45 Amazing Head Tattoo Styles And Ideas

Are you thinking about getting a head tattoo or looking for some motivation for your next one? After your first head tattoo, you will swear to yourself that you will never do it again. However, once you start receiving good wishes from individuals, you will disregard all about the pain and search out another head tattoo yet again.

45 Amazing Head Tattoo Styles And Ideas

If you don’t by now have a tattoo lying on your body and going for a head tattoo initially, then almost certainly it’s not the best decision. It is better to wait earlier than you jump to those uncovered places.

The novel meaning of many tattoos sometimes gets mislaid. On the other hand, body decorations like tattoos have been an apparent means of differentiating individuals surrounded by a group or a society. On an individual level, a tattoo is part of one’s individuality.

Historically, tattoos have been applied both as marks of peculiarity and sources of disgrace. However, pain is an inevitable part of tattooing, and to many individuals, its continued existence was built-in to commencement. On the whole, head tattoos look great, and they give you a unique look.

Tips to Remember


Placement is very imperative for a head tattoo. It must at all times be as large as the Tattoo itself. Most individuals don’t have a rightly shaped head. As a result, you also want to ensure that the Tattoo fits precisely on top of the head. You might feel like getting the Tattoo to be on your head’s one side. But sometimes, the design might look better on the back or in the center of the head. You want the Tattoo to look like it is like to be there all along. Also, think about your future tattoos. If you plan to get more tattoos on your head, you want them to blend perfectly.

Right Tattoo Artist

Make sure that your tattoo artist has done head tattoos before. The scalp is delicate and tends to bleed more, making it more challenging for a tattoo artist who has never done one before. However, a knowledgeable tattoo artist will know how to carry the needles smoothly on the head and have them shift it correctly to get soft lines.

Head Tattoo Pain

Do head tattoos upset you? The head is one of the most excruciating places resting on the body to get inked. One and all handle pain differently and have a diverse pain verge. As a result, the amount of pain felt when getting a Tattoo will differ from individual to individual.

Before and After

It would be best to trim your head initially before you see your tattoo artist intended for a head tattoo. Make sure with your barber if they have the permit to bob your head with a straight razor. Furthermore, you must not trim your head for a minimum of four weeks after getting a tattoo.

Take a look at the 40 Best Head Tattoo Designs:

1. Scissor Head Tattoos

A straight scissor heat tattoo divulges the ink under your head hair to the world. This exceedingly noticeable canvas area is taking ink ideas to all novel heights.

Image: @barbergreg

2. Thorns Tattoo

These are a few great examples of head tattoo designs that straightforwardly send shivers down your swing. But, of course, there’s no shortage of methods like thorns tattoos to make others shake.

Image: @crucibletattooco

3. Reaper Tattoo

The reaper tattoo stands for one of the most iconic and multipurpose tattoo ideas for men. Head tattoos for men can be as levelheaded or ingenious as you feel.

Image: @chrisdevinetattoo

4. Eagle Tattoo

Even though guys can opt to get a traditional head tattoo, the most fantastic ideas are time and again unique, significant, and motivating. This is why the eagle tattoo is always a favorite.

Image: @d_world_of_ink

5. Cobra Tattoo

Eventually, head tattoos needn’t be horrific or frightening. However, if you assume death is an unavoidable part of life, the implication behind a cobra tattoo becomes clear.

Image: @dumveigatattoo

6. Geometric Head Tattoo

In many cases, men with defiant and daunting head tattoos have accepted their human nature and appreciate that being alive is momentary. A geometric head tattoo can also signify life.

Image: @vigariotattoo

7. Diamond Tattoo

Pairing the head with a diamond image symbolizes life can generate a significant tattoo that will hang around as a conversation piece for the remaining period of your life.

Image: @hiddencloud.tatu

8. Mother Mary Tattoo

One of the traits that Christians believe in is love. Some draw on the Mother Mary tattoo to signify love. Are you a spiritual human being? If so, you will benefit from the Mother Mary tattoo designs.

Image: @bestartistsworldwide

9. Money Bag Tattoo

Are you a millionaire or want to be? Furthermore, a money bag tattoo can be the greatest alarm to keep telling you again and again what you expect to work on or how to save money!

