86 Remarkable Lion Tattoos As Chest Tattoos

Animal tattoos have become a popular choice now among tattoo enthusiasts, and in animal tattoos, the lion is typical because it gives a lot of people strength. People often compare their personality to some animal, and if someone is comparing them to a lion, it can mean courage and bravery.

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86 Remarkable Lion Tattoos As Chest Tattoos

The lion tattoo can mean different things for men and women because you may know that the lioness is the one that does hunting and feeds her family, so the trait changes the significance.

86 Lion Chest Tattoo Ideas

1. Japanese Yellow color Lion Tattoo On Chest

Adding yellow color to the lion tattoo will add more to the tattoo in a vibrant way and bring more life.

Image: @annytattoostudio

2. Japanese Yellow Lion Tattoo Design

Another great way of using the yellow color and with it you can even add the color red to it with the koi fish or other Japanese culture-related symbol to add more drama to the tattoo. 

Image: @jacopo_isella

3. Significant Lion Roar Tattoo On Chest

The roar of the lion is what makes him the most powerful animal in the jungle because the roar of the lion is full of valor and power. You can get a lion with his mouth wide open and roaring like a king.

Image: @inksinna

4. Trendy Tribal Lion Tattoo

You can have the side face of the lion with good shading and detail of black and grey.

Image: @maggietattooartist

5. Lion & Two Cubs Tattoo Idea

A lion is committed to his pack and a tattoo with cubs will show exactly the same.

Image: @oliveandweston

6. Lion And Clock Tattoo Idea

The clock is for life and death; it reminds you that you should enjoy every moment and live your life to the fullest.

Image: @martintattookm

7. Lion And Cross Tattoo Style

You can also have a cross tattoo; if you are a firm believer in Christianity, you can wear a cross to show your faith in God. For example, get a lion tattooed, and in the lion, you can have a cross; it is also a symbol of the ultimate salvation of Jesus for human sins. 

Image: @gerardcollettetattoo

8. Lion And Cross, Lilly Tattoo Idea

Below is a memorial tattoo as a person standing above a grac reminisces the memory of his loved one and the lily is also used for death so that the departed soul receives peace in the heaven abode.

Image: @bogdanvodatattoo

9. Lion And Wording Tattoo Style

A lion tattoo will give you strength, and you can also add a quote with your tattoo, some meaningful words.

Image: @americantaekwondobrookfield

10. Lion Face Tattoo 

You can have a half-face of a lion on one side of your chest.

Image: @ali.cheikh.tattoos

11. Griffins And Lion Tattoo Idea for Chest

Griffins are mythological creatures that have been a part of artwork and folklore for a long time now, and they have been used for strength and determination as tattoos, and when combined with a lion tattoo, it shows valor.

Image: @karma_ink_bali

12. Outstanding Cheetah And Lion Tattoo

The cheetah is for agility and shows that you may be a runner, so getting a cheetah tattoo with a lion tattoo can mean that you have courage and are fast.

Image: @jimleclerctattoo

13. Wonderful Lion Tattoo Chest

The mighty lion in black and white with his beautiful mane on one chest looks incredible.

Image: @chrismesa32

14. Roaring Lion Skulls Tattoo Idea

Skulls are for death, and getting a roaring lion tattoo can mean that you are brave and dare to face death and are not afraid of it. 

Image: @thegrindtattooshop

15. Roaring Lion Head Tattoo Design

The Watercolor Lion tattoo will be like a painting done on a canvas with splashes of black color around the tattoo.

Image: @inkbyangelikas

16. Japanese Lion Tattoo Idea

The Japanese tattoo often has a dual meaning; it has something to do with a dog and a lion with protection, strength and loyalty as its symbol.

Image: @geomechtric

17. Japanese Lion Tattoo Design

The Japanese lion tattoo can also be done differently; you can have it as a full chest tattoo.

Image: @mihaelgubanc

18. Lion Face Chest Tattoo Design

You can add transition or variation to your tattoo. The artist can add his creativity to the tattoo and add symbols or a slash-cut in between the face of the lion to create an authentic tattoo. 

Image: @candacereidtattoo

19. Lion King Tattoo With Crown

The crown represents glory, triumph and self-color, so a tattoo of a lion with a crown shows he is the king of the jungle and amplifies his glory.

