63 Awesome Leopard Print Tattoo For Best Inking On Shoulder

Leopards are pretty famous for a tattoo option. There are very few available from the cat family and are renowned for their strength and power. So it is no wonder that people love these tattoos etched on their skin; not only leopards, but the leopard print is also trendy. Tattoo lovers try leopard print with different designs, and those leopard prints in those designs enhance the beauty of those tattoos.

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63 Awesome Leopard Print Tattoo For Best Inking On Shoulder

Leopards are famous for their strength, power, ability to face the situation, etc. The leopard print shows these qualities of leopards. The yellow skin with random black patterns will look mind-blowing on the skin. In addition, they are known for their fantastic speed and attacking skills, and wearing the leopard print tattoo symbolizes these characteristics. You may combine these prints with other designs you like, and you will love the results.

1. Black and Grey Leopard Tattoo

As we know, the leopard holds many characteristics like strength, power, confidence and there are few left on the earth from the cat’s family. They are less in number and don’t decrease their popularity. They look astonishing in grey and white color with shining eyes. 

Credit: marcocanelas_tattooartist

2. Lovely Black Leopard Print Tattoo

Just like leopard print clothing is widespread and shows confidence, sexuality, and nonconformity, the leopard print tattoo with black ink will blow your mind giving you goosebumps and will increase the confidence of the wearer.

Credit: tattoo.think.ink

3. Black And White Leopard Print Tattoo

The black and white leopard print tattoo is famous among men and women. Though the leopard print is a combination of yellow and brown, that doesn’t mean you can’t try with different colors. Try the leopard print me with white and black print. You may try a black outline tattoo and ask your designer to fill a few spots and leave a few empty with the only outline.

Credit: tattzbyb______

4. Coverup Leopard Print Tattoo

We know how beautiful and graceful the leopard skin pattern looks, making them a great choice to cover up your old ink with a new one. The leopard print skin will look stunning in every size, and trust me, and you will make some radiant addition that enhances the beauty of these leopard prints.

Credit: triedandtruetat2

5. Leopard Print Locket Tattoo

Girls love jewelry and a simple locket they would never want to meet. So, if this elegant locket looks that graceful, then there is no chance the locket tattoo will disappoint you. Try it yourself and fill the locket tattoo with leopard print into it, and you will love them to have.

Credit: inkaddictiontattoodoncaster

6. Leopard Print Lilies Tattoo

The Lillies embellished with leopard print will look magnificent on the shoulder. Combine two beautiful lilies, and they will represent devotion and purity together, and you may try your favorite colors to make them look more stunning. You may find inspiration for your following tattoo ideas from here.

Credit: tattoosbymarilyn

7. Leopard Print With Sunflower tattoo

A sunflower tattoo looks stunning in a medium-size, and trust me, when these beautiful sunflowers are combined with leopard print from both sides, they will look like a metaphor for floral wristwatches.

Credit: licensedtattooartist

8. Nice Leopard Print Scratch Tattoo On Right Shoulder

As we all know, leopards are known for their fast running. They can run up to 56 mph and jump up to 6 meters. In addition, leopards are known as predatory attackers and scratch their prey, so getting a scratched tattoo with the leopard print will be a fantastic idea to show that quality.

Leopard Print Tattoo

Credit: emmawillistattoos

9. Feminine Leopard Print Tattoo

Leopard prints are pretty popular among girls as we can often see them wearing leopard print clothes, but how about wearing the leopard print permanently on the skin. Sounds interesting, then don’t wait and get the leopard print tattoo on your shoulder and some other elements that make them look more feminine.

Credit: ed_sheffer

10. Rainbow Leopard Print Tattoo

Though we know that the leopards are mostly yellow-brownish with random black spots on their skin, one of the trendy leopard print designs, however, since we are talking about tattoos, there is no rule to follow blindly, which is accurate only. We can customize our designs by adding rainbow colors to leopard print like orange, making it more vibrant and flashy.

