What Should I Do If My Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink?

It’s natural to feel various emotions and think about things you’ve never thought about before getting a tattoo for the first time. The possibility of experiencing pain from a tattoo and its consequences makes us more anxious prior to and after the procedure. Learn what to do if tattoo is bleeding the ink.

tattoo is bleeding

Ink bleeding after having a tattoo is one of the most often expressed worries. Ink bleeding might sound commonplace to those who get tattoos frequently, but things might get quite frightening if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time.

You could be alarmed if your tattoo starts to come off since your tattoo has a tendency to bleed Ink occasionally. But there are a variety of potential causes behind it, and not all of them are alarming. In reality, ink bleeding indicates a healthy tattoo healing process. It is considered that some ink, blood, and plasma will seep out within the first 24 to 48 hours once getting a tattoo.

Since a new tattoo is still regarded to be an open wound, the body must remove extra Ink, plasma, and blood before the wound may begin to recover. There are several causes of tattoo bleeding. Read the article below to find out more about the causes of tattoo ink bleeding and prevent yourself from being worried. You will also learn how to avoid such an occurrence in the first place.

tattoo is bleeding

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Is Ink Bleeding From A Tattoo Common?

Do not worry if you find Ink leaking from your tattoo; this is a very regular occurrence. Because of the tattoo machine, the Ink penetrates your skin deeply throughout the tattooing procedure. Instead of entering the skin layer, some ink may remain on the skin’s surface, while others might form little scabs just above the tattoo pattern.

Ink bleeding is a positive indicator since it is one of the first indications that the tattoo is undergoing a secure and effective recovery process. During the recovery process, your skin begins to heal from the injury created by the tattooing machine. As a result, the Ink starts to leak in an effort to escape the skin.

This does not imply that all of the Ink will go off the tattoo and that you will just be left with its basic shape. After getting a tattoo, if you take good care of it, you’ll still have some ink left behind that will help brighten up the overall appearance of the tattoo.

tattoo is bleeding

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The Reasons Why A Tattoo Bleed

The Reason Tattoos Leak

There are several reasons why tattoos leak, but most frequently, it is because the tattoo artist tries to squeeze excess Ink into the skin. Because the Ink has no place to go, but out the skin, the tattoo initiates to leak, which may be quite messy. However, this is only a general review of the potential leakage reasons. Let’s examine the reasons for the leakage in greater depth;

You Have A New Tattoo

Let’s start with the fact that fresh, new tattoos are like open wounds. Imagine attempting to ingest something unnatural and potentially harmful while making sure it stays in the body. That is how getting a tattoo “feels” to the body.

The immune system responds as a result, and the body tries to eliminate the extra Ink so it won’t do any harm. Because of this, freshly inked tattoos also leak extra blood or plasma in addition to Ink. On average, such leakage will last approximately one to two days.

tattoo is bleeding

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Your Artist Made An Effort To Use More Ink.

It is well knowledge that tattoo artists attempt to cram more Ink into the skin than the epidermis can sustain; therefore, they frequently exceed this limit. Nevertheless, this is not always a terrible thing. Your tattoo will last longer if you add a little additional Ink. Additionally, using this technique for applying Ink helps delay tattoo fading.

However, the extra, pointless Ink will be expelled by the body since it perceives it as foreign. As a result, the tattoo starts to leak, and over time, the remaining surplus ink in the tattoo degrades, is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then is expelled from the body as waste.

You Are Taking Medication That Thins The Blood.

Tattoo leakage typically occurs in patients taking anticoagulants or blood-thinning medications. This is due to the fact that blood thinners stop the development of blood clots, which is necessary to stop any sort of bleeding. Therefore, after getting a tattoo, the blood does not immediately clot, and as a consequence, the tattoo starts to leak not only the blood but also all of the extra, and occasionally all, of the Ink.

Folks with immune system diseases or blood coagulation abnormalities may experience the same problem. In these circumstances, the leakage is more significant than usual, which might mess up your tattoo. You shouldn’t worry too much about this, though. Eventually, the leak will cease, and your tattoo artists can correct the tattoo’s trouble spots.

