36 Creative And Elegant Shiva Tattoo Designs For Shoulder

The God Shiva is often interpreted as the most unique and extensive known deity among the Hindu trinity, and a Shiva tattoo for shoulder looks astonishing or on any other body part shows the religious belief of Lord Shiva’s Devotees.

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36 Creative And Elegant Shiva Tattoo Designs For Shoulder

Lord Shiva is the creator of the world, and the three faces of Shiva imply the creator, destroyer, and preserver, and it is one of the main reasons that the Shiva (the Hindu god) tattoo designs for shoulder is quite popular among non-Hindus.

The tattoo artist can show his artistry with the Shiva tattoo and bring it to life, Although there are various tattoo designs popular among tattoo lovers.

One can opt for Shiva with Trishul, Shivaling tattoo, Tandav shiva tattoo, angry lord shiva tattoo, shiva tattoo with lord Ganesha or you can be as creative as you want with your Shiva tattoo and many more.

What Does Shiva Signify? 

Shiva is often recognized as the world’s creator, destroyer, and preserver. Shiva shows that everything will turn to ashes, in the end, representing that God goes beyond life and death.

The Shivaling represents the formless form of Shiva, whereas the Trishula of Shiva represents holiness and good deeds that remove the past, present, and future obstacles.

1. Classic Lord Shiva Tattoo Design

Lord Shiva is the world’s creator and has many forms to represent this, like the Shiva sitting in his austerity, and it is one of the most classy and common tattoos among Shiva lovers.

Image: @ca.inkwork

2. Cool Lord Shiva With Trishula Tattoos Design

Lord Shiva is always seen holding his Trishula in his hand, which is his primary weapon. So that’s why the Trishula is one of the things which represents Shiva, and that’s why this tattoo has a lot of significance.

Image: @palolemtattoo

3. Fabulous Lord Shiva Tattoo Idea

Every face of lord Shiva holds deep meaning and importance, and this tattoo of grieving Shiva means a lot in the Indian religion; one must try this red and black shiva tattoo.

Image: @ta_tt_oo_._ra_kt_im

4. Black And White Shiva Tattoo

Black and white Shiva tattoos have a lot of significance, and you may try this tattoo as the creator and destroyer. 

Image: @soul_art_club19

5. Good Looking Shiva Tattoo

Get this enormous tattoo on your entire arms if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva and want to show your belief in him to the world.

Image: @leocorreak

6. Angry Shiva Tattoo On Shoulder

The grey shiva tattoo looks stunning on the shoulder. For instance, the calm and sitting Shiva in his penance is prevalent among tattoo lovers.

Image: @thedeepinktattooz_tvm

7. Enormous Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs

An enormous Shiva tattoo on the entire arm looks magnificent, ask your tattooist to show his artistry with this tattoo, and you will not disappoint.

Image: @masted_alexandrartattoo_

8. Impressive Lord Shiva’s Trishul Tattoos

Every weapon of Lord Shiva shows something different, and Trishula is one of them. The Trishul, with the popular chant om, makes an impressive tattoo.

Image: @daddy_om_tattoos

9. Black Pitch Black Lord Shiva Tattoo Design

You must have heard about various forms of Lord Shiva. The pitch-black ink tattoo of Lord Shiva sitting on tiger skin is trendy, and Lord Shiva wearing tiger skin shows him as the controller of all the powers.

Image: @vale_arana_tattoos

10. Words And Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs On Shoulder

There are tons of chanting words dedicated to Lord Shiva, and these chanting mantras, along with the Shiva image, make a fantastic tattoo.

Image: @top_tattoo2015

11. Om Tattoo Art With Half Shiva And Half Trishula

The tattoo of half the face of Shiva and half Trishula looks magnificent on the arms with grey shading, and this is one of the best tattoos that shows that the Trishula of Lord Shiva is an inseparable part of him.

