101 Upper Back Tattoo Ideas: Craft Your Unique Statement

Key Takeaways

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  • The upper back provides a broad and flat canvas, allowing for versatile and impactful tattoo designs.
  • From intricate patterns to meaningful symbols, the upper back accommodates many tattoo styles, making it suitable for various artistic expressions.
  • Upper back tattoos offer the flexibility of being easily concealed or revealed, providing the wearer control over when to showcase their ink.
  • The upper back is generally less sensitive than other areas, minimizing discomfort during tattooing.
  • Upper back tattoos complement the spine’s natural curves, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing look that enhances the body’s overall symmetry.

Tattoos are gaining immense popularity with time, and upper back tattoos are much in demand because of being concealable.

101 Stunning Upper Back Tattoos To Get Inked Now

They are a perfect choice for the people who don’t want to show their tattoos every time and want to keep them hidden. They are an ideal blend of concealable and flashy tattoos because they can be hidden easily.

101 stunning Upper Back Tattoos to Get Inked Now

Image: @paparizou.sp

Significance of Upper Back Tattoos

Upper back tattoos hold significance as a canvas for meaningful self-expression. Positioned between the shoulder blades and along the spine, these tattoos often carry personal narratives, symbolic elements, or intricate designs that resonate with the wearer. The upper back’s expansive surface allows for larger, detailed artwork, making it a preferred location for individuals seeking impactful and visually striking tattoos. Beyond aesthetics, the upper back’s concealable nature provides the wearer the choice of when to reveal or keep their ink private, adding an element of personal control to the artistry.

Placement of  Upper Back Tattoos 

Placing upper back tattoos along the spine and between the shoulder blades offers a unique and strategic canvas for body art. This location provides an expansive, flat surface that accommodates various design styles and allows for intricate detailing. The symmetry along the spine enhances the visual appeal, creating a balanced and harmonious composition. Additionally, the upper back’s central position allows for easy concealment or display, granting the wearer flexibility in showcasing their tattoo based on personal preference or the demands of different situations.

Before You Get Started

  • Explore various design options to find one that resonates with your style and meaning.
  • Select a reputable tattoo artist with experience in upper back tattoos. Look at portfolios, read reviews, and ensure they have expertise in your desired style.
  • Think about the specific placement on your upper back. Consider how the tattoo will flow with the natural curves of your spine and whether you want it centered or off to one side.
  • The upper back can be sensitive, so mentally prepare for the tattooing process. Take steps to relax and communicate openly with your tattoo artist.
  • Familiarize yourself with aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. This includes proper cleaning, moisturizing, and avoiding activities that could irritate the freshly inked skin.

Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for Upper Back Tattoos

Selecting the perfect tattoo artist for upper back tattoos involves considering several factors. Seek an artist with a portfolio showcasing expertise in intricate designs and the ability to work with the unique canvas of the upper back. Look for professionals with experience in creating tattoos that complement the spine’s natural curves and demonstrate a keen understanding of symmetry. Personal recommendations, reviews, and visits to the artist’s studio can ensure a skilled and collaborative partnership, resulting in a well-executed and meaningful upper back tattoo.

Aftercare For Upper Back Tattoos 

Aftercare for upper back tattoos is crucial to ensure proper healing and vibrant longevity. Keep the tattooed area clean by gently washing it with mild, fragrance-free soap and water. Apply a thin layer of tattoo-specific ointment or moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight, and refrain from excessive rubbing or scratching. Loose, breathable clothing can prevent irritation, and it’s essential to follow any specific aftercare instructions the tattoo artist provides. Diligent care during the initial healing period contributes to a well-preserved and visually appealing upper back tattoo.

Different Ideas For Upper Back Tattoos And Placements

Although several designs get inked for the upper back, few design patterns are gaining popularity increasingly.

Most of the time, people go for designs that keep some importance or significance to them, but apart from that, there are many designs that they can try because the upper back is the perfect canvas for complex and large structures.

Here we will let you know some of the most popular methods you can try on the upper back.

1. Lily Flower Tattoo On Upper Back

Lily flower stands for purity, devotion, rebirth and motherhood, making them one of the best choices for upper back tattoos.

