82 Breathtaking Inner And Side Finger Tattoos For This Year

Dainty finger tattoos are a great way to express self-love, and there are a lot of meaningful tattoos that you can get on a finger. If you are looking for a tattoo that can be the first tattoo, you can go for a finger tattoo because these tattoos will not take too much space on your body.

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82 Breathtaking Inner And Side Finger Tattoos For This Year

Moreover, finger tattoos tend to fade away with time because fingers react differently to ink as every body part reacts differently to tattoos. Secondly, the finger is one of the most active parts of the body as we use our hands for many things.  

But there is something that you have to know about finger tattoos; these tattoos can be the most painful as our fingers have more nerve endings than any other body part, and usually, fingers do not have any layering of fat. Hence, the skin is fragile just after the bone, like our knuckles.

You can have a finger tattoo on the outside part of the finger visible to everybody, or you can have the tattoo between two fingers and hide it. However, a tattoo on the inner part of the finger is an unusual place for a tattoo, and significantly fewer people go for it. 

Small finger size tattoos are quirky designs and look elegant. Below are the best tattoo ideas for your finger.

Do not exfoliate, and keep your hands clean to maintain a finger tattoo.

82 Finger Tattoo Designs

1. Sunset Finger Tattoo

If you are a beach person and like to sit down watching that sunset will count as cute finger tattoos.

Credit: danieladventureland

2. Cycle Finger Tattoo Ideas

A small finger tattoo is what tattoo artists can draw in a cute doodle way or as an inner finger tattoo.

Credit: reggietherascal13

3. DOB Finger Tattoo

You may have the tattoo of your or your loved one Date of Birth. The DOB tattoo is a great way to show your love toward your loved one; it is beautiful and intimate.

Credit: masonsinkstudio

4. A Phrase Finger Tattoo Idea

You can get a meaningful phrase on your finger that holds you dear to you. For instance, you can get ” Old is gold” as an ambigram tattoo.

Credit: tattoovasquez

5. Cup Finger Tattoo Idea

Who doesn’t love coffee? Right. If it is also the first thing you do in the morning, you show your love for coffee by getting a small tattoo of a cup on your finger, and the people who love tea can also go for this one.

Credit: smabbygail

6. Small Airplane Finger Tattoo Design

Does the travel bug also bite you? Do you love traveling? Here is a way to show that you like to travel by getting a small catchy airplane. The symbolic meaning of an airplane is it represents the journey of your life.

Credit: karma_art_vl

7. Stars Tattoo Idea

 If you like nights and love stars, you can have a star made on your finger combined with other symbols representing night. You can have the star made in the regular pointy-ends shape, or you can even have them made in small round dots.

Credit: tattoosbestinspiration

8. Small Shape Tattoo

You can have a small tattoo of something that holds significance to you; it can be anything as random as a cup of coffee or a pizza slice. You can show your love for something in this unusual but exciting way.

Credit: kimri.rosewolf

9. Rose Finger Tattoo Design

A rose symbolizes the passion for love so that you can get this tattoo as a couple of tattoos, and there are various shapes in which you can get a rose; consult your body art person for the best rose petal design.

Credit: janey.imperfectartistry

10. Strawberry Finger Tattoo

This strawberry tattoo looks great on girls and is an excellent idea for a one-of-a-kind tattoo; you can get it in vibrant red and green colors. It is the symbol of feminine ideals and peace.

Credit: ssiko651002

11. Double Heart Finger Tattoo

People often choose colors to define their personality, so you can get two simple dainty hearts in two different colors that are your favorite, or you can get them in a simple contrast of red and black.

Credit: xoxo__nine

12. Heartbeat Finger Tattoo

A heartbeat tattoo is a symbol for the existence of life, you can get this tattoo to appreciate the life you have got, and you can also get it to show time is passing.

