61 Perfect Coraline Tattoo Designs To Express Love

Coraline Tattoos have a reputation for holding a special place in the owner’s heart since they typically stand for something significant and unforgettable to the wearer.

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These days, a lot of people decide to have tattoos of their favorite fictional or real-life figures as a way to express their love and commitment to them. Let’s discuss some trending tattoos below:-

1. Black And White Coraline Tattoos

Black And White Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Gazlau

This tattoo also features buttoned-up Coraline’s eyes. The beautiful black dot shading on this tattoo is its most striking feature. Additionally, the cat on the shoulder will give the tattoo a realistic vibe.

2. Fun Lil Doll Coraline Tattoos

Fun Lil Doll

Image: @ Leanimal_tattoos

The fact that this tattoo contains several allusions to the book makes it all the more unique. You can request a colored version of this tattoo from your tattoo artist.

3. Key Coraline Tattoos

Key Tattoos

Image: @ Blackpearltattoohouma

In addition to the button, another recurring image from the movie is the key that allowed Coraline to access the Other World. You might get inked with a short tattoo like this one that depicts the key.

4. Smile Coraline Tattoos

Smile Tattoos

Image: @ Inked.Shop.Store

One of Coraline’s charming and adorable tattoos is this one. You can have this tattoo anywhere to draw attention to a specific body region. Moreover, it will not only go with your vibe but also catch everyone’s notice. Coraline’s smiley face is stylish and goes well with most outfits.

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5. Yellow Coraline Tattoos

Yellow Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Minki.12

One of the most popular tattoo designs uses watercolors like blue, pink, brown, black, and yellow. This embodies your outgoing personality and helps you stand out from the crowd.

6. Other Mother Coraline Tattoos

Other Mother

Image: @ Pretty_grotesque

The placement of this tattoo on your forearm gives you a charming appearance. The Coraline is created with a real impact in mind. Additionally, this tattoo features intense colors that go with your appearance. If you’re a fan of Coraline, you can design this tattoo anywhere on your body.

7. Other Mother Peaking Coraline Tattoos

Other Mother Peaking Tattoos

Image: @ Tattoosbyzara

Beldam, the main adversary and Coraline’s nasty mother, is a figure that is bound to have given you the creeps. So why not get a tattoo always to remember this fantastic character? Visit to nearest tattoo salon & draw this on the most highlighted part of your body.

8. Spooky Coraline Tattoos

Spooky Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Tribalbodyart

The fact that this tattoo contains several allusions to the book makes it all the more unique. The monochrome look, however, wonderfully captures the narrative’s core and Coraline’s perspective.

9. Fairytales Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Eternaltattooing

After the novella, the public became interested in Coraline’s tattoos. Since her parents disregarded her since they were always too busy for her, so Coraline frequently resonates with folks who feel marginalized from this typical World. Coraline aficionados primarily created this tattoo.

10. Wuss Puss Coraline Tattoos

Wuss Puss Tattoos

Image: @ Magz_tatz

This alternative would be a more colorful cat tattoo. Here, darker black ink has given the cat a bolder appearance.

11. Ghost Coraline Tattoos

Ghost Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Artbydobz

This tattoo can be a constant reminder of the exciting and terrifying journey Coraline had to go through to protect herself from Beldam, the story’s major adversary, and the mother from the Other World.

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12. Titans Coraline Tattoos

Titans Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Thee_k8_kelly

The tattoo of Coraline accurately captures how she appeared in the movie. Everything about this tattoo is flawless, even the clothing and hair colors.

13. Circus Gerbil Coraline Tattoos

Circus Gerbil Tattoos

Image: @ Ilama_tattoo

Coraline first hears them singing at night after moving into her new home. Moreover, the black-shaded tattoo looks stunning with the red-shaded ball. 

14. Skeleton Lift Coraline Tattoos

Skeleton Lift Tattoo

Image: @ Earthaltarstudio

This tattoo is a terrific choice for getting tattooed because every little detail, including the buttons and shoes, was meticulously crafted. Additionally, either men or women can get this design on the back of their calf.