Credit: spreadeagletattoo

11. Nice Leopard Print Girl Power Tattoo

As discussed earlier, leopard print stands for confidence, independence, and power; how about wearing all three qualities every time. Yes, you can flaunt your traits with the leopard print tattoo. For example, you may try for a girl tattoo who will be wearing leopard print clothing and show these qualities’ possession.

Credit: kaybowmantattoo

12. Pink Watercolor Leopard Print Tattoo

Instead of opting for a yellow leopard, another beautiful but creative design to try on the shoulder, go for a pinkish leopard with an angry look. You would love to have this wild but fierce animal on your skin. One can combine cheetah and leopard prints in one tattoo in color like orange with cheetah print spots.

Credit: trashabilly1111

13. Leopard Print And Red Roses Design Tattoo

Red roses symbolize love, romance, and passion, whereas the leopard stands for killer instinct, manipulation, skills, and strength. They have their unique qualities, and if you have these qualities hidden inside, you go for them combined and let your tattoo speak for yourself.

Credit: permagrafix

14. Stunning Leopard Print Hand Tattoo On Shoulder

Combining the manicured beautiful hands with the pattern of leopard print looks mind-blowing. You may try opting for a pair of two hands or a single hand, and you will be stunned to see the beauty of these stunning tattoos.

Credit: crucibletattooco

15. Leopard Print With Circus Theme Tattoo

Every one of us has seen the circus in childhood with the beautiful and vibrant colors. They look astonishing to the eyes, and your tattoo artist can show his designing skills in combining with the circus theme tattoo.

Credit: sknapp_tattoos

16. Cover Up Leopard Tattoo

Blue roses stand for imagination, mystery, impossibility, etc. The customized leopard print with black and purple color will make a perfect blend of colors to cover your old ink. But don’t trust me blindly, and you will love the outcome.

Credit: theinkdoll

17. Leopard Print With Butterfly Tattoo

To attain the beautiful leopard print tattoo, go creative and try these coffee beans-themed leopard prints along with the beautiful butterfly, and you will be astonished to have them and the special meaning they hold.

Credit: suckytattoos

18. Leopard Print With Name Tattoo

If you love to wear off-shoulder tops, opting for a leopard print tattoo will make you look more confident and stylish. Give a try to red or pink leopard print with black and make it unique by carving your name along with it, and you will love the outcome.

Leopard Print With Name Tattoo

Credit: jawtattooer

19. Simple Leopard Print Tattoo

Going for a simple leopard print alone or combining it with other elements will look magnificent. But if you are not sure about your tattoo, then opting for a single leopard print with your choice will look ravishing.

Credit: elisa.cusan

20. Stunning Pastel Flower With Leopard Print Tattoo

Pastel color tattoo with Fineline and delicate drawing will look flashy on your shoulder. Combining the leopard print with a black inked outlined tattoo with vibrant colors will look fabulous.

Credit: cherrytudor_

21. Leopard Print Full Shoulder Tattoo

Confidence is one of the few things which makes a woman beautiful, and you can try for the leopard print full shoulder tattoos to enhance that beauty of yours. Opting for a black leopard print or a colored one won’t disappoint you.

Credit: vlad.yara_art

22. Huge Leopard Print Tattoo

People opt for a distinctive leopard print design to combine with other designs and the stunning looks delicate. They are famous for the grand aura that they reflect and trust me, you will love these designs.

Credit: redheaded_darling

23. Peonies With Leopard Print Tattoo

The peony flower represents good fortune, wealth, and prosperity, and it is a symbolic representation of significant results of great struggles. You may adorn these beautiful peony flowers with leopard print tattoos. They look extraordinary with colored and black ink.

Credit: bartice30

24. Scorpio With Leopard Print Tattoo

The Scorpio tattoo represents strong sexuality, power, loyalty, intimidation, and fear. Incorporating these leopard print tattoos with this will show incredible strength and look fantastic to the eyes.

Credit: dakastattoos

25. Leopard Print With Lipstick Tattoo

Girls and their love for make-up, no one can deny that. Optimizing these essential beauty products with a leopard printed heart like a beauty case will look stunning. For Instance, a beautiful red lipstick with a leopard print heart will give you a sense of boldness.