Image: @tatt2jojo

10. Gargoyle Tattoo

The mysterious grotesqueness of a gargoyle tattoo intends to invoke the magnificence of night. And warn next to what may creep around in its darkness.

Image: @livinarttattoo

11. Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are a few men’s most trendy body art designs, given their wild nature and well-built associations with family, faithfulness, and safety. A wolf tattoo can be custom-made to go well with any style.

Image: @talentattoos

12. Nordic Tattoo

One of the fascinating aspects of Viking civilization is that they also wore tattoos as a symbol of power, courage, epic to the Gods, and an illustration of their loyalty to family. 

Image: @walhalla.ink

13. Tribal Head Tattoo

Nothing commands admiration akin to a tribal head tattoo. Some individuals will be devoted to it. Some individuals will fear it. But one thing is sure, people will, beyond doubt, spend time gazing at it.

Image: @best.worldtattoo

14. Symbols Tattoo

At the same time, as most men get a conventional head tattoo because they want to look unique with daunting and frightening ink, a symbol tattoo can be a commemoration of life.

Image: @topheadtattoo

15. Leaf Tattoo

Nature is interrelated to human life in lots of ways. It is more or less an expression of it. Leaves, above all, are allied with the cycle of life. And this is how the leaf tattoo represents a development of change and expansion.

Image: @soulartstudios

16. Spooky Tattoo

Did you ever find something irresistible so much that you wanted it enduringly inked on top of your body? That’s what these holiday lovers did at what time they got spooky tattoos.

Image: @elshawndus

17. Words Tattoo

The most refined design of a small head tattoo is a word & quote. That is because they have some meaning and speak louder than any other tattoo designs. Word tattoos are strong, influential, and good-looking.

Image: @tattoos_by_toddy_

18. Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are one of the most well-liked tattoo designs in the world. These flower tattoo designs found equal attractiveness amongst both men and women. They denote enthusiasm, love, and yearning.

Image: @hendon_art

19. Demon Tattoo

At the same time, as most head tattoo designs are black, grey, and white, it is feasible to integrate colors differently. In general, colorful skull tattoos in the shape of demon tattoos can make anybody’s art look striking.

Image: @cardinamita

20. Pattern Tattoo

Pattern tattoo designs are a trendy choice for men and women because of their versatility, and a good number of designs seem to be very cool. However, tattoos with a unique pattern stand out.

Image: @martyn_wheal_tattoo_studio

21. Black Layout Dragon Tattoo

Head tattoos keep on to be one of the trendiest types of inkings. This art style’s black ink and fluid shapes match flawlessly through a dragon design. However, they may vary in size and placement.

Image: @unforgivenbodyart

22. Phoenix Tattoo

By and large, phoenix tattoo designs are big and hold the space in good health on their own. On the other hand, some matching ideas to fill in additional space can consider flames or smoke.

Image: @jasonmatchim_tattoos

23. Barbed Wire Tattoo

Barbed wire represents an old-school prison tattoo that incorporates time spent in the wake of bars and indicates that the barbed wire encircles prisons as something like the world.

Image: @inkyy_barber

24.Beautiful Girl Tattoo

It is a bit seductive regarding a beautiful girl tattoo. This bright and stunning design, without a doubt, makes a unique statement. It enhances the individuality and prettiness of the individual.

Image: @topheadtattoo

25. Dragonfly Tattoo

There are many reasons why most individuals find the dragonfly such a dazzling design. Many individuals adore them because of their sparkly wings. You can even add silver or white to that Tattoo to make them materialize sparkly.

Image: @paigelouisetattoo

26. Engine with Skull Tattoo

At the same time, as most masculine designs are ink in black and gray, an engine with a skull tattoo can make your piece come across as more creative. Generally, many design ideas look good.

Image: @ksmtattoos

27. Singer on the Head Tattoo

Evocative and trendy, there are scores of versions of head tattoos. Yet, at the same time, as widely different on their own, this singer on the head Tattoo can create a potent mix of elegance and beauty.

Image: @2guns.tattoo.studio

28. Crane Tattoo

Image in tattooing expresses optimism and hopefulness for a bright and calm future. Crane tattoos are gorgeous and have such detailed complexity that they smash the mind.

