66 Great Lace Shoulder Tattoo Design Styles & Ideas

Inking visual imagery on your body has long been in trend now. However, it has long-term body art that sometimes conveys a lot about the tattoo wearer.

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Most commonly, individuals with tattoos represent rebellious attitudes through their artistic freedom. Some individuals ink themselves to commemorate their lost loved ones, some do this for the love of their role model, and others do this to signify some particular attribute of their own personality.

Besides the true meaning, this visual art makes your body look more attractive and somewhat sensuous. Such a type of tattoo is a lace tattoo that does not have a deep meaning, though many individuals go for it for the sake of attractiveness and sensuality. 

66 Great Lace Shoulder Tattoo Design Styles & Ideas

Lace tattoos are a common choice for females to enhance the sensual element of their bodies. Lace tattoos are known to be a powerful symbol of feminine sexuality. However, this tattoo implies a sense of both purity and innocence. Here we have gathered all the lovely designs that you can try on your body to look more sensuous.

Lace Shoulder

Credit: @annie_tattoos

1. Attractive Black Bow Lace Tattoo Design

Have a look at the stunning piece of artwork, in which the beautiful black lace is all tied up to make a beautiful bow. This pretty design adds a bit of sultriness to the wearer’s body. Overall, the placement and the beauty of this tattoo are just perfect.

Attractive Bow Lace Tattoo Designs

Credit: @ ak_irons

2. Attractive Floral laceTattoo

Shoulder, a standard tattoo placement, when adorned with pretty lace, looks outstanding. In this design, the flower motif is really complementing the overall look of this lace tattoo. After having such a type of tattoo, you must often wear off-shoulder tops to showcase your gorgeous tattoo.

Attractive Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @virginietatouage

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3. Attractive Ornamental Lace Tattoo

The combination of vibrant colors incorporated with beautiful black gives the wearer outstanding aesthetics. Moreover, the jewel dangling from the lace is what captivates the most. The brilliant work done by the artist makes this tattoo quite eye-catching.

Attractive Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @whitescorpiontattoos

4. Pink Rose With Shoulder Lace Tattoo

In this intrinsic black lace tattoo, a beautiful rose with vibrant pink color is making this tattoo shine out. All the beautiful shading and beauty of the rose can be literally seen as is emerging from the black lace. Plus, all the jewel dangling from the lace makes this tattoo look more gorgeous.

Attractive Shoulder Lace Tattoo

Credit: @tattuartmargarida

5. Flower Themed Lace Tattoo Design

Adding a floral element to the black lace is standard, though its exquisiteness is always incredible. Pretty pink and purple roses are the centerpiece of this tattoo, creating a really alluring look.

Beautiful Flower Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @l_the_artist

6. Beautiful Dotted Lace Shoulder Tattoo

 The intricate dotted work with a flower-like pattern is yet another good idea for tattoo lovers. The way everything is connected is what makes this tattoo stand out. Moreover, the placement is next-to-perfect. However, it would have looked more stunning if placed in the center.

Credit: @l_the_artist

7. Bird Sitting On Lace Tattoo

Bird, a unique idea for a lace tattoo, is quite creative. This cute bird with the lovely touch of all shades of blue is amazing. However, the hanging jewels at the bottom are where the real beauty lies.

Bird Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ dalriadatattoos

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8. Creative Black Lace Tattoo

Here is another piece of floral artwork; however, it has a distinctive appeal literally. The cute heart shape pattern at the bottom is too creatively genius. See all the shading of the floral element and subtleness it conveys.

Black Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @twigganometry

9. Bold Outlined Lace Tattoo

Many colors, when inked, will result in a stunning tattoo. However, no tattoo can match the beauty of a black and white tattoo. Whatever the design when you go for, the outcome will always be mesmerizing. This tattoo with a beautiful black outline rose is quite appealing, covered with a gorgeous lace design.

Black And White Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @saraevetattoo 

10. Leopard Printed Black Lace Tattoo 

This black lace tattoo is another impressive artwork, resonating with the leopard print. The way how the shoulder is covered is beautiful, and the way its wearer is carrying the tattoo is too excellent.

Black Lace Shoulder Tattoo Design

 Credit: @lartejosi

11. Black Lace Tattoo With Daisy Flowers

Adding a sunflower to your tattoo is quite dull, as most individuals prefer roses. However, seeing this beautiful element in such a beautiful way is magnificent. The bold black ink used conveys its intricate details.

