46 Great & Amazing Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Are you a big admirer of magical things in this dream world? In that case, you might feel a similarity towards unicorns that can be striking and, to some extent, over the top. Nothing like the long-established tattoo patterns you by and significant find, these unicorn tattoo designs can be new, distinctive, representing transparency and ingenuousness.

Unicorns were formerly portrayed by the Greek historian ‘Ctesias’ when he chronicled the far-away land of the Indus Valley Civilization. Time and again, seen unaccompanied, unicorns look hearty, good-looking, and again portrayed in bleak white, but you can draw on multi colored hues as per your feel. At the same time, as unicorns have been fabulous creatures for so long, the imagery of the unicorn has transformed and advanced through history. In contrast, a bit of meaning has stayed similar for centuries. 

The most widespread are femininity, supremacy, prettiness, spiritualism, and magic. However, if you desire the unicorn tattoo to represent something precise, let your tattoo artist know, as this could transform the way the design crops up.  

Tips to Remember

Unicorns for men & women

Unicorns draw closer in many shapes and sizes and can be premeditated in innumerable ways, as they are predominantly a very womanly tattoo. Although it is without a doubt not exclusive to any sexual category, some of the most excellent unicorn tattoo designs are on top of men and look fantastic. 

Designing a Unicorn Tattoo

There are some ways to get the precise unicorn design for you. The most familiar form is to dig up the design completed by the tattoo artist, by and large, done by meeting, letting them identify what you have in mind and demonstrating instances of other methods you’re fond of.

Impressive Unicorn Tattoos

Everyone’s much loved mythical beast, the unicorn, is an outstanding choice for a unique tattoo. Magnificent and extraordinary, they stand for hope, love and magic. They’re also super trendy at present and for good motive! Unicorns are inspiring not only for the approach that they appear in but also for making an individual feel solid and arrogant.

Types/Styles/Design Ideas

Here are the most popular 46 magical unicorn tattoo ideas:

  • Watercolored Beauty
  • Raine Unicorn Tattoo 
  • Pretty Unicorn Head
  • Sketched Unicorn Cartoon
  • Rainbow Unicorn
  • Blue Unicorn
  • Tiny Unicorn with Wings
  • Unicorn Finger Tattoo
  • Simple Rainbow Mane
  • Geometric Unicorn Tattoo
  • Blue & Black Unicorn
  • Pretty Unicorn
  • Framed Unicorn
  • Purple Mane
  • Colorful Creature
  • Cute Foot Tattoo
  • Sketched Unicorn Harp
  • My Little Pony Unicorn
  • Purple Toned Watercolor Unicorn
  • Unicorn Moon
  • Prancing Unicorn
  • Gold Framed Unicorn
  • A Starry Unicron
  • UFO Design
  • Rainbow Haired Unicorn
  • Adorable Finger Tattoo
  • Mythical Leg Piece
  • My Little Pony Inspired
  • Unicorn Profile
  • Origami-Inspired
  • Gold Armed
  • Small Ribcage Unicorn Tattoo
  • Stretched Unicorn Rainbow
  • Royal Unicorn
  • Blue Unicorn
  • Artistic Galaxy Unicorn
  • Zombie Skeleton
  • Unicorn in a Caldron
  • Unicorn with Ribbons
  • Unicorn with Flowers

Those mentioned above 46 magical unicorn tattoo ideas are being categorized and explained as under:

1. Colorful Unicorn Tattoo

This colorful unicorn tattoo is an excellent option for individuals who adore the rustic look, but colors make it a vibrant choice. At the outset, a horse is a figure of autonomy and courage; secondly, you can find the information that it means loveliness, prettiness, power and supremacy; and thirdly, it’s a symbol of fruitfulness revival. 

Credit:  ceceleetattoos

Credit: tippingtattoo

Credit:  thejorell

Credit: msrosetattoo

Credit: thetattooedteapot

Credit: ink_and_needlestattoostudio

2. Raine Unicorn Tattoo

If you fan a small tattoo amid a magical touch, this raine unicorn tattoo can be a just-right choice. Horses are refined and very well-groomed animals, solid and stunning. That’s why so many individuals love them, and possibly you are that individual too. So are you all set for horse tattoo ideas? Then scroll down and get moved!

Credit: unknowntimelord

Credit: blackcattatts

Credit: coffee_and_carrots

Credit: madfooltattoo

Credit: enigmcd

Credit: maverick_tattoos

3. Unicorn Finger Tattoo

You can also dig up unicorn tatted on top of your fingers. How about a multicolored unicorn face tattooed with little rainbows in the background? You could also basically dig up the unicorns’ horn tatted on top of one of your fingers. Finger tattoos are very modish and are more noticeable. They are widespread and turning into an unfortunate trend. 

