20+ Inspiring Kitsune Tattoo Designs

Men and women of all ages select kitsune tattoo designs. Almost all of the time, both sexes create stunning vintage tattoos and paintings. Kitsune tattoo history has its roots in traditional Japanese tattooing. This artistic tattoo with Japanese lore and traditional styles looks pretty striking.

20+ Inspiring Kitsune Tattoo Designs

Such a bodily image represents knowledge, speed, and ingenuity. Such tattoos frequently represent intellect, the capacity to find an exit from any challenging circumstance.

Many believe that such an image might excite and perhaps infuse people with affection.

This monster is sometimes represented as a demon. However, this does not imply that the possessor of such a photograph is violent or has a terrible personality.

kitsune tattoo designs

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Kitsune Tattoo Meaning

In Japan, the term “kitsune” means “fox,” Indeed, the creature is an essential aspect of Japanese folklore. The kitsune, which are shown as knowledgeable and wise entities with a tendency of supernatural creatures, maintain the Native American tradition of being a prankster or magician.

This monster possesses intelligence and mystical talents in Japanese art. In Japanese folklore, the creature is blessed with knowledge and magical skills. It is widely assumed that foxes may begin to morph at a given age.

Kitsune Tattoo

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The kitsune commonly transforms into lovely women even though these animals are said to have the ability to become symbols of the more vigorous sex.

They frequently invade people’s bodies, emerge in people’s imagination, and have the ability to expand fire flames. They can also generate hallucinations that are hard to predict. Based on particular stories, kitsune may transform space and even time while also making humans mad or taking odd shapes. These animals can come back to life as a tree of indeterminate size. They are constantly linked to vampires since they may suck on the power of somebody with whom they connect. Kitsune is also occasionally characterized as a monster that guards a spherical item. If somebody is fortunate enough just to conquer it, this monster will assist them.

kitsune tattoo designs

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Is The Kitsune A Moral Or Immoral Creature?

Chinese and Japanese cultures are frequently linked and interwoven. You’ll see that the superstition concerning kitsune originated in ancient China, with tales eventually making their way to Japan and Korea.

According to legend, the kitsune has either been positive or negative; Zenko ( = friendly foxes) and Yako ( = wild foxes; intrinsically and non-inherently evil) are incredibly clever mythical creatures.

kitsune tattoo designs

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Kitsune are predominantly depicted as reckless, sometimes evil foxes who like trouble, tricks, or wickedness. They are frequently portrayed as deceivers or even strong magicians who utilize their skills for bad. Despite this, they are noted for keeping their commitments, returning favors, and remembering friends.

Arm kitsune tattoo designs

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Kitsune Tattoo Types And Their Importance

Usually, kitsune tattoos are accompanied by various motifs, the most common of which is a skull draped over the kitsune’s head. People see this mythological beast dressed as a kimono, but do they indicate it? Find out below:

1. Kitsune Mask

Kitsune mask

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Kitsune masks, as Hannya masks, have their origins in Japanese tradition and Cultural performance arts. Kitsune mask tattoos signify an individual with quirkiness, a little secretive, and fun-loving.

Kitsunebi means “fox-fire” in Japanese folklore. They are enigmatic flying flames formed by a kitsune’s breaths or tail flicking. Kitsunebi is also noticed as a symbol of celebration in fox’s wedding or a new year.

Kitsune mask

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2. Geisha

Kitsune (particularly those with nine tails) are intelligent, ethereal creatures of subtlety, much like the enigmatic and beautiful geisha. A kitsune and geisha tattoo signifies a witty woman with a secretive personality. Such a combination on a man suggests liking for gorgeous women with composure.

Kitsune tattoo

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3. Stunning Lady

The underlying feature that the kybi no yko had in her different appearances was her great beauty, like in the narrative of Tamamo no Mae. To combine a pretty lady with foxtails or a kitsune would imply that we should be cautious of how appearance alone may destroy a whole kingdom; as such, it is a potent instrument in and of itself.

Kitsune stunning lady

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4. Tanuki

Tanuki is Japanese raccoons that also happen to be mystical yokai beings. The dog is supposed to be Tanuki and Kitsune’s shared foe. However, tanuki is frequently shown as having mystical meanings with kitsune rather than cordial relationships.


