28 Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

There are many types of designs for tribal tattoos that it can be challenging for you to choose the one that you can prefer. The tattoos are aesthetically pleasing, but they also share heritage stories, and getting this tattoo will express who you are. You can pick the suitable one from the best tribal tattoos to ink an awesome tattoo for men.

Eye Catching Tribal Tattoo Designs

1. Filipino Tribal Tattoos for Men

Tattoos have been a crucial element of the Filipino community for the last hundreds of years, and historically, it is known to guard against enemies. This kind of tattoo is more than just an aesthetically pleasing design – even if you are getting a simple one, it complements the body. The tattoo is a lot more approachable and unique as compared to some other forms of tribal tattoos.

Credit: filipino_tribaltattoos

2. African Tribal Tattoos

Africa is known as a habitat of storytelling, so when it comes to their ethnic tattoo, they always astonish the viewer and the tattoo holder. With concealed meanings of courageousness and bravery, these pieces symbolize the power of whoever is bearing this tattoo. Although there are a bunch of tattoos that enlighten a story, history shows that a lot of the tribes get these tattoos for artistic purposes. The African tribal tattoos tend to look excellent due to the shades and more for a statement piece than any other.

Credit: crowntattoosalon

3. Hawaiian Tribal tattoos

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are well known as a softer approach towards the tribal tattoo game and seeing as the ocean entirely influences their culture. It is only natural that their tattoos harmonize with recurring descriptions of water animals. The tattoo style is idyllic for the guy who enjoys hanging around water or going outdoors.

Credit: alone_polyink

4. Polynesian Tattoos

With around a thousand islands in Polynesia, there is an assortment of their ethnic tattoos that has allowed a fair bit of imaginative freedom with what you decide to get. Traditionally, the tattoos were designed with black ink and a blend of unenthusiastic space, making the tattoo attractive to the eyes. Further, the placement is also important, which leaves a significant meaning in the Polynesian culture, so before you decide to get one, make sure to do deep research.

Credit: kazeetatted

5. Indian Tribal Tattoo

Like Africa, Indian tribal tattoos were used mainly for aesthetic purposes, and those were considered an alternative to any jewelry for accessories. Traditionally, simple designs that include the collection of straight lines or Indian gods symbolize power and strength. It allows more freedom for your creative input, which looks great if you are getting a more significant piece.

Credit: mantratattooatelier

6. Native American Tribal Tattoos

When it comes to the inhabitant American Tribal Tattoos, you will observe a lot of animals – in case you aspire to have one on your body. You will see wolves mixed with totem poles in a lot of designs – these are actually two excellent symbols of virtue. Within the Native American traditions, there is always a topic of dream catchers, which look elegant in any sort of tattoo. Dream catchers and totem poles look dazzling and signify warding off evil spirits and protection.

Credit: c10sob

7. Samoan Tribal Tattoos

No doubt, Samoa falls under the Polynesian group, but it has its own exclusive style. However, the Samoan tribal tattoo has diverse sentimental meanings, but it totally depends on the person designing the piece. Each sign has its own significance, which gives surety that your tattoo is one of a class. These tattoos are often a compilation of the essential strokes to make any of the designs a seriously fantastic artwork.

Credit: carlos_chinatattoo

Best Tribal Tattoo Designs

8. Cherokee Tribal Tattoos

Cherokee Indian tribal tattoos are always remarkable and influential – there are a lot of representative meanings of these kinds of tattoos. Growing from long-established tribal recognition, this tattoo is dangerous to get on an impulse, so these pieces are more lively and fun compared to any other design.

Credit: sidanelv_grill_

9. Celtic Tribal Tattoos

When people think about getting Celtic tribal tattoos, they always think of the spark piece at the tattoo parlors – these are actually the most well-liked and admired options. It can be a great entry-level tribal tattoo that fits any body part due to its simplistic air-like swirls.