Credit: m.t.s.ngh

13. Silhouette Finger Tattoo Idea

A silhouette is also a fabulous tattoo idea, and you can get it in the shape of anything you are fond of. Use shadowy illustrations as a modern body art style.

Credit: nabeeltattooist

14. Infinity Finger Tattoo

The Infinity tattoo shows the eternal things in life; you can use this tattoo to establish an eternal bond in friendship or an eternal bond between lovers. Get a simple one made in black.

Credit: kamicak_tattoo

15. Fearless Finger Tattoo

Fearless, written in a unique font, looks impressive and tells about your personality that you are not afraid of trying new ventures of life and jump in with both feet to whatever challenge life throws at you.

Credit: luuellahh

16. Cute Ghost Tattoo

The cute ghost tattoo with a plain white sheet, used in cartoons to show a ghost, you can have it made in a doodle form; it looks great as a unique tattoo idea.

The symbolic meaning of a ghost tattoo can also be a spirit helper or a spiritual protector.

Credit: beautifulmisfitsllc

17. Diamond Finger Tattoo Idea

A diamond means that beauty is in the inner side. So you can get a diamond at the side of your finger in simple black, and you can even have two identical diamonds with your partner and deliver the strong message that gets past physical beauty.

Credit: skink_tattoos

18. Feather Finger Tattoo Idea

A feather tattoo at the side of your finger will mean you believe in courage, strength and wisdom, as these are the things that a feather symbolizes.

Credit: alt_and_delete

19. Sword Tattoo For Finger

A sword symbolizes bravery and strength, and it is a one-of-kind tattoo for a finger. So get a sword done on your finger today and show that samurai side of yours.

Credit: benyashadowtattoo

20. Luck Script Finger Tattoo

The words are written on your finger but uniquely, with each letter engraved on one single finger, so every time you make a fist, your tattoo pops out. If you think you have been lucky in life, then embrace it by getting a lucky tattoo.

Credit: base_illusion

21. Name Finger Tattoo

A name tattoo is a very intimate one; if you are getting this tattoo, then it means that you are very fond of that person. So it can be two lovers getting this tattoo, or it can be a father and daughter. Parents can get the name of their first child in the identical script.

Credit: smart_art_tattoos

22. A Small Heart Finger Tattoo

A heart symbol is a happiness and passion; you can either get a colorful, vibrant heart or a simple black one. Lovers usually get this tattoo.

Credit: tattoosbybats

23. Pine Tree Tattoo

Is Christmas the best time of the year for you? If yes, you can show your fondness for Christmas by getting a pine tree tattoo on the outside of your finger. The pine trees are symbols of long life and adaptability.

Credit: katiegirltattoo

24. Sunflower Finger Tattoo Idea

If you love nature and are a nature person, you can get a sunflower tattoo on your finger. The sunflower tattoo is for romance; you can get a bright yellow on the outer side of your finger.

Credit:  _jose_g_p_

25. Small Birds Finger Tattoo

Middle finger tattoos look the best and can also look like gypsy finger tattoos. It can signify that you like to travel.

Credit: kkateehansen

26. Ring Band Tattoo

There are many options to get a ring band if you go to a jeweler, but this one is an option that no jeweler can give.

Instead of getting the physical band, you can just tattoo them on your ring fingers. It may be an interesting way to show that you are owned.

Credit: chris99tattos

27. Cross Finger Tattoo

If you want to show your religious beliefs to the world, this is the perfect tattoo. A cross is the symbol of the ultimate sacrifice of Lord Jesus for human salvation.

If you are a believer in God and Christianity, then get it.

Credit: jaysickboy

28. Letter Finger Tattoo

You can have some meaningful initials engraved inside the skin so that when you open your hand in a particular way, the initials pop out. For example, you can have a specific person’s initials or just some meaningful letters.

Credit: inkbybailey

29. Anarchy Symbol Tattoo Idea

This is a tattoo that you can get to show your support for a particular movement and the change you want for your society for the better. For example, anarchy is the symbol of lawlessness due to the absence of government authority, and by getting this tattoo, you may show that you are against globalization.