Image: @scott.brooke

29.  Black Jaguar Tattoo

In massive demand in terms of popularity, both men and women prefer a black jaguar tattoo. This stunning wild animal has fantastic qualities built in the individual of any sexual category and origin.

Image: @tattoos_by_juan

30. Ax Tattoo

Head tattoo designs have a remarkable appearance and interrelate with different interpretations. For example, an ax tattoo is an outstanding reminder of the wild planet we left at the back.

Image: @lucas_schenk_tattoo

31. Star Tattoo

There are many meanings interrelated with a star tattoo. These take account of goal, fate, hope, and direction. It is an excellent piece for somebody who wants to go after their dreams.

Image: @thelivingcanvastattoo2

32. Scripture Tattoo

Scripture tattoos allocate the expression of ideas and beliefs through skin art. Discover excellent reminders of faith with the best head tattoos for both men and women.

Image: @thewizardemoji

33. Nails Tattoo

Indeed, nail tattoos are by and large interrelated to the nails of the crucifixion. The nail stands for fortune and not its vivid side. But, unlike exactly every other kind of Tattoo, they’re instead freaking cool.

Image: @tattoo_and_co_brighton

34. Bee Tattoo

On the whole, a bee tattoo stands for faithfulness. These tiny insects are faithful to other associates of a beehive and the queen. A general thing to add to a bee tattoo is a small dotted line.

Image: @honeyb_fineart

35. Mythical Tattoo

The wish to know the world of legendary stories is so passionate that scores of individuals don’t hesitate to pick and choose Mythological Tattoo Designs. We can still celebrate the old culture with a detailed mythical tattoo design.

Image: @cristobal_fayad_art

36. Full Head Black Tattoo

Men naturally hairless or who like to stay behind bald prefer a full head black tattoo. Indeed, it is trendy among a great majority of men.

Image: @blkinkcollective

37. Tree Tattoo

There are scores of different species of trees and disparities in the design, all with their significance. That said, as a general rule, a tree tattoo represents prolonged existence, staying power, and resilience.

Image: @flux_tattoo

38. Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly is among men’s and women’s most trendy tattoo choices. This ink gets nearer in many forms and sizes and holds much significance for the wearer.

Image: @yokoykitotattoo

39. Centipede Tattoo

The centipede holds exceptional representation depending on whom you invite and what civilization they refer to. Different cultures take to mean a centipede, and a centipede tattoo, in their unique way.

Image: @carlsanderstattoo

40. Team of Horses Tattoo

People adore horses, and the horse tattoos represent respect for an animal that has played a massive role in the lives of human beings. A herd of horses is an intelligent way to get the team of horses tattooed.

Image: @tattooladolcevita


The novel meanings of many tattoos are different. On the other hand, body decorations like tattoos have been an apparent means of differentiating individuals surrounded by a group or a society. On a personal level, a tattoo is part of one’s individuality. Make sure that your tattoo artist has done head tattoos before. The scalp is delicate and tends to bleed more, making it more challenging for a tattoo artist who has never done one before.


Can hair grow on a tattooed head?

Of course, your hair will grow, and sooner or later, cover a tattoo on your head. Getting a tattoo does not put a stop to hair growth.

Q: Do head tattoos bleed a lot?

Make sure your tattoo artist has done head tattoos ahead of. The skin on top of the scalp is thinner and tends to bleed more, making it a demanding part to work on.

Q: Do sides of the head tattoos hurt?

For most, the answer is, of course. The head has thin tissue, so it does not make cushioning or safeguarding available. But, most of the time, it settles how much a tattoo will hurt in these susceptible areas.

Q: Do tattoos peel off when healing?

A slight peeling in the early stages of healing is noticeable. The tattoo procedure creates a wound within your skin, and peeling is your body’s way of eliminating affected dry skin cells when your skin heals.

Q: Can I tattoo my bald spot?

A non-invasive technique employs a fine needle to plant minute dots of ink hooked on the skin, imitating the appearance of tiny hair follicles. The course looks like closely shaven hair and can cover a completely bald head.

Q: Are head tattoos bad for jobs?

Ahead or face tattoo can make it challenging to get work. A new survey reveals that most decision-makers would less expect to hire applicants having one.

How long do head or face tattoos take to heal?

After getting a tattoo, the external layer of skin (the part you can observe) will, by and large, heal within 2-3 weeks.

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