Dice Tattoo Meaning – Inspiring Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Dice tattoos are a famous form of body art that is growing in popularity year after year. Although dice tattoos meaning isn’t as prevalent as floral pieces or flaming skulls, they can be just as stunning. Whether you choose to get your tattoo on your arm, back or ankle is entirely up to you. You can opt for a standard die shape or go for something that’s slightly more intricate.

Dice Tattoo Meaning - Inspiring Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Dice tattoos meaning here is usually seen as a sign of luck, and they can be found in people all over the world. The meaning behind dice tattoos can be interpreted many different ways, depending on the type of dice and the body part you have them inked on. The traditional dice, which feature each number on opposite sides, are often associated with luck, randomness, and chance.

Dice Tattoo

Image: @neons5cks

Dice Tattoo on Head

Image: @bensloth

If you get dice tattoos on your hands or fingers, it’s usually concerning gambling games and games of luck, such as craps or roulette. In other cases, people will get dice tattooed somewhere on their body to signify how much of a risk-taker they are in various aspects of their life.

Dice And Fire Tattoo

Image: @littlehellbomb

When you look at someone who has a dice tattoo, you might assume that it’s because they enjoy gambling or are just in love with board games or dice as an object. But dice symbols or tattoos have more meaning than that. There are various meanings behind dice tattoos, and if you like the dice tattoo design, then take some time to learn about the implications to find the next tattoo that resonates with you and your extreme lifestyles most before getting the real thing permanently inked onto your skin.

Dice Tattoo And Eye

Image: @danieljosephtattoo

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Meaning Behind Dice Tattoos

Dice tattoos come in a variety of styles. They can be large or small and are usually designed to fit specific parts of your body. The dice designs can have a deep meaning depending on what style you go with, but overall, dice tattoos have similar meanings. Dice represent chance and uncertainty, which means they symbolize taking chances and having fun as well as spontaneity. Dice also stand for luck and fortune, so if you’re looking for some good luck in life, a dice tattoo is perfect. Some different dice tattoo meaning are:

  • Risk Taker
  • Daredevil
  • Boldness
  • Gambler
  • Lucky
  • Uninhibited
  • Good Luck
  • Taking Chances
  • Rolling with the punches
  • Goal Getter
  • Maverick
  • Fortune
Dice Tattoo And Belt

Image: @deeenster

Dice tattoos mustn’t be negative or bad luck because they represent exactly how we want our lives to be full of chance and luck. Overall, dice tattoos make a great addition to anyone’s body who likes to challenge their fate. If you’ve been thinking about getting one done soon, here we are going to share with you some fantastic tattoo designs to help you get the unique tattoo that represents you perfectly!

Things To Consider Before Getting A Dice Tattoo

Dice tattoos have become popular, and they represent different things to different people, and they’re bound to catch attention no matter what they symbolize. It may seem like a good idea to get a dice tattoo right away, but if you don’t consider your reasons behind it, you could be hurting more than helping yourself. Read on for some things to think about before getting inked up with dice.

Dice Tattoo With Face

Image: @jayshishi

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Is a dice tattoo right for you:

When it comes down to it, dice tattoos are for those that like good luck charms and gambling-related designs on their bodies. Even though you don’t fit that depiction, you can get dice tattoos as a form of personal expression. After all, they are beautiful to look at and add plenty of personality to your overall appearance.

Black Dice Tattoo

Image: @chenztattoo

What do you want to achieve with a dice tattoo:

As stated earlier, dice tattoos mean dissimilar for every individual and why they got them. In general, dice tattoos are known as good luck charms and are believed to bring good fortune to their owners. Dice tattoos make great conversation pieces for individuals who wish to welcome money and wealth into their lives.

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What size of dice will you get:

Consider size when deciding where you want your dice tattoos placed. If you choose more oversized dice to ink, such as those commonly used in craps games at casinos, they can be very visually striking. Smaller dice can still be influential because of their detail work which allows them to pack a lot into small spaces.

Black Ink Dice Tattoo

Image: @joeyrosadotattoos

Where do you want your dice tattoo:

All dice have six sides; therefore, there are many options for the placement of dice tattoos. The most common areas include upper arms, upper legs (thighs), hands, or shoulders tattoo. Some other less common areas are the chest or back. So, this is an essential aspect to contemplate before getting a dice tattoo.

How much pain can you take:

Whether you’re planning on getting one single dice tattoo or multiple ones spread out across various body parts, it’s essential to consider how much pain you can take from having these permanent marks placed on your skin. Yes, once they’re done and healed correctly, you won’t feel anything anymore. However, while you’re under the needle, be sure to allow enough time for recovery so that you aren’t left with any scars following your tattoo experience.

Inspirational Lucky Dice Tattoos Design Ideas

Dice Tattoo On Arm

Image: @puppy_tattooer

Wrist Dice Tattoo

Image: @javy626boy

Old School Dice Tattoo

Image: @sinjerrytattoo

Dice Tattoo Design

Image: @roastedricetea

Colorful Dice Tattoo

Image: @douglasgrady

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been getting dice tattoos to celebrate good luck and fortune or simply as an interesting piece of body art. So, if you’re interested in getting a cool dice tattoo on your body, you may definitely be inspired by the beautiful tattoo designs shown here!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Dice Tattoo Designs

What do dice tattoos symbolize?

Dice tattoos are also thought of as a good luck charm. This makes them ideal for sports fans and gamblers alike.

How big should a dice tattoo be?

Dice tattoos can be as big or small as you want them to be. One of their greatest substantial benefits is that they look excellent no matter their size. Of course, if you get a huge dice tattoo, it may need its own space on your body, but if that’s what you want, then go for it!

Should everyone wear dice tattoos?

Like every other tattoo out there nowadays, not everyone should wear dice tattoos all over their body. People without clear goals regarding what their dice tattoos stand for need to reconsider whether they really need them in their life or if they’d be better off investing in something else instead.

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