Credit: asadboiwitdabimmer

30. Owl Finger Tattoo Design

An owl is for wisdom and mystery; there may be a moment in life when you made a hard decision, but it was life-changing for you with knowledge. You can use this tattoo to identify that moment or just get it for a mysterious tattoo.

Credit: lairdvega

31. Crescent Moon Tattoo Idea

The crescent moon is the ultimate symbol for women that they can have as it is the symbol for fertility, and women who are proud of being a mother can get this tattoo. It also represents that without women the life on earth can diminish.

Credit: wiccans_nook

32. Rose Wreath Skull Tattoo Idea

The skull symbolizes death, and if a person is wearing this tattoo, it means that they are not afraid of death. But there is a way to make this tattoo even more engaging by adding a rose wreath. The rose will add a feminine touch to the skull.

Credit: maecmirrortattoo

33. Ancient Symbol Tattoo

There are a lot of ancient symbols that you may choose from, and they will have some personal meaning to you related to your roots. Each culture has different characters with different purposes.

Credit: alejandro.delbon

34. Angel Finger Tattoo Idea

The angel tattoo with wings represents freedom and faith, you can have tiny wings etched onto your finger, and you can also have the date or name with wings which is a memorial tattoo. As a tribute in the memory of a loved one, you can get a tattoo in their remembrance.

Credit: vila__ink

35. Wolf Tattoo For Finger

A wolf tattoo is for spiritual protection and loyalty; a father can get this tattoo as the protectionist of his family, and even couples can get this tattoo to honor their commitment in the relationship.

Credit: quietstormart1

36. Camera Finger Tattoo Idea

Do you love portraits? Or clicking pictures? If yes, then you can show your love for the camera by getting a small camera tattoo at the side of your finger in a simple black outline form.

Credit: walt_dubbie

37. Guitar Finger Tattoo Idea

This one is a tattoo that musicians can get, not only of a guitar, but the person can also get a tattoo of any of his favorite instruments on his finger. If you are a guitarist, then this tattoo is definitely for you as every time you are on a stage playing, you can show off your tattoo.

Credit: justdohue

38. Music Symbol Treble Clef Tattoo Idea

If you love music, you can demonstrate your passion for it in this cute minimalistic way by getting a small music symbol on your finger; different music symbols represent different sounds. For example, you can get one on the side of a finger.

Credit: cosmotattoo_

39. Mountain Finger Tattoo

Do you love spending your holidays in the mountains? If yes, this might be the tattoo for you; it will define your love for mountains. You can have a mountain tattoo made unusually in simple black and pink ink.

Credit: elsa.jai.tattoos

40. Pirate’s Call Tattoo Idea

If you love to travel by seeing and have the knack of an explorer, then you can have a pirate’s call tattoo to show your interest, you have a small ship made on the finger, like a finger sleeve, or you can have a compass made or a ship steering wheel. There are a lot of different ship symbols that you can use; consult you, tattoo artist, for all ideas.

Credit: nicholasjamestattoo

41. Darling Script Finger Tattoo

The word darling written in simple font across the finger is a great tattoo idea for your lover; to make it even more romantic, you can have it written on the ring finger to complement the wedding ring.

Darling Script Finger Tattoo

Credit: mongdol1224

42. Quote Finger Tattoo Idea

Getting a small finger quote is also another great tattoo, and you can have something written with a loved one as a pair tattoo, and even parents can have it with their child’s name.

Credit: gwontoo_tatooer

43. Pineapple Finger Tattoo Style

The fruit is considered a symbol of warmth and hospitality and is generally taken as a symbol of affection. You can get a small pineapple tattoo in the plain black sketch or one made with vibrant colors.

As it is the symbol of affection you can get it for a best friend or couples can also get it.