15. Coraline Doll For Mikey Coraline Tattoos

Coraline Doll For Mikey Tattoo

Image: @ Poisoned_rat

This Coraline doll tattoo was created as a drawing, and it not only looks great but also gives off a spooky vibe. Additionally, Coraline’s outfit was made with an alluring appearance that may quickly catch the crowd’s attention.

16. A Little Action Coraline Tattoos

A Little Action Tattoo

Image: @ Curlsjrtattoos

This tattoo can be perfect if you enjoy blue and purple hues. Beautiful blue and purple colors can be seen throughout the scene where Coraline enters the Other World.

17. Circus Mouse For Trumpet Coraline Tattoos

Circus Mouse For Trumpet

Image: @ Allytattoos

One of the loveliest tattoos ever created has a realistic circus mouse image on a red ball. Both genders can make this tattoo, and both can dress more stylishly.

18. Tarik Coraline Tattoos


Image: @ Hhnashville

This tattoo has a contemporary design that young people typically create. Additionally, you may effortlessly complement your modern clothing with its beautiful hue.

19. Cute Flash Coraline Tattoos

Cute Flash

Image: @ Evie_tattootide

This Cute Flash tattoo is ideal for achieving a daring and seductive appearance. Dark hues like blue, yellow, black, and many others are used in the design of this lovely tattoo.

20. Trinimargx Coraline Tattoos


Image: @ Messiahbolical595

The girls primarily created this adorable Coraline tattoo. Additionally, it gives Coraline a disheveled appearance that looks cute.

21. Wybie Coraline Tattoos

Wybie Tattoo

Image: @ Art_bycyn

Wybie tilts his head to the side in reaction to sounds around him, giving the impression that he is continually shocked as most people do not react with such movements to simple sounds.

22. Brianna Coraline Tattoos

Brianna Tattoo

Image: @ Moonbabytattoos

There isn’t a single tattoo connected to every Coraline tattoo, just like any other. People select a tattoo’s meaning based on what they internalize or identify with the most.

23. Squid Doll Coraline Tattoos

Squid Doll Tattoo

Image: @ Inky.Alyssia

This squid tattoo on your calf looks highly distinctive and represents the Coraline movie’s theme. Furthermore, if you design this calf tattoo, it looks alluring.

24. Around Flowers Coraline Tattoos

Around Flowers Tattoo

Image: @ Diegofontoura.Tts

This tattoo appears very lovely due to its intricate design, which includes a cat with blue eyes and a red flower on its hood. This tattoo can be designed on the shoulder to improve its grace.

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25. Creepy Cool Coraline Tattoos

Creepy Cool Tattoo

Image: @ Kaydendontattoos

The other mother from the Other World’s hand, holding a button, is depicted in this tattoo. The color scheme used in the design makes the tattoo even more horrifying, which only serves to heighten the eerie vibe.

26. Calgary Coraline Tattoos

Calgary Tattoo

Image: @ Travishordyski

This tattoo appears to be horrifying and spooky. A Coraline doll is hung in the eerie hands of this tattoo design. Therefore, this is an excellent option if you’re considering getting inked in time for the approaching Halloween.

27. Full Color Para Coraline Tattoos

Full Color Para Tattoo

Image: @ Gotxatattoo

Are you thinking of enhancing your look with the Coraline tattoo? The most excellent choice for you is this Full Color Para tattoo. Because of the colors and innovative components, it creates a beautiful appearance.

28. Spooky Leg Coraline Tattoos

Spooky Leg Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Pretty_grotesque

The best and most popular tattoo designs include those with geometric frames. As you can see, Coraline and her cat are framed in an ovular shape in this tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are very similar to hanging a picture frame.

29. Halloween Coraline Tattoos

Halloween Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Xartbyashleyx

Change up your appearance for Halloween with Coraline frog. This colorful tattoo will catch everyone’s attention and help you stand out.

30. Blue And Green Coraline Tattoos

Blue And Green Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Zulyazultatto

The fact that this tattoo contains several allusions to the book makes it all the more unique. You can request that your tattoo artist produce a colored version of this design using blue and green colors.

31. Dark Heart Key Coraline Tattoos

Dark Heart Key Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Acampart

There is no reason why you cannot include your tattoo with the trendy sketch tattoos that are now popular. In addition, Coraline is incorporated with the key in this tattoo design.

