35+ Minimalists Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas You Need To Bookmark

Have you ever dreamed about behind-the-ear tattoos? If so, you should join the club! At first, it might seem like a strange idea, but it can be very discreet if you think about it. At the same time, designs are close to your heart, leaving a cute impression everyone will appreciate. Behind-the-ear tattoos prove to be some of the most incredible tattoos in today’s market. They are relatively new but have gained immense popularity in almost no time. 

35+ Minimalists Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas You Need To Bookmark

However, the placement behind the ear is a risky but beautiful one. Ear-piece tattoos are of small size, just like the ones of the neck, but placed behind the ear. They are visible due to their proximity to the eyes and indistinguishable quality.

Why Are Behind The Ear Tattoos So Desirable?

How many times have you looked at a couple on the subway and thought, “They are so in love!” Are you that lucky? Do you know their secret? Ear-piece tattoos! This kind of Tattoo is supposed to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It represents the devotion and the strength of your relationship. It is not yet another gift or a nice place to ask for a hand in marriage; it expresses love and devotion.

Behind The Ear Tattoos – this places a spotlight on your Tattoo and makes it an eye-catcher when you move your hair out of the way. The perfect place to get your body art. So get it behind your ear. It’s a stealthy, safe and easy to conceal day today. Only you will know it’s there.

What’s more…

Don’t be afraid to get a tattoo on your ear. It is just the beginning of a beautiful and inspiring journey through the world of body modifications and artistic representations of your personality and interests.

How To Find The Best Behind the Ear Tattoo?

Choosing which Tattoo to get can be a tough decision. We made a complete guide for what type of Tattoo to get, the importance of getting a tattoo artist and how to choose an artist, choosing a design or drawing one by yourself and many others. We showcase several methods that could turn into an excellent ear tattoo design.

1. Butterfly Tattoo

Do you like butterflies? If so, butterfly tattoos are ready to make your heart sing! Some tattoos are built to last forever, while some are good for some time. Butterflies tattoos belong to the first one.

They are one of the most adorable things you can wear on your body. These butterfly tattoo designs are perfect for ladies who want something small or feminine that is still very personal. Not only do they look lovely, but butterfly tattoos can also symbolize different things for different people, and there are many meanings you can choose from. For example, butterflies can symbolize freedom, growth and transformation, beauty, love and oneness. Since the placement of this Tattoo is such a personal choice, butterfly tattoos can be put on almost any body part; neck, back, hand. The impressive part is they work not less than timeless jewelry! You can ink butterflies with flower wings, multiple butterflies together, and even feminine butterflies behind the ear.

 Credit: iggy_inktattooist

2. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

We all adore astrology! And behind-the-ear tattoo designs are also trendy. So this is the perfect combination to rock!

Zodiac tattoos are a great way to express your individuality and personality because no two zodiacs look the same. It’s also a great way to get in touch with your inner self and find out just who you ARE. Zodiac tattoos represent the whole package, including our personality, desires, ambitions and dreams.


3. Date Tattoo

Behind your ear is a conspicuous area. Hence, choosing this area to have a date tattooed on shows others just how important that day was to you. When dates are incorporated into tattoos, they don’t have to be specific. Perhaps it could be just the date of birth of the people closest to you or the day you met the one you love for the first time!

Credit: danny_tattoos

4. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are highly symbolic. Typically, they are associated with China and Eastern culture, but they can be adapted to look like any dragon you’d like. Dragons usually symbolize wisdom, longevity, strength, power, and authoritarian personalities. It’s no wonder that they are often spotted on the necks of business leaders or other essential professionals; this placement is ideal for showing off your strength or status at work. Furthermore, dragons can also symbolize luck and protection. This Tattoo has many interpretations—perfect if you want a minimalistic piece of art on your body.

Where the big dragon tattoos are a fashion-forward trend, mini dragons are also a popular choice for ear tattoos, as they are bright and detailed but small enough to fit behind your ear. Plus, this placement ensures that they are not visible to anyone besides your close friends and family during social events. However, you can go for a big one too! Then, the ball is entirely in your court!