Credit: metteh_adesiretoinspire

Credit: craftmatte

Credit: etherealvision_tattoogoddess

Credit: nutnut_barbie

Credit: akashicink

Credit: mandalatattoostudio

4. Blue Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn tattoos are fanciful, fantastic and multicolored. You’ll love the diversity we’ve found that displays a wide-ranging lineup from entertaining and cuddly to a bit daunting. The hues of blue and purple make the reflection stand out. The deep shades of blue, white, and black create dissimilarity in this representation. It required an intact lot of ink and time and endeavor.

Credit: classictattooaz


Credit: lochknits

Credit: unicorn.tattoos

Credit: samjlittle

Credit: sr.malg

5. Pretty Unicorn Tattoo

Small unicorn tattoos seem to be much more striking than big unicorn tattoos. Have them on top of a body part like a calf, and you will catch the attention of many individuals. The hair of a unicorn adds up to the exquisiteness of the tattoo. But at times, they fall out of the depiction. Make sure the hairstyle and shade of the unicorn tattoo flawlessly match the intact tattoo design.

Credit: pattoosink

Credit: sarahlouisemanson

Credit:  ascendinglotustattoo

Credit: jmarshtattoos

Credit: pus4n

Credit: hnnahrose

6. Geometric Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn tattoos have been, to a certain extent, an appealing trend in the tattoo business. Unicorn tattoos are, instead, very unique and hold special meanings depending on top of the category of unicorn you’re getting tatted. If you are keen on geometrical-shaped tattoos, this geometric unicorn tattoo is the just-right choice for you. At the same time, as it is a much-uncomplicated tattoo, it portrays an exclusive and adorned look.

Credit: goblinguts

Credit:  hollywoodnt420

Credit: theunicorncommunity

Credit: ladychappelletattoos

Credit: francoiswsimpson

Credit:  inkhale_tattoo_piercing

7. Wonderful Unicorn Tattoo

If you have not at all rocked a unicorn tattoo ahead of, at this moment is the time to furnish it a go! Unicorns are time and again described as symbols of autonomy, magic, and clarity. Nowadays, they can symbolize many different things, over and above purity and healing. They are time and again linked to happiness and magical moves that you’re going to put together in your life! 

Credit: vickryreprainktattoo

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Credit: swamp.blossom

Credit: brianna.tattoo

Credit: tattoochameleon

Credit: to.tattoo.hk

8. Adorable Unicorn Tattoo

There is much vision to representations of the unicorn in tattoo art, amid several contemporary wearers opting for darker imagery in the engraving of their creature in contrast to the vibrantly bright traditional symbols. This shift from several subjects is a striking development and will be fascinating to keep up with.

Credit: dougromanotattoos

Credit: diegofkttattoo

Credit: dunn_tattoos

Credit:  rachael_ann_bell

Credit: boutiquelicorne


Unicorn tattoo designs are an everlastingly trendy concept for an array of startling ink applications and styles. Different explanations promote great mythological creature representation, whether the wearer is a man or woman. As a result, there’s an ever-increasing breaking up of ink styles switching the natural ingenuousness and magic of the unicorn for a more mysteriously featured tattoo design.


What Does A Unicorn Tattoo Symbolize?

If you have not rocked a unicorn tattoo before, at this instant is the time to give it a set-off. Unicorns represent symbols of autonomy, magic, and transparency. But, in this day and age, they can stand for loads of different things, over and above ingenuousness and healing. 

Who Can Get Unicorn Tattoos?

One and all can get unicorn tattoos; the preference is up to you! If you’re a fan of some fantastic ideas, you’ll enjoy a few funky unicorns on top. Men can wear them, but ensure that you think about your favored color combo since diverse tattoos and the utilization of color can leave you with exceptional results.

Are These Tattoos Pricey?

Unicorn tattoos do not boast of being too costly. They time and again differ in price, and the result will depend a lot (by and large) on the proficiency level of your tattoo artist and their given name in the business. 

What Is The Best Placement For Your Unicorn Tattoo?

You can lay down your unicorn tattoo anywhere you feel like. The preference is up to you, and your fondness and the chosen outcome can vary. Many individuals like better funnier placements, seeing as the tattoo is hilarious, bright, and encouraging. 

How much time does it take to ink a tattoo?

The time taken into account to ink a tattoo depends on resting on the tattoo’s size. Most tattoo artists can take nearly 12 hours to ink a tattoo. Kindly discuss this with your tattoo artist in your vicinity. 

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