27 Elegant Shoulder Vine Tattoos For Women

The shoulder is among the feminine parts of a woman’s body that lets you show off a little skin without too much, which makes it a perfect placement for tattoos.

27 Elegant Shoulder Vine Tattoos For Women

The area’s beauty is versatile and lets you show off your ink while creating a bold statement, and you can cover it up if you want to.

No matter the size of the tattoo you are getting on your shoulder, whether it is big or small, these are going to capture anyone’s attention.

Vine Tattoo Design

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Vine Tattoos Idea

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Vine is all about the long-stems, which use the other plant’s energy, rocks’ exposure, and relevant assistance to survive – in fact, if you are getting it as a tattoo, it looks gorgeous.

You can get a vine tattoo in diverse ways with elegant additions to the same, and a luxury vine design is going to represent your personality.

You can even add different elements such as flowers or bundles of grapes that enhance the effect even better, so getting a vine tattoo is going to look more beautiful and popular.

Even a single tattoo holds a deep meaning somewhere in the design, so getting a grape tattoo shows oneness, inner development, and abundance – if you wear such a design, it means you are under God’s protection.

Roman and Greek Culture Vine shoulder tattoos

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Vine Tattoo Designs Meaning

The vine tattoo represents power, development, stamina, assurance, continued existence, and companionship – this is the blessed symbol according to Christian faith.

Vine designs and the fruits motif depict plenty and crops that look gorgeous if you are getting them on your shoulders.

A vine design with roses or with butterflies signifies an exclusive illustration, while if you are getting a vine design with only a rose represent fascination, attractiveness, affection, and superior destiny.

You can ask your tattoo artist to combine vine with flowers that enhance the elegance of the design, and it portrays different symbolic meanings –

  • Authority
  • Femininity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Fertility
  • Loyalty
  • Eternity
  • Commitment
  • Love
  • Devotion

So, it would be great to prefer a tattoo for oneself according to the significance that fits your behavior and showcases of utmost significant, so get the one you can be passionate about.

Small Vine shoulder tattoos

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Black Ink Vine shoulder tattoos

Image: @theinkeeperstattooparlor

Beautiful Vine Tattoo Ideas

No doubt, vine tattoos depict good in green with brown, but you may go with endless options when it comes to the color choice – a temporary tattoo is going to provide you with the utmost favorable design.

Vine shoulder tattoos

Image: @vine_tattoo

Black Ink Vine shoulder tattoos

Image: @yolie.light

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1. Vine Tattoo Idea With Decoration

This vine design portrays ornamental meanings, and you can go with an appropriate vine body art that looks dazzling – you can beautify the same on your shoulders.

Add beautiful themes to the tattoo design that looks extremely good, and the colors you are using in the tattoos should be eye-catching.

You can ask your tattoo artist to add butterflies, and you can opt for different colors depending on your choice and add different elements as per your needs.

Vine shoulder tattoos Design

Image: @smokin_gunz_tattoo_studio

Vine Tattoo Design Ideas

Image: @sophie_amourtattoo

2. Vine Tattoo Designs With Flowers

A vine design with flowers is gaining huge popularity, and it holds a special meaning that meets your designing expectations when you add flowers such as lotus, grapevine, or roses.

A Vine tattoo with a flower always gives a gorgeous look to the design that you can’t take your gaze away from, and it looks exquisite.

A vine design with a floral has much more feminine features that portray more feminine elements and enhance the design even better if you go with the bolder and more serious patterns.

Favorite Flower Vine Tattoos

Image: @skkye.ink

Vine Tattoo with Flower

Image: @dvrkforest

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3. Vine Tattoo Design With Symbolic Significance

Most individuals prefer to wear a vine tattoo to express a specific symbolic position, and the symbols hold dissimilar symbolizing in different traditions and civilizations.

Christianity is related to the grapevine, which emphasizes crowns and flowers for the decorating design of the tattoo on the body, and it generally portrays affection, power, and energy.

Tattoo Vine with symbolic meaning

Image: @armandovaltierra

Realistic Vine tattoo

Image: @truthwithintime

4. Ivy Type Vine Tattoo Idea

Because Ivy is the most appropriate and popular form of vine tattoo that holds deep meanings and uses the same to construct crowns and garlands, the Greek and Roman cultures provide extra significance to Ivy.

They even use it for special occasions, mainly for decoration objectives, so an ivy vine tattoo efficiently represents friendship and affection- you may wear this to display off your love.

Ivy Vine Tattoo

Image: @jimistattoo

Shoulder Blade Vine Tattoo

Image: @taintedoaktattoo

5. Black With White Vine Designs

A Black with white vine tattoo is something that design lovers prefer to get, and most men prefer to wear the same on their shoulders.

They also include elegant elements and combo themes – you may even tattoo the same on your back area that lies down your collar bones.