Image: @andrii_rybchenko

20. Lion Rose And Dog Tattoo

The Dog is known as the man’s best friend and if you get it with a lion’s face with a hint of some vibrant color facing each other looks amazing. 

Image: @zlaya_panda69

21. Simple Lion Tattoo Idea

With the shade of skin tone and black, you can make the picture of tree roots near the mane area of the lion to give it a different look.

Image: @tattootinus

22. Good looking Lion Tattoo Idea

The handsome lion made artistically is a great tattoo. 

Image: @marraink

23. Lion King Tattoo With Rose

You can portray the lion king face with roses added on the side, or you can even add stars or any other significant meaning symbol with it.

Image: @tattoo_chris_76

24. Lion Portrait Tattoo Idea

The normal portray of a tiger roaring in black and white.

Image: @bill.htattooart

25. Lion Tattoo With Unicorn

This a fantastic and a very unique design at the same time, where the half face is made with a tribal lion face and other the normal lion face, look at this for an antique tattoo. 

Image: @selina_ink

26. Lion Tattoo Style For Men

You can have a big tattoo covering the entire chest and reaching till the sternum are, and you can have it in a sketch form or a doodle form.

Image: @cockasnook

27. Lion Tattoo Design For Chest

A one-of-kind tattoo design for a chest with alluring graphics lets you make a cross to the tattoo for a dramatic touch, and adding blood-red roses on both sides might also be a good idea.

Image: @jackttattoo

28. Lion Face Tattoo Design

The handsome face of the lion with his beautiful mane looks as if it is combed in a certain way or whisking in some direction with the wind. You add a dragon tattoo with it.

Image: @tattoosbychelseajoell

29. Lion Face Tattoo Idea

The lion face on the base of a black heart will make a one-of-a-kind tattoo, and if you have it in black and white in skin tone contrast, it looks fantastic.

Image: @ali.cheikh.tattoos_

30. Simple Lion Tattoo Design On Chest

This one is a simple lion head with a crown roaring in action.

Image: @marcos_1984_tattoo_estudio

31. Lioness Head Tattoo On Chest

The lioness’s head can also become your tattoo choice as it is the symbol of a provider; you can make your tattoo on a background that has a shade of the terrain where they are found.

Image: @don_galvis

32. Lion Head Tattoo In Clock

You can have the lion head inside the clock and add the gear icon with the clock to give the tattoo a little raw geometric look. 

Image: @markedbymorellitattoos

33. Lion Tattoo Design Style

Simple grey lion with a grave look on his face.

Image: @canalsidetattoo

34. Lion Tattoo Body Art

You can add flowers to the side of the lion’s face for a unique tattoo.

Image: @darkchildtattoo

35. Lion Tattoo As Chest Body Art

A big tattoo can be made to start at the center of the chest and extend towards the shoulder.

Riaan: _loquito__ink

36. Lion Tattoo Black Ink

Have a black background, and on it, you can use the contrast of black and white.

Image: @diwakarsathish

37. Lion Tattoo Front Face

Have made an angry face of the lion and then add extra design coming out of the mane.

Image: @inkdup.mads

38. Lion Tattoo For Chest Idea

You can use the lion face as a covering tattoo, like if you had a name or tattoo on your chest that you think is no longer required.

Image: @smokeninktattoos

Image: @borrowed.time.tattoo

39. Lion Tattoo For Muscular Chest

On a well-built chest, the tattoo can take a 3D shape and also, the mighty lion with a roaring mouth will suit best.

Image: @prancing_rabbit

40. Lion Winged Tattoo Design

Lions symbolize ferocity and wings are for freedom, so you can have a lion face in the middle and beside the face two angel wings with the face in the centre of your chest.

Image: @vincentkimravalobolar

41. Maori Style Lion Tattoo Idea

The Maori tattoo style is an ancient tattoo art style which was a culture of Polynesian tribes and was used to indicate their personality and identity, so combined with a lion head it can mean that you have the strength to stand for a just cause.

Image: @ginseventyone

42. Minimalist Lion Tattoo Idea

Do you like the minimalist kind of body art form? If yes, then this lion tattoo can be the ideal choice for you as you can choose a sketching art form with minimal use of dark color.

