What Is The Average Cost Of A Full-Back Tattoo?

If you’re worried about the cost of getting a full-back tattoo, you’re not alone. Many people wonder how much they might need to spend to turn their creative vision into stunning body art.

In my experience, understanding the average cost of a full-back tattoo is crucial before you take the plunge into the world of ink.

After all, this is a permanent addition to your body, and you must get the most out of both the experience and the final result.

In this post, I’ll break down the key factors determining the cost of a full-back tattoo and offer my best advice on ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

In my experience, the cost of a full-back tattoo can be different extensively depending on numerous factors.

However, if you’re looking for a ballpark figure, you might want to remember that the average cost typically falls in the range of $500 to $5,000 or more.

This range allows for a wide variety of tattoo styles, sizes, and intricacies, and it’s important to remember that the final cost will depend on several key factors, including the tattoo artist’s skill level, the complexity of the design.

The location of the tattoo studio, and the time required to complete the artwork.

So, suppose you’re considering getting a full-back tattoo. In that case, it’s essential to spend time researching your options, consulting with experienced tattoo artists, and carefully planning your design to ensure your tattoo looks amazing and fits within your budget.

Body modification is an excellent method to show individuality, whether it’s a modest sign on the wrist, a quote on the collarbone, or even a back tattoo.

You should unquestionably take your budget into account when selecting an option. Today, we’ll show you the average cost of a full-back tattoo.

Cost Of A Full-Back Tattoo

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Only a tattoo artist understands precisely what you want for the new tattoo and can usually appropriately respond to questions about tattoo pricing. Even then, providing an exact response might not be feasible until your tattoo is fully done.

Although many factors affect the price of a full-back tattoo, the common agreement is that it will cost between $500 and $5,000.

In order to arrive at a rough estimate so you can put money aside, you need to conduct extensive research and request a quote from the tattoo artist.

Here are some things to consider when choosing whether a full-back tattoo is good for you and your budget since, whatever way you look at it, it will probably be a sizable investment.

We can also provide an explanation for why certain tattoos cost just a few dollars while others might wind up costing hundreds of dollars.

 Average Cost Of A Full-Back Tattoo

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Cost Of A Tattoo On Average

A simple tattoo like a flower or an anchor often costs between $70 and $300. Expect to spend between $300 and $700 on a medium-sized tattoo, such as a picture of a person or animal.

The cost of getting tattooed by a skilled and experienced tattoo artist will probably range from $110 to $180 every hour, and rates will mostly rely on how long it takes to create the tattoo.

Prices for big bespoke pieces typically start at approximately $700 and can go as high as $7000+ for a highly personalized and intricate tattoo. These costs are often allocated for back or full-sleeve tattoos.

medium-sized  back  tattoo

Image: @tattoopasal.nepal

Which Variables Can Affect The Price Of Tattoo?

Different tattoo shops and artists charge different prices for their work. Some merely charge for the time you’re getting inked, while others charge for both the time it takes to get the tattoo and the time it takes to create the artwork.

Many reputable tattoo studios have a minimum deposit that must be paid when you engage them to create your tattoo; this deposit can then be added to the final cost.

For a full-back tattoo, the several factors that affect the price might include tattoo size, detail, number of hues, hours spent conceptualizing the design (if you’re allowing the tattooist artistic license), and the artist’s judgement.

Full-Back Tattoo

Image: @inked.urs

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Regarding size, it goes without saying that a tattoo will be more expensive and need more resources to execute the larger it is.

The size of the entire back is another essential factor to take into account; a bodybuilder’s back is more significant than someone with a more diminutive shape.

Your design will be less expensive if it is only an all-black silhouette with limited detailing and is merely a black shadow instead of if the artist has to spend hours meticulously painting every scale on a dragon.

Compared to merely coloring inside the lines, delicate shading and texturing demand more effort and focus.

The artist must also switch needles for various line kinds, using a separate needle for the outline and shading, and may even utilize different needles for various line and shading types.

Additionally, different needles are required for various hues. The number of times a tattoo artist must alter a design to accommodate all the features of one area of the tattoo is multiplied by the number of colors utilized in that design.

bodybuilder's back

Image: @yann_tattoo

Also, the artist has to sterilise the needle after each use. He cannot use the same needle without sterilising ( autoclaving). If needle is not properly sterilised it can lead to the transmission of infections from one person to another.