Credit: rising.tattoos

5. Name Tattoo

Get your darling’s name inked behind your ear. The characters are so much more expressive than the picture of a loved one. These tattoos do not cost much but look amazing. You can get either the name of your father or mother or any other relative you feel very strongly about. This Tattoo will be visible to everyone, and you can show off your love for the person whenever you like. What do you say?

Brownie point, you can free yourself from the hassle of constantly rearranging and redrawing it over and over with every hairstyle change.


6. Tiny Moon Tattoos

If you are interested in a tiny moon tattoo, there are many elements that you can incorporate into the design of your chosen moon symbol. Moon tattoo turns out to be the best ear tattoo! A traditional moon tattoo is an excellent option for Cancer, as the moon rules the sign. A full moon, for example, is associated with magic, balance and feminine energy – though some people choose to go for a crescent moon instead. Whatever design you choose, why not take inspiration from the night sky itself? Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are visible on a clear night – how amazing is that? While the sun is shining brightly on one part of the world, it might be nighttime on another side of the earth. That’s truly pretty magical!


7. Peace Symbol Tattoo

This Tattoo is a great way to express your soul. It looks fantastic crisp and can be done in several ways– from monochromatic to geometrics or dark shadows. The design has a mysterious element that exudes wilderness and adventure when done in black. It can be etched on almost any part of the body, but it is a great place behind the ear. 

Credit: crazy_ink_tattoozz_raipur

8. Tree Tattoo

Whether you’re drawn to this design because of your love of nature or if your life is growing in new directions, a tree inking is an excellent choice for behind your ear placement. It symbolizes knowledge and growth, long life, and protection. But, of course, you might also feel drawn towards these tiny tattoos if you are a nature lover! 


9. Cross Tattoo

Commit to your faith and show it off with the Cross tattoo. Inked behind your ear, this small piece of artwork shows off your confidence. Perfect for those who want visible reminders of their faith yet can’t have them at work, this inking is easily covered with your hair. It is professionally done, so you don’t risk it fading or turning out unevenly, making it a great piece that will last a lifetime.


10. Star Tattoo

Beautiful, delicate, and full of meaning! Star Tattoos are just some words to describe a star tattoo design. When placed behind the ear, a star constantly reminds of hope and light in a dark night sky. 

The star is a popular choice for tattoo designs. The star can take on many forms, including the traditional nautical five-pointed star, the pentagram star, line and circle star tattoos, and even dot-and-line stars. There are thousands of meanings associated with star tattoos because each symbol has many other aspects. Stars are considered potent symbols that radiate positive energy, are seen as spiritual guides due to their divine qualities, are believed to bring good luck, and are connected with fire. Star tattoos represent beauty, ascension, guidance, hope and strength.

Credit: elona.inks

11. Music Symbol Tattoo

Music is life. A music symbol tattoo is a perfect design for music lovers. Mostly rock stars flaunt their bodies with colossal artwork, but this design is for people sensitive about music. The symbol can be designed in different ways—from musical notes, guitars to odes, eras and band names to an abstract art design engraved behind your ear. The cherry on the cake is that it can be easily covered with your hair when you don’t want to flaunt it.


12. Heart Tattoo

A small, dainty tattoo just behind the ear is a trendy choice these days, with little hearts being the most common option. There are several ways to modify this design to create something more unique and personal or match your style or body look. You can also choose to make the heart more substantial by making it more significant or more dramatic by selecting a different color scheme.

Popularized by its appearance in ‘The Exorcist, the heart behind the ear popularized by Johnny Depp, and Christian Grey, there are many ways to adapt this Tattoo to suit you. When you get your heart tattoo behind your ear, it can remind you to listen to your heart.

Credit: nataliewilliams1981

13. Direction Tattoo

You don’t have to cross the ocean to get to the other side of the world – get your ear pierced and wear our Direction tattoo. Made with three arrows pointing outwards, this symbol signifies that you are open-minded, adventurous, and love exploring various cultures. You can get this design inked in any color of your choosing.


14. Dream Catcher Tattoo

A dream catcher tattoo is designed to keep away bad dreams. It may have originated in Native American culture by using a hoop decorated with quills, feathers, beads, leather, shell, stones, bones, wood, or woven vines. The hoop was then hung by a rope inside a family’s home. The dreamy catcher was thought to catch good dreams that floated into the small hole at the top of the hoop. It symbolized hope and protection from bad omens brought on my dreams to others.