Black Lace Tattoo

Credit: @thetravellingtattooartist

12. Black Rose With Lace Tattoo on Left Shoulder

Here is one of the sassiest designs that most women choose to show their extremely sensual side. The added pearl necklace, which is mostly the love of every woman, is what gives this tattoo a truly feminine look.

Black Rose Tattoo on Left Shoulder

  Credit: @blackrosetarnia 

13. Gorgeous Bow Lace Tattoo

A cute and adorable bow lace intricately inked on the body is a one-of-a-kind art piece. The touch of white in this tattoo makes it shine, which is really gorgeous. Other than the design, the placement and size of the tattoo are all perfect. 

Bow Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ adda.tattoo

14. Circular Detailed Lace Tattoo

Circular tattoo is a distinctive concept, however, looks quite compelling. The hummingbird on the left side of the tattoo is what is taking all the attention. The beautiful bead-like structure attached decorating the lace adds more elegance and grace to the tattoo.

Circular Lace Tattoo

 Credit: @ viciousvanityink

15. Elegant Shoulder Gem With Lace Tattoo

Ink this beautiful tattoo on your body to get an utterly sensual look. The fantastic flower and leafy design are stunningly excellent, and the heart in the center embellished with gorgeous pearls sets this tattoo apart.

Elegant Shoulder Lace Tattoo

Credit: @jenandersontattoos

16. Patel Flower Lace Tattoo

Look at this perfect location to have a flower lace tattoo. The added pearl beads and a stunning rose tattoo look quite eye-catching. The pattern and design are neatly made, giving the wearer a sensual look.

Flower Lace Tattoo

Credit: @serafim_tattoo  

17. Flower With Butterfly And Lace Tattoo

This classic piece of the tattoo with a beautiful butterfly at the top and two huge flowers at the bottom is quite impeccable. The lace at the back contains a checkered pattern, increasing the versatility of the flowers.

Flower Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @jfped23

18. Heart Shaped Lace Tattoo On Shoulder Back

A cute heart-shaped tattoo with intricate detailing looks shows the honest skills of the tattoo artist. The small three birds above the tattoo add to the overall beauty, giving the wearer such a unique look. The flower tattoo on the left side with bold black ink detailing is captivating. 

Heart Lace Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Credit: @ kenlyziin

19. Lace Tattoo In Heart Pattern

 An impressive design of bold black ink in a heart shape cutely represents the delicate beauty of lace. The round pattern at the left side enhances the depth of a tattoo. Moreover, the neat design and other fine details are quite captivating. 

Heart Pattern Lace Tattoo

Credit: @tiannaos

20. Elegant Henna Lace Tattoo On Shoulder

Of course, this elegant piece of artwork has impressed you already. It uniquely drapes from all over the shoulder to her hand. The henna style pattern is an excellent way to create such a draping style to catch everyone’s attention.

Henna Lace Tattoo On Shoulder

Credit: @ mangasist_

21. Huge Lace Tattoo

This considerable tattoo covering all the arm area gives the wearer a cool look. The overall composition is very thoughtful, making good use of the space available. Not only does the design shows the hard work of the tattoo artist, but also the dedication of the wearer.

Henna Lace Shoulder Tattoos

Credit: @anais_chabane

22. Aesthetic Ribbon Bow Tattoo

See the depth and beauty of this magnificent bow, how precisely it has been made, giving an actual ribbon-like appearance. The cute design and its stunning aesthetics complement the wearer and her skin’s complexion.

Lace Ribbon Bow Tattoo

Credit: @ sabinaseiferttattoo

23. Jewel Lace Tattoo

You’ll surely love this quite engaging tattoo, embellished with lovely jewels from the edges. All the consistency and intricate design make this tattoo outstanding. The overall shading is expertly done, reflecting the excellent skills of the tattoo artist. 

Lace Shoulder Tattoo Design

Credit: @ aaronfunktattoo

24. Shoulder Heart Lace Tattoo

A Heart-shaped pattern with such a smooth line is brilliant. The way the lines fall on the left side is quite a move. What attracts us the most is the cute heart present in the center, which makes this piece completely out-of-league.

Lace Shoulder Tattoos

Credit: @ inkbustertattoo

25. Bold Pattern Lace Tattoo On Left Shoulder

This unique shaped pattern is quite tricky. The consistent shading with the hues of pink is great. Moreover, the bold and black outlines serving as a backdrop to the flowers are ingeniously unique. In this tattoo, you’ll find the single detail on point.

