71 Love Lion King Tattoo Design You Must Try

Disney’s The Lion King has a profound message for everyone. A Lion King tattoo is a tattoo that features a design inspired by the characters or imagery from the Disney animated movie “The Lion King.” The movie is a classic coming-of-age story about a young lion prince named Simba who must find his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands. The movie is well-known for its memorable characters, music, and themes of family, friendship, and self-discovery.

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Lion King Tattoos can take many different forms, from portraits of the characters to more abstract designs that capture the essence of the story. Some popular design elements for Lion King Tattoos include lions, elephants, giraffes, sunsets, and African landscapes. These tattoos are often chosen as a symbol of personal growth, family, and the power of friendship.

1. Cubs Love Lion King Tattoo

One of the best ways to express your feelings for your beloved one is to get a tattoo. This tattoo signifies the deep meaning of love in a very cute way. The artist has beautifully inked the cubs that are looking toward each other and are immersed in love for each other.

Image: @szopu_tattoo

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 2. Hyenas From Lion King Tattoo

In the Disney animated movie “The Lion King,” the hyenas are portrayed as the antagonists. Some popular design elements for hyenas from Lion King tattoos include their distinctive laughing call, their sharp teeth and claws, and their scavenger nature. These tattoos are used as a representation of darker or more chaotic aspects.

Image: @mementopublishing

3.  Colorful Family Lion King Tattoo

If you are fond of vibrant hues, then you should go for this colorful tattoo. The artist has superbly depicted the innocent and fierce side of the lion in a single tattoo design. Moreover, the fun side of Timon and Pumba adds to the grace of tattoos.

Image: @txttoo

4. Little Lion King Tattoo

The artist has excellently used the work of shading to highlight the main features of this tattoo. This cute little lion king tattoo can grasp the attention of anyone.

Image: @paulatattoo__

5. Long Live The King Tattoo

This tattoo illustrates profound meaning in a very creative way. It represents the journey of Simba on the way to the ‘throne’ without his dear father.

Image: @knorpelwerktattoo

6. Timon & Pumba Lion King Tattoo

This is the one to choose if you want a traditional Disney Lion King tattoo. All the fun-loving are beautifully portrayed in this tattoo with the best use of colors.

Image: @houseofladychappelle

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7. Realistic Lion King Tattoo

The story of the Lion King is one of growth, healing, and self-discovery, as the young prince Simba transforms from a carefree cub into a responsible king. The tattoo appeals to you because of its deep meaning and appealing setting.

Image: @yeezytattoo_lio

8. Cub Little Foot Lion King Tattoo

The perfect use of yellow, orange, and black colors is the most attractive aspect of this tattoo. This tattoo is a timeless and meaningful tribute to the movie that has captured the hearts of people of all ages.

Image: @jun_tattoo_art_pr

9. Mirror Reflection Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo is the symbolization of trauma and the road to healing and self-realization. The little cub visualizing himself as his father in the reflection of water is marvelously penned by the artist.

Image: @interstellarinktattoos

10. Hakuna Matata Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo can positively raise your vibes as it incorporates the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata,’ which means “No Worries. ” The cheerful face of the little lion elevates the design of the tattoo.

Image: @stevegormantattoo

11. Rafiki Lion King Tattoo

Have this Rafiki tattoo if you’re the most intelligent person in your circle of friends and would sacrifice anything for them. The meditation pose of Rafiki and the utilization of black color to highlight the border area of the tattoo is quite eye-catching.

Image: @noyba_tattoo

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12. Pumba Lion King Tattoo

If you are a fan of the Pumba character from The Lion King movie, this tattoo can be a good option. The tattoo labels the different body parts of warthog in a hilarious way.

Image: @tattooblamm

13. Minimal Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo honors the bond of friendship. If you think the bond that Timon, Pumba, and Simba share in the savannah is amazing, get this sketchy tattoo!

Image: @fahriyetugbas.ink

14. Friends Lion King Tattoo

Some people may see hyenas as being inherently cool or interesting, regardless of their role in the story. A hyena tattoo can symbolize a person’s willingness to embrace their shadows and acknowledge the complexity of their own character.

Image: @personality_disorders_in_love

15. Cute Hakuna Matata Lion King Tattoo

You won’t regret getting this adorable lion face tattoo in black outlining. The engraving of the Sun on the top of the cub’s head and the stylish font to make the ‘Hakuna Matata’ stand out more are highly impressive.