Credit: tattoo_kaos46

 15. Angel Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for your very first Tattoo or just want to try something new, angel tattoos are a popular and beautiful choice for many people.

Angel tattoos can be pretty versatile. For example, you can choose to have your angel wings spread out behind your head or have the angel’s outline to create a halo effect. You can even get miniature portraits of your loved ones inked onto you, inspired by the beauty of angels. Christians often feel drawn to angels to symbolize their faith and Biblical figures like the Archangel Michael; others choose angels to represent their “guardian angel” or memorial to a loved one. Angel wings can also symbolize your “better nature” and remind you to ignore temptation. A good quality realistic angel tattoo will have movement and detail, so it is usually not suited for smaller placements such as behind the ear.

Credit: helachristianus_tattoo

16. Scissor Tattoo

Scissor tattoos are a meaningful way to celebrate your life as well as the friends and family who have helped you ‘sharpen’ your instincts, become more independent, and take control of your decisions.

Scissors represent cutting negative influences out of your life as well as improving yourself – ‘sharpening’ your instincts, becoming more independent, and taking control of your decisions. They’re a great way to communicate that you have made a fresh start and closed a dark chapter. Scissor tattoos look the best small, which means they are an excellent ink choice to put behind your ear. Every time you style your hair, you’ll see it and be reminded of how far you’ve come.


17. Geometric Element Tattoo

Whether you want to go for an elaborate tribal tattoo or you would like to be creative with something original, you can always opt for geometric tattoos. Simply put, these tattoos are based on lines, dots and shapes. You can effectively combine a geometric element tattoo with any design, making for an excellent tattoo worth every penny. Some great examples include a triangle with a funny character such as your beloved pet or perhaps an equation like pi. If you like mathematics, you will not be disappointed with the placement of this Tattoo.


18. “&” Tattoo

“&” Tattoo is new LOVE!

& is a tattoo design that makes for a unique tattoo choice! Get it in italics or bold; the option is yours. It looks impressive behind the ear. It simply symbolizes how life is full of great expectations, and there is a lot to do to meet those expectations.

Whether you want to have an entire tattoo, or you just want a little creative symbol, the Ampersand tattoo will do the trick for you. You can have it in various sizes and either italic or regular formatting.

Credit: xojennyly

19. A Quote Tattoo

One of the best ways to show just how proud you are of your personality is to take the very things that make you unique and express them through one of your tattoos. Quotes tattoos are ideal for this. Whether it be famous quotes, lyrics to music or favorite sayings, tattoos usually speak louder than words, exceptionally if they’re carefully crafted next to your ear lobe. What about the french quotes tattoos? They never go out of fashion!


20. Flower Tattoo

Getting a flower tattoo is a way for many women to express their feminine side. Many beautiful flowers can be used for this type of Tattoo. These flowers include the sunflower, poppy, lily, and marigold. The intricate detail in these flowers makes them very popular among women across the globe. They are tattoolicious designs that you can’t get enough of!


21. Name Initials Tattoo

There are thousands of tattoo designs available to you, but do you have any that reflect your unique personality? Having your initials inked is a beautiful way to say that you’re proud of being an individual. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez have the initials of their name just behind their ears! 

Initial tattoos are the latest tattoo craze for girls. You can get your first name or initials of anyone whose name starts with the same first letter as yours behind your ear. An interwoven ‘G’ is also one of the loved tattoo designs for your ears. It gives off a subtle and sassy look.

Credit: darkwoodsstudio

22. Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos have many styles, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Feather tattoo designs are a powerful symbol of individuality and freedom. 

They have been popular for a long time because they can represent multiple things. A feather tattoo may symbolize freedom, wisdom, and courage for some. For others, the image of a feather may signify a connection with an ancient tribe or a deceased ancestor. Feathers have been used in many religious ceremonies, including those surrounding death.

Symbolic of freedom, courage, and wisdom, the Feather tattoo indicates an independent spirit and does not follow society’s rules. You can also get bird tattoos.