Image: @dunu.arts

12. Lord Shiva Tattoos With Dotwork Tattoo

As I said above, your tattooist can make the lord Shiva tattoo as creative as you want, and this dotted lord Shiva tattoo is one of them. One must try grey shading along with it, and you will see why the lord shiva tattoo is so popular.

Image: @polatattoo

13. Mind Blowing Old Stone Shiva Tattoo

The old stone symbolizes sacred and immortal, and the Shiva tattoo looks splendid on the arms.

Image: @godz_ink

15. Angry Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs On Shoulder

Lord Shiva is worldwide acknowledged for his calm, gracious and vairagya nature, but the angry Shiva tattoo designs are also very prevalent, making it an excellent choice for tattoo lovers.

Image: @ripztattoo

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16. Shiva Tattoo With Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Words On Shoulder

The maha mrityunjaya mantra tattoo means one’s surrender to the lord shiva. For a devotee of Lord Shiva, these chanting words mean so much, so if you have also believed in lord Shiva and trusted him for your good and bad times, this tattoo represents you.

Image: @chinz_tattoo

17. Nice Trishula With Pellet Drum Sleeve Tattoo For Men

The religious statue of Lord Shiva with Trishul and his pellet drum looks magnificent in black outline with grey shading, and one must try this tattoo on the shoulder and shows your devotion to your creator.

Image: @linaresflavio_tattoo

18. Amazing Tattoo Design Of Om And Shiva

Lord Shiva has many forms, and the Shivling is one of them. It shows the formless state of Shiva and makes splendid tattoos, and one must try this Shivling tattoo inked with ‘om Namah Shivaya chanting words in colored ink.

Image: @ripztattoo

19. Perfect Shiva Vairagya Tattoo

The vairagya form of Shiva is prominent in his devotees, and they never hesitate to try every form of lord shiva inked on your body. One must try this in a larger size on the shoulder, which is one of the great placement ideas.

Image: @they tattoos

20. Sanjay Dutt Tattoo Of Shiva 

We all know the Indian actor Sanjay Dutt and his devotion to Lord Shiva. He never left behind in showing his belief in Shiva, and he showed his dedication to Shiva with a massive tattoo on the shoulder.

Image: @sonu.fleshy

21. Shiva Doing Tandav Tattoo Design For Shoulder

The lord Shiva performs Tandav to express his grief and anger, and he does that when his beloved wife Sati sacrifices her life in the Daksha’s sacred purification, which makes it a stunning sleeve tattoo.

Image: @_none.tatuajes

22. Calm Shiva Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Lord Shiva is worldwide known for his calm and gracious nature because of his meditative pose for a long time, and that form of Shiva is among one of the best tattoos of Lord Shiva.

Image: @asheamesart

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23. Shiva And Lion Tattoo Design

The large black shiva tattoo, along with the attached Lion tattoo, will look extraordinary on the arms in a massive frame.

Image: @saviodsilvasfineartstudio

24. Smiling Shiva Tattoo On Shoulder

The beautiful structure of Shiva showering his blessings on his devotees makes a stunning and very creative design tattoo and adds some beautiful elements with it, and you will love it.

Image: @stipplebeast

25. Shiva Head Tattoo

If you don’t want your arms covered with a huge tattoo, you may opt for a shiva head tattoo showing his calm and giving nature, and Shiva never disappoints their devotees and always fulfills their wishes.

Image: @ivancassio

26. Natraj Shiva Tandav Tattoo Design

According to Bali’s Hindu culture, Lord Shiva is the dance creator, and the Nataraj tattoo shows Lord Shiva as a cosmic dancer. So this brilliant Nataraj shiva tattoo is splendid.

Image: @elloisegrace

27. Snake And Shiva Tattoo

No one has seen Shiva without the snake wrapped around his neck. The snake represents the endless cycle of birth and death, and the snake of Shiva reminds the devotees to keep their egos under control.

Image: @miguelrangelxitras

28. Stylish Shiva Tattoo On Shoulder

Traditional Shiva tattoo on the shoulder looks stunning with other elements like star, sword and shell, and you must try this stylish shiva head tattoo and let the world know your belief in immortality.