That uses a lot of resources and equipment, all of which are expensive! Of course, the artist will then charge for the time required to complete the tattoo, which may need many sessions.

Regarding how you should rate your artist, it all depends on how well-known and experienced they are.

A brand-new tattoo artist with no expertise and no established customer will be less expensive than the proprietor of a well-known studio with a reputation for stunning designs and clients coming from far-flung places to get inked by him/her/them.

Prices also depend upon the artists’ method of tattooing. Although it’s unlikely that most individuals who desire tattoos would be affected by this.

Certain tattooists from different cultures throughout the world still use older, more conventional techniques in their work.

These approaches and tools come from cultural traditions that the great majority of active artists today don’t know how to use or incorporate.

Therefore, you can expect to spend extra if you want a tattoo done by a tattoo artist who uses classic tattooing techniques.

classic full back tattooing techniques

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How Much Time Is Needed For A Full Back Tattoo?

The simple answer is that it can take anywhere between 15 and 80 hours overall, depending on the size and complexity.

When estimating the length of time, all the various cost-related elements may be taken into account, but pain tolerance should also be taken into account.

A person with a greater pain threshold won’t need to ask the tattoo artist to stop as often or seek that many intervals, lengthening the tattoo process.

The degree of detail in your design is among the most crucial aspects that affect other factors. The size of the tattoo “doesn’t really impact the time as much as the actual detailing does.

The degree of detail, as mentioned above, influences everything from the number of needles, colors, shading, etc., all of which have an impact on how long it will take to tattoo anything onto your skin.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Full-Back Tattoo?

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Average Costs Of Back Tattoos In Different States

         AlabamaFull Back Tattoo$1,290 to $1,580
Medium Size Tattoo$300 to $450
Small Size Tattoo$140 to $180
                                               ArizonaFull Back Tattoo$3000 to $3,680
Medium Size Tattoo$450 to $550
Small Size Tattoo$120 to$160
 ArkansasFull Back Tattoo$2,990 to $3,650
Medium Size Tattoo$525 to $640
Small Size Tattoo$180 to $ 220
 ColoradoFull Back Tattoo$4020 to $5,300
Medium Size Tattoo$550 to $750
Small Size Tattoo$150 to $190
 CaliforniaFull Back Tattoo$2,995 to $3,665
Medium Size Tattoo$525 to $645
Small Size Tattoo$125 to $225
 ConnecticutFull Back Tattoo$2,725 to $3,340
Medium Size Tattoo$775 to $940
Small Size Tattoo$150 to $180
 Delaware Full Back Tattoo$4,850 to $5,900
Medium Size Tattoo$660 to $805
Small Size Tattoo$115 to $140
 FloridaFull-Back Tattoo$2,999 to $3,665
Medium Size Tattoo$700 to $1,100
Small Size Tattoo$150 to $185
 GeorgiaFull-Back Tattoo$2,450 to $2,950
Medium Size Tattoo$450 to $550
Small Size Tattoo$70 to $105
 HawaiiFull-Back Tattoo$2,000 to $4,000
Medium Size Tattoo$350 to $800.
Small Size Tattoo$50 to $250.
 IdahoFull-Back Tattoo$3,539 to $4,325
Medium Size Tattoo$550 to $750
Small Size Tattoo$ 80 to $ 120
 IndianaFull-Back Tattoo$4,380 to $5,357
Medium Size Tattoo$480 to $670
Small Size Tattoo$140 to $170
 MarylandFull-Back Tattoo$3,539 to $4,325
Medium Size Tattoo$550 to $750
Small Size Tattoo$130 to $180
 New MexicoFull-Back Tattoo$3,232 to $3,970
Medium Size Tattoo$380 to $560
Small Size Tattoo$140 to $170
 New YorkFull-Back Tattoo$5,172 to $6,321
Medium Size Tattoo$731 to $893
Small Size Tattoo$215 to $268
 OhioFull-Back Tattoo$3,539 to $4,325
Medium Size Tattoo$570 to $690
Small Size Tattoo$111 to $136
 PennsylvaniaFull-Back Tattoo$3,232 to $3,951
Medium Size Tattoo$900 to $1,100
Small Size Tattoo$150 to $198
 South DakotaFull-Back Tattoo$3,539 to$4,325
Medium Size Tattoo$790 to $985
Small Size Tattoo$177 to $216
 TexasFull-Back Tattoo$5,172 to $6,321
Medium Size Tattoo$560 to $695
Small Size Tattoo$137 to $170
 VirginiaFull-Back Tattoo$4,380 to $5,355
Medium Size Tattoo$390 to $553
Small Size Tattoo$150 to $183
 WashingtonFull-Back Tattoo$3,232 to $3,951
Medium Size Tattoo$531 to $649
Small Size Tattoo$105 to $153
 WisconsinFull-Back Tattoo$3,539 to $4,330
Medium Size Tattoo$657 to $804
Small Size Tattoo$120 to $156