Credit: rachelritchietattoos

26. Lion Head With Leopard Print Tattoo

Lion head stands for the bravery and courage of the bearer, and incorporating leopard print shows the characteristics of both the animals. You may include the crown with the king lion head to show the king’s superiority and quality. You may choose a cheetah tattoo instead of a lion too. You may try two types of tattoos together, like the word hope, or any shape will look subtle and remarkable.

Credit: traceylconstant

27. Pocket Watch With Leopard Print Background Tattoo

The pocket watch tattoo symbolizes that every second is priceless, and it stands for the reminder of precious time. Combining it with the leopard print increases the beauty of these ultimate pocket watches. It is one of the best tattoo ideas around the world

Credit: nannyflostattoo

28. Dreamcatcher With Leopard Print Tattoo

Dreamcatchers have been known as the protection from evil eyes for ages, and the people who believe in this love to get them tattooed on the body. Resembling the dreamcatcher with leopard print will look jaw-dropping.

Credit: birdqueendesigns

29. Hibiscus And Leopard Print Tattoo

Hibiscus flower stands for royalty, power, and respect, and getting them tattooed with the leopard print will look mind blowing. Likewise, they will look stunning with the colored and clack ink both.

Credit: freebirdtattoos

30. Leopard Footprint And Scratch Tattoo

The killer’s instinct and ability to manipulate the situation are the leopard’s famous qualities. But if you don’t want the big leopard tattoo, then opting for a leopard print with scratches would look amazing as body art. These tattoos will look gorgeous on the leg, upper back, forearm, thigh, arm, etc.

Credit: addicted2tattoos1

31. Leopard Print Old School Flower Tattoo

We all know the popularity of old-school tattoos because they look fantastic with vibrant colors. You may also try the old-school flower tattoos with leopard print petals, and they will look astonishing in appearance.

Credit: shiratwig

32. Leopard Print Cat Tattoo

We know leopards belong to the cat family; however, they are big species but can’t stop you from getting a cat tattoo with leopard print. Yes, you heard it right. Try it now. They are pretty popular among amazing African cats.

Credit: fxovbuyjbalbb

33. Leopard Print Initial Tattoo

If you possess the quality of a leopard in your personality, then you would love the leopard print tattoo. You may ask your tattoo artist to show his tattooing skills with the tattoo, just like the picture shown, which is filled with leopard prints.

Credit: katies_cakeless_art

34. Leopard Print Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower stands for longevity, intelligence, and good luck, and combine it with the leopard print like the picture shown, and you will love these mesmerizing tattoos. They would look amazing on the shoulders. These tattoos will look gracefully decorated on your body.

Credit: kid_qik

35. Abstract Leopard Print Tattoo

The abstract tattoo doesn’t stand for showing any external beauty, but they try to achieve the final result through color, shapes, and textures. You may try this art with leopard print, and you will love the results.

Credit: outerexpressionsllc

36. Anchor With Leopard Print Tattoo

Anchor tattoo symbolizes strength, determination, and peace, and people often combine an anchor with flowers, roses, compasses. You may try these as well with the leopard print in the background.

Credit: mateobradley66

37. Leopard Print Batman Tattoo

The batman tattoos represent the hero of the night, often used to fear the criminal from the shining sky. However, they are usually made with black ink, but you may try filling leopard print in them.

Credit: robbietattoos

38. Leopard Print With Cartoon Character Tattoo

Since childhood, everyone has watched cartoons, and there is always a character we like the most. So what else could be a good choice than your favorite cartoon? Make it more attractive with colorful leopard print instead of traditional leopard print.

Credit: scottiedagger

39. Leopard Print Rainbow Feather Tattoo

The feather tattoo stands for the growth in life that you are spreading your wings to fly and achieve your dreams. Though they look mindblowing with white ink, you may combine them with leopard print, and you will love the outcome.

Credit: number13_with_a_view

40. Leopard Print With Roman Number Tattoo

We all have some important dates in our life which are unique to us, and we don’t want to forget them. So, tattooing these dates is a fantastic option for honoring those special days and dates. You may combine it with leopard print. 