Credit: aidanmurphy.tattoos

23. Anchor Tattoo

Whether you are a sailor by profession or you simply dream of sailing around the world someday, you can apply an anchor tattoo to your body. 

Anchors are classic tattoo designs. This is not because they are some ultra-modern graphics. Instead, it’s because the anchor has stood for consistent stability over time.

Anchors are typically used in nautical tattoo designs because they symbolize stability and strength. However, they can represent other meanings as well. For example, anchors are also symbols of hope that you will be pulled through tough times. Plus, anchor tattoos are also good finger tattoos!

Credit: george_tattoo_vonitsa

24. Dove Tattoo

A dove represents a sense of grace and wholeness. It is a symbol of hope, peace, tranquility and purity. It signifies the end of the war and the beginning of prosperity for humankind. If you plan to pursue your love life to greater heights by tying the knot with your soul mate, the dove tattoo will serve as an excellent reminder that true love is your ultimate destination. This bold and beautiful bird on your neck or behind the ear is a sure show-stopper and will make it stand out from the crowd. Dove tattoos look better when smaller.

Credit: inkedbychloelynn

25. Roman Number Tattoo

Let this roman number be one of your first tattoos. A roman number tattoo is a half sleeve that you can decide to get behind your ear. Having it done behind the ear gives the Tattoo a different charm. A typical tattoo usually has numbers like “11” or “12,” but nothing like Rom number tattoos. The purpose of having this kind of design is to look unique.


26. Arrow Tattoo

No matter what influences your style, arrow tattoos will enable you to make a statement. An arrow tattoo is the right choice for people looking for meaningful ink with historical meaning and can still be sported in intelligent ways. In addition, it is a symbol of power and connection with those around you. This Tattoo can be an expression of your independence, connection with family and friends, or as a reminder to follow your heart and plan forward.

There are many variations that an arrow pattern can take, but the most common are the arrowhead, quiver, bow and arrow, and simply just an arrow.


27. Pizza Tattoo

Food tattoos are getting popular, especially the ones inspired by pizza. Food tattoos are something that looks cool and innovative. These tattoos show the tattoo lover’s love for food. Pizza tattoos are growing in popularity because these cute tattoos are simple to get and easy to maintain. They look great on both women and men. It seems to be a small slice of pizza, which many people love to eat. The pizza tattoo is easily maintained because it doesn’t need any special care to keep it fresh all the time.

Choose the design of your choice, get it imprinted behind your ear, and flaunt it. 

Credit: troy_nelson_ronin

28. Dots Tattoo

If you are looking for a simple yet sassy tattoo, Dots Tattoo can be a perfect fit! It looks mind-boggling. Dots by themselves already look good; three of them make for an imaginative small tattoo design. A dots tattoo can make for an adorable way to adorn one’s body. Two small dots are already gorgeous, but three or more is even better! Behind the ear is also a small yet magnificent location for tattoos.

Credit: naleak_tattoo

29. Heartbeat Tattoo

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have a heartbeat tattoo? No doubt, it would be great. There are plenty of reasons to get one. It is not just about having a wow factor but also can represent meanings depending on where you put it on your body. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get that heartbeat symbol tattooed onto your body.

Credit: tattoosareni

30. Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds look stunning in a tattoo. You can show your love and passion for diamonds and sparkles with a diamond tattoo. But, at the same time, it also serves as a great fashion statement.


31. Leaf Tattoo

A small leaf with shades of green is a perfect leaf tattoo design to show off your love for nature. Leaf tattoos are typical designs from the Celtic style, representing natural patterns. A leaf tattoo’s shape can be varied from a single prominent figure sprawling out from behind your ear to a small, delicate outline of a leaf resting on the ridge of your ear. A red or golden maple leaf design will be right for you for a beautiful fall tattoo design.

Credit:   shrgns

32. Clover Tattoo

Clover tattoos are an excellent way to show your wild side. Lotus flower tattoo designs, lily of the valley tattoo designs, and four-leaf clover tattoo designs are all stylish options for behind-the-ear tattoos.


33. Shell Tattoo

If you are searching for some unique and notable tattoo design, you should get a shell tattoo. Small shell tattoos etched behind the ear can look pretty cool!

