65 Beautiful and Mind Boggling Tiger Tattoos Ideas and Design for Hand

Many people associate their personality with an animal, and people who like to express them using tattoos get that animal tattooed on them. Well, the tiger is one such common animal that you will see on the arms of many people. The word arm is mentioned explicitly because this post will be about a tiger tattoo on the arm. Forearm tattoos are famous among men, and hand tattoos are such that all people get.

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65 Beautiful and Mind Boggling Tiger Tattoos Ideas and Design for Hand

The tiger symbolizes raw strength and power; they teach us to align with our inner strength and approach life calmly. So now you know that people who associate their personality with a tiger want to depict what and why you would want to get one now. 

Tiger Tattoo Ideas

1. Colored Ink Realistic Tiger Tattoos

Minimal use of colors with a mix of black and white gives the tattoo an antique look. Refer to the one done below to draw inspiration for your unique tattoo.

Image: @latink_lovers

2. Graceful Tiger Tattoo On Hand

The hand tiger tattoo is going up to the arm like a sleeve tattoo with light shading of black looks graceful as a tattoo. A different flower-like-looking element is also added to the face of the tiger.

Image: @casf_tattoo

3. American Traditional Tiger Tattoo on Hand

If you have liked a cartoon character tiger, you can even get the same done on you. Like below a tiger tattoo like it belongs to a cartoon character, and just the side face of the tiger is made.

Image: @positattoos

4. Tiger Eyes Tattoo On Hand

People are quickly attracted to rare tattoos, and you must indeed be drawn to this half-face tiger tattoo. With no eyes, nose and mouth of the tiger, the eyes and shading play a prominent role in making it a tiger tattoo.

Image: @savanahaylett

5. Pierced Tiger Tattoo

A dagger symbolizes protection, sacrifice and bravery, so it may be the perfect element or character that you can get with a tiger tattoo. Also, the dagger is associated with betrayal, loss and danger, and here, it may have something to do with the latter, meaning the blade is going right through the face of the tiger. This tattoo is done by using many colors, and the tiny flowers add to the unique look of the tattoo. The flowers are the symbol of natural beauty and love.

Image: @evanhawkinstattoos

6. Coverup Tiger Tattoo On Hand

The unusual black background of this tattoo makes it look like a coverage tattoo. You can also use the tiger tattoo as a coverage tattoo.

Image: @lou.berti.tattooist

7. Ferocious Tiger Tattoo on Hand

Another way of doing the roaring ferocious tiger.

Image: @artist_prabh_tattoo

8. Vibrant Tiger Tattoo

Background tattoos have become a popular choice and look fantastic, and they are even used as coverage tattoos. For example, here is a green patch of the background used for the tiger’s face; you can get a similar one if you like such a tattoo style.

Image: @chrismacktattoo

9. Excellent Grey Shaded Tiger Tattoo

Here is a simple but grave looking tiger tattoo for you.

Image: @taz_tattooartist

10. Fierce Tiger Tattoo On Hand

 The roar is one of the essential things that makes the tiger the mighty animal that he is. You can get the roaring face of the ferocious tiger in quite a lot of ways.

Image: @joker_tattoo13

11. Detailed Tiger Tattoo Design

The shading done in the tattoo makes it look pretty interesting like this one has done here has intricately done detailing and blue eyes make the tiger face visually appealing. 

Image: @zoefowletattoo

12. Impressive White Inked Tiger Tattoo

White ink tiger tattoos look amazing because it is an unusual tattoo, and in a white ink tiger tattoo, the white ink is used more than the black one. This is a white tiger tattoo for a hand with an impressive mane. White tigers are rare but are beautiful-looking creatures.

Image: @virdilove_art

13. Elegant Doodle Tiger Tattoo Design

Here is another doodle tiger tattoo done sporadically, and the eye added in the center of the tiger’s mouth makes it more interesting. The eye is the symbol of God’s eye watching us all. These kinds of tattoos look great on women.