So, if you are also starting a new phase of your life or going to be a mother shortly, then you can try these stunning flowers on your body. They will look splendid in both black and color both.

Lily Flower Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @clintons_tattoos

2. Half Lion Face Tattoo

Some people love creativity, and the idea of their tattoo speaks on their behalf, and those people love to opt for tattoos that show their personality traits. Just like a lion stands for power, courage, and strength, adopting this tattoo will show their exact characteristics.

Half Lion Face Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @gemma_ink

3. Lettering Tattoo Designs On Back For Women

The most graceful and incredible tattoos for women are lettering tattoos. They will not take much time and have tons of options from which you can opt for your favourite words—for instance, serendipity which means a happy accident.

You may opt for these words as a reminder of any happy and content moment of your life. The lettering tattoo will look fantastic as a spine tattoo.

Lettering Tattoo Designs On Back For Women

Image: @serendipity

4. Lotus Tattoo On Upper Back

Lotus tattoos are highly personal because of the different meanings for which they are famous. They represent the rising above temptation and lead to becoming a better person.

It will look stunning in black and colored ink, and you will be astonished to see the results.

Lotus Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @nastygirl_tattoo

5. Mandala Tattoo On Upper Back

Mandala tattoo stands for balance and perfection. The overlapping circles and shapes create these tattoos with the finishing of shading.

There are many designs that one can opt for mandala back placement tattoo like an elephant, tiger, lotus, dreamcatcher etc.

Mandala Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @vlc3tattoo

6. Map Tattoo On Upper Back

Some people love their motherland and feel devoted, so getting a map tattoo is the perfect way to show their motherland patriotism.

One can opt for a grey shaded map or one-liner map tattoo, and they both will look amazing. So if you are a soldier, you may take some inspiration from the map tattoo.

Map Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @szilvasigyemanttattoo

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7. Memorial Roses Tattoo On Upper Back

Red roses often stand for love and eternal love and are an excellent choice for tattoos. However, they can be tattooed as the memorial tattoo for the sacrifice of love or to honor the death of soldiers during the war.

Memorial Roses Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @calista720 

8. Nice Butterfly Tattoo On Upper Back

Butterfly stands for adulthood, rebirth or the starting of a new life. They are often feminine tattoos, making them a unique and perfect choice. You may opt for a single butterfly or a ray of big to small butterfly tattoos, and they will look fantastic.

Nice Butterfly Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @egotattoostudios

9. Nice Bird Looking Upper Back Tattoo

Although birds look great in small to bigger sizes, you may opt for a watercolor bird tattoo in a medium size with a stroke of brush paint, and they will look astonishing on the back.

Then, of course, you may try adding other elements with it, but an alone tattoo will also not disappoint you.

Nice Bird Looking Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @9room_tattoo

10. Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Though the cartoon characters’ tattoos are not that popular, they are still remarkable for those who like to get tattooed.

Getting a mickey mouse tattoo is a magnificent way to honor this piece of art. One can also opt for these tattoos as the baby birth tattoos with their babies’ birth name and year.

Mickey Mouse Upper Back Tattoos

Image: @marybluetattoo

11. Tribal Tattoo On Back

As I said above, the upper back is the perfect canvas for vast and complex tattoos, and when we talk about huge designs, then tribal larger tattoos will be the first thing that comes to mind.

But, of course, you may opt for a giant tribal dragonfly or any other design you like and flaunt your tattoo whenever you want.

Tribal Tattoo On Back

Image: @tatttoos_ideas

12. Nice Wording Tattoo

Some people love bigger and huge designs for their back, while some choose small and straightforward tattoos; however, they look fantastic.

For instance, a wording tattoo will look astonishing to the eyes. You may opt for any word which shows your personality, or you love to read again and again.

Nice Wording Upper Back Tattoos

Image: @blackpearltattoohouma

13. Om Tattoo On Upper Back

Hindu religion is one of the most popular and oldest religions, making it popular. Hindus and non-Hindus people also follow this religion worldwide, so people love to get the symbol of Hinduism tattooed on their bodies.

The ohm tattoo is one of the most popular designs as the symbol of Hinduism.