Credit: petite_sirahh

44. Karma Script Finger Tattoo Style

The karma script finger tattoo makes a unique word tattoo, adding to the beauty of the tattoo by having it written on the middle finger or in a stylish font.

Credit: ateljearkosund

45. A Lotus Flower Finger Tattoo Design

The lotus symbolizes that worldly things are not the absolute pleasure in this world and symbolizes rising above temptation. So if you’ve seen a similar change in you and have known this ultimate truth of life and it has helped you become a better person, you can get this tattoo as a mark of that significant change in you.

Credit: petsy1981

46. Zodiac Sign Tattoo Idea

There are 12 astrological zodiac signs that you can choose from, and you don’t need to get a tattoo of your zodiac sign, but you can get a different one of a person you are fond of. Lovers can get this tattoo, or a mother can get it for her daughter.

Credit: infinity_tattoo_art

47. Space Finger Tattoo Idea

Another outer space tattoo idea, a simple rocket ship or an alien face, looks terrific and shows your interest in extraterrestrial things.

Credit: eviecrowetattoos

48. Simple Line Finger Tattoo

Well, here’s one very unique way of wearing a ring, because this tattoo will look like you are wearing a ring. So if you like wearing rings, then you can try this way. You can have the tattoo made so that it represents your favorite ring. You may even have the tattoo on all fingers.

Credit: calla_tatoo

49. Love Finger Tattoo Idea

If you believe that the most beautiful thing in the world is love, then you can get the word written in a simple font on your finger.

Credit: danileigh777

50. Skull Finger Tattoo

A skull is for death; if a person is wearing a skull tattoo, it implies that he is not afraid of death, and it has a gothic vibe to it if you have it made in a particular way.

You can have it made on the finger or even on your knuckle.

Credit: emilysandstattoo

51. Small Crown Tattoo Meaning

A crown tattoo is for glory, triumph and self-control and symbolizes strength. You can get a small crown etched at the side of a finger for a unique classy tattoo.

Credit: suresh_madushanka_tattoo

52. Miniature Star Tattoos

Small stars in simple black can get a single one or three stars in a row. The stars are the symbol of desire, guidance, honor and hope. You can wear a star tattoo to show your belief in these things.

Credit: sawyer_sticks

53. Peace symbol Finger Tattoo Idea

We all know that if more peace is spread worldwide, it can become a solution to many problems. So symbol tattoos never get out of fashion because it shows what you stand for, and if you also think that peace can help with things like peace, you can get this tattoo.

Credit: adaminktattooandsilver

54. Starry Night Finger Tattoo Idea

We all love to gaze onto the star-studded sky when the night is young. So show your love for the night sky by getting a starry sky tattoo on your finger.

Credit: _jose_g_p_

55. Quarter Moon Finger Tattoo Idea

The quarter moon symbolizes fertility and growth; if you are proud of your motherhood, you can wear this tattoo. But, unfortunately, it is also the symbol for manifestation.

Credit: sinbar_tattoo

56. Cupcake Finger Tattoo Design

The cupcake can represent our desire for what we aspire to be and want to become. Moreover, it is an excellent idea for a one-of-kind tattoo.

Credit: paulhtattoo

57. Arrow Finger Tattoo Idea

The arrow tattoo symbolizes someone’s skill in hunting, so if you are an outdoor person who spends time in the woods and knows how to hunt, then you can get this tattoo. Another symbolic meaning of the arrow tattoo is the direction in life, which means that you know the right path and give you the strength to proceed in life.

Credit: aurora.tattooo

58. The Roman Numerals Tattoo

You can get this tattoo in the roman numerals to signify some important day of your life, or you can even get a date etched as a memorial tattoo in memory of a loved one. Roman numerals look cool and different; even a couple can get the exact dates on their fingers.

Credit: poseidoninkdidim

59. Pencil Finger Tattoo Idea

A pencil tattoo does not have to mean that you are an artist or something, but it means that you are the one sketching your future, and you are working towards it. Moreover, it is a unique tattoo; I bet most of you haven’t seen someone with a pencil tattoo.