32. Moon Night Coraline Tattoos

Moon Night Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Samantha_arap_tattoo

You can get a beautiful tattoo like this one, which includes the moon & crepy hand on your body. The harmonious combination of black, white, and grey tones gives it a unique charm. This tattoo design is suitable for your shoulder or forearm.

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33. Cats Coraline Tattoos

Cats Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Jk.Tats

Whether you saw the movie or read the book, you are undoubtedly aware that this tale had a black cat in both realms. Therefore, if you adore cats or the cat in Coraline, your tattoo of Coraline can feature the stunning black feline as its focal point.

34. Mr. Bobinski Coraline Tattoos

Mr. Bobinski Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Maladja_tattoo_art

The tattoo on Sergei Alexander Bobinsky denotes that he is Coraline’s Russian neighbor and occupies the upper-floor unit of the Pink Palace Apartments. His circus has jumping mice. Mel Jones thinks he’s intoxicated, and Coraline thinks he’s nuts.

35. Kat Worrall Coraline Tattoos

Kat Worrall Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Saintsandsinnerstattoostudio

This tattoo is original and innovative since it incorporates several different elements. Roses with leaves, a Coraline doll in hand, a scary home behind the head, and creepy hands are some of these characteristics.

36. Aj Doll Coraline Tattoos

Aj Doll Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Kelynjames

The tattoo’s entire design is shaded, creating a type of gradient that gives it a monochrome, artistic appearance. This tattoo was meticulously designed down to the last component, including the buttons and shoes.

37. Ghost House Coraline Tattoos

Ghost House Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Nancyrose.Art

You can choose this design if you want a distinctive Coraline tattoo. The residence of Coraline is seen in this tattoo. The entire tattoo was created in greyscale, which heightens its eerie quality.

38. Fun Flash Coraline Tattoos

Fun Flash Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Libbyhine_tattoo

This tattoo beautifully depicts the bond between the Coraline doll with the key and the circus mouse. Additionally, you can create this tattoo together as a couple to represent your undying love for one another.

39. Wybie Layla Coraline Tattoos

Wybie Layla Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Carlacabellatattoo

The eleven-year-old geek and anxious Wyborn Lovat, also known as Wybie, is the grandson of The Pink Palace Apartments’ owner. This tattoo represents your ability to communicate how lonely you feel verbally.

40. Cat On Head Coraline Tattoos

Cat On Head Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Cattoo_ink

The stunning black feline might be the focal point of a tattoo inspired by Coraline. As you can see, the cat has been portrayed in this tattoo on Coraline’s shoulder with a cute expression on its face.

41. Magical Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Sheilapegaso

This tattoo complements the younger Coraline tattoo beautifully. This design has a confusing Coraline-like appearance. Therefore, you can recommend this tattoo to your artist and have it done on your shoulder.

42. Magic Bottle Coraline Tattoos

Magic Bottle Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Aurorastattoo.Pr

This beautiful and understated tattoo will catch people’s attention. Additionally, it is less painful or fits your vibe.

43. Spider Coraline Tattoos

Spider Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Allexcostatattoo

Two variants of Coraline are shown in this illustration. Making the scene even scarier is the spider-like appearance in the background.

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44. Love Wybie Coraline Tattoos

Love Wybie Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Blacklabyrinthtattoo

The meaning behind this tattoo is to represent Wylie’s affection. As a result, you can create this tattoo as a symbol of your love for your loved ones.

45. Skunkz Coraline Tattoos

Skunkz Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Morning_glory_tattoo

This Coraline tattoo appears to be a badass design that gangster men or women typically choose. This tattoo can also be made on the calf or your forearm.

46. Reality Coraline Tattoos

Reality Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Mousesickles

This type of tattoo sums up the predicament Coraline encountered perfectly. This Coraline tattoo’s straightforward design is the ideal counterpoint to the profound significance it carries in light of Coraline’s life and experiences.

47. Healed Coraline Tattoos

Healed Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Sarah.Elizabeth.Tattoo

All of the characters from the Coraline movies are designed in this tattoo. This tattoo is an excellent option if you’re a die-hard fan of the Coraline films.