Image: @yoni_tat

16. Anger Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of power and pride. This dazzling display of the anger on the lion’s face, the shining eye, and the throne on the head of the king lion make this designs a top-notch choice.

Image: @jablonskitattoo

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17. Watercolor Lion King Tattoo

The loving and cuddling side of the lion is amazingly engraved in this tattoo. The color pattern of this design gives this tattoo a distinctive look.

Image: @kayliecornett

18. Timon, Jimba & Pumba Lion King Tattoo

Get a sketch of all the main characters of your fun-loving characters of The Lion King movie in a single design. The check pattern of the tattoo takes the beauty of this tattoo to the next level.

Image: @rush_tht

19. Lion King With Green Eye Tattoo

This tattoo design is magnificent and can superbly cover the whole area of the upper arm. The green light emerging out of the lion’s eye can attract anyone’s attention.

Image: @al.tattoo.mh

20. Manchester Lion King Tattoo

If you are looking for a lion tattoo that can be inked on the chest area, then you must definitely go for this tattoo. The color scheme of this tattoo is highly attractive.

Image: @canggutattoostudio

21. Sketch Realistic Lion King Tattoo

This phenomenal tattoo exquisitely depicts the love of a lioness and her cub with a beautiful sketch scheme. The black outlining and the use of light pink enhance the overall look of this design.

Image: @enzetattoo

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22. Terror Eyes Lion King Tattoo

The glowing green eyes of the lion are the most captive detail of this tattoo. The rose and feathers are inked by the artist to make this tattoo look more substantial.

Image: @lisa_pwrdermink

23. Disney Lion King Tattoo

A well-known Disney classic is The Disney Lion King Tatoo. Mufasa reassured Simba that really needed to be king when he was uncertain about his life’s purpose. This tattoo represents the movie’s central concept.

Image: @borja_ink_tattoo

24. Blackwork Inked Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the realistic features of a lion. The inscription of the cross over the eye of the lion is what makes it distinctive and highly appealing. It can cover your full lower arm area.

Image: @marquez.inkart

25. Floral Lion King Tattoo

The floral design of the lion king tattoos is immensely eye-catching. The artist has decorated the crown and neck area of the lion king with ornamental jewelry design.

Image: @iconink_tattoo

26. Grand Lion King Tattoo

The grand attributes of the lion are celebrated in this artistic tattoo with a highly impressive shading technique. The inking of the red crown is awe-inspiring and completes the look of this tattoo with incredible touch.  

Image: @cesarrincontattooart

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27. Blue Eyes Lion King Tattoo

The blue eyes of this immersive tattoo design are the key trait of this tattoo. The use of red tint with black color takes the design of this tattoo to another level.

Image: @rado_tattoo29

28. Inked Lion King Tattoo

The fierce and bold side of the lion is a breathtaking feature of this tattoo. The artist has highlighted all the details of the ferocious lion with the best use of tattooing skills.

Image: @major_ink_studios_2

29. Young Live Lion King Tattoo

The combination of yellow and black color sets the best color theme of this tattoo design. The theme of the tattoo that is Young Live the King, is the fascinating aspect of this design.

Image: @bicycletattooandpiercing

30. Forearm Watercolor Lion King Tattoo

The use of a vibrant color scheme adds to the grace of the tattoo. This forearm tattoo can easily grab the attention of others due to its outstanding color theme.

Image: @archzinecom

31. Jungle Lion King Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo that is both innovative and highly artistic in nature, then you should go for it because of its highly refined and impressive design.

Image: @my_way_tattoos

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32. Magical Lion King Tattoo

This gigantic lion king tattoo is truly magical because of its design and the impressive spread of the hair of the lion that gives its a more iconic look.

Image: @tokhernandeztattoo

33. Cute Girl Lion King Tattoo

You would rarely find a lion king tattoo that would complement the personality of girls. The flowers used to style up the lion are what make this tattoo design more graceful.

Image: @tiochicotattoo

34. Mariet Lion King Tattoo

It is a unique design that is creative as well as brings a different charm to your look. The wide eyes, the irregular nose, and the smoke coming out of the monkey’s mouth are the key elements of this tattoo.

Image: @urbnpoptattoos

35. Glitter Grey Lion King Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo that is a little bit glittery, then consider inking this tattoo. The black outlining of this tattoo gives this design an immensely splendid look.

