27 Incredible Tattoo Ideas For All The Virgos Out There

People who have their birthday between the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September are all called Virgos; it is the sixth astrological sign in number, and the character of Virgo is like an M. 

27 Incredible Tattoo Ideas For All The Virgos Out There

The Virgo sign is the symbol of harvest. In association with the maiden, wheat is the common element for Virgos and associated with the Goddess of harvest; moreover, the sign is thought to symbolize prosperity and productivity.

If you are a Virgo, you can get the sign tattooed on you as your symbol of pride. If you are not, you can also get a Virgo sign to mark appreciation for your favorite person; for instance, surprise them with a Virgo tattoo if your lover is a Virgo.

Virgos are taken to be highly observant, and in Greek mythology, it has the meaning of innocence and purity. Next, we will look at the best Virgo design that we chose for you. 

27 Virgo Sign Tattoo

1. Small Finger Virgo Tattoos Idea

Do you love small and minimalist tattoos? Well, here’s one for you with your sun sign; you can get a small constellation on your finger in simple black; it will give a very graceful look.

Image: @tatpandaink

2. Virgo Signs + Constellation Virgo Tattoos Design

Well, there are two ways of representing the Virgo sign, and you can get these separate or even combine them for one-of-a-kind tattoo ideas. 

Image: @misspokestattoo

3. Girl Constellation Tattoo Idea Virgo Tattoo

The constellation will be the normal one like people mostly get it, but with that, you can add your touch by adding a girl with it, add just the face in black color outline style it looks incredible. 

Image: @yesterday’s.rosis

4. Constellation Behind the Ear Idea Virgo Tattoos

Neck tattoos are very trendy, and getting one means that you will often show your tattoo to everyone. You can get a minimalistic light tattoo of a constellation made behind your year, and you even add a small planet to the tattoo to make things more interesting.

Image: @airintakee

5. Floral Virgo Tattoo Style

The Floral Virgo is another great unique way to get your constellation shape, you can have it made with the flowers, and it will be your sun sign flower tattoo. Moreover, flowers are symbols of love and natural beauty to add to the significance of your tattoo.

Image: @findyoursmile

6. Starry Virgo Constellation Tattoo Idea

This is another excellent idea for getting your Virgo tattoo; you can get the stars in it all black, add a little white to or have them in contrast to your skin.

Image: @annabakertattoo

7. Minimal Constellation Design Idea Virgo Tattoo

The constellation tattoo is generally done with lines connecting the dots or the start, whatever you chose for your tattoo, but this one will be with just the stars forming the shape and may look like some randomly scattered stars at one glance.

Image: @crowman_75

8. Moon and Virgo Tattoo Designs

To make your tattoo one of a kind, you can even add a moon with the constellation, and some start outlining the constellation shape. The moon represents the range of beliefs and interests that individuals tend to have in life.

Image: @acadiatattoostudio

9. Virgo Tattoo Style

You can even get the Virgo sound which looks like an M, at the side of your foot. Small tattoos and Virgo angel tattoo look cute on women.

Image: @g.e.m_of_sapphire

10. Matching Virgo Symbol Tattoo Design

This is a sun sign tattoo that you can get as a pair, meaning a couple or a mother-daughter that are Virgos can get this matching tattoo. The shape similar to an M gets identical ones in a similar place like the wrists, forearms, or feet.

Image: @valhalla_.ink

11. Virgo Constellation Tattoo Idea

You must know that the sun sign you get depends on the position of specific stars when you were born to bring the constellation of stars representing your sign, and it can be your star tattoo as stars are symbols of hope, guidance and honor.

Image: @kachnina_inks

12. Collarbone Constellation Virgo Tattoo Design

It is not necessary that you have to get the constellation design with the stars; you can also get it with simple dots and black ink and as a small tattoo or your tattoo artist can add his version to it. Collar Bone tattoos look great on women, and minimalist tattoos like this one look elegant and attractive at the same time.

Image: @township31

13. Finger Virgo Tattoo Idea

Are you a fan of minimalistic tattoos? If yes, you can try and have this dainty tattoo, get a simple black M sign Virgo mark on the finger. A perfect example to display the purity and innocence of Virgos.

Image: @tonkabell131


14. Virgo Script Virgo Tattoos Design

Virgo Script means the words Virgo written and with you can have something additional, like tiny flowers or any other symbol that you think will make sense with your Virgo tattoo. Flowers have been the symbol of natural beauty and love for ages now.

Image: @leejacktattoo


15. Virgo Flower Virgo Tattoos Style

Add colorful flowers with the Virgo script, you can choose a flower with a profound meaning like the rose represents the passion in love, and the lily can be a tribute to someone as it is also used in funerals. So you can add a vibrant bright color flower to your Virgo sign.

