43 Amazing Ambigram Tattoos You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

Ambigram tattoos are famous for their distinct and creative writing style. Ambigram tattoos are a combination of words and designs. Inverted, flipped and mirrored are the three main qualities of these tattoo designs. The terms in tattoos are designed a certain way, making them look eye-catching, but the word’s meaning also changes. However, sometimes it remains the same depending on the inversion. For example, a negative word pain becomes ‘gain after the inversion.

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43 Amazing Ambigram Tattoos You Just Can't Afford to Miss

Ambigram tattoos are in trend for different reasons. Some people get this tattoo because of its distinct design and style. While some prefer them to show their belief in something, some use them to support their religion, while some support some specific community or spread a message. Whatever the reason is, these ambigram tattoos are becoming popular daily among tattoo lovers everybody.

Different designs of Ambigram tattoo

There are several designs available to choose from if you are looking for your first tattoo or adding another one to your tattoos. Though everyone has their own choice, people choose it according to their requirements and personality. Some prefer ambigram tattoos for their different design and style, and some choose them for various reasons, like they want to show their love to their parents by getting an ambigram of ‘mother-father. Some love to show their fierce and fearless personality through these tattoos, while some prefer a small ‘hope’ tattoo to show their belief in goodness.

Ambigram tattoos are a good option for sober tattoos to get it

Ambigram tattoos gained popularity when John Langdon used them for his book covers. Soon, these designs got famous and started getting inked on bodies. Their popular and enchanting designs gave them popularity in no time.

Where do people prefer getting Ambigram tattoos?

Tattoos look stunning on every part of the body. However, when it comes to some specific designs and words tattoos, it becomes necessary to get them inked in the right place to enhance their beauty. For example, large ambigram designs look incredibly beautiful on the forearm to flip them to make them readable. Other than forearms, these ambigram designs will look gorgeous on ribs, neck, chest, wrist, shoulder etc. Getting an experienced artist is as important as choosing the correct placement.

Why do most people prefer Ambigram tattoos?

Ambigram tattoos are famous for their unique and different design. The way they are designed in such a way makes them even more attractive. For Instance, if we talk about the mirrored tattoo of ‘live-evil,’ it looks evil if we read it from one side, but it will look ‘live’ from the other side.

The way it looks and changes the meaning of a word makes it even more popular. As a result, the calligraphy ambigram tattoo has a large following from different ages and communities worldwide.

43 best ambigrams tattoo ideas with their meanings

1. ‘Play Hard’ Ambigram Tattoo On Thighs

The ’play hard’ ambigram tattooed in a half-circle will look stunning on the thighs. This chain ambigram tattoo will look awesome on the chest too in an inversion way. You can try this ambigram tattoo on the forearm, back or shoulder too.

Image: @wiktor_paprocki_tattoo

2. Regret Nothing Letters Ambigram Tattoo On Back

What’s done is done. You won’t gain anything by regretting it. The beautiful tattoo of ‘regret nothing’ is excellent for the people who believe in it and look forward to life. It will look stunning on the back of the forearm in advanced ambigram fonts. Mirror ambigram tattoo generators can also help for different direction tattoos.

Image: @noturavg_

3. ‘For Life Till Death’ Ambigram Tattoo On Hand

The hand tattoo looks very eye-catching and is quite an in trend. The ambigram tattoo of ‘for life till death’ will look stunning on the hand. You can try ‘for life’ written on the hand, which will appear ’till death’ from another side.

Image: @meg_chick_

4. Ambigram Tattoo In Red-colored For Forearm

Like any other tattoo, the red ambigram is amazing. You can try whatever word in a red color for  ambigram tattoo, and it will look so beautiful. This tattoo will look attractive whether you opt on the forearms or the ribs.

Image: @skinpeck

5. ‘One Love’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Wrist

The beautiful ambigram tattoo of ‘one love’ is just perfect for the people who love their family. The thing which makes this tattoo special is that it will read ‘family’ from the front side and ‘one love’ from the other side.

Image: @tat_it_up_tattooshop

6. ‘I Am Fine’ ‘Save Me ‘ Ambigram Tattoo On Hands

The ‘I am fine’ tattoo design is so beautiful. It will look from one direction that ‘I am Ok’ from another side, it seems like ‘save me,’ which makes it a great piece of art. This tattoo is an excellent fit for the thighs, and it will look amazing in colored ink.

Image: @rox.tattoo

7. ‘Justice’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Forearm

The ‘justice’ ambigram tattoo looks astonishingly good on the forearm. It is an excellent choice for the people who believe in justice. It shows they think that karma always serves justice when the time comes. 