It signified symbolism, strength, diversity, and power – the designs are the utlmost powerful artwork around the world.

The tattoo looks decent and adequate – you can also get it to show off your rough attitude as it holds a strong personality.

Image: @artbyabbymuench

greek mythology vine Tattoo

Image: @meadowlark.tattoo

6. Tattoo Designs With Skulls And Vines

Skull with vine tattoos have been popular for years, and the skull expresses its connection with boldness – some even relate it with the feeling of death.

Another idea holds that the head skull with a vine tattoo symbolizes power and determination, which is used as a reminder that your life will end at last.

It does, However, explain a different integration of determination and mysterious notions, but you will find it a perfect choice if you’re a strong survivor who will not lose hope.

Skull and Vine Tattoo designs

Image: @sophie_amourtattoo

Skull Vine Tattoo

Image: @tattooedbykat

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7. Vine Tattoo With Rose And Green Leaves

If you’re a floral-lover tattoo bearer, you can choose a rose with vine tattoo that can be an elegant yet interesting option because roses symbolize affection and elegance.

On the other hand, at the similar time, this vine signified duality, birth, and death, and when you combine both of them, the meaning becomes even better.

So, you may go with the same design that includes a variety of styles, arts, shades, and implications that look good with excellent and interesting flourishing concepts.

Rose vine tattoo

Image: @ink_n_photos

Rose vine tattoo Ideas

Image: @shaina.chavda

8. Blazing Vine Design Ideas

Every person has distinct personality traits, and they obtain tattoos to better express their individuality even better, so a blazing vine tattoo efficiently represents the afterlife.

It can be conceptualized to overcome an enemy while stepping into a fresh start, so if you wish to display personality qualities like being proud of yourself for conquering someone – this blazing vine tattoo can be the best fit for you.

The blazing vine tattoo provides you a connotation of aggressiveness, so getting this tattoo means showing your wrath, rebellion, and violence in the personalities.

Burning Vine Tattoo

Image: @artist.dee

9. Vine Tattoo Ideas With Blue Rose

Vine tattoo and blue rose signifies the fiction, and mysterious vision of something that you cannot attain, so when you’re among them who have a fantasy feeling, a vine design with blue rose can be for you.

If you wish to display your feelings to your loved ones who have left this world, you may get a blue rose vine tattoo for memorial devotion.

Vine tattoo ideas with Blue Rose

Image: @jamymageetattoos

10. Vine Tattoo Designs With Nature-Inspired Tattoo

Are you a nature lover who gets motivated by the beauty of nature? You need to get a vine design with a nature-inspired theme tattoo that is going to inspire you much.

These Vines tattoos are all about leaves, flowers, roses, so the flowers designs with vine offer an enthusiastic look that looks gorgeous on your shoulders.

In addition, you may ask your tattoo artist to add birds, butterflies, and other elements for more uniqueness that makes it visually realistic and appealing.

The vine tattoos work great with the nature theme to enhance the delicacy of the design, and all the sizes are going to look gorgeous with the same drawing.

Nature theme vine tattoo

Image: @denisedelacerda

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11. Tattoo With Vines And Words 

A tattoo with Vine and words also works great, adds  gentle touch with the curving phrases of the plant figure, and you can add the words of your options to this vine design with its swirling pattern.

When you blend the words with the vine tattoo, it looks stunning, and you can wear it on your shoulders elegantly, so choose a design that suits you the best.

Vines and Words Tattoo

Image: @kingtattooz

Vine Tattoos

Image: @inked._tattoos

12. Vine And Butterfly Tattoo Idea

You can personalize your vine tattoo with butterflies if you are a freedom seeker and flexible enough to adapt to any condition with flexibility.

A butterfly is a great symbol of transformation, freedom, and spirituality, so it works great if you want to portray a feminine trait.

A vine tattoo with a dragonfly signified power, luck, and prosperity, so getting the design can add a stylish touch to your overall personality.

Butterfly Vine Tattoos

Image: @amynguyenart

Stunning Look Vine Tattoo – Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Realistic Vine Tattoo Designs Represent In Art?

Vine is used as a symbol of temporal blessing, and in decorative art, the vine is not as favored as many other motifs, but you will find it as a great symbolic meaning holder in the middle ages.

Why Do People Prefer To Get A Feminine Design Vine Tattoo?

The wrapping nature of the vine tattoo represents strength, endurance, survival, and promise – the vine is also viewed as a sacred symbol in the Christian religion.

You can get a style that suits your personality better and suits you best no matter the design you are choosing.

What Do Vines With Thorns Symbolize?

Vines with thorns represent offense, sadness, and hardship, and the thorn is among the most antique symbols in the world, but together with the rose, it represents soreness and delight.

The thorn is a symbol of Christ’s enthusiasm, and with the crown of thorns, the tattoo looks elegant and attractive.

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