Image: @lilaggie_tattoos


16. Constellation Lady Virgo Tattoo Designs

A sketch tattoo in simple black looks incredible; you can have a lady made in sketch form and then add the constellation adjoining with her body and the dots or stars of the constellation connecting on her body.

Image: @black_ram_tattoo

17. Moon Phase Virgo Tattoo Idea

The moon phase tattoo is the symbol for the difference in people’s perceptions and the transitions and changes one goes through in life. So if you are getting this tattoo, you know that things change in life, and you are at peace with it.

Image: @clauchagas

18. Times New Roman Virgo Tattoo Design

You can even have the V written in new Romans style and have the two bars of the V made with some design, and you can use different formats for both. It will look like a unique sun sign tattoo and look beautiful as an art form, with a geometric touch.

Image: @sabilmohan_gnd

19. Ankle Virgo Constellation Tattoo Idea

A small constellation tattoo on your ankle will be the perfect summer accessory this summer for you to flaunt! Small tattoos around the ankle look cute on girls.

Image: @gulsahcindaruk

20. Abstract Virgo Tattoo Designs

Use raw art to show your sun sign to the world; in this tattoo design, you can have anything made in the shape of the constellation or simply add a woman’s face with some dainty flowers in the simple black sketch.

Image: @nolgida.tattoo

21. Virgo Women Virgo Tattoos Idea Style

A lady made with beautiful detailing and flowers surrounding her aura makes a very dramatic and engaging Virgo goddess tattoo. You can add moon and sun to the tattoo to make it even more enjoyable.

Image: @blackdroptattooart

22. V for Virgo Symbol Tattoo Idea

This one idea of getting a V written is another excellent idea of getting a minimalistic tattoo that represents your sun sign. For example, v for Virgo can be written simply or have some transition added. This one is a meaningful Virgo tattoo.

Image: @artist_atul_panotwra

23. Star Girl Virgo Tattoo Design

You can have the constellation tattoo made on your arm or a big tattoo on your ribcage and have the words star girl written with it. Having the phrase written on you means knowing that you are beautiful.

Image: @audreymello1

24. Virgo Wrist Tattoo Design

A simple small M on the wist the M for Virgo is a great way to show your love for your sun sign. Wrist tattoos are trendy among tattoo enthusiasts and even famous celebs.

Image: @raymond.ink

25. Virgo Star Sign With Crown

The crown symbolizes power, glory and self-control, so having the Virgo sign and then topping it with a crown will add more significance to the whole tattoo and look antique.

Image: @icemancustoms

26. Lavender and Virgo Tattoo Ideas

The lavender tattoo is for purity, love and devotion, and it is usually done in purple to give it a radiant look, but you can also have it done in simple black. There are various ways of getting it, like you can have the constellation made with the lavender or have a single lavender ending with the Virgo sign.

Image: @juliadeparistattoo

27. Geometric Zodiac Sign Virgo Tattoo

You can have the Virgo zodiac sign made in the geometric style, having the sign made inside a circle and using a triangle to boundary it, or you can add the triangle simply some other place as an addition. It looks great as a tattoo with a modern touch. You can even have a mountain view made in a circle and club it with the prominent tattoo.

Image: @phil_counterallee

Bottom Line

Sun sign tattoos have become a trend now because people directly relate to the horoscopes, and some read them daily to stay a step ahead of things. Everybody is usually fond of their horoscope; if so are you, you might as well get a tattoo of it, or you can surprise a loved one with getting their horoscope tattoo to show your fondness towards them.


What are Virgo tattoos?

There are various ways in which you can have the Virgo tattoo done on you, like getting a symbol similar to M or getting a V written or a constellation, so if you are getting any of these styles done on you, then that will be a Virgo tattoo. The Virgo earth sign marks the beginning of the harvest season and is the symbol for harvest, usually of wheat.

What tattoo is suitable for Virgo?

The mother nature tattoo is considered the best for Virgos, mainly because Virgo is referred to as an earthy element, and Virgos will usually have a thing for nature. This is the very reason that some tattoo ideas that you saw above-had flowers clubbed with them.

What tattoo is good for Virgo?

Virgos like tattoos, but they will choose tattoos in a particular fashion, like they will have a tattoo to symbolize something or someone close to their heart. 

So now you know if a Virgo is getting a tattoo, they have given significant thought to it and hold that thing or a person close to their heart.

What animal represents Virgo?

The elephant represents the Virgo sign as they are sensitive and intelligent animals, and Virgos are also taken to be intelligent people.

What is the Virgo flower?

The Virgos have a cheerful and sunny approach towards life, and there are bright purple, vibrant flowers that have the same look as the buttercup and chrysanthemum, so these two are the Virgo flowers, and you also get just this as your sun sign tattoo.

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