Amazing Lion With Crown Tattoo Ideas To Try Right Now

Animal tattoos are among the most popular ones; the lion tattoo is what we can commonly see around us with the powerful and incomparable vibe that the king of the jungle gives. When topped with a crown, the tattoo can make anyone look invincible.

Amazing Lion With Crown Tattoo Ideas To Try Right Now

We can usually see a lion and crown tattoo design on men because of the solid masculine vibes; it suits almost every body part, whether hand, neck or back. The lion represents royalty, power, bravery, wealth, and other things with connections in ancient cultures, legends, and history.

The design and concept of tattoos are meant for a specific gender, and to express your personality and a lion tattoo design requires a lot of expertise and creativity. Check out some of the famous and fascinating tattoo ideas.

But before that, let me walk you through some FAQs that will help ease up your tattoo-making decision.


What does a lion with a crown tattoo mean?

A lion is a powerful animal; the lion is considered the ruler of the jungle. Thus, a lion with a crown tattoo stands for power, glory and royalty, and in modern times, we can also associate it with wealth.

What does the lion represent spiritually?

A lion signifies various spiritual traits such as power, courage, strength, family, balance, transformation, love, guardianship, hope, wisdom, etc. It also stands for the sun and gold.

How much does a lion hand tattoo cost?

The starting cost for a lion hand tattoo may be around $100 to $400 on average, and the price may also depend on how detailed the design is or how much area it covers.

What does a crown symbolize in a tattoo?

A crown tattoo represents royalty and supremacy over others; it demands respect and the tattoo symbolizes courage, authority and power making a strong animal. However, it can also express divinity, grace, and dignity.

Are lion tattoos popular?

Yes, lion tattoos are pretty popular among men and women alike because they hold deep power and spiritual meaning to them, making them an excellent choice for a tattoo anywhere on your body.

Lion with crown tattoo ideas

1. Geometric lion tattoo design

Ditching the curved lines, straight lines or rough edges to give the lion tattoo a distinctive appeal, geometric or abstract designs makes the tattoo look different. The design looks good with black and white-colored ink details. Geometric lion tattoo is a neat and exciting tattoo design that would be great for someone and can shape a crown with a lion in whatever way you like.

Credit: blackhearttattooepsom

2. Lion with feather crown tattoo

Feather crown adds a tribal touch. So, if you would like your lion tattoo to have a tribal vibe, you can add a feather crown to it. The feathers with tribal lion tattoo as the United Kingdom flown can be made big or small according to your preferences. To overcome obstacles and raise head high, the lion adds richness to overcoming hurdles.

Credit: pantera_tattoos

3. Lion tattoo with crown and roses

Want to play around a little with your lion with a crown tattoo? Add some red roses to it, and the resultant image will be super attractive and elegant, with the roses adding a completely new style element. Symbolizing your bond to loved ones also represents loyalty and a sense of being protective towards family or loved ones.

Credit: adamlorusso

Credit: ahbeesiang_bugistattoo

4. Lion with bohemian crown tattoo

Bohemian vibes are superb, and they add fun to any tattoo, so if you are looking for a lion tattoo on the chiller side, get a bohemian crown drawn on top of it. Owned by royalty, the lion tattoo in Egyptians symbolizes balance. The detailed lion tattoo ideas also come as a common symbol of masculinity, fertility and love.

Credit: officialevtvacaville

5. Lion with a crown of thorns tattoo

As a symbol of Christianity, it represents a belief in Jesus Christ and also many cultures feel the same. For the value of caretaking and showing courage and power, a crown of thorns can have different meanings. Simply viewing a sign of the true animal kingdom, the lion tattoo with crown tattoo designs as body art is meant for religious symbol or regal sentiment or remembrance.

Credit: sanches_tattooer

6. Lion tattoo with camp crown

Elegant and straightforward defines a camp crown the best; get a lion tattoo with a camp crown if you want something similar. It has a charm that is pleasing to the lion eyes tattoo. Making good use of strength, giving a realistic touch to the beautiful tattoo outlined in dark black gives a keen interest in getting one.