48. Spider & Wybie Coraline Tattoos

Spider & Wybie

Image: @ Tatdaddymitch

This tattoo features many vivid colors and a spider design. Additionally, it is a different category for Coraline and spider lovers.

49. Dopey Coraline Tattoos

Dopey Tattoos

Image: @ I80tattoo

This tattoo can be enhanced by including other symbols from the narrative. The time required to accomplish a tattoo of this size and level of detail will be significant, but the results will be rewarding.

50. Hair Clip & Octopus Coraline Tattoos

Hair Clip & Octopus Tattoos

Image: @ Adaluz.Tattoos

If you watch Coraline, you must be familiar with the squad and the dragonfly. Additionally, men and women can design this tattoo on their backs because it is beautiful.

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51. King Ghost Coraline Tattoos

King Ghost Tattoos

Image: @ Morbid_michie_tattoos

This Corzline ghost tattoo is simple and small, and it may be designed by either a man or a woman. Additionally, if you tattoo this design on your leg or forearm, it will stand out more.

52. Mossypoppy Coraline Tattoos

Mossypoppy Tattoos

Image: @ Kitana.Ink

Without using tattoo machines, these hand-poked tattoos were created. Stick ‘n poke tattoos are applied to the skin by hand, without an engine, even though they are made using the same materials as machine tattoos.

53. Tatuazepolska Coraline Tattoos

Tatuazepolska Tattoos

Image: @ Cmetarzwierzat

The ladies or Coraline enthusiasts love this tattoo. Additionally, the tattoo has a nice appearance that goes well with any clothing.

54. Incredible Coraline Tattoos

Incredible Coraline Tattoos

Image: @ Lolla_ink

This is an additional option for a Halloween tattoo that you can have designed on your biceps. It also appears spooky and might attract people’s attention.

55. Sword With Key Coraline Tattoos

Sword With Key Tattoos

Image: @ Hayleykeetattoos

This horrifying Coraline doll looks spooky on the forearm and is also fashionable. This design can also tattoo the leg, forearm, hand, calf, and many other high-traffic areas.

56. Twitchy Doll Coraline Tattoos

Twitchy Doll Tattoos

Image: @ Soren_robledo

The house’s flawless shading and the floral designs on its bottom two sides give an appealing visual appeal in stark contrast to the overall creepy aspect of the building. 

57. Pink Palace Coraline Tattoos

Pink Palace Tattoos

Image: @ Rabbitsclawtattoo

The house’s flawless shading and the floral designs on its bottom two sides give an appealing visual appeal in stark contrast to the overall creepy aspect of the building.

58. Hunting Coraline Tattoos

Hunting Tattoos

Image: @ Dannycreeptattoos

This sketch tattoo features several Tattoo-inspired elements, including a black cat, a button, a key, and many more. This will provide a lethal and eerie appearance that you might like to design on your biceps.

59. Cocoa Beetles From Zanzibar Coraline Tattoos

Cocoa Beetles From Zanzibar Tattoos

Image: @ Weepingwillowtattoo

Men and women can both get this highly distinctive tattoo designed on their forearms. It symbolizes your love for loved ones because the tattoo is shaped like a can.

60. Terrible Danger Coraline Tattoos

Terrible Danger Tattoo

Image: @ Gabbieliseart

You can create this beautiful tattoo on your biceps. Additionally, this tattoo produces a highly realistic impression with the various colors you choose when designing it.

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61. Taypipow Coraline Tattoos

Taypipow Tattoos

Image: @ Juliodayo.Art

The tattoo has a lively appearance because of the enormous eyes, and the coloring of the cat’s body gives it a painted impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Tattoos Of Coraline Mean And Symbolize?

There isn’t a single Coraline tattoo, which is connected to every Coraline tattoo, just like any other kind of tattoo. People select a tattoo’s meaning based on what they internalize or identify with the most.

Where Should We Design Coraline Tattoo?

Each tattoo you receive will have a more significant meaning than you initially thought, especially if you obtain one mark on a particular part of your body.

What Are the Prices For Coraline Tattoos? 

Any tattoo, including those inspired by Coraline, can cost as much as $100 or more, depending on how artistic and in-depth the design is. In addition to the tattoo’s style and size, tattoo artists typically base their charges on the amount of time spent on each one.

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