46 Great Scroll Tattoos Ideas and Design for Arm

A scroll design is an unusual tattoo style that has become infamous with tattoo folks, but scrolls have been in the picture since ancient times. They were used as a medium to deliver messages, so what better tattoo style to use to speak about your personality. 

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46 Great Scroll Tattoos Ideas and Design for Arm

If you want to stay connected to your roots, then this is a superb way with a touch of the modern blend. Also, these scrolls were even used as a mark of masculinity and then soon became an emerging part of gangster style. But now, a lot of folks are wearing these tattoos to showcase an important part of their personality or to deliver a strong message. You will know all the designs you can use when scrolling tattoos; just hang tight and keep scrolling.

Scroll Tattoo Designs

1. Quote Scroll Tattoo

The feather and inkpot side stand scroll tattoo is an excellent idea if you go towards the classic side.

Credit: 6liu6

2. Black Inked Lettering Scroll Tattoo for Your Arms

The scrolling tattoo with a black background looks cool as a script tattoo, symbols are added in this tattoo using the negative space. 

 Credit: aceartdepot215

3. Blackwork Important Roles Tattoos

This is patchwork used for scroll in scroll tattoo; it is a creative idea used to do the scroll. You can also use a similar concept to get a unique tattoo.

Credit: jerzi_ink

4. Cherub Scroll Tattoo Design On Arm

The cherub is said to offer protection to the bearer of the tattoo. This tattoo is often done in the memory of a loved one passing away. It is usually done for a child and in some cases, it can also be done for a young friend.

Credit: oaguilarcrafted

5. Black &Grey tattoo

Black and grey shading adds to the vintage look of this tattoo. Below is a warrior tattoo; in early times, scrolls were used to pass on war messages through symbols.

Credit: elizabeth_montes_art

6. Black Lettering Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

A baby’s vector added with the angel’s wings adds to the vector and makes the message of the tattoo significant. The angel wings are the symbol of freedom. You can also use the contrast of red and black like this one. This is a tribute to a loved one tattoo.

Credit: baby.jesus19ad5        

7. linework Character Tattoo

You can even get the tattoo in bold font and get it as a pair on both your arms. A tribute to a loved one as a loving memory tattoo is what you get in this manner—two identical-looking tattoos for two loved ones.

Credit: prophecytattoo.piercingstudio

8. Dazzling Body Art Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

This is another style that was used to wrap the scroll in ancient times, the font used in this tattoo is also the one that was prevalent in old times. This is the kind of font that was written on papyrus using the feather and inkpot.

Credit: emmanisistattooartist

9. Classic Style Scroll Tattoo Arm

A quote that motivates you and explains you can also be done on a scroll. To add a vintage look to your tattoo the scroll is made in a little patchy and rugged manner. You can even add a vintage looking font to your tattoo. 

Credit: niceandnastytattoosllc

10. Delightful Human History Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

The below one is a beautiful tattoo done with apt use of negative space. The feather and small birds added to the tattoo increase the graphic appeal of the tattoo. The cluster of birds shows independence and freedom. It is a rare tattoo without a scroll.

Credit: blazin_guns

11. Elegant Meaningful Text Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

Simple scroll tattoos look graceful and elegant as minimalistic tattoos have become a thing and are in trend with tattoo enthusiasts. The light shading in this tattoo gives it an elegant look.

Credit: tattoosbydoublea

12. Realistic Scroll Paper Tattoo On Arm

The realistic touch to a tattoo is given by adding a 3D effect to it and what else can be done is good shading and matching color contrast can do the job.

Credit: alex_west_tattoo

13. Lettering Scroll Tattoo For Arm

The font used in the letter scroll makes the tattoo attractive, and an infinity sign is added.

Credit: nickymtattoo

14. Blue Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

This is a watercolor tattoo that looks like a painting done on a canvas. If you are fond of paintings or there is a favorite retro painting then you can use a similar style as the background of your tattoo. A sword is the symbol of honor, freedom and strength. This is a great idea to use vibrant colors and write the message in appealing highlights.

Credit: taylorwattstattoos 

15. Excellent Scroll Harmonious Tattoo On Arm

Here is another pretty looking tattoo that you can get on your arm. The background on the tattoo is made like the skin of a wolf and the wolf is the symbol of spiritual protection. The vintage look is added to the script giving it a rugged look. Using the color red and black will add contrast to your tattoo. 

Credit: ta2s_bystrange

16. Warrior Lettering Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

Warriors used to send scrolls for messages about wars using symbols and specific letters or just used to write the message simply. You can get a similar-looking scroll with adding elements that will add more meaning to your tattoo like done in this one

Credit: watchtowertattooco

17. Family Scroll Designs On Arm

You can add a scroll to your arm in the family tree manner or make a memorial tattoo for all your loved ones by adding important details to it. Like, hear the owner has a different name with dates added with each of it. 