Credit: tattoo_switz

7. Lion with a crown on hand tattoo

What can make your hand look more challenging than it already is? The lion tattoo ideas with a golden crown on its head, the fierce look of the beard and the long hair of the lion will enhance the tattoo even more. It is not just the location but inking and shading your hand makes the tattoo incredible and stunning to affect your style and fashion statement.

Credit: Ksink_tattoostudio

Credit: taes.tattsss

8. Lion with a crown on the back tattoo

The best place on your body to get a large tattoo or small lion tattoo is your back; you can get a lion with a crown tattooed on it as big as you want. Back tattoos are a masterpiece and represent creativity with a gentle and large canvas to get an incredible tattoo design. Show the exquisite details off when you go shirtless during your next beach vacation.

Credit: zoefowletattoo

9. Lion with astral crown tattoo

A heavenly crown is a ruler’s true identity; when you combine it with the ruler of the jungle, you can get a mesmerizing tattoo that is difficult to take your eyes off of. Symbolizing strength, courage, balance, hope and power, portraying a lion with sophisticated and excellent tattoo design requires no description.

Credit: inksterchad

10. Angry lion with a crown tattoo

The angry lion tattoo can help you highlight the other side of your personality. It signifies bravery and courage. When topped with a crown, the magnificence is multiplied and looks splendid. Thinking of fierceness, power and aggression appeal, the tattoo design with all the details and depth made in black and white ink looks impressive.

Credit: Tattoozbybrettgordon

Credit: villagepoptattoo

11. Votive crown lion tattoo

The design of a votive crown is very delicate and beautiful. It will look amazing when paired with a lion tattoo. The resulting look will have the perfect combination of strength and softness. The lion tattoo designs for men are considered an ideal style with a keen interest in ancient cultures and mythology.

Credit: cabeza_de_toro_tattoo_studio

12. Peaceful lion with a crown tattoo

Lions do not always have to be ferocious. They can be peaceful animals as well. So if you are calm and want the same to reflect via a tattoo, a mild lion tattoo with a crown will suit you a lot. The excellent idea with beautiful and elegant design gives a lucky charm or a symbol of protection and prosperity. The crown tattoo meaning can also be a particular design of Leo tattoos with unique combination and eye catching design.


13. Abstract lion with crown tattoo

Abstract tattoos look fabulous, especially when you get a lion with an abstract crown tattoo. You can bet that it’ll look amazing, but make sure that your best tattoo from a tattoo artist is an expert who can perfectly ink the design on your body. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a big mistake.

Credit: eyecanditattoos

14. Lion with Bavarian crown tattoo

Bavarian crowns are stunning, and a lion with a Bavarian crown tattoo on the back of your hand or forearm will attract the attention of many lovely ladies. Representing boldness, dominance and control with intricate detailing portraying the entire tattoo design with inspirational thoughts.

Credit: gauravinc.official

15. Grey and black lion with crown tattoo

Yes, colorful tattoos look amazing, but nothing can match the vibes of black and grey color. A lion with a crown tattoo in grey and black shades looks every bit elegant. Adding a bold color look with grey and black ink detailing representing string characteristics gives stunning appeal. You can get creative with different styles, designs and meanings.


Credit: highsocietytattoo

16. 3D lion tattoo with crown

3D tattoos can make any design come alive on your skin. For example, a 3D lion tattoo with a crown screams strength and fierceness; the best part – it will look so natural as if the lion is a part of you. The fascinating tattoo idea gives an impressive look, making it an actual tattoo design with intricate detailing from professional tattoo designs for men.

Credit: mikestatuering

17. Lion with crown and quote tattoo

Another unique way of styling your tattoo is by adding quotes to it, for example, passages like “A lion is called a ‘king of beasts’ obviously for a reason” or “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” Many more popular ones are available all over the internet; you can also make some words or lines up on your own and get them inked.

Credit: leetattooxii

18. Lion with color crown tattoos

To show the value of a crown, the mighty creatures also compared themselves with the majestic animals. A way to add a twist to your lion with a crown tattoo is by making the crown colored. It is a new and refreshing idea that will make you look different from the rest.  

Credit: ivan_cvetkovic_tattoo

19. Color lion with a crown tattoo

Just shuffling the previous suggestion, you can also get the crown in black and grey and get the face of the lion colored instead. No matter which of the two you choose, it will turn out to be perfect. Popular among the monarchy and Christian beliefs, it symbolizes balance.


