40 Inspiring Libra Tattoos You Can Get Today!

Libra: Sign of optimism, balance, and harmony! Numerous individuals see celebrities as examples and copy their style, including the widespread practice of getting Zodiac tattoos. Tattoos representing Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, are relatively common since the design has many variations.

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The symbol of Libra, commonly shown as a goddess holding the scales, has long stood for justice and fairness. However, the idea of tattoos goes much beyond that.

Even if they don’t put much stock in horoscopes, many individuals nevertheless get tattoos representing their zodiac signs in the hopes that they will highlight their best qualities. This was our sole motivation for writing this article.

Libra zodiac tattoos have a long history going back to ancient Greece. Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, is often connected with Libra. Therefore, a Libra tattoo depicting Themis with the scales of justice is common.

Please keep reading for the full meanings behind the Libra zodiac, which will adequately depict your forthcoming tattoo no matter its shape. Additionally, zodiac tattoos are often modest, making them an attractive alternative for those who don’t want their ink to draw too much attention to themselves.

To make things simpler for you, we have curated 40 of the most beautiful tattoos, ranging from small to large, and all the sizes in between, for you to peruse. So read on if you’re looking for a tattoo that suits your refined taste.

1. Sun And Moon Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @mario_tats

The scales represent the Libra sign. Since finding balance and harmony in your life is essentially your entire thing, this Libra tattoo will remind you of that anytime you feel out of balance. You don’t like the hand. Then leave it out.

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2. Butterfly Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @h8n.je0n

The unusual feature of this Libra tattoo is the butterfly that carries the scale to the top. To many, the butterfly is a symbol of liberation and success. In addition, the tattoo’s design incorporates several hues, increasing its visual appeal. This tattoo is popular among teenage girls but can be used to add a splash of color to any design.

3. Love Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @little_ink_a

Although the scales are somewhat unremarkable, with the right amount of decoration and the strategic application of light and shadow, you can make them appear with this tattoo, which includes lettering and hearts.

4. Lion Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @macy.tattoo

This black and gray tattoo is quite elaborate. It features a lion atop a pair of scales and a magnetic needle. It means that the wearer wanted a low libra tattoo, and the magnetic hand represents the attraction between the two.

5. Ohm Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @maxink5.0

Another example of a Libra zodiac tattoo would look great on a man who values simplicity and elegance. This tattoo has glyphs and libraic scales that go together so well. The solid and elegant lines in the tattoo also make it stand out without making it look too flashy.

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6. Roses Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @laneytattoo

Adding flowers is a sure way to make any tattoo more graceful and feminine. Elegant and lovely floral patterns convey these ideas well. But classy beyond compare is this rose flower tattoo, which features the zodiac sign of Libra.

7. Justice Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @annygoth_ink

The Libra symbol for Lady Justice represents peace and harmony. She still has her eyes covered, but it is evident from the scales in her hand that justice and balance are her areas of expertise. This highlights that she bases her justice decision on the evidence without allowing anything else to sway her decision. A Libran’s personality is embodied in this tattoo design.

8. Egypt Mummy Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @ivanestrabo.art

This elaborate tattoo design features scales with the heart on one side and a feather representing Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice, on the other. A person’s entrance into the afterlife’s paradise hinged on whether or not their heart weighed less than a feather. The Egyptian mummy adds to the intrigue.

9. Mind And Heart Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @dn_alves

You can’t be overly emotional and gung-ho in life, and you can’t just let your rational thinking shut down. If you want to perform at your best, you need to give equal attention to both. This is why our top pick for the best Libra tattoos is a set of scales representing emotional and mental equilibrium. It has a great design and, of course, incorporates all the Libra characteristics.

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10. Knife Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @staysonyamind

A Libra tattoo that stands for fairness is a great idea for any gender. It’s mysterious because it seems to imply that someone, up in the heavens, is keeping track of your every move and passing judgment. Law, spirituality, and astrology come together beautifully in this masterpiece.

11. Alpha Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @rangotattoojourney

This is a classic Libra tattoo. The scales are a representation of the very even temperament typical of Libras. Most Libras strive for a life of justice, peace, and harmony, and this tattoo represents that ideal.

12. Clock Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @tattoosbycitorocu

It seems that Themis or another lady of justice has made another appearance. This time, she’s seen with the traditional blindfold and holding a set of scales. A pocket watch and a sword complete this black and gray tattoo.

13. Eye Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @jamesketch_art

A tribal design is tattooed in black ink on this person’s upper back. It is fascinating because of the meticulous and nuanced artistry. However, the Victorian aesthetics that inspired this design are unmistakable.

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14. Coins Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @giltats25

This is an additional example of skilled tattoo artistry in the shape of scales. Whether they represent law and order, karma, or some other kind of balance, these scales are pure Libra.

15. Outline Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @sad__tatto

If for no other reason than to stand out from the crowd of Libra scales, this ethereal tattoo design variant is worth exploring due to its simple, minimalist design.

16. Bird Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @arthurvaz_tattoo

Libras are renowned for their love of balance, thus the scales. So the exquisite design of this Libra tattoo with the bird holding the balance instead of the justice lady is just the perfect bit of extra.

17. Shaded Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @moses_tattoo_

In the simplest of ways, this gently drawn drawing of a set of scales on your forearm captures who you are. Thanks to the subtle shade work, the style looks good on various skin tones, from beige to espresso.

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18. DotWork Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @floridantetat2

This dotwork libra design tattoo features an ancient set of scales with some elements put in, and the dotwork is what makes it stand out.

19. Realistic Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @sophiabones

This realistic-looking shaded scale design inked on the inner forearm looks interesting. If you don’t want any bells and whistles, this is the perfect one for you.