Your Immune System Strives To Eliminate The Ink.

Your immune system begins to try to get rid of the Ink as soon as it begins to settle in the skin. The white blood cells frequently have a limited capacity for absorbing big ink molecules. Therefore, as the ink molecules start to break down into smaller particles that are taken into the system, it produces waste, which is when ink bleeding occurs.

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You’ve Consumed Alcohol Prior To Getting A Tattoo

It’s not a good idea to consume alcohol before getting tattooed. Alcohol thins the blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding, Ink or tattoo leakage days after the tattoo has been finished, and other adverse effects. But other individuals still choose to drink a little bit before getting tattooed, usually to obtain a little liquid confidence.

However, the majority of tattoo artists won’t ink someone who is obviously intoxicated. In certain places, it’s also forbidden to tattoo intoxicated people. However, if you managed to get into the tattoo studio while drunk, this can become one reason for your tattoo leaking.

Are There Any Measures You Can Take To Stop The Ink From Bleeding?

Despite the best efforts to prevent it, bleeding usually occurs throughout the recovery period of the tattoo. It depends on how much Ink is still on the outer skin or how much Ink the skin is trying to wash off. You’ll notice some bleeding when you take off the plastic covering the tattoo.

You should carefully clean your tattoo in order to stop the Ink from bleeding. The tattoo may be cleaned using an alcohol swab. Do not massage the entire tattoo while dabbing a little amount of alcohol into a swab to clean the region; this will stop the skin from becoming firm.

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Avoid rubbing your tattoo since it will bleed excessively. After that, wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. Apply a high-quality tattooing moisturizer or lotion after washing your tattoo. Your skin will stay soft and hydrated as a result. It will hasten the recovery process and avoid leaving scars. Always purchase an approved tattoo lotion.

By having the tattoo done by an experienced tattoo artist with a solid reputation, you can minimize excessive tattoo ink bleeding.

People frequently make the error of getting tattoos from untrained artists, thinking it is cheaper. It can cause bleeding, infections, scabs, and a number of other issues. It is always preferable to seek the advice of a qualified tattoo artist if you want to prevent Ink from leaking.

Depending on the skin type, they will give you advice on the kinds of tattoos you can receive. They will employ suitable procedures and sterile equipment to achieve the most satisfactory outcomes.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before and after the tattoo session. As mentioned above, the blood becomes thin after drinking alcohol, which ultimately promotes clotting. This indicates that ink leakage will likely continue for a long time and may harm the appearance of the tattoo.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the tattoo is another helpful precaution to prevent ink leakage. Warm water and antibacterial soap can be used to clean the tattoo. Avoid rubbing too vigorously while cleaning as this may cause additional Ink to bleed.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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How Long Are Leaking Tattoos Acceptable?

Now, fresh tattoos often leak 24 to 48 hours once being inked. When the tattoo’s incision closes and the blood starts to properly congeal, the leaking should stop the next day. After that, the tattoo starts to heal, scab over, and take on its final appearance.

However, occasionally, a long time after the tattoo has been completed, it starts to leak in the mid of the recovery process. As a result, there may be tattoo redness, swelling, itching, or discomfort along with the leakage, which is typically related to some type of tattoo irritation or ink allergy. One should get medical help as soon as necessary in such situations.

The leakage should stop within 48 to 72 hours if you’re using blood thinners. If not, you may be suffering serious blood thinning problems and should get medical assistance as soon as possible. When a tattoo is exposed to liquids and moisture over a lengthy time period, it is susceptible to infection, hence, get it checked out as quickly as possible.

You may have acquired an allergy to the Ink if the Ink leaks for more than seven days. You need to speak with your tattoo artist and skin specialist right away in this situation.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Is It Possible For Old Tattoos To Bleed Ink?

Tattoos typically bleed Ink while they are recovering. However, it is possible that you can get an infection instead of experiencing Ink bleeding. After the tattoo has finished recovering, infections and blowouts are relatively usual. One of the primary reasons for this is that you are not adequately caring for your tattoo and are exposing it to too much sunlight. The first couple of weeks of the recovery process is when major inked bleeding occurs.