Om Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @paparizou.sp

14. Owl And Lotus Tattoo

Lotus tattoo represents the rise above temptation, whereas the owl signifies the light that shines through the darkest of time and combining them gives a positive and hopeful tattoo.

It shows the optimistic vision for life.

Owl And Lotus Upper Back Tattoos

Image: @lalutattoo

15. Owl Tattoo On Upper Back

Owl tattoo stands for the lights through the tough times, and they are meant to be an optimistic tattoo. The owl tattoo looks fantastic in the black tattoo, and the result will be captivating.

Owl Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @angelarmcdonald

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16. Red Flowers Tattoo On Upper Back

There are many tattoo options with distinctive writing patterns and shading. Outline tattoos are pretty popular among tattoo lovers, and they look elegant and graceful on any body part, like the red floral outline tattoo.

Red Flowers Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @jbeeink

17. Red Stars Tattoo On Back

A five-pointed red star tattoo is associated with communist ideology, and nowadays, they stand for the symbol for a socialist.

One can opt for many tattoos, or a single tattoo will look stunning on the upper back. Star tattoos are popular as spine tattoos for men and women.

Red Stars Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @zach_ange

18. Rose And Bird Tattoo

Roses stand for love, romance whereas the bird tattoo represents spiritual and physical freedom. Getting them both inked together on the upper back will look excellent n the upper back, and the outcome will amaze you.

Your tattoo artist can make this tattoo a piece of art that will keep people hooked with it.

Rose And Bird Tattoo

Image: @mark_skipper_tattoos

19. Pink Lotus Tattoo On Upper Back

A pink lotus flower tattoo represents rebirth, purity, love and spiritual awakening. With all these meanings, they are pretty popular among tattoo lovers.

However, you may opt for a small or more significant tattoo, and they both will give you fantastic outcomes.

Pink Lotus Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @_inktattoostudio

20. Patriotic Tattoo

If you are a soldier or looking for a tattoo that shows your patriotism and your love for the motherland, then opting for an eagle and flag tattoo will look ravishing on the back.

They cover the upper back adequately, and you will love them.

Patriotic Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @robdowns836tattoos

21. Sad Angel Tattoo

A sad angel represents the struggle and the loss of paradise, and these tattoos are pretty popular among the people who have lost someone in their life and are suffering from the loss of someone close to their heart.

Sad Angel Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @m.marcin.artist

Quick Guide to Upper Back Tattoos: Stunning

  • Choose Meaningful Designs: Opt for designs that hold personal significance to you, enhancing the emotional value of your upper back tattoo.
  • Mindful Placement: Consider the curvature of your upper back for optimal tattoo placement, and post-tattoo, prioritize maintenance with proper cleaning and moisturizing.
  • Prep for Discomfort: Be mentally prepared for potential discomfort during tattooing, and communicate openly with your artist for a smoother experience.
  • Invest in Aftercare: Ensure a vibrant and long-lasting tattoo by diligently following aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist.

22. Skull Tattoo On Upper Back

Skull tattoos have gained popularity for ages because of their bold but straightforward aesthetic design.

They represent death and mortality and represent the overcoming of intricate paths and obstacles.

Skull Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @gapblacksoul

23. Small Butterfly Tattoo

As I said above, a butterfly tattoo represents starting a new phase in life. So if you are also starting something new in your life or entering the latest phase of your life,

then a butterfly tattoo will look fabulous. So you can choose the butterfly tattoo as a reminder of a new start in life.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @31_ink

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24. Small Compass Tattoo

Since ancient times the compass tattoo has helped get the right direction and helped reach home safely without getting lost.

Compass tattoo stands for guidance, safety, advice, and that’s why these tattoos are prevalent among tattoo lovers.

Small Compass Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @yudhi_xgrind

25. Small Flowers Tattoo

Flowers are popular as feminine tattoos, and they are pretty popular among women. Flowers tattoo looks awesome alone and in the bunch as well. One can choose colored and black flowers. You may try the lotus flowers tattoo as an upper back tattoo.

Small Flowers Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @proyecto_tattoo88

26. Stars GlyphTattoo

You must have seen people with the symbol of their astrology signs, and they look amazing on the body. For example, a stars glyph tattoo with sleek and slender lines and stars looks extraordinary and trust me, and you would love the results.