20. Neck Piece Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @lux.tattoo_xi.zhen

The fantastic colors used in this tattoo design featuring a female with folded hands and wearing a necklace with a halo around her head with a set of scales in the background make it appealing.

21. Hand Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @l_busetti

This exciting tattoo features a male hand holding a pair of scales. The shading effect gives it a mysterious look.

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22. Black And Grey Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @sacilottotattoo

The Libra Glyph, which consists of two parallel lines with a hump at the top, is a simplified representation of the Scales of Justice. This is also featured along with the set of scales in this elaborate tattoo with flowers inked atop it.

23. Roman Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @nati_keren_tattooartist

This tattoo features an antique balance with roman numerals inked along, and you can get it if you like a simple yet exciting tattoo.

24. Dog Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @brittabremse

There are several ways to play around with your zodiac tattoo and give it a special meaning. This is one such tattoo design, with a dog holding the balance.

25. Anchor Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @luna.tattoo.calama

The anchor represents strength and faith, and scales are used in the zodiac to symbolize Libra, the sign of harmony and justice, complementing each other.

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26. Floral Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @shadijtattoos

Adding flowers to a tattoo is the finest way to give it elegance and femininity. Floral patterns signify grace and beauty.

27. Skull Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @francis_ink13

An unusual tattoo featuring the Libra glyph inked on the forehead of the skull, with the scales hanging from each horn, with numbers 6 and 9.

28. Numeric Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @v.ffoxx

This Libra arm tattoo’s elaborate pattern and classic feel make it seem classy and current. The tattoo is even more appealing because of the subtle shading and thin outline. The number 227 may have special significance for the wearer.

29. Potted Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @mr.inkwells

The most desirable location to display a tattoo is on the side rib. Crop tops will draw attention to this tattoo of Libra scales topped with chrysanthemums.

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30. Star Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @makiyo_tattoo

This golden ink libra tattoo design with a star on top of the scales is a small yet attractive design, and you can go for it if you want something not too elaborate.

31. Good And Bad Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @carolla_deville

This is an elaborate tattoo design with an angel and a devil in each balance scale. It looks like a little menacing tattoo, with a lot of shading and a retro look balance.

32. Chain Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @tattoo_by_nariman

This tattoo is unique because it has a pendant-like balance inked around the neck. Go for this design if you want to give it an imaginary touch.

33. Holding Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @locallahantattoos

In this black and gray tattoo, a female hand holding the balance with a crescent moon in the background makes it alluring and will get noticed.

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34. Watercolor Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @tami_the_piercer

Tattoos are no exception to the widespread use of watercolors in art. You’re sure to like your tattoo as long as you communicate with your tattoo artist, who is familiar with them.

35. Little Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @frankgenovesetattoo

This minimalist tattoo design is the one you must consider if you like something small on your wrist. The golden ink used and the shading creates a 3D effect.

36. Wings Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @az_tattoo_studio

This is another variation of the Libra tattoo design you can use if you like a large tattoo on your back. This tattoo draws inspiration from the Victorian era, owing to its detailed design.

37. Year Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @inthebottleink

This neat and sweet tattoo design is the one you must go for if you want a decent-sized tattoo inked on your forearm. You can personalize it by getting important years inked below the line.

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38. Sand Clock Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @inkinaaron

An elaborate hourglass and a balance inked in an intricate design in black and gray are sure to get noticed. This is an extensive tattoo, so you can go for this design on the upper arm.

39. Compass Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @djzinktattoo

This tattoo design covers the whole of the forearm. A magnetic needle and a balance inside a circle composed of symbols make up this geometric design tattoo (somewhat).

40. Dragon And Yin Yang Libra Tattoo Design

Image: @sebastianbuzac

So this is the last one on our list. Still, it encompasses a lot of symbols: a yin and yang, a dragon, and an elaborate balance with a brain in one scale and a surgical heart in another. Depending on your preference, you can get this on the back or the belly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should You Get Your Libra Tattoo?

For women, the best places to get a libra tattoo are the calves, ankles, wrists, forearms, neck, and even the space behind the ear. Despite this, a sizable minority chooses to stand out from the crowd by getting tattoos on more conspicuous areas of their bodies, such as their face, chest, hands, and even palms.

The Libra tattoo might look excellent on your back or thigh if you’re interested in a more extensive design.

How painful is it to get a Libra tattoo?

It hurts to get a tattoo. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your body placement before getting a tattoo. However, your pain threshold and other emotions may be relevant factors. Whatever the situation, you should be prepared to discuss pain management with your tattoo artist before and throughout the inking procedure.

Which tattoo most accurately depicts a Libra?

Libras are often relatively even-keeled and fair. Therefore the scales are a fitting emblem. The tattoo symbolizes the Libran ideal of living a life characterized by balance, justice, and harmony. It is intriguing that most individuals who get this tattoo do so with balanced scales.

Which zodiac sign do Libra tattoo designs represent?

Libra tattoo designs represent the zodiac sign Libra. A Libra is someone whose birthday falls between September 23 and October 22. Those born under the sign of Libra are noted for their intelligence and versatility.

How much does a little Libra tattoo cost?

A libra tattoo, even the tiniest one with the most simplistic design, may cost anywhere from $30 to $50 (the low end of the price spectrum). If you want a more intricate tattoo, it may cost several hundred dollars (the high end of the price spectrum). In higher-end tattoo shops, a large tattoo on the back of an abstract Libra figure could easily cost more than $1,000.

Final Words

It’s cool to have your zodiac sign done these days, but that doesn’t guarantee it’ll be trendy forever. So choose something you’ll enjoy regardless of the fads that come and go. We hope you will find a design that suits you and your personality among the many featured above.

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