for the blue shade gives an appealing look.

Image: @unbroken.crue

Image: @siminamina

Image: @krakkpankatattoo

23. Abstract wave tattoo design

You don’t have to be realistic with your tattoo artist. However, the stunning and colorful tattoo design with abstract interpretation giving an ocean look makes the style unique, making it a must for consideration.

Image: @dashofsass4

Image: @faithjohnsentattoo

Image: @cuerpoarte_michael_lozano

24. Geometric wave tattoo design

Geometric wave tattoo design is an incredible artwork representing change and flow in life. The peaceful storms happen as a natural occurrence as the same things happen in life.  

Image: @noaink

25. Wave tattoo with symbols

Another subtle yet straightforward tattoo design is a great ocean representation and a fun combination featuring micro-sized images of sea-related symbols.

Image: @hommertattoo

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26. Fine line wave tattoo art

If a person loves to have a fine line or detailed tattoo design, the minimalist tattoo design in black ink makes the design look incredible. Also, showcasing your love for the ocean without bold gives a subtle look.

Image: @finelinesbyanesha

Image: @familydreamztattoo

27. Infinity wave tattoo design

The timeless selection of tattoo designs with infinity signs lets you navigate through an incredible selection of classic and modern inking styles. With excellent and pretty styling, it features a creative style.

Image: @quest_tattoos 

Image: @hst_jill

Image: @b4bygorill4

28. Wave illustration tattoo

For those who love colors and comic book style tattoo design, the illustration of the artwork can include your creative image or a tattoo design by the tattoo artist to ink on your body.

Image: @tattooer_phantom

Image: @styx_and_bones_tattoos


Ocean tattoos are excellent tattoo options available in both small and large tattoo sizes. However, not many people are aware of the tattoo designs and getting a perfect ocean tattoo design with customization according to your taste, still or stormy, based as per the desired mood makes it look incredible.


What does a wave tattoo symbolize?

Like any other tattoo, a wave tattoo can be either a simple design that you like or one filled with more meaning. Meaning of wave and ocean is usually the soul, the sub-consciousness, emotion, nature, an initial state, nature, the good parts of existence, dreams, fantasy and more.

How much is a simple wave tattoo?

Wave tattoo pricing can range from the shop minimum of $50 to $80 for the small wave tattoo designs.

What does a black dot tattoo mean?

The Black Dot represents a survivor of domestic abuse. It is a signal that the person wearing a black dot is a domestic abuse victim, and cannot otherwise ask for help.

What does an ocean wave symbolize?

Waves are also considered as a constant movement of energy. This energy can be calm and soothing, but it also implies infinite power and strength. Therefore, it also symbolizes power and vigor.

What is a Japanese wave tattoo?

In addition to symbolizing strength and life, Japanese water tattoos convey the belief that life, like water, ebbs and flows. It is solid and swift when necessary but can be gentle and calm.

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