20. Lion with a royal crown tattoo

While talking about crowns, how can we ever forget the royal crown, which is the valid symbol of royalty? The detailed and striking tattoo design, especially the crown, is widespread and exciting. You can get a lion with a royal crown on your forearm, entire arm, back or hand. It will look good almost anywhere.

Credit: tommylovetattoo

21. Lion with circlet crown tattoo

It is valuing the strength of the tattoo marks endless and unbeatable power. Owned by royalty, getting this tattoo is a great way to get ambitious traits similar to the animal. Circlet crowns are gorgeous; their detailing makes them look even better, so why not add it to a lion tattoo and get it etched on your body? It sounds like a great idea, right.

Credit: dorian.bakalov

22. Lion with a crown on the forearm tattoo

The best way to flex those forearm muscles of yours is by tattooing a lion with a crown on them; make sure that the lion looks as fierce as you are. Also, tattoo artists usually request colorful, powerful lion tattoos with depth and detailing to showcase the tattoo design. That’s precisely what a roaring lion tattoo should sound like!

Credit: Oldman_tattoostudio

Credit: alankara_tattoo

23. Lion with raven crown tattoo

The kings of Bhutan wore raven crowns. So if you want a unique touch in your lion with a crown tattoo, have a raven crown made. The raven and the lion’s combined energy will serve looks that can kill. Symbolizing a brave act, choosing a tattoo with complete trust from the tattoo artist gives a distinctive look.


24. Lion with Egyptian crown tattoo

The crowns worn by Egyptian pharaohs and deities are famous around the world. So, it is another good idea to get a lion tattoo with an Egyptian crown. The design will look lovely while being a wild animal design. As a symbol of power, respected in Roman mythology, the tattoo is associated with love, protection and balance building guardianship.

Credit: yahkuu

25. Couple lion tattoo

The love and passion that a couple has for each other are in no way lesser than a lion and lioness. So, it makes up for a great couple tattoo. You can restyle your lion tattoos as king and queen tattoos by adding crowns to them. The protective and robust bond helps enthusiasts make a couple of lion tattoo ideas. Also, including male lions and female lions gives more power and style to your tattoo design.

Credit: erdeiniki_tattoo

26. Ethiopian crowned lion tattoo design

Mentioned in different cultures as a representative of the Emperor of Ethiopia, the lion is considered one of the highest in culture. In addition to the connection of Ethiopian culture or Ethiopian heritage, the important symbol of tattoo design is based on the love, respect and tolerance of all creatures on Earth. The tribal lion tattoo with the addition of colors to the Ethiopian Flag makes the tattoo lively and expresses your love.

Credit: laylahege

27. Lion with a floral crown tattoo

Who said a lion with crown tattoos could only be masculine? A floral crown over a lion tattoo looks fantastic on women. You can get it on your back, arm or chest tattoo as it looks great both ways. Whether for a minimalist or detailed tattoo design idea, the next level indicator of strength and sacrifice is always welcoming to the tattoo design.

Credit: soulstonetattooshop

28. Lion with a civic crown tattoo

With instinct designing and a detailed crown on the head of the lion, the dome gives more power and style to your tattoo design. The leafy look of civic crowns gives jungle feels to the maximum. They grace the head of the ruler of the wilderness; therefore, a lion with a civic crown tattoo is a beautiful idea.

Credit: jaynedoetattoo

Final words!

We hope these lions with crown tattoo designs will help you pick one that synchronizes with the inner you and accurately represents your loyalty and courage. Remember that no matter where you plan to get inked, this tattoo should be your go-to option as it looks good anywhere and everywhere.

The eye-catching design for men royal male lion royal ink ideas includes many favorite design ideas. The roaring lion tattoo design ideas, lion head tattoo, winged lion head, winged lion tattoo, lion chest tattoos inked on for men gives the evil spirits at bay. The lion’s face smaller tattoo design on rib cage drawing in geometrical shapes by tattoo artists gives an incredible appeal.

Also, make sure to share this fantastic idea with your friends. You never know who gets inspired by these and gets tattooed the next day.

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