Stars Glyph Upper Tattoo Tattoo

Image: @pergaminova.tattoo

27. Sugar Skull With Roses Tattoo On Upper Back

Sugar skull tattoos stand for the celebration and honor of the departed souls or the ancestors. They also represent the rebirth of the next life, making them a terrific choice for tattoos. You may try combining it with flowers like a rose, and trust me, and you will love the outcome.

Sugar Skull With Roses Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @dale_from_tatman

28. Sun Tattoo On Upper Back

Sun tattoos stand for the cycle of life. However, sun tattoos have different meanings according to the different cultures.

In some traditions, they stand for the light and renewal of life. So getting this tattoo on your body will represent optimistic thoughts for life. You may try adding some other designs with the sun tattoo.

Sun Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @township31

29. Tribal And Skull Tattoo

Tribal tattoos look extraordinary on the vast canvas, and they have several options to merge with them. For instance, you may opt for the skull tattoo along with the tribe tattoo, and they will look magnificent in black ink. Likewise, the tribal with a skull will look incredible as a full-back tattoo.

Tribal And Skull Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyjon2018

30. Unique Butterfly Tattoo

With the mixture of variant colors and 3d touch, the butterfly tattoo will look lively on the body. You may opt for other elements with them or alone however you like.

Unique Butterfly Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @uriel816tattoos

31. Unique Flowers Tattoo

Flowers hold many deep meanings and are known as feminine. The colorful flowers represent joy, love, attraction, a new beginning etc.

They are perfect for getting embellished on the back in a larger frame and can cover the whole back magnificently. You may try both the black and colorful flowers, and you will love the outcome.

Unique Flowers Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @galatatuajes

32. Wings And Heart Tattoo On Upper Back

Heart tattoos symbolize the happy, passion and love symbol. Addin them with some wings along with it makes a memorial tattoo.

For instance, one can choose these heart tattoos to honor their parents’ love or their demise with an important date that is important in your life.

Wings And Heart Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @marlayna6263

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33. Word And Tree Tattoo

Some people always think positively and keep going in life for a positive outcome, whereas others need motivation or positive thoughts that help them to keep themselves motivated.

One can opt for their favorite quote and combine it with other elements like a shoulder blade or a pair of shoulder blades.

Word And Tree Tattoo

Image: @shomase_tattoo

34. Word Tattoo On Upper Back

Getting some motivational or religious words on the back keeps the sanity alive in a person. You may choose a phrase from any holy book like the bible and show your faith in God.

Word Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @xiaotattoo.tw

35. Tree House Upper Back Tattoo

The treehouse piece tattoo will look mesmerizing on the upper back in pitch black ink with fine line work. One can also opt for colored ink, and it will look fantastic.

It will look terrific on the entire surface of back tattoos because it has more space than other body parts.

Tree House Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @sacredraventattoo

36. Best Old English Word Tattoo On Upper Back

Euphoria means the state of intense happiness and excitement, and getting the only one word could hold many meanings.

You may try these words in calligraphy or any of your favorite fonts, and they will look astonishing in black ink.

Best Old English Word Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @tattoos_revolution

37. Yin Yang Tattoo

Yin Yang is a symbol of black and white swirls tattoos, and the term yin yang originated in Chinese from ancient times, making them one of the most popular tattoos among tattoo lovers, and they stand as the reminder of harmony in life.

Your tattoo artist can show his artistry through this tattoo, and you will love the results.

Yin Yang Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @tattoopainfulpleasure

38. Dream Catcher Tattoo On Upper Back For Girls

The dream catcher has been famous as a symbol of protection from the bad omen or evil eyes for a long time.

This dreamcatcher tattoo symbolizes security and safety from evil eyes, which is why it is one of the most popular tattoo lovers.

Dream Catcher Tattoo On Upper Back For Girls

Image: @kozettesefaitkoza

Keep In Mind

  • The upper back is relatively less sensitive, but individual pain thresholds vary, so be prepared for discomfort during tattooing.
  • Choose clothing that allows easy access to the upper back for healing and aftercare. Loose and breathable fabrics are ideal.
  • Shield your tattoo from prolonged sun exposure, as UV rays can fade the colors over time. Use sunscreen to protect and preserve your tattoo.
  •  Keep your upper back tattoo moisturized to prevent dryness and maintain the vibrancy of the ink. Consider fragrance-free lotions to avoid irritation.
  • Communicate openly with your tattoo artist about design preferences, size, and placement to ensure you’re satisfied with the final result.

