26 Adorable and Distinctive I Love You Tattoo Designs On Wrist

Love has no language. There are not enough words to tell your loved ones what they meant to you and what you feel about your near and dear ones. When we talk about loved ones, we are not only talking about that one, someone special or your life partner. We also talk about your parents, siblings, friends and everyone who has a special place in your heart. 

26 Adorable and Distinctive I Love You Tattoo Designs On Wrist

There are several ways to tell your dear ones how special they are for you but nowadays, getting a tattoo is one of the most prominent ways. There are several numbers and designs of tattoos to get inked on any body part for your loved one, but here we will tell you some adorable and distinctive I love you tattoos for your wrist and how you can make them look unique

On wrist tattoo designs

1. Watercolor I Love Him Tattoo On Wrist

If you think you can get tattooed in black, white or red ink, only then are you wrong here, then you can opt for watercolor and make it as colorful as you want. For example, you can opt for an abstract design with watercolor.

Image: @the_ink_side

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2. Matching Love Couple Tattoos

Why is it only one to get tattooed? So both partners can go for it and show their unique and robust bond to the world. So if you agree with me, get this matching couple tattoo on your wrist with your partner and show the world how perfect you are to each other.

Image: @tattoovasquez

3. Infinity – Love You To The Moon Wrist Tattoo

We must have heard people saying, ‘I love you to the moon and back and trust me, it will look breathtaking, making an infinity symbol along with the moon and the stars. The infinity symbol means endless.

Image: @inkedadventure

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4. Infinity-Heart Love Tattoo Design

The Infinity tattoos symbol stands for endless things. As we heard, love remains eternal whether you are with your partner or not, So this magic bow of infinity with a heart tattoo will be a perfect choice to show infinite and everlasting true love. Try adding some words with these symbols like faith, love, hope, and you will love the outcome.

Image: @altonembry

5. Black Love You Wrist Tattoo

The shorter, the better, and this graceful, I love you tattoo will look mind-blowing with a tiny eternal heart on your wrist.

Image: @annasebastiantattoo

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6. Cursive Love You Tattoo For Girls’ 

The heart represents love and passion and is one of the best designs to try on the wrist. Be creative with your tattoo and add heart instead of love and write you in that heart, and it will be a unique choice to get inked. You may also add beautiful bird love tattoos.

Image: @sera.hunt

7. Love You Forever Pinky Promise Tattoo

Two hands making a pinky promise along with a tiny heart between makes it a unique tattoo, and your near and dear ones are going to love this one.

Image: @n__tattoo

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8. Daisy and Love You Tattoo

An attractive and unique tattoo on the wrist with the purple daisy tattoo and black ink looks magnificent. You may think about adding an element related to flowers and friendship for your loved one.

Image: @templetattooohio 

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9. Cursive Love You Tattoo For Girls’ 

Simplicity is the beauty, and the two simple words of love you’ words make it a stunning and sweet choice for a love tattoo; try it on your wrist in thin black words, and you will love the outcome. You may try adding some butterflies to your tattoo.

Image: @renegarciatattoos

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10. Memorable Angel Wings Love You Tattoo

The heart tattoo with the angel wings looks splendid, and it will look magnificent in both black and colored ink. It shows the passionate love you have for your loved ones, and if you plan to get it inked for your cute baby, add two small baby steps symbols in it.

Image: @mandypeeke

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11. Love You With Initials On Wrist Design

If you love someone and want to make them feel special, then go for this tattoo, and I love you’ wrist tattoo with the initials of your loved ones in the heart symbols will be a sexy tattoo.

Image: @_merylegendtattoo

12. Bold Black Love You Tattoo With Heart

The word love alone stands as one of the most prominent tattoos and makes a stunning tattoo if you plan to get it done for your lost love because the black heart tattoo shows grief, death and lost love.

Image: @therealhousewifeofdairyflat

13. Creative Love You Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Being creative is one of the most beautiful qualities of tattoos and using this creativity in love, your tattoo makes a heart shape look magnificent. You can ask your artist to create half heart with lines and the other half with words on any part of your body.

Image: @tealeaf.art

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14. White 3 Heart Small Tattoos On Wrist

A white heart tattoo represents the pure feeling of dear ones, and a beautiful white heart ray in small size looks magnificent and is one of the best tattoos. If you are still searching for your true love, you may opt for a heart lock design.

Image: @1978squad

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15. Thick Love You Wrist Tattoo

The thick love you wrist tattoo on the wrist will look magnificent; try it in black ink, and it will be an excellent choice to try.