Image: @etherealvision_tattoogoddess

43. Lovely Lion Tattoo On Chest Idea

You can have a lion, and a lioness combined tattooed on your chest when they have a soft touch.

Image: @andypaytattoo

44. Nice Looking Lion Tattoo

Here is one more excellent way of getting a lion and the lioness, when the tiger roars at an enemy while protecting his queen and the lioness acknowledges the moment in an embrace.

Image: @revolutiontattoostudio

45. Polynesian Lion Tattoo Design

This tattoo art culture dates back to the ancient time when tribal people used tattoos to communicate specific details.

Image: @aartaccentnola

46. Polynesian Lion Tattoo Art

Inspired by the Maori tattoo style culture.

Image: @doviel

47. Lovely Angry Lion Tattoo

Again, this is another simple classic example of getting the lion’s face on one side of the chest.

Image: @mandystefanie

48. Significant Lion Tattoo For Your Chest

Rather than having the whole lion tattooed on you, you can have the face of the lion, and the paws made with him resting its face on the feet.

Image: @dtf_tattoo

49. Admirable Lion Tattoo On Chest

The angry face of the lion combined with some ancient design looks impressive.

Image: @whitsundaytattooingairliebeach

50. Polynesian Lion Tattoo On Chest For Men

If you want a lion tattoo and want it to be completely different from others, you can look at the Polynesian lion art tattoo archive for a great choice.

Image: @roystattoos

51. Extract And Lion Tattoo

You can even add a quote or a favorite line beside the face of the lion, something meaningful to you.

Image: @devils_ink_tattoos

52. Lion Head Realistic Tattoo

Add mild red and yellow to your lion tattoo.

Image: @ali.cheikh.tattoos

53. Lion and Wording Tattoo Idea

With a lion tattoo, you can get a quote or wording close to your heart or give you strength.

Image: @calencurley

54. Naturalistic Lion Face Tattoo On Chest

Adding vibrant colors and contrast to the tattoo will give the lion tattoo a realistic look.

Image: @aaronmanuel_artist

55. Leo Zodiac Chest Sign Tattoo

The lion is also the zodiac sign for Leo’s, so you can even get a lion clubbed with a Leo sign. 

Image: @melissa_daye

56. Lioness Tattoo

A lioness tattoo has a greater meaning to it; the lioness is the provider of the family; it feeds her cubs and takes care of the lion as she is the one that goes for a hunt. 

Image: @inkcartel_

Image: @sadyeltattoo

57. 3D Lion Tattoo Design

The brown lion tattoo with apt shading will make it close to a realistic lion, making it vivacious.

Image: @benny_tattoo

58. Lion With Other Big Cats

You can see a lion tattoo with other big cats like the leopard, jaguar or the tiger. A combo of these big cats across the whole chest looks fabulous.

Image: @liontattoos

59. Suitable Lion Tattoo

The lion looking at his face in the water and about to drink water with his tongue out and about to quench his thirst is also a great idea for an antique.

Image: @luciatattooartist

60. Superior Tribal Lion Tattoo

The side face of the lion has significantly less detailing and has a proper design with black ink pieces that form the shape of the lion.

Image: @inknart99

61. Original Crown Lion Tattoo 

The crown on a king is there for a purpose that shows his monarchy and his power distinguished from others; similarly, the lion is the king of the jungle. 

Image: @pedromarin_tattoo

62. Outline Lion Tattoo Idea

The simple outline of a lion in a sketch, like a drawing, is done on white paper with simple black ink.

Image: @818inkaddictiontattoo

63. Exceptional Men Lion Tattoo On Chest

Get your tattoo artist to work on the mane of the lion properly for a gorgeous tattoo.

Image: @pedroeman_tattooart

64. Polynesian Lion Tattoo Idea

This one is another example of the old design look put in use.

Image: @rick_coito_tattoos

65. Reconstruct Roaring Lion Tattoo Style

If you have a scar on your chest then you can use a lion roar tattoo to cover that scar tissue.

Image: @michal_y

66. Roaring Lion Tattoo Style Idea

The black lining tattoo on the chest with all the tattoos in black and the eye in yellow-orange color makes a significantly different tattoo.

Image: @rickytate_

67. Mighty Lion Tattoo On Chest

The mighty king in his superior form.