Image: @stillunderink

36. Drawing Lion King Tattoo

This lion king tattoo is highly appealing because of its beautiful design and the formation of flowers and leaves that spread out the look of the tattoo magnificently.

Image: @oggs.ink

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37. Baby Family  Lion King Tattoo

The bold attitude of the lion king is amazingly portrayed in this tattoo. It signifies the innate protective nature of the lion to protect his cub from every danger.

Image: @rosetattooart

38. Beautiful Art Lion King Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo that uses a high level of artistic skills to embrace the beauty of the lion? Look out for the minute details of this tattoo design that are creative as well as unique.

Image: @portestattoo

39. Family Tree Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo has a very deep and beautiful meaning. The face of the lion is cut into two parts which are filled the cute sketch of the cubs to give it a creative style.

Image: @rosetattooart

40. Butterfly Lion King Tattoo

This tattoo is too beautiful to describe in words. The distinctive shape of this tattoo design is quite embellished and highly artistic. The brown color of the butterfly and the color of the lion’s eye take this tattoo to a peak of beauty.

Image: @sharonwolf_art

41. Anger Lion King Tattoo

Get this tattoo to cover your chest area amazing lion king tattoo. This anger lion king tattoo portrays the furious side of the lion king in a very artistic style.

Image: @vasotattoo

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42. Lion and Flower Lion King Tattoo

This Lion king tattoo uses one of the most simplistic styles to embrace the beauty of the lion king. The inking of flowers to one side of the lion king enhances the look of the tattoo.

Image: @malaika_tattoo

43. Radiant Color Lion King Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo that looks really royal and immensely splendid? This tattoo incorporates the use of red color that highlights the minute details.

Image: @calitattoopereira

44. Tri-Coloured Lion King Tattoo

The bold character of the lion tiger is beautifully shown cast in this design with the scheme of three colors. The use of these colors takes this tattoo design to the next level of beauty.

Image: @promiseinthepen

45. Cross Lion King Tattoo

The utilization of grey and dark black colors elevates the beauty of this tattoo design with a very innovative technique. Inking this type of tattoo really adds grace to your personality.

Image: @ziba_tattoo1

46. Killer Lion King Tattoo

Lions are known for their deadly character and killer to look. The golden eyes of the lion are inked with a high degree of expertise to enhance the overall look of this tattoo.

Image: @kalejdoskoptattoo

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47. Queen Lion King Tattoo

The beautiful colors used in this tattoo really elevate the look. The different used and small cub sneaking from behind the lion depicts an amazing father and son bond.

Image: @jammu_tattoo

48. Graylily Lion King Tattoo

Lion and lamb tattoos are deeply significant to the people who have them because they are symbolically rich. The lamb represents purity, tranquility, and spirituality, whereas the lion represents strength, physical prowess, and anger, expressing the dual aspect of existence.

Image: @eldernahunart

49. Nation Lion King Tattoo

Have you ever thought of getting a dreadful lion tattoo? Why don’t you go for this lion tattoo that is made with anger and embellished with a crown?

Image: @50shadesofinktattoo

50. Real Lion King Tattoo

Don’t underestimate the power of a lion that has been frowning due to aging. In this tattoo, the old age lion tattoo shows the strength, power, and experience of this lion tattoo.

Image: @scribbletattoozbangalore

51. Dotwork Lion King Tattoo

Inking a dotwork pattern on your hand is taken to be a creative approach. If you need something creative, go for this lioness tattoo embellished with beautiful flowers.

Image: @a.kurczewska.tattoo

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52. Inked Black Lion King Tattoo

Do you need a piece tattoo for your hand? Ink this beautiful lion tattoo with a star that has multiple shading and contouring. The placement of this tattoo is perfect and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo elegantly.

Image: @chicagoinktattoo

53. Standing Lion King Tattoo

What a pleasant portrait of a standing cub walking on its father’s path. The cute detailing of this small cub is elevating the whole look of the tattoo.

Image: @madzart.a

54. Portrait Lion King Tattoo

Have you ever thought of getting a lion tattoo? You must get this piece done that has multiple shading and effects. The wound marks made on the face of the lion add to the beauty.

Image: @wolfrook.ink

55. Queen Head Lion King Tattoo

Lookout for the shining gorgeous eyes of the lioness that adds beauty to the whole piece. The whole lion part is made with excessive focus on growing eyes and hairs. 