Lace Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Credit: @tattoosbytaco

26. Black Butterfly With Lace Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Look how this beautiful butterfly complements the overall beauty of this tattoo. This stunning work of art looks good and accentuates your overall personality. It is one of the preferred designs among female tattoo lovers.

Lace Tattoo Design On Left Shoulder

Credit: @awakeningaura1111

27. Realistic Lace Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Looking for a tattoo that adds a sense of elegance to your personality? This back shoulder tattoo would give you your desired goals. The amazing lacework that has some lively flowers on it is really great. 

Lace Tattoo On Shoulder Back

Credit: @ ikova_tattoo_studio

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28. Feminine Lace Tattoo

For a perfectly feminine touch, this art piece is quite preferred! The flower-like structure reflects the stunning beauty of the wearer. It covers the perfect amount of area and has just perfect placement.

Lace Tattoo

Credit: @deadandlovely

29. Unique Lace Tattoo

Check out this simply perfect lace tattoo with brilliant artwork. The extensive details of the woman and how her half-face is covered are amazing. The attitude the lady holds makes this tattoo perfect for females. Don’t forget the depth of the tattoo that lies at the bottom in the lovely roses. 

Lady Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ giannis_doctorpeppertattoo

30. Lovely Lotus Themed Black Lace Tattoo

You must be mesmerized by this stunning artwork, aren’t you? See how beautifully it resonates with a blossoming flower and all the other intricate stuff that goes downward. The pretty jewels dangling from all the edges and the pretty pearls on the left side are the major attractions of this tattoo. 

Lovely Black Lace Shoulder Tattoo

credit: @inkinjectiontat2

31. Fantastic Blue Lace Tattoo

Overall, this lovely, bold, and beautiful tattoo is a stunning art piece. Have a glance at its spectacular beauty. The beautiful butterfly close to a flower is fantastic. The net-type pattern at the back with smooth and defined lines looks sensational.

Lovely Lace Tattoo

Credit: @malavida.tattoo

32. Amazing Black Lace Tattoo For Shoulder

A ridiculously attractive art piece with cute floral web detailing looks amazing on the wearer’s body. This tattoo’s bold yet striking appearance creates a stunning look for the wearer. The beauty lies in how the entire piece comes together with a unique floral lace design.

Nice Black Shoulder Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ tatts_by_ant

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33. Nice Rose With Background Lace Tattoo

A purely brilliant tattoo where all the beauty lies in the stunning blue-colored rose. See how well the shading is done and stone is kept in the design. This is perfect if you’re searching for a masterpiece for yourself. 

Nice Rose Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ cassienobleskinartist

34. Outstanding Hanging Jewel Shoulder Lace Tattoo

The circular-shaped tattoo is totally unique, giving a lacy globe-like appearance with a beautiful stand at the bottom. The detailed lacy structure with hanging jewels makes this tattoo more alluring. This cool tattoo is entirely enough to win every heart. 

Outstanding Shoulder Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ brandonleonetattoos

35. Purple Rose With Lace Tattoo

Look how well this lacy piece is put together. You will find the beauty of this rose utterly incomparable, and the way the rose is incorporated into the design is stunningly amazing. With the tattoo, you can imagine the extraordinary expertise of the artist.

Purple Flower Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ ritaloubtattoo

36. Rose Flower With Pearl Lace Tattoo Design

Having this tattoo means you can have a complete touch of femineity inked on your body. The beautiful lacy structure with alluring pearls and a lovely butterfly makes this tattoo complete. Each and every element on this tattoo is unique, without which you won’t have such a gorgeous look.

Rose Flower Shoulder Tattoo Design

Credit: @ saztattoo

37. Red Rose With Black Lace Tattoo

 This lovely tattoo has a perfect charm, signifying romance, and a sensual element. The roses here appear to be originally trapped in neatly drawn lace, giving a relatively sensual feel. With this tattoo, the possibilities of art and creativity are just endless. 

Rose Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ triene_the_pink_monkey

38. Charming Rose With Lace Tattoo

The flower here is unique, using a signifying the romantic side of the wearer. This tattoo does excellent use of color and precise line work to produce a stunning tattoo with delicate lace designs. The substantial pink rose is carefully painted, utilizing delicate color progression and shading to catch every single element of the rose, the focal point of the design.

Rose Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ onceinabluemoontattoo

39. Skull With Background Lace Tattoo

Such a fierce and horrifying design with cutting-edge detailing of the skull is impressive. The shading contouring done reflects the actual skull-like appearance. Other than that, the rose and lace pattern done adds to the beauty of the tattoo.