Credit: karitorres.tattoo

60. Simple Three Dots Tattoo

You can even get just a simple three dots tattoo on your finger; the three-dots are used to pay homage to the father, son and the Holy Spirit. But, again, this is related to Christianity, and other interpretations of this tattoo can be of heaven, earth, soul etc.

Credit: villu__

61. Abstract Flower Finger Tattoo

Dainty flowers look cute on girls and have a feminine touch, and flowers have been a symbol of natural beauty and love for ages now. You can get your favorite flower etched, or a simple abstract random flower also makes an extraordinary, meaningful tattoo.

Credit: nice.nice.nice_tattoo

62. ॐ Finger Tattoo Idea

ॐ is a sacred chant and mantra of the Hindu religion. It is written in Sanskrit script and is also the holy mantra of the Brahma, the almighty God. You can show your love and belief in the Hindu religion with this particular tattoo.

This one is a tattoo that people related to this religion have worn for ages now.

Credit: quintao.ink

63. Heart Stretched With A-line Tattoo

A simple heart that ends with lines similar to a lifeline will make us a great tattoo, and you can get this tattoo to show your love to a person and tell them they are your lifeline.

Credit: mellly_f._

64. Skyline Tattoo Idea

The skyline tattoo represents buildings and skyscrapers; getting this tattoo means you have some roots or connection to that particular place. You can also have a skyline tattoo of a dream city you always wanted to go to.

Credit: beardos_tattoocafe

65. Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Idea

Wedding bands are of all sorts, but this one is unique of them all, as you will get a tattoo of your favorite band shape instead of wearing a band physically. So couples can see this as an excellent option for wedding bands.

Credit: manu2013ela

66. Smiley Face Finger Tattoo

The smiley face is a fabulous idea for a minimalistic finger tattoo which is elegant and direct at the same time. The tattoo can mean that you believe in spreading happiness and believe in staying happy.

Credit: lollipoplomography

67. Leaf Finger Tattoo

A leaf tattoo symbolizes life and death; you can get a single or 2,3 leaves together on your finger in simple black ink. 

Credit: bootknifebrown

68. Card Symbol Tattoo

The card symbols symbolize fate, and you can get the logo of your favorite card in black or red. It is also a great couple tattoo idea where the male can get a K, and the female can get a Q.

Credit: hamiltontattooestudio

69. Elephant Finger Tattoo Idea

The elephant is the symbol of strength and loyalty; lovers can get this tattoo for showing their commitment to the relationship. Also, one can get this tattoo to give them the strength to go on in hard times.

Credit: chartrue

70. Musical Note Finger Tattoo

If you love music, then this tattoo is for you, there are different kinds of music notes, and you can choose some to get on particular fingers on the side, so when you do a specific movement, your tattoo becomes visible, or you can just get these knuckles, but knuckles tattoos hurt the most.

Credit: chaos_rising_tattoo_piercing

71. Cat Tattoo

The cat was considered the symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt; however, you can just get this tattoo if you have a pet cat and want to show your fondness for it. It can be an unusual way to show you pride in your motherhood.

Credit: ksenikastudio

72. Cross With Rosary Tattoo

You can show your religious beliefs with this cross tattoo, and if you get with the rosary, it can mean that you pray to your God. The cross is the symbol for the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for human salvation, and the beads in the rosary mark the number of prayers that are to be recited. If you are Christian, then you can get this tattoo.

Credit: fernxndojrtatts

73. Directions Finger Tattoo

The direction tattoo symbolizes the infinite possibility; it also represents the present, past and future. You can have a simple black line etched on your finger or a compass added with the tattoo to add more significance to your tattoo.

Credit: shorty_ink_

74. A Peacock Feather Tattoo Idea

The peacock is the symbol of luxury, beauty and loyalty. This tattoo has a feminine touch and is excellent for women who need to remind themselves of the value of self-love and acceptance.