Image: @ashleyntattoo

68. Roaring Lion Tattoo For Men’s Chest

You can have a group of lions moving in a group of 2-3 to create an artistic impression, and you can have the whole chest covered with a giant tattoo.

Image: @armaan_tattooz_gotan

69. Skeletons And Lion Tattoo Idea

A skeleton is for showing that you have the ability to carry on for hard times and move forward more robustly, and the lion is also the symbol for strength. You can add colors to the tattoo to create an artistic impression.

Image: @tattoozbybrettgordon

70. Small Lion Head Tattoo Design

A small lion head in a tiny form is an excellent idea for a minimalistic tattoo. 

Image: @anandtattoo_

71. Small Lion Silhouette Tattoo On Chest

Get this one just as a tiny lion tattoo in the form of a silhouette that looks like a work of doodle.

Image: @rj_tattoo_street

72. Surprising Lion Tattoo For Chest

Get a mixture of colors like red, yellow and brown for the face of the lion; it will look brilliant.

Image: @1819tattooco

73. Traditional Lion Tattoo Idea

Blazing colors with a twist and using red and blue as highlights to prepare the whole tattoo, and you can have made the lion with half-dragon look with the nose of a dragon plus teeth like one.

Image: @alexandramaria.rada

74. Tribal Lion Head Tattoo Style

Tribal designs never go out of style, using simple black ink to surround the head with unique designs.

Image: @kukukobain

 75. Tribal Lion Tattoo On Chest Idea

A raw sketch with unfinished details will also look like a great tattoo design.

Image: @robynlynboschart

76. Unique Grey Ink Lion Tattoo Idea

A light grey sketch on the chest is one of a kind.

Image: @inkstainedtattoo

77. Unique Lion Tattoo Black and White

The lion roaring in anger with its teeth wideout and precise detailing is done on the teeth with white.

Image: @ellie_astartattoos

78. King Lion With Crown Tattoo

This tattoo is a king lion tattoo, but with a twist here, you can add the half face of a human king with a lion face and a crown on top of it.

Image: @dmunguia_tattoos

79. Watercolor Lion Tattoo Design

Just make the face of the lion recognizable and surround it with a mixture of colors that is for the mane but without actually making the design of the hair.

Image: @dhira_tattoo

80. Winged Lion Tattoo Idea

This tattoo is another style of getting a lion with wings tattoo with angel wings and good detailing.

Image: @top_tattoo2015

81. Wings And Lion Tattoo Style

Usually, the wings are for freedom, but they also symbolize speed, so a lion’s head combines with the ferocity of the lion.

Image: @lidofossil

82. Fabulous Crown And Lion Tattoo Idea

The crown shows that the lion is the king of the jungle, and you with this tattoo can show that you are the king of your world.

Image: @scott_scholes_tattoo

83. Outlandish Lion Tattoo Design 

You can have the face of the lion half in black ink and the other half in different colors watercolor style; it will make a fabulous unique tattoo.

Image: @tattoohandsome

84. Lion Tattoo With Claw Design

The lion tattoo with its claws depicts the damage a lion can create by thumping one ferocious foot on someone.

Image: @ufc_tattoos


What are lion tattoos?

The lion tattoos are for bravery; if a person is wearing this tattoo, it can showcase the courage of the bearer, that he is not afraid of the little things in life. It is a mark of a fearless individual who overcomes a challenge through courage.

Why do guys get lion tattoos?

The lion tattoo is a popular choice among men because it is for dominance, strength, confidence, and there is a reason they are known as the king of the jungle.

How much would a lion tattoo cost?

A lion tattoo can take various sittings; it all depends on the kind of design you choose, it can even be the work of 2-3 hours, but the cost of the tattoo can vary from 150$-400$.

What does a lion tattoo on the chest mean?

You can often find lion tattoos on men, as they represent masculinity and strength. This is particularly true when the lion tattoo is on a man’s chest. A tattoo on your chest symbolizes a brave and strong character.

What does a lion and rose tattoo mean?

The lion and the rose tattoo, when done together, show the balance between soft and robust and masculinity and femininity. It shows the ultimate truth and balance in life that you have to be gentle and firm in life.

Bottom Line

The lion tattoo is a popular choice among men because it is the ultimate symbol of strength, and there are many ways of getting one. In this post, you can choose one interesting tattoo for yourself. 

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