The shell tattoos come in different shapes and sizes, but they are all designed to look amazing when etched behind the ear.

Credit: chillitatt2

34. Mother-Daughter Symbol Tattoo

Many tattoo symbols can be flaunted to declare your undying love for your near and dear ones. As a parent, you have a special place for your sweetheart child in your heart. If you want to express this intense feeling, you can mark a mother-daughter symbol (which is not uncommon) on your body behind the ear. The character is unique and attractive; it shows an hourglass with two dots – one at the top and another one at the bottom – inside it. This signifies the beginning and end of life, which only mothers know well about.

Credit: yglez87

35. A Silhouette of an Animal Tattoo

Let’s get inked! If you love animals, you’ll love this fun and friendly design. With a cute tiny tattoo of a dog or cat design inked on your body, you and your body will be in good company!

Credit: bymosler

36. A Constellation Tattoo

Get yourself a heavenly Dainty constellation Tattoo to show off your love for beautiful things! Dainty constellation tattoos are easy to make and take only a few minutes! The best part is that you can customize the design to be smooth and curvy, just like an actual constellation. 

Countless star constellations have been traced around the earline, but none are as dainty as this one. The tiny moon tattoo is so vividly illustrated over the ear that it looks like you’re wearing a necklace made up of moons.

Credit: ebonytyacktattoos

37. Simple Symbols Tattoo

Simple Symbols tattoos are very versatile. You can have it in any group of symbols you want, each one representing something special to you.

Credit: tattooingbyamor

38. A Rose Flower Bud Tattoo

Don’t be a cliché! Rose is a forever-trending tattoo! Roses are a popular choice for tiny tattoos—you can even find some that have been tattooed full-color. Instead, consider getting a tattoo of an outline of a rosebud or some other variation on the traditional rose Tattoo.

Simple outlines of the rose flower’s bud are arguably the most popular floral tattoo designs. Why? If you’re thinking about getting a rose tattoo, this design will likely be the least intimidating while still keeping its graceful look!

Credit: pollytatttoo

39. Something Cartoon-y Tattoo

Choose a tattoo that reflects your interests if you love art and design. Think beyond the typical Tattoo — get something that’s unique, special, and one-of-a-kind to you. Don’t just settle for something that everyone else has! Whether you’re into graphic design or cartoons, these ideas are artful, original, and simply superb. Even a simple line art in black or grey can make a striking statement—Graffiti, pop art, and abstract stuff too.



Why Should You Get A Behind The Ear Tattoo?

Ear tattoos are a great way to show the world how unique you are. Your personality can reach out to others through a tiny adornment, and they will never forget who you are. So for those of you who want to stand out on the beach this summer, consider visiting a tattoo parlor and asking for some most fantastic behind-the-ear tattoos.

What Are The Best Designs For Behind The Ear Tattoo?

Here are some trendy ‘Behind The Ear Tattoo’ inspirations that are getting loved more than the hot cupcakes:

  • Heart Tattoo
  • Geometric Element Tattoo
  • “&” Tattoo 
  • A Quote inner arm tattoo
  • Flower Tattoo 
  • Name Initials Tattoo/best friend tattoos
  • Feather Tattoo 
  • Anchor Tattoo
  • Dove free spirit tattoo 
  • Deep meaning quotes Tattoo

What to think of before you get a tattoo?

Before you step to a tattoo parlor, here are some prerequisites you must check at least:

  • First, ensure the studio is sterile.
  • Second, be aware of the age limit and requirements.
  • Third, consult the price of the Tattoo beforehand.
  • Finally, recheck the design and spelling.

The Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas For Women

Here are the finest ‘Behind The Ear Tattoo’ for women:

  • Butterfly Tattoo
  • Name Tattoo 
  • Mother Daughter Symbol Tattoo
  • Dream Catcher Tattoo
  • Heart Tattoo
  • Shell Tattoo
  • The Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas For Men

When everything seems black and white, these tattoo ideas are tricks for MEN:

  • Anchor Tattoo
  • Heart tattoos
  • Roman numerals
  • Zodiac Sign 
  • Arrow Tattoo
  • Date Tattoo 

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