Image: @tattoo_goblin

8. ‘Women Venom’ Ambigram Tattoo

‘Women Venom’ is one of the most popular ambigram designs among girls. In this tattoo, there are also two words etched in one word, which will look from the front side ‘Women’ and ‘Venom’ from the other side.

Image: @flashtattooist

9. ‘Forever Always” Ambigram Tattoo On Wrist Or Foot

Another beautiful design of the ‘forever always’ ambigram tattoo is here. You can try this tattoo on your wrist or your foot. In this word, the ‘forever’ ambigram tattoo contains the word ‘always in it. So the ‘forever always’ is an excellent fit for friends and lovers.

Image: @cal_tattooist_sheriff

10. ‘Changes’ Graffiti Letter Ambigram Tattoo

Nothing is permanent in this world; we all know that. So, the ambigram tattoo of changes in graffiti is perfect for people who believe in the beauty of change. It will look stunning on the forearm with a larger size. It is one of the best examples of mirror ambigram tattoos so the same word shows upside down.

Image: @davincetattoo

11. ‘Wolf’ Tattoo On The Neck

This tattoo is a perfect fit for boys. The neck is the best place for this ‘wolf’ tattoo. The main quality of the ‘wolf’ tattoo is that it represents the wolf in people. The word shows the dominating and fierce quality of the wolf. It is one of the most amazing ambigram tattoos.

Image: @carlanunes.tattoo

12. Family Ambigram Tattoo On A Rib Or The Wrist

If you love your family a lot and want to show them what they mean to you, then this ‘family’ ambigram is best for you. You can try this tattoo on your wrist or the rib. It will look stunning. The family ambigram design can be painful on the rib because of the sensitive area, but it will not disappoint you once you get it done. Family forever ambigram is also one of the most popular designs.

Image: @denusentanu

13. ‘Trust’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Wrist

‘Trust’ is a cheerful and optimistic word for the people who see positivity in everything. The people who believe everything will be fine and the tough times shall pass will love this tattoo. So try these beautiful interlinked words tattooed on your wrist and keep the faith. You can see the options of ‘trust’ on the ambigram tattoo generator.

Image: @redbackgirl

14. ‘Faith’ Ambigram On Wrist

A simple and elegant ambigram design of ‘faith’ looks fantastic on the wrist. First, it shows your belief in humanity and the goodness of things. It shows your upbeat personality about things.

Image: @queenmeerah726

15. ‘Fearless’ Letter Ambigram Tattoo On Arm

‘Fearless,’ the word itself tells a lot about it. One of the best own ambigram tattoos for fearless people is getting etched on the arm. It is an excellent fit for people with daring nature and who care for nothing. It will look stunning to a fixed degree.

Image: @dannytatthat

16. Hope Tattoo On Wrist

The word ‘hope’ itself speaks a lot about it, and when it is on your wrist, it shows your hopeful mindset about life and the things which keep you going for good. It shows your never-ending spirit of yours against the odds of life.

Image: @nagoyahoritaku

17. ‘Music’ Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm Or Wrist

Music is a remedy to many problems like stress, depression, or celebrating happy moments. So get this tattoo done if you also search for your favorite tunes when you are sad or happy. This great Music ambigram tattoo will look great on the wrist or in a larger frame too.

Image: @djxtian

18. ‘Just love’ Ambigram Tattoo On Wrist

Are you thinking of surprising your partner? Try this ‘Just Love’ ambigram tattoo on your wrists and show them how much your partner matters to you. This ambigram design is an excellent idea for people in love and who believe in love. It is going to be a perfect choice to flatter your loved ones.

Image: @teenaleite

19. Peace Tattoo On Forearm

The ‘Peace’ ambigram tattoo looks incredibly good on the forearm. This ambigram tattoo signifies your belief in peace, and you want to maintain it. In addition, the people in social works or support the peace in the world will love this ambigram peace design. The ‘Peace ambigram will look fabulous with a mirrored image of war.

Image: @kozasefaitunsangdencre

20. ‘Sister Friends’ Ambigram Tattoo

There is no doubt that sisters become best friends without even knowing it. They share almost everything, from their things to their secrets. The ambigram tattoo of ‘sister friends’ is for the sisters. It contains two words in a word and looks incredible.

Image: @bjnorland

21. Strength Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

The word ‘strength’ itself speaks a lot about it, and I think it will show your courage and strength to face any problem when you get it on your forearm. Sometimes people love to get this tattoo as a reminder that they can fight their life battle alone and come out of certain situations strongly.