Image: @southeastustattoos

14. Fabulous Black Tiger Tattoo

 The shading in the tiger tattoo has a very prominent role to play; look at this tiger tattoo, for instance, where minimal color is used, but the shading on it leaves an impact on the tattoo and makes it grasping.

Image: @tattoosbycris

15. Awesome Roaring Tiger Tattoo

A simple raw kind of tattoo done on the hand is done like a hand sleeve tattoo. Little white is also used for the shading in this tattoo.

Image: @artist_prabh_tattoo

16. Black Inked Tiger Tattoo With Numbers

Here the tiger is done with a bit of touch of doodle form, and a small stem of leaves is added to the tattoo to give it a unique look. The leaves represent the circle of life which is eternal and says that after death follows life.

Image: @bb.ghost.tat2

17. Cool Stylish Tiger Tattoo

If you like a 3D tattoo, you can go for the 3D tiger. Here, the tiger is done in a 3D style by adding a unique background. A little yellow is added to the eye of the tiger, and the rest is made in a raw form.

Image: @marcomartini_tattoo

18. Half Butterfly And Half Tiger Tattoo

You can blend in half butterfly and half tiger in your tattoo to give it an authentic look. These can tell about your personality as the butterfly symbolizes change and transformation and the tiger for power. A gem is also added on top of the tattoo; you can also add meaningful elements to your tattoo.

Image: @77.9tattoo

19. Shaded Tiger Tattoo on Hand

The white color shade used for the facial hair of the tiger gives it a unique look. 

Image: @bunburyjuantattoos

20. Classic Angry Tiger Tattoo

The classic tiger tattoo is with the mouth open showing the deadly roar of the tiger, which is the symbol of his dominance.

Image: @jodyknight_tattoo

21. One-Eyed Tiger Tattoo On Hand

Here is the perfect sleeve tattoo that you can go for if you are a fan of sleeve tattoos, glance at this fantastic artistic impression. The use of black and white is done perfectly in this tattoo, and the eyeshade is chosen carefully to give life to the prominent tattoo. If a sleeve tattoo is your thing, you can show this piece of body art to your tattoo artist to create something similar.

Image: @lukaszbejtu

22. Yellow And Black Tiger Tattoo

The colored tiger is done to give the tiger a  more realistic look, but the one done here is done more in the doodle way. The tattoo artist has added creativity to this tiger tattoo, making it a rare-looking tiger tattoo.

Image: @mark_gypsy

23. Realism Tiger Tattoo On Hand

This one here is the type of raw tiger tattoo idea that is exemplary to go with the symbolic meaning of tiger: raw power and strenght.

Image: @axelhernandez_tattoo

24. Realistic Black and Grey Tiger Tattoo

Black and grey shading give the tiger an excellent look, and the white color used for detailing the mustache of the tiger makes the tattoo look realistic.

Image: @seminyakinkbali

25. Calm Tiger Tattoo On Hand

The fancy-looking tiger with pretty eyes is also an excellent option for all tiger lovers. Look at the handsome face of this tiger, done intriguingly. You can experiment with the choice of colors you want to use.

Image: @blackcatinktattoo

26. Fancy Traditional Tiger Tattoo

Here is a unique and hilarious-looking tiger tattoo done that looks like the blend of half tiger and half dragon face. The way the colors are used in this tattoo makes it look more exciting, and the choice of colors is also fabulous. So if you are on the lookout for an antique tiger tattoo, then here is one for you.

Image: @eternaltigertattoo

27. Geisha With Tiger Tattoo

 Geisha symbolizes exotic beauty and divine grace worn by both men and women. So you can get the apex predator along with the geisha for a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Geisha comes from Japanese culture and western cultures.

Image: @finlayktattoo

28. Fierce Tiger Tattoo Design

Another way to do the tiger tattoo on the hand is the previous one had only the face of the tiger, while this one has the body added to the tattoo.

The use of negative space makes the tattoo intriguing.