Image: @xamyart

5. Namakubi

Namakubi (severed heads) have their origins through Japanese Troops when defeated opponent warriors’ heads were gathered and handed to victorious commanders. Some tattoos feature fox spirits holding severed skulls in their mouths. This might imply that the kitsune functions as a protector, removing one’s “enemies” from one’s life.


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Beautiful Kitsune Tattoo Designs That Looks Stunning According To Japanese Folklore

Although the Kitsune is a Japanese Fox Spirit, we feel it is not limited to the Japanese irezumi aesthetic. It may be modified to a variety of styles and aesthetics while remaining true to its roots. Check out some beautiful designs in the tattoo world that you should ink on your body.

Kitsune designs

Image: @_gustano

1. Kitsune Tattoos On The Chest And Sides

Since such a fascinating animal to work with, tattoo artist may concentrate on different sections of the fox to include into the vast painting and experiment with proportions, vivid colors, body form, and complementing support to get the desired impact.

Kitsune designs

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Kitsune, Japanese tattoo highlights various main areas – like the fox’s tail, head, or entire body – and afterward, encircle the heart of the body art as regard to dexterous demonstrations of coloring, fill color, designs, and linked imagery, like as florals, skeletons, and other creatures.

2. Kitsune Ink, Neo-Traditional And Abstract Japanese Tattoos

The advancement of the classic basics of strong lines, solid colour fills, clever area arrangement, and effective tiny illustrations such as hatches, curves, and dots underpin Neo conventional skin art.

The examples mentioned above perfectly illustrate how conventional delivery has changed. Rather than simple, flat-colored head forms, the art uses brilliant, brightly tinted ink, a range of complementing patterns, and a frightening array of distinctive face features highlighting more tails, foreheads, and eyebrows.

Kitsune tattoo designs

Image: @kyebag

3. Kitsune Fox Tattoo:  Black Ink

The Japanese fox tattoos are great for getting a taste of classical black and grey ink. Their head, tails, form, and fur richness enable a variety of fill and shadow possibilities, ranging from mild greyscale immersion to strong black needle delivery.

Several different tattoo techniques may be used to create successful works that vary in size and shape, like animal realism, dot work, or even one needle delicate line principles.

Kitsune fox designs

Image: @yoshua_st_tattoo.mx

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4. Kitsune (Traditional) Tattoo On The Back

When wrapped into a whole back tattoo, there is practically no specific style, size, or form that can’t look good. The unusual use of color – both in the foxes and in the surrounding ink – provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with different colors that complement or contrast the primary fox picture.

Kitsune tattoos vary from fashionable, highly detailed animals to those carved in broad blank space or a mere faint hue paired with skilled line work.

Kitsune designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person should have a kitsune tattoo?

Foxes are an excellent tattoo design for someone with a varied attitude and just the perfect bit of sassiness. Furthermore, foxes are commonly misconstrued as animals or undesired, offering them a stronger emphatic position in the creative world. Because foxes are crucial and distinct species, tattoos with fox motifs are instantly identifiable, whether as the typical red fox or a distinctive arctic fox.

You can have something that is virtually photo-realistic, more artistic, or a classic traditional tattoo, shown in various cultures.

Kitsune tattoo designs

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Is it possible to acquire a full-sleeve kitsune tattoo in one sitting?

No. Large kitsune tattoos are usually completed in a few sessions. Nobody’s tolerance for pain is significant enough to meet the sleeve in one sitting. Additionally, the tattoo artist will need a break too.

Kitsune design meaning

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Is it true that kitsune sleeve tattoos cover the entire arm?

Half-sleeves are kitsune tattoos covering only a portion of the arm, generally above the elbow, although they can also be seen on the forearm from the wrist to the elbow. A quarter-sleeve shirt generally only extends from shoulder to mid-elbow.

Kitsune designs

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What time does the kitsune sleeve tattoo take?

Most Kitsune tattoo designs take about 15 hours to make, but some have taken up to 80 hours. These hours are broken into many sessions, with the length of time between sessions determined by how rapidly you recover. As a result, a sophisticated full sleeve tattoo might take a year or more to finish.

Kitsune designs

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