The peacock tattoo looks elegant and dates back to the old times when it was used for scripting as a pen.

Credit: kingsmantattoos

75. Tribal Design Finger Tattoo

The tribal tattoo design can vary from culture to culture and have different meanings; it can represent traits of a person or represent strength and power. In ancient times they were also used as a mode of communication.

Credit: elenaskinlab

76. Fearless Tattoo Design

The fearless script written is a unique word tattoo, and shows your brave personality, you can even add a lion face with it.

Credit: stefanytattoos

77. Prayer Beads Tattoo

Here is another tattoo to show your faith and devotion for Jesus; get a design like a rosary is wrapped around the finger.

Credit: helen_tinc_etherington

78. Sun Finger Tattoo Idea

Sun is the symbol for light and renewal. Yet, you can get a simple sun tattoo on the side of your finger, or you can get a sun tattoo with the words written “you are sunshine,” this tattoo will be for a particular person that brings light to you when you see them no matter how gloomy your day was. So if you happen to have such a person in your life, you can get this tattoo to appreciate them; a father can get it for his daughter.

Credit: konoplevaya_tattoo

79. Alien Crop Finger Tattoo Design

If you fantasize about the outer world and are curious about the things of outer space, then you can get this alien crop tattoo. There are a lot of different styles from which you can choose; a simple UFO also looks excellent.

Credit: x_sambam_x

80. Happiness Script Tattoo

Getting happiness written in the simple font on your finger is a great tattoo idea if you look for a minimalistic tattoo. Seeing this tattoo every time will manifest happiness for you and those around you.

Credit: americantattoocapriolo

81. A Broken Heart Dainty Finger Tattoo

If you are lost in love, this is a fantastic way to express it; you can get a tattoo with a crack between a heart. People do many different things after they have lost in love; this can be your recreational coping method.

Credit: alicampiontattoos_

82. A Half Heart Finger Tattoo

This one is a couple’s tattoo idea; they can get identical-looking half hearts as a pair so that when they are together and join their hands, the tattoo forms the whole core, an excellent idea for a romantic tattoo. You can express your love to the world and show that you are proud of it.

Credit: andyjames123


What are finger tattoos?

Finger tattoos are small ink drawings placed on top of the skin or get punctured under the skin that is on the inner side. You want to get an ornate or a plain design; there are many designs available, and they can be permanent or temporary tattoos.

Why are finger tattoos a bad idea?

A finger tattoo has a risk of a blowout because the skin on the finger is fragile. The finger has several nerve endings, and the surface is primarily thin near and around the finger. The tattoo artist will usually spread the finger while tattooing, which will make the skin even more delicate, and it may result in the spreading of ink.

Do finger tattoos stay forever?

If we take an average of finger tattoos lasting on people, then it will be about six to eight-month, and in some unusual cases, they may even just stay for one or two months. Tattoos done on fingers do not last that long because we use our hands for many things, and our fingers are the most exposed to friction, sun, water, etc.

What does a tattoo on your middle finger mean?

The tattoo on the middle finger or the ring finger is the best place to get a finger tattoo because getting it in the middle often means a commitment to a romantic partner.

Does a finger tattoo hurt?

As we use our hands and fingers so often, we have a lot more nerves in our fingers than in some other body parts. This means that finger tattoos tend to hurt slightly more than tattoos anywhere else on your body.

How much would a finger tattoo cost?

The cost of your finger tattoo will mostly depend on your tattoo artist’s placement, design, and expertise; however, on average, a finger tattoo will cost around 50$-100$. But in a finger tattoo, the retouching cost may add up as these do not last long enough compared to other tattoos.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tattoo that you can get as your first tattoo, you are at the right place because these tattoos will not cover up much space and will use significantly less ink with meaningful design. You can choose one finger tattoo from these fantastic designs.

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