Credit: tylerbudimlija

41. Rainbow Leopard Print Tattoo

A rainbow tattoo symbolizes the new phase of life and the ups and downs. If you feel you also have these qualitative conquering problems, you must try these tattoos with the leopard print, and you will love the outcome.


42. Leopard Print With Crown Tattoo

A crown tattoo shows triumph and glory. You may also opt for these tattoos with red and black leopard print in the background, and it will look mindblowing on the shoulders.

Credit: pebblesakajunior

43. Leopard Print Cowrie Shell Tattoo

In the north and south American region, the cowrie shell represents prosperity and destiny; however, in West Africa, they stand for fertility. You may make your cowrie shell tattoo creative with leopard print.

Credit: alekivz

44. Goat Skull With Leopard Print Tattoo

We all know the popularity of skull tattoos, but how about ornaments goat skull tattoo with leopard prints? Sounds interesting, then don’t wait and get it done now.

Credit: stephanhinrichtattoos

45. Nurse With Leopard Print Tattoo

Nursing is the noblest profession, and we all know how much they sacrifice for their job. However, tattoos are not allowed for every work, but yes, you can honor the nursing profession with the stunning nurse tattoo with the leopard print, and they look so beautiful.

Credit: hotrodtattooing

46. Leopard Print With Fleurdelis Tattoo 

The original meaning of Fleur De Lis is a lily flower, and they are symbolic metaphors for royalty and religion. If you are looking for something small, it is a good fit for you because you can use the leopard print for the background, and they will look extraordinary. You may try cheetah print lily tattoo on any body part, and they will look amazing.

Credit: r0bbiewils0ntatt00s

47. Colorful Skull With Leopard Print Tattoo

Sugar skull stands for the starting of a new life or the removal of negative things from life. They are often used to honor the departed souls of loved ones, and combining them with the leopard print makes them look astonishing. You can make your sugar skull as vibrant and colorful as you want.

Credit: greeneye_tattoos

48. Leopard Print With Eye Tattoo

Some people love to go for a detailed tattoo, while others opt for more straightforward tattoos. For Instance, the leopard print with the stunning and shining leopard eye tattoo will look ravishing. In addition, one can opt for a few inspirational words to combine them with these tattoos.

Credit: genybadass

49. Leopard Print Diamond Tattoo On Front Shoulder

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and this statement looks real when we think about the diamond tattoos on the shoulder or women. Of course, one may try to make them look amazing with leopard print within the diamonds, and they will look gorgeous.

Credit: iamdjmonkey

50. Perfume Bottle With Leopard Print Tattoo

The bold leopard print with the bottle of diamond-shaped perfume looks magnificent on the shoulder and represents that no matter what you want to choose but to combine with leopard print, they will never disappoint you.

Credit: tmacbrasstattoos

51. Leopard Print Heart Tattoo

The purple roses symbolize eternal love, and the heart stands for passion and romantic love. Etching the elements together on the skin will be a fantastic idea to honor your love for someone special in your heart.

Credit: dansanrio

52. Roaring Leopard Tattoo

We know we are talking about the leopard print tattoos, but the leopard will also look fabulous on the shoulder. They can manipulate things according to their situation. Trust me, and the fierce roaring leopard in the jungle is one of the best tattoos.

Credit: nawang_rin

53. Leopard Print With Skull Portrait Tattoo

The skull represents death, and it symbolizes that the wearer doesn’t scare the end. People love to have a beautiful portrait but getting a skull portrait with the leopard print shows the uniqueness and creative side of the wearer.

Credit: thetattoosavior

54. Leopard Print Bow Tattoo On Front Shoulder

The ribbons are used to tie things together, and getting these tattoos etched on the skin will encourage them to do the things that scare you. Also, adding them to the leopard print will boost the confidence to do difficult things.

Credit: idrawonskin

55. Stars With Leopard Print Tattoo

Stars stand for guidance, honor, goal, ambition, and success. Astonishing stars tattoos with the colorful leopard print will embark your success with your freedom and confidence. They will look elegant on the shoulders.