Rose And Skull Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ sacredgallowstattoo

40. Shoulder Lotus Lace Tattoo

The degree of variation is quite good, and it looks impressive how this tattoo extends from the girl’s shoulder to her chest. Finally, the lace patterns’ line work is flawless, with smooth edges and precise lines beautifully representing this fragile fabric.

Shoulder Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ aleisha_tattoooo

41. Simple Flower With Border Lace Tattoo

Florals, when incorporated in a tattoo, create a masterpiece. As the bright and bold colors used in the tattoo work well in any tattoo design. However, flowers in black white create a pretty ambiance as it does in the following picture. 

Simple Flower Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @ worldfamousmonkeyhousecustom

42. Simple Shapes In Lace Tattoo

Express your vibrant personality with this bold and feminine tattoo. It is a type of tattoo that includes the sign of our suits of cards, namely spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. These are among the most creative ideas that make an impressive, sultry look.

Simple Lace Tattoo

 Credit: @ misstattootara     

43. Sleeve Traditional Lace Tattoo

While lace tattoo sleeves have traditionally been prominent, this one is just a more recent combination of lace with modern tattoo patterns. Sharp complex geometric and clean lines contribute to the distinctiveness and sophistication of this tattoo.

Sleeve Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ botanikumtattooatelier

44. Innovative Designer Lace Tattoo

Another lovely lace creation to look at. It appears to be easy, but it is actually rather complex. Every lace pattern is incredibly detailed and requires careful planning to make such a lovely item. This adorable design with unique hues of red is genuinely enhancing the overall beauty of the wearer.

Small Designer Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ lassknuckles

45. Graceful Lace Tattoo

Have a glance at this unique dotted appearance of this tattoo that drapes quite well from the shoulder. The shading creating an amazing greyish lace is surely a unique concept. It seems like the woman is wearing a piece of jewelry. Must try!

Small Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ cioteczka_tattoo

46. Necklace-Themed Lace Tattoo

The flower lace concept is so unique that it blends well when made on any part of the body. As you can see in the picture, the tattoo around the neck complements the complete personality of the wearer. The intrinsic webbed-like pattern of the lace goes well with skin tone, giving a sensual look to the lady.

Stunning Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @ carleesboards

47. Peacock Feather With Lace Tattoo

Peacock feathers in this tattoo are stealing all the beauty. However, the beautiful jewel at the bottom and the deep detailing of the lace add to its gorgeous beauty. This is a must-try tattoo for those who are looking for a masterpiece.

Stunning Peacock Feather Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @ oceancitytattoo

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48. Stunning Thigh Wrapped Lace Tattoo

This stunning placement of the lace tattoo with a beautiful lace bow attached to great is a creative piece. It gives the wearer the honest garter look. Chosen black accentuates the sensational look of this masterpiece.

Stunning Lace Shouder Tattoo Design

Credit: @ enigmcd

49. Dotted Lotus Lace Tattoo

See the gorgeous beauty of the lotus flower is an essential component of this tattoo. Though it would not be possible without the cute detailing of lace with the add-on dotted jewel-like pattern. This fantastic shoulder piece is doing its job well.

Stylish Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ lakesidetattoos

50. Shaded Lace tattoo Design

Though a preliminary design, it is really enough to show that this tattoo would be a masterpiece on completion. The contours and other shading are so neatly done that it adds to the beauty of the wearer. 

Lace tattoo

Credit: @culthamburgpiercingtattoo

Given a cold shoulder appearance, this tattoo is quite a sensational piece. The bold black lines and the leafy pattern on the right side elevate the overall beauty of the tattoo. The overall texture and the grace of this tattoo are impeccable.

51. Bold Black Lace Tattoo

Sweet Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ sweet_vanillaaa

52. Heart Patterned Lace Tattoo With Flower

A lot of bold black ink is used in this tattoo, but the actual beauty of this tattoo totally lies in how well it contrasts with the bright red floral element on the left side. The heart-shaped pattern is made neatly, exhibiting the romantic and sensual side of the owner.

Sweet Lace Tattoo On Right Shoulder

Credit: @ nomadtattooco

53. White-Inked Lace Tattoo

White color, a symbol of peace, is found chiefly being to be underestimated in the tattoo world. However, after seeing the beauty of this white lacy tattoo on the shoulder, you will definitely change your mind. You will definitely love the floral pattern of this design that goes well on this brunette girl. 

