Discover The Importance Of IGY6 Tattoos And Their Life-Saving Designs

Tattoos are a highly popular way for people to express their support or love for something or someone that means a lot to them.

The presence of a meaningful tattoo provides a frequent, gentle reminder for the wearer and the people who see it, of the values it represents.

This process of self-expression has been much-loved for thousands of years. In fact the earliest record of tattoos date back to 3360 BC.

The semicolon and the subsequent IGY6 tattoo have become a much-sought-after choice of tattoo design over recent years. The meaning behind these is one of utmost importance.

IGY6 And Project Semicolon Facts

Suicide statistics in the U.S have reached an alarming high. Between 1999 – 2019, suicide rates increased by a staggering 33%. It is considered to be the 10th leading cause of death in America.

Life is hard for everyone at times. Ongoing difficulties can become overwhelming and lead to people believing self-harm and suicide as the only solution.

Many of those who commit suicide are those working on the frontline and in the medical field.

Military veterans often suffer physically, and from mental issues such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression. Sadly, without support, this regularly leads to suicide.

About Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon was founded by Amy Bleuel in 2013 in an effort to raise awareness about mental health issues that affect so many.

The semicolon tattoo represents stopping and taking a pause to rethink, and realizing life has more to offer.

This design is often found inked on the wrist. It is a way of shining a light on the seriousness of the suicide epidemic by showing support for those struggling to cope, the motif lets people know that they are not alone.

About IGY6

IGY6 and ‘ IGY6 tattoos were born from Project Semicolon. Although they offer support to anyone who may be experiencing these problems, there is a strong focus on ex-military and frontline workers.

IGY6 is the abbreviation often used amongst veterans. It stands for ‘I Got Your Back.’’ The ‘6’ represents 6 0’clock and refers to back or behind you.

The term was originally used in the military. It was an unspoken display of commadery in extreme situations.

This article takes a look at the different meanings behind the IGY6 tattoo designs and the variations around.

But first, we must consider the reason IGY6 tattoos were created, Project Semicolon facts, and why they are so significant.

IGY6 Tattoo Colors And Meanings

IGY6 tattoos and ; IGY6 tattoos are inked in different colors to symbolize certain meanings.


The semicolon is colored teal to represent PTSD awareness and support.


This is inked in black to show heavy emotions felt for people experiencing PTSD. It also symbolizes the loss of a person through suicide.


This is inked in red to represent blood. It highlights people who lost the battle against PTSD, further urging onlookers to ask for help.

These tattoos follow the same fundamental color pattern. However, there is a vast array of designs, portraying the tattoo wearer’s personal taste or additional message they wish to convey.

Some people include a loved one’s name, a significant date, or heartfelt message.

IGY6 Variations And Meanings

Image: @evenoneistoomany

IGY6 tattoo designs all carry the same message of awareness and support.

However, there are many variations of the design to promote key aspects of the message that are close to the wearer’s heart.Here are some of the most popular designs.

IGY6 22

The number 22 at the end of the abbreviation on this design represents a truly frightening statistic. It tells of the number of veterans who commit suicide each day.

This highly emotive tattoo design expresses love and support for all veterans.

IGY6 And Skull

As we all know, the skull depicts death. Having the skull in this design is a stark reminder of the high suicide rates and the need to put an end to this terrible issue.

Although initially morbid to look at, the tattoo is there to create an impact. Doing so, allows the process of consideration to take place.

As such, awareness and support blossoms and suicide rates are fewer.

IGY6 Military

Adding the military logo into your IGY6 tattoo design is a popular choice amongst veterans. Wearing this tattoo adaption is a way for military workers to demonstrate support for their comrades.

Image: @awesome_jyz

When another veteran notices the tattoo they understand it to mean they have support to hand.

This can provide strength and hope in times of crisis and can ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

IGY6 And The U.S. Flag

This tattoo design represents support for all Americans who may be suffering from mental illness.

This is an all-encompassing tattoo, to signify awareness and help for any American experiencing hard times.

These key designs are embellished with an array of awesome inked drawings, according to the tattoo bearer’s preferences. Many include drawings of soldiers, weapons, and other military associations.

No matter how the tattoo designs are personalized, the key message and purpose remains the same.

Tattoo Placement

Whilst the Project Semicolon motif is found on the wrist or hand, IGY6 tattoos are usually inked across the upper arm or on the biceps.

This is to ensure maximum exposure and therefore, more visibility. That said, placement of the tattoos comes down to individual preference.

IGY6 and ; IGY6 tattoos can be seen across the entire chest, on the forearm and as amazing looking sleeves. IGY6 tattoos are touted for being an identifier.

They let people know that support is at hand, should they need it.


Depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are considered invisible illnesses. Often, people who experience traumatic situations do not get the help they deserve.

This result is isolation and a deteriorating situation. Without mental health support, the problem worsens. The outcome is the suicide epidemic we are seeing today.

Thanks to Project Semicolon, mental health awareness has increased.

We can see the positive impact this project is making through the growing popularity of IGY6 tattoos.

These tattoo designs provide a lifeline to veterans, frontline workers, and those in the medical field. Moreover, the body art is also being inked for non-military purposes.

The message is being heralded for being a symbol of acknowledgement and support for anyone who feels like they are not okay.

Life can be cruel and many people will encounter mental illness at some point. Whilst this is true, it is worth remembering that the sun always reappears. Bad times don’t last forever.

The semicolon tattoo and it’s placement before the IGY6 design is a perfect reminder of this fact. The semicolon tells us to pause and reconsider.

It is there to say that there is more to come in the story of life. There will be better days ahead.

Should you be struggling with issues, or in distress, it is important to seek help.

Know that you are not alone. By reaching out and getting support or therapy, you will turn a corner and begin the life you deserve.