4+ Stunning Male Genital Piercings Ideas For Piercing Lovers

Most of us think of ear, nose, and tongue piercings when we think about piercings. But no one thinks of getting a piercing on private parts like the penis and others. Male genital piercings are a style of piercing that is niche and gaining popularity. 

This piercing is done on some spots or positions of the genitals. The history of genital piercings is equally significant. It’s been used to enhance sexual pleasure, chastity, shock, or as a way of protesting against a native culture. Some men do this piercing for aesthetic reasons, and others try it just to show their adventurous side.

Most men get this piercing to increase their partner’s personal or sexual pleasure or themselves. These piercing also improves the sexual experience of the piercer. This kind of piercing is scarce and offers a large number of pierceable places, and the position of these piercings is determined by personal anatomy and the piercing’s purpose.

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Types Of Male Genital Piercing

There are many different ways to get a male genital piercing. Because its nerve ends are dispersed, only a few piercing locations are unsuitable. A few male genital piercings, however, stand out among the others.

The Prince Albert Piercing

This is the most famous male genital piercing. The prince albert piercing is inserted into the urethral tube and emerges behind the penis head. This piercing is specially designed to increase the women’s desire by increasing her sensations during penetrative sex.

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The Frenum Piercing

The frenum piercing is most commonly positioned horizontally along the underside of the organ(penis). You can even make a ladder by piercing the shaft(organ) in various ways.

The Scrotum Piercing

For all the genital piercings, this piercing is only here for aesthetic reasons. This piercing is placed anywhere on the scrotum where it is possible to pinch the skin. You can use gold jewelry to make this piercing more attractive.

The Public Piercing

This piercing can be found in public places and is an excellent substitute for men who are frightened of genital piercing through the penis. This piercing is situated at the base of the penis, and it is said to increase a woman’s clitoral senses during intercourse.

The Guiche Piercing

This piercing is done between the scrotum and anus. This piercing is designed to boost the piercee’s enjoyment level.

How To Get A Genital Piercing?

A genital piercing is a form of adding a piece of jewelry to a male’s private part. Since this piercing is very critical and complicated, you should go to a certified and experienced piercer who has done this type of piercing many times before.

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The piercer will clean your penis with an antiseptic solution and then mark a point where you want the piercing. Then he will use a sterilized needle to make the entry and exit hole of the piercing.

He will place the jewelry in this hole, and after the procedure, he will clean and bandage the whole area. The piercer can give you some medicine dosage before the piercing to make you numb so that you can feel less pain. 

How Painful Are Male Genital Piercings?

Some genital piercings are specially made to give sexual pleasure benefits to you or your partner. This piercing covers a large portion of piercings, from public piercing to scrotum piercing. Some areas of the penis are very gentle and sensible; hence getting piercings on that portion can cause more pain.

Like prince albert, piercing causes more pain as compared to frenum piercing, as frenum piercing is done away from the sensitive area of the penis. Also, the pain level varies between different men.

Healing Time Of Male Genital Piercing

Recovery time differs from individual to individual and is determined by your body. Ordinarily, it takes 12 to 16 weeks to heal from the male genital piercing. Still, this could take a bit longer time in some cases to get cured of this piercing.

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Aftercare Process Of Male Genital Piercing

  • Proper maintenance is essential for this piercing. This piercing has the ability to heal fast if we use proper hygienic aftercare routines. Its aftercare routines are almost similar to other piercings, but it includes some extra precautions that one should follow during the healing process.
  • Stop doing anything related to sexual activity for a while (just for a bit of time till things start to heal up)
  • Use proper protection to prevent body fluid exchange in the genital area. And drink a lot of water.
  • Use only saline or salt rinses to soak or clean the piercing twice a day for 3 to 5 minutes. This will save your piercing from harmful microbes. To aid with recovery, use a calming olive or emu oil.
  • While rubbing or cleaning the genital area, always wash and sanitize your hands properly.
  • To avoid inconvenience, you should switch to good cotton-based underwear and remember always wear clean underwear to prevent the risk of infection on your piercing.
  • Don’t use lubricants and other pleasurable products during the healing process as these chemical products can cause irritation and discomfort to healing piercing.
  • Don’t let your public(penis)hairs be scrambled by the jewelry it can cause irritation.

Cost Of Male Genital Piercing

There are very few experienced piercers who know this piercing very well. And it is essential to have a piercing artist who has the proper skills, knowledge, and experience for genital piercing. So, this piercing is very expensive as it includes many factors like the piercer’s studio and others. Thus this kind of piercings roughly costs you around $100, excluding jewelry.

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Jewelry Styles and materials For Genital Piercing

The style of jewelry you can use is determined by the genital piercing you pick. Once your piercing has healed completely, your piercer will tell you the jewelry styles you can choose. The captive bead and the barbell are significant styles of jewelry. The choice of jewelry again depends upon one’s aesthetic look or sexual pleasure. You can also use hoops as your penis-piercing jewelry.

Piercee must be sure the jewelry is made of high-quality materials because it will be worn in such a sensitive spot. It should be made up of titanium, surgical steel, or 14K gold as these products have less quantity of nickel. One should avoid wearing jewelry made of nickel or cobalt, as jewelry made up of these materials can increase the risk of infection and allergy.

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Risks Involved In Male Genital Piercing

Male genital piercing is generally safe if it is done by a licensed or experienced piercer. But like every piercing, it involves a certain number of risks that one should avoid while getting this piercing.

  • This piercing has a significant risk of bacterial infection. 
  • It can cause injury to your partner’s genitals or anus during sex.
  • Genital piercing can raise the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  • There is a risk of rejection or displacement of jewelry from your penis.
  • The urethra or piercing holes allows bacteria to enter the urinary tract. increasing the problem of urinary tract infection.
  • Microorganisms can be transmitted through dirty hands or during sexual activity. Bacteria can enter, build up, and become infectious through a hole in your penis tissues.
  • Piercing can cause damage to tissues as tissue can sometimes be damaged away by jewelry that sticks out.

Can Anyone Get A Male Genital Piercing?

It’s a piercing artist who will decide that the actual piercing you need will work on your anatomy. It’s very unusual to find a genital region that can not be pierced, but If you have a circumcised penis, you won’t be able to obtain a foreskin piercing. Getting a genital piercing would not affect your fertility. But the jewelry present in your genital area can cut the thin condom materials.

What Complications Should You Watch Out For After Getting A Genital Piercing?

There are a few symptoms that could last for a few days after getting a genital piercing, like minor swelling or redness. But if you notice any type of infection, significant swelling, a lot of pain that gets worst with the passage of time, green or yellow pus jewelry rejection, strangely hot skin, or any allergies because of jewelry, then you should immediately contact your piercer to get rid of from these issues. You can not neglect all these symptoms of a reaction to your piercing.

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 How Would I Replace The Jewelry On My Genital Piercing?

Once your piercing is properly healed, you can change your jewelry with the following steps:

  • Use sea salt and water solution to wash the piercing area.
  • Remove the piercing jewelry very slowly from the piercing hole.
  • Push the new jewelry through the hole gently but carefully.
  • Keep it safe and secure so that it will not slip out when you walk or move anywhere.

At What Age I Can Have A Genital Piercing?

If you’re 16 years old, you are ready to have any other piercing like dermal, ear, nose, etc., but for genital piercing, the legal age is above 18 years. You can not get genital piercing under 18 years as it is illegal, and even a piercer can get arrested under sexual assault charges if he does piercing an underage person.

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