Image: @antonpotocki

22. Sinner Saint Ambigram Tattoo For Forearm

Sinner and saint are two opposite words, making this ambigram tattoo more exciting. Two contrasting words in one tattoo will look fantastic. Imagine it will look sinner from the front side and will form a saint from the other side. It will look amazing on the forearm, ribs, thigh etc.

Image: @afterworxtattoo

23. ‘I Am Fine’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Wrist.

The ‘I am fine’ ambigram tattoo shows that you are enough for yourself. You are everything like you should be. You are healthy, blessed, joyous, unique, self-driven, positive, alive, and happy with yourself. If you also believe the same about yourself get it done on your wrist now.

Image: @tatsbykassb

24. ‘Faith Love Hope’ Ambigram Tattoo

The three words, faith, hope, love, will look stunning in a chain ambigram tattoo. In this tattoo, the three words will look a certain way that will create a diamond. So whether you read faith, hope, love, tattoo from whichever direction, one word will create the other two words. This ambigram tattoo will look great on the forearm, back or side of the neck.

Image: @body_art_by_kim

26. ‘The World Is Mine’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Back

The world is mine’ tattoo is an awesome ambigram tattoo. This tattoo will look stunning on the forearm or back wherever you like. This tattoo looks great, and the specialty of this tattoo is that it will look the same from upside down.

Image: @rarebreed_tattoo

27. ‘Family Forever’ Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

For those who love their families and want them above any other thing, this family forever ambigram tattoo is a good choice for them. This ambigram tattoo will look fabulous on the forearm. This family forever ambigram tattoo shows the message of love and togetherness creatively. The design will be like so that it will read family from one side and if you flip, it will exhibit forever written. Sounds exciting; try it now.

Image: @ghost_talons

28. Phrase Ambigram Tattoo ‘ Tale As Old As Time’ On Index Finger

If you love ambigram designs but want a smaller one, then this tattoo is for you. The phrase’ tale as old as time will look exceptionally beautiful on the index finger. You can try making it more creative and enchanting by adding elements like any flower or butterfly. You will surely inspire others to try this ambigram tattoo.

Image: @bam_tattooos

29. Soli Deo Glory’ Latin Ambigram Tattoo Phrase On The Forearm

The Latin term ‘Soli Deo glory’ means glory to God alone. Even Miss universe Sushmita sen has this Latin term inked on her left wrist. So if you also believe in the term ‘soli deo glory’, get this ambigram tattoo done now. This tattoo shows your belief in God.

Image: @i_am_the_fox_now

30. Angel Demons Tattoo On Forearm

Angel and demons are two opposite terms. So the main word in this ambigram tattoo will be Angel, but when you read it from the other side, you will see demons written. This tattoo is common in mirror ambigram design, but it makes a beautiful one. It will look amazing on your arm.

Image: @heartthrob_rob

31. God On The Forearm Tattoo

If you believe in God and turn to God for everything, this ambigram tattoo is an excellent fit for you. It shows your faith and dedication towards God. You can get this tattoo on your wrist in any language you want because God is the same in whatever language it has written.

Image: @marlon_tinytatau

32. Friends Forever Tattoo On Forearm

After family, it is friends to whom we turn in the needs, so how can we forget a ‘friends forever tattoo? So yes, if you are blessed with some beautiful friends and want them to know what exactly they meant for you, try this ambigram tattoo now and flaunt your love for your friends forever.

Image: @tattoos_by_brandito

33. Your Loved Ones Name Tattoo On The Forearm

Nothing can be more beautiful than letting your loved ones know what they meant for you. If you are also planning to show your love and fondness to your partner, then get this tattoo done now with their name on your forearm.

Image: @darttatparlor

34. ‘Carpe Diem’ Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

The people who love to live in the present rather than worrying about the future, then this tattoo is perfect for them. ‘Carpe Diem’ means seize the day, which means ‘live to the current fullest’ without considering the future. This meaningful phrase represents your positive attitude towards life and odd happenings.

Image: @blessink.uio

35. Temptation Or Addiction Tattoo On The Forearm

If you have dreams and desires and think that you can fulfill all of them, then this temptation,’ ambigram tattoo,’ is meant for you. But there is a twist to it because, on the side, it will appear to be an addiction. So go and get this tattoo done now; it will be a spectacular ambigram tattoo.

Image: @lifeininkld

36. ‘Hakuna Matata’ Forearm Ambigram Tattoo

‘Hakuna Matata’ is an extraordinary and meaningful word to get on your wrist. ‘Hakuna Matata means there are no worries. This tattoo shows your positive attitude towards life. So if you feel you have control over your problems and strongly detach yourself from your mind, then his tattoo is a perfect fit for you. So get this tattoo on your wrist now.