Image: @adrian_polish_tattooist

29. Scary Tiger Tattoo

The use of yellowish-brown color gives the tiger a realistic look. You can even get this tattoo to cover a scar on your hand.

Image: @jpaulishedart

30. Tiger Tattoo

A simple tiger tattoo is the most popular choice, and below, you can see why.

Image: @tattoohaydn

31. Stylish Tiger Tattoo On Hand

Another idea for a 3D-style tattoo.

 Image: @revivaltattoostudio

32. Creative Tiger Tattoo On Hand

The body art created here is pure out of the stylist’s creativity. It is an unusual-looking tiger face with other elements added to it, and one eye has rays coming out of it similar to the Sun. And the entire tattoo is wrapped around with a snare trap. Getting a tattoo of the snare trap can mean that you are an expert in setting up the trap, or it may even mean that no one can trap you.

Image: @electricladytattoos

33. Rebellious Tiger Tattoo

Here is the ferocious tiger-style tattoo with an angry face. It looks like it looks at you dead in the eyes every time you glance at it. 

Image: @uzzi_canby

34. Wolf And Tiger Animal Tattoos

The wolf is also the symbol of power with many other things like loyalty, family and spiritual protection. Above, we talked about a panther with the tiger, but the wolf may be the best animal to get with the tiger because of its similar personality traits. 

The wolf is also for luck to bring luck to your life. You can get one of these in both your palms like the one done below with a similar-looking background and made in the doodle way.

Image: @ellensalmontattoo

35. 3D Tiger Tattoo Design

A 3D-looking tiger tattoo in the manner of an armband also ends up looking like a rare tattoo. The eye color chosen for this tattoo makes the tiger look more fierce.

Image: @danny_grey_tattoo

36. Blue Eyed Tiger Tattoo on Hand

The detailing around the mouth and the teeth are done to make them the highlight of the tattoo, and the blue eyes of the tiger give the tiger a fantasy look.

Image: @1moretat2

37. Amazing Tiger Tattoo

 The simple raw tiger sketch with the intricate detailing.

Image: @nicocustomwaytattoo

38. Tiger With Crown Tattoo

Tiger with a crown is the ultimate symbolic tattoo as it is no secret that the tiger is the king of the jungle, so a crown is probably the best thing you can use to compliment the tiger’s face. A crown is a symbol of royalty, victor and glory. You can add creativity to the crown and detailing by looking at various crown tattoos to compliment your tiger tattoo best.

Image: @emiliano_piedrabuena_tattoo

39. Devilish Tiger Tattoo On Hand

  Ferocious tiger tattoo with a deadly look. This tiger tattoo looks like the devil himself. If the concept of the devil amuses you, then you can go for a similar-looking tattoo. The eyes are made scary to make the tattoo more grasping, and the black background makes the tattoo look visually appealing. Draw inspiration from this fearsome tiger tattoo to get a similar one.

Image: @b_tattoo.art666

40. Tiger Tattoo With Mandala Background

Here is a great artistic expression for you and another tiger sleeve tattoo idea. Again, the negative space is used diligently to add to the appeal of the tattoo. I love how the tiger face blends in with the other symbols in the tattoo, and tribal designs always compliment tiger tattoos.

Image: @stecairnstattoo

41. Beautiful Tiger Tattoo

 How no use of color and perfect use of shading can get you that ideal tattoo has been demonstrated below beautifully.

Image: @empirebanbury

42. Dangerous Tiger Tattoo

If you are looking for an engaging tiger tattoo covering the whole hand, you can go for this one.

Image: @tran.tuan87

43. Dynamic Tiger Tattoo

Are you looking for creative tiger tattoos? Here’s one for you with no ear and almost no nose but with big significant scary teeth. Minimal detailing is done on the face, and all focus is diverted towards the teeth for detailing. If the teeth of a tiger amuse you, you can choose such a tattoo.