The data mentioned in the above table may vary due to the artist’s expertise or experience or the tattoo’s details.

What Are The Different Methods Used To Calculate Tattoo Prices?

When it comes to tattooing, various specialists have varied methods of collecting payment. The two most typical payment methods for a tattoo artist are shown below.

full-back tattoo

Image: @alexspookyfishtattoo

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Remember that many tattoo artists like to bill by the hour and that the minimum fee is often for an hour’s worth of work.

Because of this, even if you arrive expecting a tattoo to take 10 minutes to finish, you’ll probably still have to pay for an hour’s worth of labor.

The minimum payment exists because artists will continue using fresh new, single-use needles and sterilizing equipment for every tattoo, which costs money.

Not to mention that they could have passed up a bigger, more expensive tattoo in favor of your ten-minute one.

Larger, more intricate, and customized tattoos typically need hourly billing since it is typically difficult to estimate the cost of a tattoo until it has been finished or is very near to being finished

In most cases, when you pay by the hour, you give the artist your money after each studio session. For instance,

if your appointment is for a new tattoo that will take four hours to complete, you will be required to pay the tattoo artist four hours’ worth of expenses.

full-back tattoo

Image: @barber_dts


Your tattoo artist could demand the whole cost of the tattoo as a one-time payment if the design is pre-drawn or straightforward.

Even if the tattoo isn’t pre-designed, flash tattoos and smaller custom tattoos are typically easier to forecast in terms of time, so the tattoo artist may merely choose to charge you for the artwork as a whole rather than by the hour.

Special Offers

Occasionally, especially if the tattoo is a larger piece, certain tattoo artists may have deals in place wherein, for example, if you get a full day’s worth of tattooing done, you get a little discount.

full-back tattoo

Image: @jennyolivia

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Or, if your project took many days to finish, they could even reduce the fee by a few hours to thank them for trusting them with such a significant and costly design.

However, not all studios provide discounts, especially if they are well-known or well-regarded.

If your preferred store doesn’t have any sales or discounts, don’t feel bad about it. Deals with financial incentives are the exception, not the rule.


While tattoo artists frequently operate differently in this area, most demand at least a small amount of cash in advance unless a walk-in appointment is scheduled.

Deposits are normally requested to confirm your booking and to cover the studio in the event that you do not show up for your session, so they are not out of money.

You can risk the deposit if you don’t show up when it was initially scheduled or cancel last minute.

Tattoo deposits often cost the same as the tattoo artist typically charges for an hour or two of work. After the last tattooing session, the deposit amount will be subtracted from the total.

Additionally, even though most stores now accept credit cards, you should always bring cash just in case or make sure.

full-back tattoo

Image: @jennyolivia

How Many Sessions Are Required For A Back Tattoo?

Once again, it varies and is determined by the same criteria, the most significant of which is pain tolerance.

These elements have an impact on the overall length of time, which then, in turn, has an impact on the number of sessions needed.

Depending on the design, you could need more than one tattoo session in the future because each session should last between 3 and 5 hours.

You could even become a regular client at that tattoo studio for up to a year to allow for a recovery period in between sessions.

full-back tattoo

Image: @vaaadaaa.tattoo

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Because of mobility and how much the tattooist can do on you before you become difficult to ink, pain tolerance is a significant consideration in this situation.