Image: @robynmonro_tattoo

37. Forearm Mother Ambigram Tattoo

Like a father, the mother also plays an essential role in a child’s life. We can never repay the love, sacrifice and affection a mother gives to their children, but yes, we can show them how much they matter to us. Whatever the situation is, the first person we call is the mother, and this tattoo will surely help you show your love to them. This ambigram tattoo is a perfect choice, especially for boys.

Image: @the_illmatic_ink

38. Motivational Ambigram Tattoo On The Forearm

Some people are always optimistic, and some need motivation. If you are also one of them, try this tattoo on your forearm with the motivational quote that keeps you motivated for going on in life. Any motivational quote with some great creativity will look stunning on the forearm.

Image: @n.i.nick

39. Pain Ambigram Tattoo

I feel it is not good to show people your pain or blame someone for the pain, but some people do that, and this pain ambigram tattoo will be a good fit for them. Most people who have broken hearts or have failed relationships go for this kind of tattoo. However, it would be good to keep the faith because life changes with every passing of seconds. Instead, your pain keeps you stepping down; make it a stepping stone towards your goals and dreams in life.

Image: @katdoestat

40. Dream Ambigram Wrist Tattoo

This tattoo is for you if you have some big dreams and a zeal to achieve them. The ambigram tattoo of Dream on the wrist will look great. But, of course, you can opt for a giant tattoo on your forearm, and it will look delightful in any size.

Image: @d_tatts_

41. Father Ambigram Tattoo On The Forearm

If you consider your father your superhero and want to show him how much you love him, then this is your chance. The heart-touching ‘father’ tattoo will tell them that you consider them above anything in your life. Get this beautiful ambigram tattoo on your forearm and show your father how much you love and respect them. Some people get this tattoo in the memory of their father after their demise, and it offers their tribute to them.

Image: @livelifeink_tattoos

42. ‘Friends’ Ambigram Tattoo On The Ribs, Forearm Or Wrist

Get this tattoo done as soon as possible for those blessed with good friends and have a great bond with them. You can get this tattoo etched on your forearm or the rib and flaunt your years of friendship with great pride.

Image: @tattoosbygee_._

43. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Ambigram Tattoo On Forearm

The words beautiful and disaster are a contrast to each other. There are three different ways to get this tattoo on the forearm:

  1. Try this tattoo as a phrase on the forearm.
  2. Get the two words in a word.
  3. You can try both the words etched on both arms.

Image: @pweemorales


These are the very few examples of ambigram tattoos. There are tons of tattoos to choose from, and you can create your own too. If you feel you are creative enough to make a good piece of art for yourself, then make as many changes as you want and get it done. You can take help from an ambigram tattoo generator or you can visit tattoo artists to see the options before finalizing any design. However, it is advisable to start with a temporary tattoo, as tattooing is permanent, and no one wants to regret it later.

Ambigram tattoos look stunning whether one gets it done on the wrist, finger, ribs, chest, neck etc. Before going to a tattoo artist, it will be good to decide the design you want to etch. An experienced and good tattoo artist should be your first choice rather than an inexperienced or cheap one. Make sure your tattoo artist uses a sterilized needle before starting. You will surely love these stunning ambigram tattoos; just make sure to get a creative one.


What is the meaning of the Ambigram word?

An ambigram is a word or design that helps retain the word’s meaning from when the terms are viewed from different perspectives or directions. For example, a rotational ambigram reads the same from upside-down; however, a mirrored ambigram reads the same when read from forward and backward.

What is the most painful tattoo spot?

However, getting tattoos is painful everywhere, but ribs are the most sensitive spot on the body, and it will be painful getting a tattoo there. Other body parts like armpits, breasts, shins and behind the knees etc., are also going to be the sore spots for tattoos.

What words look the same backward and upside down?

A palindrome word looks the same when viewed from forward and backward, but in an ambigram, the terms look the same when viewed upside down.

What is an ambigram tattoo?

An ambigram tattoo combines words and design that keeps the word the same regardless of angle. There is one more quality of ambigram tattoo in which a single word reflects the other word when it is viewed from the other side. You can have a look at the ambigram tattoo generator to see what your tattoo will look like.

What is a blackout tattoo?

The black ink will cover a specific part of your body for getting a blackout tattoo. After that, the tattooist will start the work of designing. Before, these tattoos were used to hide the old ink or tattoos. But with time blackout tattoos are very popular as first-pass tattoos.

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