White Designer Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ indiatungate

54. Gorgeous White Lace Tattoo 

Another masterpiece of the white color is outrageous, resembling the lovely dress of the women. The whole tattoo signifies the sensual side of the wearer quite well.

White Ink Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ tigerfav2021

55. Tribal Elemental Lace Tattoo

This lace piece has a lot of tribal elements in it. The lace pattern used and the excellent placement of this tattoo invoke the perception of a beautiful lacy dress. The sensitive nature of this sensuous clothing is wonderfully captured by the well-balanced pattern, and the ornate ornamentation at the front of the piece works nicely to further enclose the flower.

White Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @ l.a.tatoueuse

56. Feminine Black Lace Tattoo 

Overall, this tattoo is next to perfect. Have a look at how beautifully it extends from the shoulder and all the way through the girl’s chest. The linework is smooth and steady, letting the artist show off their talent while creating a distinctive, feminine tattoo.

Wonderful Black Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ vintageinker

57. Wonderful Flowers With Black Lace Tattoo Design

One of the sassiest designs with vibrant floral elements makes the wearer look fierce and go-getter. This tattoo demonstrates the adaptability of these tiny motifs and how they may be used to enhance and complement the lacework.

Wonderful Flower Lace Shoulder Tattoo Design

Credit: @jadetheartist07

58. Black Lace Tattoo With Watercolor On Left Shoulder

A massive flower at the bottom and shades of blue in the petals reflect the gorgeous beauty of nature. The coloring is quite even and constant; nevertheless, a few of the lace’s linework is a little sloppy. The bold black tattoo with intrinsic work above just complements the flower’s beauty. 

Wonderful Lace Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Credit: @ monacupcaketattoo

59. Delicate Flower With Lace Tattoo

This tattoo shows how a skilled artist can combine multiple styles while yet maintaining a unified design. The combination between the delicate color shadings used to form the rose, and the balancing act of the lace creates a fascinating impact and helps this dynamic tattoo stand out.

Adorable Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: @ laluztattoo

60. Line Art Lace Tattoo

This beautiful item incorporates lace motifs and writing to honor the female’s passion for flowers. The use of lace design behind the flower that reflects its shape is a brilliant option that creates a more fascinating backdrop, while the stipple darkening in the linework gives another depth of complexity to the design.

Amazing Lace Tattoo Design

Credit: @ avinkart.tattoo

61. Amazing Shadowed Lace Tattoo

This tattoo has a lot of stuff going for it: the lace patterns are constant and well-applied, and the texture is nearly flawless. Even more intriguing about this tattoo is how the artist accurately maintained the proportions of shadow and light in the lacy flowers.

Amazing Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ tattootherapy2020

62. Lion Themed Lace Tattoo On Shoulder 

Exhibiting the fierce and fascinating side of the wearer, lion lace is doing its work. The lines seem crisp and accurate, and the tonal gradation is strong enough to give this painting a realistic appearance. The artist’s talent and effort are evident in the meticulousness, resulting in a very stunning tattoo.

Lion Lace Tattoo On Shoulder

Credit: @ theswiftstorm

63. Half Floral Skull With Lace Tattoo 

This gorgeous skull design is a fantastic illustration of lace’s versatility. The tattoo style’s signature intense linework and restricted color palette are on the whole show here, providing an excellent alternative to the frequently done motifs with exquisite, fine line work. The tattoo is completed by the colors utilized, which are a fantastic illustration of lively hues.

Credit: @ alltheragetattoo

64. Background Lace Tattoo With Clock

Such a design is an example of an ornamental piece that makes an entirely astonishing effect. The clock piece in the center is perfectly made embellished with pearl-like beads from the sides. The stippling and blow shading are well-applied and uniform, and the unique placement is what makes this tattoo incredible.

Clock Lace Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Credit: @ mickylang

65. Lace Printed Small Moon Tattoo

This design incorporates lace while merging features of the moon. The traditional nature of jewels hanging from a quarter moon is also worth noticing, as it may act as a nod to a motif that has shown frequently in prior art and films. Although this tattoo is basic, it is very well incorporated and demonstrates how lace can be used in a variety of styles.

Small Moon Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ tattooist_solar

66. Lace Themed Butterfly Tattoo

This large black and gray butterfly is a perfect example of how lacy patterns can be converted into beautiful concepts. The use of bold flowers in this tattoo makes this one a masterpiece. This piece’s arrangement is brilliant, making good use of the wide-area while balancing the little and detailed lacework.

Butterfly Lace Tattoo

Credit: @ jenine.catherine

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