Credit: nextluxtattoos

10. Mexican Tribal Tattoos

Mexico is always known for its incredible art landscape and idiosyncratic take on the life that translates to tattoos. It is even easier to pick the suitable design from Aztec tattoo style to sugar skulls when it comes to a Mexican tribal tattoo. Getting encouragement from inspiring structural design is also a great way that one can use to make your piece exclusive yet stylish.

Credit: spiritualjourneytattoo

11. Viking Tribal Tattoos

Viking tattoos are a significantly less popular style, so it is unlikely that you will meet someone who has the same tattoo as yours. It is for sure that your design will be exceptional, so you will observe tattoos with extraordinary alphabet characters that make them look elegant.

Credit: benji_colohan_tattooer

12. Irish Tribal Tattoo

Irish and Celtic tribal tattoos are very alike if you will look at their drawing closely, but it basically varies depending on the area. The designs are even heavier if you are darkening them, and these usually cover a superior area of the body. Further, the Irish tattoo is elegant and undoubtedly looks very traditional, but it is a tattoo that will not go out of style.

Credit: kazeetatted

13. Aztec Tribal Tattoo

The ancient Aztec civilization is delightful and existed in Central Mexico in between the 14th to 16th Centuries – they used body art for a diversity of purposes. These include ornamental and representative tattoos as well, and the inking points out social status, honor to the god, and you can wear it to instill fear in their enemies. Mostly, warriors prefer to get this body art that is visually striking, which is rich in symbolism. If you are associated with the Aztecs or may mark out your ancestry to those people, you will get encouraged to ink an Aztec tribal design. It will include important markings with eagles and calendars – you can even choose an abstract design with patterns.

Credit: sharkoftheocean

14. Small Modern Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have different meanings, depending on the cultures they originate from, so it entirely depends on your choice when you need the one. They can be more extensive and detailed, covering most of your body, or small and simple, making a focal point on your body. Regardless of the size, the importance of having a tribal tattoo remains the same, and a small tattoo is a go-to option for anyone. These tattoos are not limited when it comes to their placement, so you can choose somewhere to make a bold statement.

Credit: grafsantz

Tribal Tattoo Ideas

15. Simple Tribal Designs Tattoo

Some tribal tattoos are incredibly detailed, while others are minimalistic and focus on the basics – tribal markings differ from culture to culture. Its thick lines with black ink define the tribal styles, and the lack of colors and shading makes the simple tattoo symbolic. The placement of the tattoo is as essential as inking the same, so you need to choose the one that matches your personality.

Credit: 3poked

16. Tribal forearm tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a fantastic way to feel closer to your ancestors and honor your heritage, so there is still a debate whether it is offensive to get tribal inking. There will not be any problem if you have thoroughly researched your design, understood its symbolism, and chosen it for the right reason. Your forearm is among the versatile locations if you want to show off your design, and at the same time, cover it easily.

Credit: ereslarazatattooer

17. Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal marking says a lot about the one who is wearing the tattoo – it includes the marital status, achievements, and social hierarchy, so choose a suitable one that matches your style. You need to ink them in a way to honor your culture and ancestors – be sure to wear the tattoo with pride. There are also different designs available from which you need to choose a suitable one, and the symbol you are choosing will depend on the inspiring culture. Consider a sleeve tattoo covering your entire arm and wrist if you want an extensive and detailed piece.

Credit: jeanmichelmanutea

18. Tribal Armband Tattoo

If you want to show off your pride and ancestry, a simple yet effective way to do the same will be with an armband tattoo that looks elegant. The appeal of these pieces is that they are highly decorative and look the way you are wearing a piece of jewelry – you can quickly wrap the design around your arm. No doubt, every pattern will have a different meaning, but the armband tattoos are generally linked with strength and power.

Credit: frostcitytatau

19. Tribal leg tattoo

Leg tattoos are very versatile, and you get a large area to ink a design that you have chosen, and there will also be no restriction for the size. You can even cover the area or show off the design when you want, although it looks cool and stylish no matter you are getting it on your leg. The black ink and the thick black lines give them a distinct appearance, and these patterns changes from culture to culture to culture, so you need to choose a suitable one. The way you design the images complements the natural curve of your legs while enhancing the muscle tone.