Credit: sammisamster13                                                                     

18. Inner Arm Inner Strength Scroll Tattoo

The inner forearm is a popular place among men for tattoos, and you can use a motivational quote here so that every time you feel like you are falling weak, you have a look at this and go on. A quote that keeps you motivated and keeps you strong.

Credit: alex_west_tattoo

19. Japanese Scroll Tattoo

If you belong to the Japanese culture or are fond of their culture, you can go for this tattoo. This is a simple look tattoo with an italic, bold font.

Credit: kalou_tattooer

20. Grey Inked Close Friend Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

Grey ink looks fabulous on tattoos; light highlight in the background of the scroll will make the tattoo look good.

Credit: jojo_tattoos_piercings

21. Brilliant Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

You can even use the scroll tattoo as a memorial tattoo for your loved ones. For instance look at the tattoo done below that is done for mom by the owner. The date and message of the tattoo are added in a unique way to this tattoo.          

Credit: bern_hennegan_tattoo                    

22. Family Scroll Tattoo Arm

A scroll tattoo that is done for the family is mostly a memorial tattoo. You can add a meaningful quote with the tattoo as it is done below. A special date can also be added to your tattoo design.

Credit: nomercy_tattoo_brugg

23. Chinese Wording Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

A foreign or distant language looks cool on a person rather than choosing native language for a person. Because a different language tattoo tends to stir curiosity among people. You can also add similar looking chinese words and if you are chinese then you can definitely go for this tattoo.

Credit: jaeink11045

24. Image Of Scroll Tattoo Arm

You can make the scroll a little 3D, and it will give a lively look to your tattoo. The 3D tattoo looks engaging.

Credit: cisco_tatt5

25. Fabulous Blank Piece Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

You can even add a heart to the scroll tattoo with a tribal design tattoo. Tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your roots. Using the heart as a boundary of the tattoo will make your tattoo appealing and a good option if you are making the tattoo for your family.

Credit: eastcoasttattoobarberstudio

26. Memorial Arm Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are the most regular ones when we are talking about scroll tattoos or going through them. If you want to get a memorial tattoo as a tribute to your loved one then you can consider a scroll tattoo. For instance, the below tattoo is done for an aunt.

Credit: theinkcelltattoo

27. Personalized Style Cool Scroll Tattoo For Arm

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind looking tattoo then you can add a scroll tattoo. It looks pretty amazing. A 3D-looking script will add effect to your tattoo like a little fold is added in this at the bottom and at the start.

Credit: forbiddenimagestattoo

28. Fantastic Inner Beliefs Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

You can even add the scroll tattoo in the manner of a sleeve and add some meaningful quotes and solid motivational words. The red and black contrast looks fabulous. The sun at the top makes the vector more engaging. The sun is the symbol of rebirth and light.

Credit: tattemupzay       

29. Amazing Word Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

A small scroll tattoo with a dainty flower looks attractive. However, if you want a minimalistic scroll tattoo, then this is it; your tattoo artist can take inspiration from this tattoo to create something authentic.

Credit: luckycrown_2nd   

30. Great Heart Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm 

It is a different-looking tattoo made on the arm with grey ink, and the font makes it more unique. The heart at the top of the tattoo symbolizes the passing of time and shows that you should use all you have. In addition, you can add a subtle color to the script to add contrast.

Credit: katjoart   

31. Adorable Writing Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

Typically the scroll tattoos are done in simple black and grey shading, but you can give the tattoo a different look by adding colors to it. For example, the tattoo below is done with a color combination of red and blue. Paint-like color is used in this scroll.

Credit: strawhat280

32. Attractive Inspirational Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

Here is another idea of a simple design with minimal use of ink. These ideas are great if the bearer is looking for something which involves minimum ink. 

Credit: benana_art

33. Feather Scroll Tattoo Ideas

Here is another iconic tattoo that you can go for, in ancient times a feather was used as a pen with an inkpot to write things. This vector will add a retro look to your tattoo, and you can have the shading done in a manner that makes your tattoo appealing.

Credit: oaguilarcrafted

34. Sleeve tattoos

Show your love for your family by getting a tattoo for them; for reference, look at the tattoo below that shows the love for family, and little red hearts add to the tattoo’s meaning. The shading used in this tattoo is also very minimal.

Credit: crystalheadtattoo_

35. Beautiful Vintage Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

This is the usual-looking scroll tattoo in which a critical script is added, and the forearm is the most typical place you will see to get these tattoos. 

Credit: tattootalentz

36. lettering Meanings Tattoo

A strong message to show love for your father can take shape with the scroll tattoo.

Many people use tattoos to express themselves, and a lot of children are looking for tattoos for the appreciation of their parents. If you were searching for such an idea, then here is one you can use.

