37 Gorgeous Wedding Ring Tattoos

The traditional emblem for the couple’s lasting connection is their wedding ring, but for some people, a representation of their love that is a little more long-lasting than a wedding band is required.

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More and more people are utilizing wedding rings as tattoos to symbolize their eternal tie with their partner, and the effect they produce can be extremely alluring. This is a developing trend in the tattoo community.

A wedding tattoo is the pinnacle remembrance of the moment, coming in a variety of designs as varied as the body art enthusiasts who sport them. A matching wedding ring tattoo is ideal for a couple not scared of discomfort to strengthen their connection, ranging from Celtic knot patterns to tattoos that take inspiration from an actual wedding ring.

1. Celtic knot Wedding Ring Tattoo

Celtic knots stand for loyalty, love, and friendship. Love and affection are made unique forever with a Celtic knot ring tattoo. These will always be vivid mementos of emotions that will never pass away, whether inked in vibrant hues or black and white.

Image: @aprildawn.tattoo

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2. Double line Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

We bring the dotted heart wedding ring tattoo, which adds a little spice and fun to the classic heart tattoo design. If you look closely, the tattoo appears to have a crimson heart with dots in it.

Image: @thaiheln

3. Dark Shade Twisted Wedding Ring Tattoo

A lovely and original way to express your love for one another is with a wedding ring tattoo in the shape of a slanting path. The most popular design is the helix tattoo, which bends and swirls as though staring down a slope.

Image: @matteovicari

4. Single Line Band Wedding Ring Tattoo

A traditional option for a wedding ring tattoo is a simple ring-shaped tattoo. It is an attractive and understated design that executes in many different ways. 

Image: @ayeshaahmadphoto

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5. Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo

Who wouldn’t want to live the life of a king for a day? At least you’ll be the king and queen of your own married life with these crown wedding ring tattoos for couples.

Image: @ night_runner_crx

6. Marriage Date Wedding Ring Tattoo

What could be better than getting your wedding date permanently inked on your ring finger? Numbers are more widely used and are currently fashionable. These tattoo designs of wedding rings are inspired by the practice of tattooing numbers on people’s bodies centuries ago.

Image: @rosiemaytat

7. Leaf Shade Wedding Ring Tattoo

Humans have always been inspired by nature, which makes it a perfect choice to mimic in tattoo designs. The unique and straightforward method of this Inky Leaf Wedding ring tattoo usually makes it the first option for couples. It has a hint of both femininity and masculinity at once.

Image: @ manu2013ela

8. Mountain Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you believe that getting married is a step up to happiness, tattooing hills or mountains is a terrific suggestion. One of the nicest and coolest ideas has been getting a tattoo of something from nature for years.

Image: @tmurrayyoga

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9. Mr & Mrs Wedding Ring Tattoo

It’s an easy and effective way to approach an old-world motif. It is a traditional technique to express how the wedding has altered your standing. You are always free to select a letter style that suits you, whether complex, capital, or cursive.

Image: @mommagrizzlee

10. Red & Black Crown Design Wedding Ring Tattoo

This design is admirably understated and sophisticated. It is also one that people can recognize right away. It sends a message that is both ageless and romantic. The focus is on a unique bond between a queen and a king.

Image: @kulumanmarkku

11. Wedding Date Ring Tattoo

One of the most memorable days of your life is the day of your wedding. A day you’ll be proud of and happy to remember. You can make the numbers in any vintage or eccentric fashion you choose.

Image: @  kat_meredith

12. Half Moon Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you love the moon and stars, get this tattoo. Instead of standard wedding rings, choose celestial symbols that have value for both of you if you and your partner are interested in astrology and believe that the stars have significance.

Image: @jes.Tattoo

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13. Dark Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo

Crown tattoos are particularly popular among tattoo enthusiasts because they symbolize strength and power, as well as a person’s self-control, independence, and authority over their life.

Image: @queendashaycarter

14. Roman Letter Wedding Ring Tattoo

It can be a sincere symbol of enduring love to decide to wear matching wedding ring tattoos. Making a creative and beautiful statement by choosing these tattoos over wedding bands shows how attached you are to your partner.

Image: @ricosaldivar

15. Twisted Blue Wedding Ring Tattoo

A tightrope wedding ring tattoo is a lovely way for couples to express their devotion to one another. The decision to have a tattoo of a tightrope wedding band is a matter of taste and mutual trust.

Image: @pole_witch

16. Forest Wedding Ring Tattoo

Due to their magnificent aesthetics and extensive symbolism, forests and trees are two of the most popular wedding ring tattoos. For those who enjoy them, forests stand for nature, serenity, and calm.

Image: @jessephillipsart

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17. Plain Black Line Wedding Ring Tattoo

An additional sweet ring band tattoo that will always make you feel appreciated. Pair a heart tattoo between the two rings to make it appear as a gift from your beloved.

Image: @sarah_navarrete_gaitan

18. Magician Wedding Ring Tattoo

Isn’t it great to hold your loved one’s glittering letter in your hand? This can inspire you if you’re considering having the name of a loved one etched on a letter.

Image: @eunju.park_pole

19. Cute Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

One of the most exquisite tattoos you may have on your middle finger is this one. Dots and rings are used to create the tattoo’s design. The center of the ring also features a stunning heart pattern.

Image: @johanna_trepte

20. Heart With Chain Wedding Ring Tattoo

This spiral pattern has a distinctive aesthetic if you want something different from the typical ring style. For example, this tattoo features the heart at the center of the ring in addition to a spiral motif. As a result, your link will get even more robust, and your partnership will signify strength.