Image: @duvan.tattoo.artist

56. Vibro Art Lion King Tattoo

Show your strong and bold personality to the audience with this vibro art lion king tattoo. The stunning canine teeth made are really working to give the whole tattoo a tempting look.

Image: @lafirma.ink

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57. Flower Lion King Tattoo

This beautiful lion tattoo complemented with flowers from one side attracts the onlookers. The multiple shading and leaves drawn on the lion’s face add more elements to this gorgeous piece. 

Image: @whynot.tattoo

58. Cute Looking Lion King Tattoo

You might not have seen a cuter version of a lion than this. The unique colors and shading done on this tattoo really set the vibe of the tattoo apart.

Image: @loadink_tattoo

59. Healed Lion King Tattoo

See the anger and strength of the lion tattoo from this dreadful tattoo. The fine work here done by the tattoo artist with multiple frowning is commendable.

Image: @monkeys_tattoo_

60. Tier Lion King Tattoo

Small lion tattoos are something that you can ink on your ankle, hands, elbow, and even stomach. It will pop out its beauty on whatever placement. 

Image: @kiyantattoo_

61. Custom Lion King Tattoo

When you are searching for something cute yet adorable, then don’t miss out on this one. This cute lion tattoo will surely win your heart, and the addition of cute flowers on one side adds to its mesmerizing beauty.

Image: @nefarious.tattooer

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62. Aged Lion King Tattoo

In this Aged lion king tattoo, you will notice a few marks that the lion has had due to its past battles. It shows that the king is not made in one day, but it takes years of struggle and experience to become a king. 

Image: @zs.tattoo

63. Religious Lion King Tattoo

What can be better than complementing the strength of the lion with Jesus? Individuals who want to show the world their strong plus religious side can imbibe such a type of tattoo. 

Image: @hiddengemtattoos

64. Triangle Lion King Tattoo

A triangle lion king is one of the best tattoos that you have noticed so far. The bold eyes with fine shading and contouring give a strong look to the whole tattoo. This tattoo is not so big in size, but the impact is dreadful.

Image: @daben_tattoo

65. Inspiration Lion King Tattoo

The purple lion tattoo is creative and embellished with a beautiful crown on its head. The hair of the lion is drawn very precisely to give the lion a strong look. You can also ink your tattoo on your hand, which gives it a stunning look.

Image: @sacred_ink21

66. Looking Lion King Tattoo

The Lion, known as the king of the jungle, holds a strong and fierce personality. If you, too, want to show your strong side to the world, try inscribing this king lion tattoo to tell the world about your king qualities. 

Image: @dolphinborneotatto

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67. Nostalgic Lion King Tattoo

See the fierce yet charming side of the lion. In this tattoo, the lion is embellished with a mandala type of pattern. This lion is drawn very keenly by keeping all the sweat details of the lion in mind. 

Image: @jeanne.noxtattoo

68. Painted Art Lion King Tattoo

Want to take your childish spirit out? This charming piece of tattoo would be perfect for inscribing on your body. The lovely watercolors used in this tattoo give a playful look to the whole tattoo. 

Image: @hhtattoolasvegas

69. Lion King Tattoo

What can be more beautiful than using a flower to complement the beauty of the lion? Flowers are the best thing that can be used to decorate a respective piece of tattoo. 

Image: @luizeduardo7773

70. Dark King Lion King Tattoo

The type of lion depicted in the picture shows the courage and bravery. The fierce eyes filled with pride and the shining golden eyes with amazing contouring are what add a real lion look.

Image: @giuseppe_ideale_tattoo

71. Lion King Tattoo

If you want to get a charming lion tattoo, then this tattoo would be perfect for you. The stunning black ink used in this gives the whole tattoo a more appealing look. The cute little cub sneaking from behind the lion adds more grace.

Image: @srdjan_tattooart_stanojevic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the tattoo “Lion King” implies?

In folklore, art, and tattoo style, the king of the lions has long been a well-liked theme. Generally, lion tattoos represent power, bravery, and fearlessness. The lion denotes power, bravery, fearlessness, and knowledge whether it is depicted genuinely or in a stylized manner.

Can a lady have a tattoo of a lion?

Lion tattoos are ideal for bold individuals since they stand for courage, bravery, strength, and trust. However, lion tattoos for women are more than just menacing images. They may be adorable, graceful, sophisticated, and stunning.

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