Credit: mad_tatter_designs

37. Awesome Scroll Tattoos On Arm

If you want a rare-looking scroll tattoo, you can have a keen look at this one because it is not the traditional-looking scroll tattoo; however, it comes under the scroll tattoo category as the elements used in it depict a message. The date and time added to this tattoo mark an important passing event. And the rose added just speaks a little more about the personality or the occasion. Your tattoo artist can draw inspiration from this tattoo to give you your authentic scroll tattoo. A clock is a symbol for passing the time.

Credit: chenytattoos

38. Best Scroll Tattoos On Arm

Another unique-looking tattoo with the minimum use of words is done here; the rose is the flower used to represent the passion in love. Or it is used to depict love lost or love won; if you like roses and want a meaningful tattoo at the same time, this is the one for you.

The other tattoo added here is also more about the graphic appeal and less about the actual words mentioned. But the design is done beautifully with good shading of black.

Credit: lemmytattoos

Credit: big.g.ink 

39. Impressive Scroll Tattoo 

A vintage watch is a wise way to symbolize a passing time uniquely like done in this tattoo, and the bird at the beginning of the tattoo is a great way to illustrate the messenger. Because in earlier times, the bird used to carry the scroll’s message to its destination. The bird will give the mirage the bird is taking your message, and it is the symbol for freedom.

Credit: eliteinkcollective

40. Japanese Scroll Tattoo

If you belong to the Japanese culture or are fond of their culture, you can go for this tattoo. This is a simple look tattoo with an italic, bold font.

Credit: kalou_tattooer

41. Lovely Scroll Tattoo Arm

The scroll on the top of the tattoo is suitable for adding the person’s name for whom you are making the tattoo. This tattoo looks like a tattoo for the baby as in the dial part; a father is shown carrying his daughter in his arms. A rose is also the symbol of love, and the date may mark the departure of the baby. 

Credit: katenovatattoos      

42. Magnificent Scroll Tattoo 

Small and dainty tattoos are a popular choice among folks, so you can go for this one if you are looking for a tattoo or your first tattoo. Also, suppose you want less ink on your body, then also this is an option to consider.

Credit: missd.tattoos  

43. Map Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

The map scroll tattoo looks a little different, and detailing done in this one is done using the negative space, and the corners are done with another texture.

Credit: inkedbylia          

44. Name Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm 

Simple small scroll with a simple message looks like a good tattoo.


45. Pic Of Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

You can even get a pic of a scroll done on your arm as a tattoo, an antique scroll on which you laid your eyes or a picture you saw somewhere. Look at this scroll done; for instance, it looks like a fantastic tattoo. You can even add a bird of your choice like this one to your tattoo.

Credit: 13inkid13

46. Pictures Of Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

The inkpot and feather scroll tattoo is the ideal tattoo if you love the concept of scrolls for messages.

Credit: divinetattoostudios   

47. Wording Scroll Tattoo for Your Arm

You can get a special letter as the scroll tattoo on your arm; look at the tattoo done below for your reference. Also, a parent can get a child’s letter done on him as a tattoo in the original handwriting of the child.

Credit: tattooedhiphophead  

48. Inner Arm Inner Strength Scroll Tattoo

The inner forearm is a popular place among men for tattoos, and you can use a motivational quote here so that every time you feel like you are falling weak, you have a look at this and go on. A quote that keeps you motivated and keeps you strong.

Credit: alex_west_tattoo

Other tattoo designs that you can go for are ancient Egypt scroll tattoo, masculine lines tattoo, rib scroll tattoos etc.


What are scroll tattoos?

You can even call the scroll a banner, and these are used as a background or may even call it a boundary to give shape to the text you want to use. It is a unique idea of getting words tattooed on your skin, and instead of just getting the words, you can use a scroll that looks like a piece of rolled parchment or an artfully rolled/ folded slip that will give your tattoo an attractive look.

What is a morph tattoo?

Andres Acosta developed the morph tattoos, and it is a tattooing style in which two images are used to create one image. So it is combining two to make one image.

What are linear tattoos?

Linear tattoos are similar to line sketches, in which the pen or brush is not lifted even once from the start to finish of the piece of art. Similarly, continuous line is used in these paintings to create a beautiful bold visual.

What do ornamental tattoos mean?

Ornamental protection is a popular choice, and it usually offers protection and helps the person get through challenging situations in life. These tattoos are also used to symbolize the change of children into adulthood.

What are illustrative tattoos?

Illustrative tattoos have to do with drawings or illustrations that you find beautiful. Many of these are done in black color and usually use black ink, or some artists may even use black dots, cross-hatching and stippling on an excellent detailing.

The Bottom Line

You can get added in a scroll tattoo; there are many things and elements like a name or a phrase. You can add various aspects to it, such as tiny hearts, flowers, butterflies and other factors that you hold dear or have meaning to you; if there is a quote that is close to your heart and has helped you in life, then you can also get that done with the scroll. If you like script tattoos, you can use a scroll for it instead of getting the words written. The scroll will highlight your text, and not only that, but it will also give you a unique tattoo.

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