What Should I Do If My Tattoo Is Bleeding?

The following are some suggestions you can sometimes apply to deal with a leaking tattoo:

Clean The Tattoo

It is essential to keep the tattoo or bandage covering on after the tattoo appointment until you arrive home. You can take off the bandage and clean the tattoo with warm water and an antibacterial cleanser if excessive leakage occurs.

Utilize fragrance-free cleansers and creams carefully since they can irritate the skin and perhaps cause inflammation. When you’re finished, you can reapply a fresh, clean bandage or wrapping till the next day.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Do Not Immediately Apply The Ointment 

You should not do it when the tattoo is oozing. In order for the skin to dry down and begin healing, the tattoo must certainly stop leaking. At that point, you can begin hydrating the tattoo with natural products free of aroma. Even then, you are only allowed to apply the tiniest amount of lotion two times a day.

Protect The Tattoo While Taking A Shower: 

New tattoos shouldn’t be exposed to water, so avoid taking long showers or baths. Showering should take up to 10-12 minutes till the tattoo starts healing, at which time you should avoid the tattoo totally.

Avoid The Consumption Of Alcohol At The Time Of Getting A Tattoo:

Avoid drinking alcohol before or after having a tattoo since, as we have explained, alcohol thins the blood. It might be challenging for a tattoo that is leaking Ink or blood to cease leaking.

The best time to enjoy a drink is after your tattoo has recovered. Otherwise, the alcohol may thin your blood, encourage more bleeding or leaking, and as a result, the tattoo becomes faded, spotty, or somehow damaged.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Change Bed Sheets Regularly: 

Regularly change the sheets in your bed since a tattoo that is leaking may quickly ruin your clothes or sheets and make a huge mess. It is important to alter stained bedsheets with fresh ones on a daily basis in order to maintain the tattoo free from infection. By doing this, you can stop germs, bacteria, and other dangerous elements from accumulating in the tattoo as it leaks.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to sleep while the tattoo is leaking because the blankets will adhere to your tattoo. Make cautious not to remove the sheets from the skin if this occurs. This could aggravate the delicate, already-treated skin that has been tattooed, delay recovery, and even increase the risk of a tattoo infection.

In order to get the sheets to come off on their own, gently rinse the sticky area with warm water. After, be careful to pat the skin dry with a towel.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Is Tattoo Bleeding Unusually Rare?

Thicker skin types are more susceptible to tattoo bleeding than thinner skin types. This is quite normal. The aftercare you need to practice may alter significantly if the tattoo does not bleed. After routinely washing your tattoo with cold water and soap, all you need to do is dab on a small amount of Aquaphor.

Additionally, the skin should be moisturized with a high-quality moisturizer. The Ink in the tattoo may start bleeding after cleaning, but you may halt this by continuing your regular cleaning regimen.

Can Tattoo Ink Bleed Into Or Beneath The Skin?

Internal Ink bleeding, often known as a tattoo blowout, is a relatively typical occurrence. This usually occurs when the tattoo artist injects surplus Ink into the membrane in the incorrect direction. It also occurs when the Ink is not injected into the proper location.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

Image: @monikamoni.art

While it’s fair to hold the tattoo artist responsible for such an incident, this isn’t always the case because it also depends on a few other circumstances.

Suppose the tattoo artist pushes the tattoo needle too forcefully into the skin when creating a tattoo on thick skin. In that case, the deep skin tissue layers may become infected, which will leave the tattoo looking faded or fuzzy.

Because the lowest layers of skin tend to bleed more often, blowouts are more likely in people with thin skin. The palms, knees, elbows, fingers, and toes are typical places where this happens frequently.

Assume your tattoo artist is having a terrible day and becomes overly harsh with the tattooing needle. The likelihood of Ink spreading into the skin’s surrounding regions in that situation is increased, which might result in significant internal Ink bleeding.