Credit: darby_woodall

20. Tribal Back Tattoos

Back tattoos are always popular for those who want an extensive and detailed design, and the area does not restrict you with the space, but it allows you to add different images or marks. The profoundly symbolic piece even tells a story, and if you choose a small yet simple design, it will enhance the space even better. You can even create a tribal tattoo with unique patterns, lines, or something representing nature images, so the back tattoo always stands out regardless of the design.

Credit: pitko_tattoo_studio

21. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoo is a placement related to power and energy, so the space is considered the mainly attractive and masculine part of a men’s body. The placement is also versatile and allows you to display off when you want or cover it up when you don’t; plus, the space shoulder is also insusceptible to stretching. It won’t fade as quickly as the ink on other areas, so you can use it to cover the section of the forearm or back for much more complex pieces. Tribal designs, or the fashionable tribal art pattern that looks amazing on the shoulder, can even design it to compliment your body.

Credit: pitko_tattoo

22. Tribal hand tattoos

Hand tattoos are again a controversial location as you can easily show off your tattoos, so the design should be in a way that demands attention. The hand designs with the markings can work great to show off the importance of your culture or what your heritage means to you, so you can say that these are a source of pride. The visibility is also positive as you can look after your chosen tattoo every day to always remember the importance of having the tattoo.

Credit: aletattooimola

23. Tribal Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are excellent options for people who prefer to get visible art for their bodies, and these tattoos are going to make a statement. Unlike other locations, the neck is usually on display, so you can get your favorite art inked on this part with the design you admire. If you want to honor or celebrate your heritage, the neck can be a great choice that can leave a significant impression depending on the culture.

Credit: nekotattu

24. Tribal Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is again an excellent placement for body art due to its versatility, and the most appealing thing about this tattoo is that the area is large enough for a detailed tribal marking. You can keep your tattoos simple and small, which be effective, and the great thing about these tattoos is that they complement the body perfectly.

Credit: taylorlafortuna

25. Tribal wolf tattoo

The wolf as an animal is valued in various cultures, and it is linked with honesty, family, and safety, but these also represent power and resilience. When you decide to get a wolf design, you can consider the tradition you are honoring, as some view it as having healing powers, while others link it to power, strength, and spirituality.

Credit: juice345

26. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

The dragons play an essential role in different cultures – these are often associated with power, wisdom, and fearlessness, so this tattoo will make a visually interesting wrap for the body. You can choose the design that covers your entire arm or leg, but at the same time, you can keep it simple and small.

Credit: stagelefttattoo

27. Tribal Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo is a thoughtful and striking choice that one can prefer, so the creature is significant for some cultures that represent courage and bravery. It is a symbol of wealth, royalty, and respect, so inking can be a way to convey all these qualities that you have. The lion also symbolizes strength and power when you show them with an open mouth, roaring all around that you can distinguish with social standing and achievements. It is a beautiful way to honor your heritage, so you can opt for a more refined version with the tribal art style that you can get with slight shading or black ink.

Credit: the_lambo_scoundrel

28. Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

If you want to convey that you are not among them to be messed up, you need to get a scorpion tattoo that symbolizes strength associated with danger and pain.

Credit: kelly.norwood

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tribal tattoo mean, and why do so many people prefer to have it?

Tribal Tattoos have their own significance, which diverges from culture to culture, and in between designs – many notify the story of the wearer’s tradition as well as the great achievements. They can be a symbol of protection, power, and strength, so it is essential to know their meaning before you prefer to have one.

Is it impolite to get a tribal tattoo?

It is disrespectful if you don’t know the complete meaning and significance of the tribal tattoo, but if you are wearing them as an interest, you need to research them thoroughly before you ink. You need a unique design that represents you, so never copy someone else when you are getting a tribal tattoo for yourself.

Can I get a tribal tattoo from a tattoo artist?

Ideally, when you are considering getting a tribal tattoo, it is also a part of your culture, ethnicity, and heritage, but it is not a part then; you need to have a complete understanding and appreciation of the meaning or significance of the tribal tattoo.

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