30 Cute Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas For All

Having someone’s fingerprints on you as a tattoo is a very intimate thing and if you are making this gesture, you ought to be very fond of the person or a life companion whose fingerprints you are ready to imprint on you.

Every individual has a different fingerprint mark, yet, if you are getting your fingerprint done on you, it symbolizes your individuality.

If you take pride in your individualism, you can wear this tattoo and below are listed some of the best fingerprint tattoo designs that you may come across on the web.

30 Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

1. Fingerprint Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas

You can get a fingerprint of the love of your life, or a dad can get off his daughter’s and then club it with a heartbeat, heartbeats are very intimidating and look very nice.


2. Small Fingerprint Heart Tattoo Designs

These tattoos are great as arm, collarbone and neck tattoos.

Credit: dianagraytattoo

3. Fingerprint With Tiny Heart Tattoo Designs

A tiny heart is inside the fingerprint design and not the whole shape.


4. Floral Wreath Fingerprint Tattoos

You can use a floral wreath as an outer boundary of the prominent tattoo. Adding colors to the flowers looks great.


5. From Mom Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

Get a fingerprint tattoo of your mom to show her how much you love her.

Credit: thenewparent101

6. Fingerprint with Semicolon Tattoo

A Semicolon tattoo with a fingerprint makes a unique tattoo.

Credit: 07mamamia07

7. Forearm Heart Tattoo Ideas

If you want to have a minimalist tattoo, opt for this one.


8. Love Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

The words written using the heart as O are the best tattoo for a couple.


9. Feather Fingerprint Tattoo Ideas

Feathers are for courage, freedom and wisdom, using the fingerprints as its pattern is the perfect idea and you can have the fingerprint as well as a feather.


10. Matching Fingerprint Hearts Tattoo Designs

Again a good idea for couples tattoos.


11. The Fingerprint Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterflies are a symbol of faith, transformation and freedom. The butterfly tattoo also looks nice, club it with a fingerprint or make a butterfly out of the fingerprints itself.

Credit: thetattooshop_newdelhi

12. Established Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

The established fingerprint marks the date when you uniquely came into this world.


13. Family Tree Fingerprint Tattoos

Trees symbolize such power as strong family ties, loyalty, longevity, wisdom, resistance and endurance.


14. Fingerprint Butterfly Tattoo

Credit: movingarttattoo

15. Triangle Fingerprint Tattoos

Triangle tattoos are for wisdom and love. So combining it with a fingerprint can make the perfect tattoo.


16. Negative Space Fingerprint Tattoo

If you want some shape tucked neatly inside your tattoo, you can tell your tattoo artist to use the negative space inside the tattoo.

Credit: mindless______

17. Fingerprint Flower Tattoo

Flowers are for love. You can use fingerprints to form the shape of a flower.

Credit: cioteczka_tattoo

18. Heart Shaped Fingerprint Tattoo

The heart-shaped fingerprint tattoo is the most prevalent one.

Credit: twisted_ink_ballito

19. Small Fingerprint Trees Tattoo

Small tree shapes look cute.

Credit: tattoomavmai

20. Africa Shape Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

If you are a native of Africa or you love the country.


21. Infinity Artistic Fingerprint Tattoo

The infinity sign is for limitlessness. You can get this tattoo if you share an eternal bond with someone.


22. Red Heart Fingerprints Tattoo

A red heart is for passion, and you can celebrate love with this tattoo.

Credit: freddydb8

23. Heart-Shaped Prints Tattoo

Credit: inkbyunk

24. Sternum Fingerprint Tattoos

Credit: old_bastards_tattoo

25. Overlapping Heart Fingerprint Tattoo Design

Credit: special.k.tattoos

26. Couples Fingerprint Tattoos

Credit:  tattooinktsipi

27. Small Ankle Memorial Tattoos

If you are a fan of ankle tattoos, you can get this one on your ankle.

Credit: fuchsteufelswild.tattoo

28. Quote in Finger Print Tattoo


29. Watercolored Giant Fingerprint Tattoo

The watercolors used in this tattoo look great.

Credit: caraleeart

30. Two Colored Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

If you want a multi-color tattoo, you can have one half with a different color.



What are fingerprint tattoos?

People generally will not get a fingerprint tattoo of their fingerprint. But, if they do get this body art, they are proud of their individuality and if a person gets someone else’s fingerprint tattooed, it is the identification of someone close to them.

It can be a family member or a special person. It can even be the latest memorial tattoo design.

How do you get a heart fingerprint tattoo?

It all depends on your tattoo artist’s method to make a tattoo. Usually, a body artist will draw a rough sketch of the tattoo on your body and then start.

Some tattoo artists may even use a stencil to give the tattoo a perfect shape.

But, the first step would be to paint coat your finger and get a clear print of it on paper and give it to your artist.

Now, he will use the picture of your fingerprint and try to replicate it in the shape of a heart. This process is how you will have your fingerprint heart tattoo ready.

Can I get a thumbprint tattoo?

Yes, you can get a thumbprint tattoo.

You can even get an entire hand or footprint tattoo, not only a thumbprint.

To have an idea of the final tattoo, you can have the tattoo drawn on a rough sheet first.

What type of ink do you use in fingerprint tattoos?

Choose fingerprint tattoo designs with heavy black ink. It is the best ink. Other ink tends to smear and can compromise the aesthetics of the design.

Can you get someone’s fingerprint as a tattoo?

Yes, you can get the fingerprint of your loved one or anyone else as a tattoo. Fingerprints are fully unique, making your tattoo individual.

Bottom Line

Fingerprint tattoos have been popular since prehistoric days as the Cave dwellers used fingerprint illustrations as entertainment and even to pass information.

History repeats itself, and so do the trends. Replicating fingerprints is the same concept that was 13000 years ago.

Fingerprint tattoos have become popular among youth as new body art now because of the symbol it carries.

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