Credit: jameskroeger

56. Leopard Print and Name Tattoo

Several people love to show their personality traits through tattoos or want their tattoos to speak on their behalf. For those people, the leopard print with their name will be a perfect fit to try.

Credit: tattoosbygabedailey

57. Cherry With Leopard Print Tattoo

The cherry attached to the stem represents the youth. Of course, you may try Oldschool tattoo design for the cherry design and the leopard print. But, trust me, a playful look will leave you mesmerized with their unique styling. Sounds interesting, then pin this art for your next body art. browser.

Credit: tattoo_lbert

58. Quote With Leopard Print Tattoo

Let’s flaunt the confidence hidden inside you with the inspirational quote, embellishing with some beautiful flowers with the help of leopard print will show your bold character and joyous nature. You may try searching on a browser or website like Instagram for the unique leopard print tattoo design or save our excellent tattoo guide for your next body art.

Credit: gingersnapink

59. Leopard Print With Egyptian Queen Tattoo

The tattoo of the Egyptian queen stands the feminine strength, power, and devotion, and many times she is considered the most beautiful woman in history. Opting for the Egyptian queen alongside with elegant leopard print tattoo will mesmerize you. The spots covered with different color looks exotic and sexy on the leg and arm, so just save this design for your next tattoo design.

Credit: marisaraetattoo

60. Leopard Print With Lips Tattoo

Tattoo lovers always crave for different but distinctive designs to carve on the body, which looks delightful to the eyes. Often the tattoo lovers show creativity with their plans, like a lips tattoo inside the leopard print tattoo. These will look mindblowing on the thigh, arm, forearm, etc.

Credit: mansruintattoo

61. Watercolor Leopard Print Tattoo

Instead of opting for a traditional leopard with a yellow and brown color, you may choose the watercolors to beautify these graceful tattoos. They look magnificent on the screen and increase the confidence of the wearer. They look sexy on the upper back tattoo and the cheetah print tattoo. One must own body art of leopard print tattoos.

Credit: inkbyhannah

62. Leopard Print Symmetrical Flower Tattoo

Symmetrical rose flowers with beautiful colors, and you will love the long petals of these flowers. In addition, the stunning rose petals will look magnificent with a leopard print. As we all know that flowers are considered female tattoos; opting for these fabulous tattoos will not disappoint you. You may try adding a cheetah print tattoo with them as well.

Credit: shiratwig

63. Leopard Print Heart Tattoo

A heart represents love and passion, whereas the leopard prints show confidence and independence. So by combining these two elements, you can show your confident love and affection. You may try these leopard print hearts with the color of your choice. You may do a good search on Instagram, Pinterest website to attain your perfect choice of art.

Credit: rinthlandtattoo


These are a few popular leopard print designs that we covered here. However, there are many more remaining. You can take inspiration or try many other methods and make them unique with a leopard print tattoo. Your tattoo artist could make it look more attractive and mind-blowing, which would look astonishing. So, don’t wait anymore and get your leopard tattoo or the leopard prints done now. They will look stunning if you try them on a sizeable canvas-like back.


What does it mean when a woman wears leopard print?

Women love to wear leopard prints in clothes, handbags, footwear, or tattoos. They stand for confidence, independence, and nonconformity. But unfortunately, leopard prints are popular among women only, and men wearing them will lead to shock only.

What color goes with the leopard prints?

The light neutral color compliments the leopard prints and looks quite stylish. For Instance, taupe, beige, blush pink, off-white, cream, white, pale gray, pewter, etc.

Can you mix cheetah prints?

Mixing cheetah prints will look imbalanced and will be a blunder to try. One must try one animal print at a time and never mix two animal prints simultaneously. For Instance, a cheetah print with leopard print will look awful.

What is special about a leopard?

Leopards are known surprisingly very strong. They can climb trees holding heavy prey, and they often prefer to rest on the tree branches during the daytime.

Are leopards friendly?

No, leopards are not friendly at all. On the contrary, they are least social and rarely mixed with other animals and humans. Moreover, they rarely express any sign of socializing.

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