This is one of the reasons why you should always go to a tattoo artist that is professional and well-trained. With internal Ink flowing, the worst that may happen to your tattoo is a faded, blurry-looking tattoo that may be challenging to remove or fix. You can do a few things, but they all take a lot of time and money.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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What Can You Anticipate When You Get A Tattoo?

You may first be alarmed by a few things that will occur during or after getting a tattoo. However, you can prevent them and deal with those problems appropriately.


It is a typical, yet uncomfortable procedure that happens as your tattoo is recovering. If your tattoo shows scabbing symptoms, it signifies the healing process is proceeding well.

You will feel very itchy and will want to scratch the tattoo, but try your best to avoid the impulse. Scratching would not do much other than ruining the design. This is the last thing you want when your tattoo is still healing.

Bleeding Throughout And After The Tattooing Process

One of the most frequent problems you will encounter both during and after getting a tattoo is ink bleeding. Your immune system begins working to remove the Ink as soon as it is injected into the skin. This also occurs when an excessive amount of Ink is injected into the waste, causing excessive ink bleeding.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Since the tattooing machine causes quite a bit of stress to the skin, redness and inflammation are likely to appear after the procedure. It takes a few days for everything to return to basic.


You can see a few pimples forming close to the tattoo. The major cause of this might be excessive moisturizer usage. Therefore, be careful to use the suitable one in the appropriate quantity.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention?

The likelihood of anything being wrong increases if the tattoo has been leaking for more than three or four days. You should get medical help immediately if the leakage is accompanied by redness, swelling, discomfort, pus, more pain, or even a fever.

You might have an allergic response to the Ink or a tattoo infection. This can’t be managed at home; a thorough examination and medications are required to minimize the inflammation and stop additional harm.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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How Can I Prevent Tattoo Ink From Leaking Into My Clothing?

When you bleed, Ink may get into your clothes; however, there are a few things you can do to keep the Ink from damaging the apparel. Wearing clothing that avoids direct contact with the region where the tattoo is on is the first thing you must do.

For instance, it’s advisable to avoid wearing tight or slim jeans if you have tattoos on your legs or thighs and instead opt for flexible shorts or a skirt. It’s better to wear anything backless or sleeveless if you have a tattoo on your back or hand.

The advise is not to wear new garments if you are wearing complete clothing throughout the Ink leaking procedure. You can opt to put on any old dress that you want to get rid of in a few days or loose apparel that won’t cling to your body.

Use antibacterial wipes instead of hot water and soap to maintain washing the area often to reduce bleeding. If you can, try to stay indoors; it’s ideal if you don’t expose the regions to outside pollutants.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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Can Bleeding Too Much Ink Ruin A New Tattoo?

When getting a tattoo for the first time, ink bleeding is rather typical, but this does not always imply that your tattoo is damaged. The failure to carry out and follow adequate aftercare recommendations, as well as to continue cleaning the Ink that has spread on the tattoo’s outside parts, can allow the bleeding to harm your tattoo.

As a result, taking precautions like wiping with warm water and a towel is crucial if you do not want the Ink that leaked to dry on the skin. Leaving the Ink alone will only result in fading and scar tissue. You can also continue to use antibacterial wipes and excellent lotion to keep the tattoo hydrated.

Avoid utilizing scented lotions since they will simply make the skin drier and may harm it, increasing the chance of infection. Furthermore, it may be far worse than your tattoo’s ink bleeding.

Tattoo Is Bleeding The Ink

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When the Ink leaks from a tattoo, you can see the white fluid coming out of it, especially when most people are not expecting to have it.

People frequently become concerned when Ink leaks from a tattoo, especially when they were not expecting it. However, it’s ideal to remain calm and follow the aftercare instructions to reduce bleeding and leave you with a stunning, flawlessly healed tattoo.


It’s totally common for a fresh tattoo to leak for a day or two. It would be best if you weren’t concerned because it does not sound like any alerts. Just be sure to maintain the tattoo (and the area around it) clean and adhere to the recommended aftercare procedures. If tattoo leaks for more than a few days, get check by a doctor.

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