Image: @anne_sprung

29. Ultimate Shiva Tattoo

The combination of Shiva and Ganga looks ultimate. Shiva holds Ganga in his matted hair, and that makes it a breathtaking tattoo.

Image: @screaminktattoos_

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30. Unique Shiva Tattoo Body Art

The shiva tattoo with the tears coming out of the eyes looks magnificent, and you can add a famous place along with it, like the one in the picture with the Pashupatinath temple.

Image: @razone_tattoo

31. Wording And Shiva Portrait Tattoo

There are several enchanting words for worshipping the Shiva, and you may choose one of them to etch with your shiva tattoo. Besides, your artist can show his artistry by adding Himalaya mountains with it because of the belief of devotees that Lord Shiva lives in the Himalayas.

Image: @tezenart

32. Attractive Shiva Tattoo

Everybody knows that Lord Shiva used to live as vairagya and that the vairagya look of Shiva is prominent among Shiva devotees, get this shiva tattoo inked with Kedarnath Nath temple, and it will look eye-catchy.

Image: @thetattooideasofficial

33. Lord Shiva Hand Tattoo With The Trishul On Shoulder

If you want to try something different, then the Trishul tattoo with the Lord Shivaji hand holding it along with a pallet drum makes a great choice.

Image: @tropicalinkdurban

35. Awesome Shiva With Grey Shading Tattoo

Try the Shiva tattoo in black outline with Grey shading, and you will love this tattoo.

Image: @oles_resinart

36. Black And Red Ink Shiva Head Tattoo

The Lord Shiva tattoo looks stunning in black and white ink, but that doesn’t mean it would disappoint you with colored ink. Try this red and black Shiva head tattoo on your chest, and it will look breathtaking.

Image: @rocky_tattooz

37. Black Ink Shiva Trishul Tattoo Small Art

Small Shiva tattoos are as prevalent as significant, you can try this small Trishul on your shoulder in the black ink, and it will look mind-blowing.

Image: @aimahandpoketattoo

38. Designer Shiva Tattoo Art Design 

The beautiful outlined shiva tattoo, along with the Ganga in his hairs and the snake, makes it an excellent choice for the arms.

Image: @darcietattoos


These are a few tattoo options, and you may have various choices, and you can make them different from other tattoos. For example, you can try a single Trishul tattoo, a Shivaling tattoo or add Goddess Shiva’s wife Parvati with the Shiva tattoo as they make a perfect couple, and the list goes on.

It’s up to you and your choice how you want your Shiva tattoo to look alike, although they will look magnificent in all forms.


Is lord Shiva’s Tattoo Good?

Lord Shiva’s tattoo has both negative and positive effects. The meaning of Lord Shiva tattoos varies from individual to individual, and they may imply peace and anger. But, most people get these tattoos as a devotion to God.

What Are The Symbols Of Shiva?

The symbols of lord Shiva are many like pallet drum, matted hair, crescent moon, weapon trishula, body covered with ashes, etc.

Why Does Lord Shiva Wears Earrings?

The lord Shiva wears big earrings in one ear and minor in another. By wearing both earrings, Shiva represents the equality of men and women, which is one reason Lord Shiva is also known as Ardhnareshwar.

Why Shivas’ Half Eyes Are Open?

The Lord Shivas’ half-open eyes symbolize the yogic state, and it is often believed that the half-open eyes show creation, and half-closed eyes mean destruction. In short, the cycle of birth and death is eternal.

What Does The Third Eye Of Shiva Design Represent?

Lord Shiva’s third eye represents the fire, and the third eye of Shiva can see what is not available in front of the eyes.

According to Hindu mythology, there is a famous story that once Lord Shiva opened his third eye, and he burnt the Kama to ashes because he interrupted the mediation of Shiva being limitless. Therefore, the third eye tattoo of Shiva makes it a powerful tattoo for tattoo enthusiasts.

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