Image: @incognitotattoostudio

44. Grey Portrait Tiger Tattoo

 Gray color tattoos compliment those with light skin tone; you can try an average size tiger tattoo on your hand if it is your first tattoo.

Image: @empire_tattoo_boston

45. Simple Tiger Tattoo

 A simple tattoo yet a nice-looking one with beautiful eyes.

Image: @melstattoo2

46. Inked Grey Tiger Tattoo On Hand

 This is an excellent idea for a minimalistic tattoo as just the face of the tiger is added to the back of the hand. If you want minimum ink on your body with a tiger tattoo, you can look for a similar tattoo.

Image: @viktordimitrovart

47. Splendid Tiger Tattoo

 Unique yet straightforward tattoo idea where minimum shading is involved, but the eye color of the tiger steals the show. The white highlight for facial hair is always a terrific choice in tiger tattoos.

Image: @onil.madeira.tattoos

48. Attacking Tiger Tattoo On Hand

Here is a minimalistic tattoo idea for you with minimum shading and less use of color. Here the shading is used to make the mane of the tiger engaging.

Image: @willian.tome15

49. Pretty Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

 This one is done out of pure creativity because blue tigers don’t exist and the color used makes the tattoo rare. So if you want a tiger tattoo but want it to be different from all other tiger tattoos out there, you can let your creativity steer the wheel for your tiger tattoo. The color combination used for the eyes compliments the full color used for the prominent tattoo.

Image: @jaime_negro_tattooing

50. Impressive Tribal Tiger Tattoo

 The Black and white color used appropriately makes the tiger tattoo look impressive. If you want a tribal look on your tiger tattoo, then you can use this tattoo as an inspiration to create your own authentic tattoo.

Image: @indio.psycho__tattoo

51. Grey Rose And Tiger Tattoo

Rose and tiger tattoos mysteriously compliment each other. The rose symbolizes passion in love or even for love won or lost. You may use this tattoo to depict that love is the source from which you derive your strength and power.

Image: @johnny_tattooz

52. Unique Tiger Tattoo

The most distinctive and unusual tiger tattoo style award can be granted to this one right here! Why? Here’s why it is done on both the hands and an onlooker; if typically looks at one hand or both the hands in routine, then it may not mean anything. Still, when the bearer puts his hands on his face, then the whole meaning of the tattoo changes and kudos to the tattoo artist may be the usual retort of a regular guy. This may be the ultimate way to show that a person compares himself to a tiger and thinks his personality is like the big apex cat.

Image: @adeeb_iraqui09

53. Cartoonish Tiger Tattoo On Hand

This is a cartoonish-looking tiger tattoo; if you like a fantasy tattoo, this one is an excellent option. The use of colors in the tattoo makes it look more exciting, and the light blue background adds more life to the tattoo.

Image: @chris_inksane

54. Innocent Faced Tiger Tattoo

The innocent face of the tiger tattoo can be a symbol to show an essential trait of your personality. You approach life calmy and do not get hyper in most situations because the tiger teaches us to own our inner strength and stay calm.

Image: @boywondertattoo

55. Radiant Tiger Tattoo

This is a common-looking tiger tattoo style using the actual colors of the tiger skin; if you want a realistic tattoo, this should be your choice.

Image: @juanburial

56. Green Eyed Angry Tiger Tattoo

You will not see a tiger with green eyes in ordinary life or a tattoo, so this is a sage way of making your tattoo antique and grasping at the same time. The mane of the tiger is also done beautifully in this tattoo.

Image: @creative_ink_tattoo_batala

57. Dainty Tiger Tattoo

Small and dainty tattoos always steal the show, although if it is your first tattoo and you want a small one, you can also choose this tattoo.

Image: @chelly_tattoo

58. Scary Tiger Tattoo On Hand

 If you are looking for a scary-looking tiger face, then here is one for you. Hee minimal shading is used in the tattoo, and the eyes make the tiger look fierce. In addition, a tribal design is added to this tiger tattoo which can add to the significance of your prominent tattoo.

Tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your roots in a unique way and honor your culture.

Image: @blackouttattookuching

59. Huge Tiger Tattoo

Here is another mysterious-looking tiger face because of the color used for the eyes. Again, black and blue color make a perfect contrast.

Image: @antiguatattoo.co

60. Nice Traditional Tiger Tattoo On Hand

 Here is another creative design body art; the nose area and some part of the face look like a dragon. The black background added to the tattoo seems like some cast over the tattoo, which adds to the mysterious look of the tiger. This one is an excellent idea for an antique tattoo. 

Image: @dannytattoo

61. Panther With Tiger Tattoo

Panthers also belong to the big cat family, and it is the perfect go-to tattoo with a tiger face like done in the below tattoo. Many other symbols are added to this tattoo, like the treble clef, and flowers compliment it because it is not done like an actual tattoo but a creative one.

Image: @donna_mayla_tattooer_

62. Full Color Tiger Tattoo

Here is a realistic-looking tattoo idea for you, the intricate detailing and precise shading of the tattoo make it a vivacious one.

Image: @perla_negra_tattoo_estudio

63. Bloody Red Tiger Tattoo

The red eyes of the tiger again make it look like the devil. And the red color is typically associated with devil eyes in animation and other graphics. The hint of red on the face of the tiger gives the face when the apex predator is devouring prey. So if you want to intimidate people with your tattoo, you can choose this one.

Image: @kolin_mey_tattooer

64. Tiger Skull Tattoo

If you are into skull tattoos and tiger tattoos, then you can get this 2 in 1 tattoo that is the perfect blend of both these things. The half skull makes the tiger’s face sagely using the teeth of the tiger, and the smoke makes the tattoo very mysterious. This is because the skull symbolizes death, and if someone is wearing a skull tattoo, he is not afraid of death. So, if you search for a unique tiger tattoo, this could be the one for all those skull lovers.

Image: @amay_zingg

65.  American Traditional Tiger Tattoo

 Here is a hilarious tiger tattoo with a cartoonish touch. The mane, teeth and eyebrows of this tiger look rather funny. So, if you are a fun-loving person, let that side take over when you go to a tattoo parlor.

Image: @aneta_kwiecien_tattoo

Other tiger tattoos that you can get on your hand are Japanese tiger tattoo, tiger chest tattoo, Chinese tiger tattoo, American traditional tiger tattoo or native American tiger tattoo, watercolor tiger tattoo, tiger knee tattoo, tiger cub or baby tiger tattoo, saber-toothed tiger tattoo etc.


What do tiger tattoos mean? 

The tiger represents a couple of things like courage, ferocity, strength and power. It is also the symbol of protective nature and independence, and if you are getting a tiger tattoo, it is also an excellent way to show that you support these endangered species.

What do two tiger tattoos mean?

The two tigers of the Yant are symbolic representations of great power, and the bearer is supposed to get the strength to overcome all his enemies and dangers. So the tiger is for authority, and the Yant is popular with the Muay Thai fighters and even the soldiers. So on them, you will usually see the twin tigers’ tattoos.

What is a stronger male lion or tiger?

Research says that the tiger is the stronger among the two if we look at these two’s sheer raw power and strength. A Siberian or a Bengal tiger is more mighty than an African lion.

However, lions hunt in groups and live in groups, which is their advantage.

What is the meaning of a white tiger tattoo?

The white tiger symbolizes strength like normal tiger tigers, but they also represent passion, pride, sensuality, might, etc.

What does a tribal tiger tattoo mean?

The tribal design is usually associated with spiritual energy and power. Yet they are a great combination with the tiger tattoos like the dragon-tiger tattoo body art. The dragon-tiger art is more than a mere artistic impression; it represents the dichotomy between two cultures that were traditional enemies in Chinese folklore.

Bottom Line

Palm or hand tattoos have become a popular place for tattoos, as popular as the tiger tattoo as a tattoo choice. If you want to get a hand tattoo, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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