Image: @getintouchmassagetherapy

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21. Flower Shaped  Wedding Ring Tattoo

A simple wedding ring tattoo is an attractive option for couples who desire a discreet representation of their enduring bond. Additionally, this tattoo is a fantastic option for a couple who just got married.

Image: @manicanarchist

22. Black Smoky Wedding Ring Tattoo

Although some people opt for more ornate tattoos on their wedding rings, others find that a more straightforward design suits their style better. The basic patterns used to create the wedding band tattoos in this collection symbolize the wearers’ enduring love for one another.

Image: @the_one_Tattootudio

23. Simple Star Wedding Ring Tattoo

Isn’t it great to have your loved one’s glittering tattoo on your hand? This can inspire you if you’re considering getting a tattoo of your loved one’s star inscribed on your body.

Image: @witch_of_the_north_Tattoo

24. Dark Band Design Wedding Ring Tattoo

Are you looking for couples’ wedding ring tattoos? When selecting a simple tattoo for both of you, the Couple’s Infinity Band Tattoo is the most popular and in demand.

Image: @lewcid_ink

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25. Infinity Heart & Line Band Wedding Ring Tattoo

These wedding ring tattoos use a well-known mathematical symbol to produce original artwork that honors the unbreakable link between partners. Modern tattoo designs frequently include the infinity symbol, which is well-suited for this application.

Image: @hollyedwardsTattoo

26. Heartbeat Wedding Ring Tattoo

Get a heart with a corresponding heartbeat wave to show that your heart only beats for your partner. The wedding ring is one of our favorite tattoo designs. You can even embellish your tattoo with any ink that both of you feel beautiful.

Image: @rosejavier0403

27. Couple Names  Wedding Ring Tattoo

Your hand can permanently mark with your love if you get the initials of your spouse’s name tattooed on your finger. The name can be printed or written in any cursive that you choose.

Image: @rethinklaser_goldcoast

28. King & Queen Of Red Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

Use a crown to represent that you and your lover are a king and a queen. Wedding band tattoos with king and queen emblems are popular. Additionally, this will represent our royalty and a more excellent bond between you and your companion.

Image: @kristasfavs

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29. Endless Knot Wedding Ring Tattoo

Flowers stand for love, serenity, and beauty, which we hope to find in a new beginning and with our spouse. For couples, getting a tattoo of wedding flowers is a beautiful idea.

Image: @livinfree315

30. Anchor & Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

Unlike jewelry, which can be taken off or lost, you cannot remove the wedding ring tattoo. The anchor sign is gorgeous and reflects well on the wearer’s fingers.

Image: @qfoshee

31. Arrow Wedding Ring Tattoo

Get a tattoo that will only function if you attach it to your significant other. It would be ideal to have something that functions like a bow and arrow that combines when your hand is lined up with theirs.

Image: @anacarolina1210

32. Steering Wheel With Simple Compass Wedding Ring Tattoo

A compass is an excellent design for a ring tattoo. This represents the fact that you have found your partner. Everyone wants their spouse to start the marriage believing the same things they do, following the same paths, and experiencing the same joys and pains. The meaning of this same compass wedding ring tattoo is very similar.

Image: @butimreallyamermaid

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33. Initial With Date Wedding Ring Tattoo

These tattoo designs of wedding rings are inspired by the practice of tattooing roman numerals on skin centuries ago when people utilized various tools and materials.

Image: @reggietherascal13

34. Up & Down Arrow Design Wedding Ring Tattoo

Ever sought a tattoo that, when paired with your partner’s tattoo, makes others gasp in astonishment but doesn’t look exceptional? This Couple’s arrow tattoo is appropriate for couples who want to express their love and intimacy publicly or discreetly.

Image: @little_red_Tattoo

35. Simple Chain Design Wedding Ring Tattoo

Yet another gorgeous ring-chain tattoo that will make you feel valued eternally. It looks like a gift from your sweetheart when you have a heart tattooed in the space between the two rings.

Image: @nikkilukephotog

36. Chain Mixed Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you want to represent that you and your partner are inseparable, get matching chain tattoos. The most popular hand tattoos for couples are wedding rings. Couples like to purchase items identical to or comparable to their partner’s design preferences.

Image: @zachdoesTattoo

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37. Fox Face Wedding Ring Tattoo

Due to its exquisite and lovely appearance, this style of wedding ring tattoo is quite popular among ladies. In addition, it can blend with other designs to make it look even more attractive.

Image: @russellbalchin_tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tattoos on wedding rings a good idea?

Wedding ring tattoos are only for some. Therefore it is best to carefully consider your options before making any decisions, just as with other tattoos and weddings.

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Tattoo on a Finger?

Finger tattoos might take up to six weeks to heal when your artist places the bandage on them after they have been inked. After two to four, your skin will begin to appear normal, but take your time taking care of your hands.

Do Tattoos of Wedding Rings Scab Over?

All tattoos pain, and all tattoos eventually fade. This is because your hands are more vulnerable to sun damage and washing than other body parts. This can indicate that a wedding ring tattoo will fade more quickly than other tattoos. You can get them touched up, though.

How many appointments are necessary for a wedding ring tattoo?

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to remove a ring finger tattoo. Every tattoo, patient, and tattoo artist is different. Therefore, tattoo removals are completely tailored to each exact tattoo. Tattoos often require five to eight sessions to be removed.

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