Image: @loveyou.traveltattoo

16. Mickey Mouse Love You Tattoo Art

If you plan to get a tattoo inked on your wrist for your son or daughter, then the picture of a lovely and fun-filled mickey mouse tattoo with the words love you makes it a superb choice.

Image: @fiasco81

17. Cute Couple Love Wrist Tattoo

Sometimes words can’t say what you feel, and showing those feelings with a black outlined couple hugging each other looks delightful. You may try these matching tattoos by adding a red heart tattoo with slight shading.

Image: @tania.med

18. Linework Love You Wrist Tattoo

As I said earlier, words will never be enough to tell your feelings and love to someone, so it will be a unique choice to get this boy and girl tattoo with an outline along with the red heart tattoo in hand. It will be an exciting and cute couple tattoo.

Image: @dollface_tattoo

19. Hand-Written Love You Print Tattoo

The handwritten I love you tattoo on the wrist makes it an exceptional choice to get inked, and it is one of the breathtaking ways to tell your dear ones what they mean to you.

Image: @gordienumber9

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20. Floral Love Ideas On Wrist For Girls

The I love you more tattoo with a beautiful flower and the words written at the place of the flower stick is a unique design, and it will look gorgeous; you may try this stunning design in colorful ink, and you will get some compliments.

Image: @corey6678.a

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21. Stylish Love You Tattoo On Wrist

Although several tattoos represent love, being simple is always elegant, so try this simple ‘love you’ tattoo on your wrist and flaunt it to your loved ones.

Image: @yerevantemporarytattoos

22. Beautiful Love You Tattoo Design

The beautiful love you’ tattoo stands for the love, affection and infatuation between two people, making it one of the great choices for getting inked. Get it done in black ink along with a heart-between, and it will be a delight to see it.

Image: @paloma_ferreira_n.n 

23. I Love You Daddy Wrist Design

A beautiful and cursive word written with the words’ Love Dad’ or ‘love mom dad’ will make it look stunning, and you may try it in black ink and trust me, it will be a catchy eye tattoo.

Image: @piratesalleytattoo

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24. Black & White Matching Love You Tattoo

It is one of the most popular among couples because one partner will get inked with White and the other with black in this tattoo and If you don’t believe me, see it yourself.

Image: @geovanny_xcv

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25. Love You More With Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Being tattooed is your choice, and how you want to make them look good should also be your choice with some added creativity. Adding a few flowers, some artistry or any ornate designs with the beautiful I love you more tattoo in black and grey shaded ink will look breathtaking.

Image: @untoldpaintattoo

26. Love You Heartbeat Wrist Tattoo

The beautiful heartbeat symbol with the heart design sounds exciting and romantic, so why wait for any more to get this tattoo done on your wrist? Trust me, and it is one of the most popular tattoos to try on your wrist around the world.

Image: @piercingsbykevinb


These are a few love tattoos with different ideas and artistry. There are multiple designs to choose from, and all you have to do is decide where you want it to get placed and get ready for your next tattoo appointment today.

The reason for getting a love tattoo may be pretty personal and varies from person to person. Although many things are essential for tattooing, the first thing you should be careful of is to go to a renowned tattoo artist for your first tattoo instead of choosing cheap tattoo shops or artists.

You can also select an inspiration love tattoo that reminds you about self-love and self-care in your life so that you always choose to love yourself first rather than others. In contrast, some people prefer a love tattoo for God to express their love for their creator and devotion to him.


What does a love tattoo mean?

The love tattoo means the affection, attraction, infatuation or any romantic feeling we have for near ones. But that doesn’t make it a symbol for only one relation; we can get this tattoo for our parents, siblings, kids, or best friend reminiscing the friendship.

What is the symbol of love?

The most famous symbol of love is a heart shape all around the world. It shows the pure romantic relationship, feelings and emotions that one could have for their special someone in their life. However, the meanings of the heart can be personal and vary from person to person.

What is the unconditional love symbol?

The infinity sign stands for endless, and mixing it with a heart stands for eternal and unconditional love making it one of the most famous love symbols. They make an excellent choice in both black and colored ink.

Which animal stands for eternal love?

Doves are often known as the animal symbol of eternal love because doves mate for a lifetime and symbolizes passion, faith and eternal love. The beautiful bird symbolizes love, peace and pure feelings.

Which animal is most romantic? 

Love birds are often known as the most romantic animals. They are pretty famous among lovers not because beautiful birds symbolize love but the various feelings like desire, emotions and bond of a lifetime.

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