Your tattoo artist will be able to work more quickly and complete more of the tattoo in one session if you can remain still and tolerate the discomfort with little to no movement at the beginning.

In the end, it is impossible to say with certainty how many sessions a complete back tattoo will require since there are too many influencing elements.

Experts’ suggestion would be to talk this over with the tattoo artist and get all these details worked out, and they will provide you with a far more reliable response.

How Much Time Must Pass Between Sessions?

Since the tattoo is an open wound, you must wait between treatments. Before the needle can cause additional damage, it must heal properly.

The recommendation is to wait two to three weeks between appointments as a result.

The tattoo will itch, scab, and peel throughout this period. While mending that is taking place underneath the skin’s surface has been noticeable over the past week.

Even though you might believe the tattoo has totally recovered, deeper layers of the skin are still mending.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Full-Back Tattoo?

Image: @alec.zank

If you conduct another session relatively soon, you put yourself at a much higher risk of infection by essentially establishing a wound on top of a wound.

This would have the consequence of increasing the length of total healing time and delaying the completion of the tattoo by adding more healing time on top of the current recovery period.

A smaller tattoo will often heal faster than one with a bigger surface area, among other things. As I’ve said previously, the bigger the tattoo, the more skin will be injured, the more the body will be traumatized, and the more repair and regeneration of cells will have to be done.

Reputable tattoo shops

Image: @arte_de_mi_gente


When considering whether or not to have a full-back tattoo, what sort of design you want, and which artist to select, there are various factors to consider.

In experts’ view, the size, level of intricacy, and overall pain threshold ultimately determine how the experience will turn out.

The most crucial step is to talk through all of these elements with the tattoo artist and develop a game plan for the tattoo based on their recommendations.

Reputable tattoo shops will undoubtedly have excellent knowledge and be able to provide you with all the information you need about any tattoo.

full-back tattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Would A Full Back Tattoo Cost At An Average Shop (Not Custom) And How Long Would It Take To Complete?

The cost of a full-back tattoo at an average shop for a non-custom design can typically range between $500 to $5,000 or more, depending on various factors like size, complexity, and the tattoo artist’s reputation. 

As for the time it takes to complete, a non-custom full-back tattoo can take anywhere from 10 to 30 hours or more, depending on the design’s intricacy and the individual’s pain tolerance and sitting capacity. 

It’s important to consult with a professional tattoo artist for a more accurate estimate based on your specific preferences and design ideas.

What Factors Influence The Cost of a Full-Back Tattoo?

Several factors come into play, including the size and intricacy of the design, the tattoo artist’s experience, the studio’s geographical location, and the amount of time required to complete the tattoo.

Can I Get a Good Full-Back Tattoo on a Budget?

While finding talented tattoo artists who offer more affordable rates is possible, it’s essential not to compromise on quality.

Remember that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so it’s often better to save up and invest in a skilled artist who can deliver the results you desire.

Are there additional costs besides the tattoo itself?

Yes, additional costs such as a consultation fee, aftercare products, and potential touch-up sessions may exist. Discussing these expenses with your chosen tattoo artist beforehand is crucial to avoid any surprises.

Does the Tattoo Design Affect the Cost?

Absolutely. The complexity and size of the design play a significant role in determining the cost. Elaborate and highly detailed designs will cost more than smaller, simpler ones.

Is it Better to go to a Reputable Studio or Choose a Cheaper Option?

Quality matters when it comes to tattoos. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative, choosing a reputable tattoo studio with experienced artists is usually best.

A well-executed tattoo will be a source of pride, whereas a poorly done one can lead to regret.

Can I Negotiate the Price with a Tattoo Artist?

Negotiating the price of a tattoo is possible in some cases, but it’s important to approach this delicately.

Remember that skilled artists may not be willing to lower their rates significantly. Always be respectful and discuss pricing upfront.

How Should I Plan My Budget for a Full-Back Tattoo?

To plan your budget effectively, consider the cost of the tattoo and any additional fees, aftercare expenses, and potential touch-up costs. Saving up and being prepared for these expenses is a good idea.

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