39. Feminine Bow Tattoo On Upper Back

Feminine ribbon bow tattoo stands for femininity, resistance and attraction. These tattoos look splendid in the black and white color and color.

You may try adding a few elements on the back, and you will love these stunning designs.

Feminine Bow Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @blondmeblondie

40. Rose Flowers Tattoo

Roses stand for love and romance. They are perfect for showing your love to your loved ones. You may opt for red roses, and they will look ultimate. Try for a single rose or a bunch of roses, and you will be astonished to see them.

Rose Flowers Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @ee_juny.ttt

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41. Feather Tattoo Design 

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom and often represent that you are spreading your wings and ready to fly high in the sky. You may opt for a 3d feather tattoo with some bright colors, and they will look ravishing.

Feather Tattoo Design

Image: @monikadolatattoo

42. Love Quotes Upper Back Tattoo

Love is not only about two people committing to live together for life. It could be the love of two siblings, best friends or the love we feel for our parents and some words you love to keep yourself with you for life. So, don’t hesitate and get them inked now so that they will remain with you forever.

Image: @ynnssteiakakis

43. Black Map Tattoo

If you love your country and motherland, then there is no chance that you will not like the black map tattoo. But, if you want, you can try making it more creative by adding this map tattoo in the heart on your back.

Black Map Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @puro.biomech

44. Small Wings Tattoo

Angel wings tattoo stands for protection and guidance, and getting them tattooed on the body makes you feel safe and assures you that you will be safe from evil eyes. One can choose any bible phrase with these wings, and they will look splendid, and they are easy to hide by wearing a shirt.

Small Wings Tattoo

Image: @tamorogaa

45. Unicorn Tattoo On Upper Back

If you haven’t tried the unicorn tattoos yet, it is the right time to go for it. As we all know, unicorn tattoos symbolize freedom, magic and purity. They look stunning with the sinning and can look magical, just like they mean magical. However, they won’t disappoint you in block or brown ink too.

Unicorn Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @n.8tattoobarcelona

46. Red Heart Tattoo On Upper Back

The winged heart stands for freedom which could be from life or love. However, the wins symbolize the fairy and angel and make an extraordinary tattoo.

Red Heart Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @pelletattoo

47. Black Tribal Tattoo On Upper Back

Tribal tattoos represent achievements, status and protection, and they look magnificent with black inks and collectively represent the heritage of different cultures. You may try to add any of your favorite elements with the tribal touch, and they will make a perfect tattoo.

Black Tribal Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @homeless_tattoo_piercing

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48. Stylish Wings Tattoo On Back

We all have heard fairy stories in childhood, and we believed that they existed deep down somewhere. Get the stunning swings tattoo with red ink, and they will look mesmerized on the back.

Stylish Wings Tattoo On Back

Image: @catnip_farmer

49. Scissor Tattoo On Upper Back

Scissor stands for the ties cutting with someone and looks ravishing. Sometimes the scissors also warned the people to remain careful, and they will look stunning.

Scissor Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @lilchristatt2

50. Anchor Tattoo

The anchor tattoos keep so much importance for sailors. However, that doesn’t mean no one else can try them. They represent strength, determination and peace. You may try this tattoo on your back with a girl to make it look amazing.

Anchor Tattoo on Upper Back

Image: @sivanhay18

Pro Tip

Ensure proper posture during the healing process. Avoid activities that strain the upper back to promote optimal healing and minimize discomfort.

51. Moon Tattoo On Back

Unlike the sun, the moon is tattoo is pretty popular among tattoo lovers, and the moon stands for growth and change worldwide. However, the moon phases show the magic, eternity, shadow, etc. They look eye-catching on the back.

Moon Tattoo on Back

Image: @jaguatemporarytattoos

52. Outline Viking On Upper Back

The Viking art stands as the symbol of God, strength and devotion for life, and they make fantastic tattoos. One can opt for any signs you like to combine with Viking art, which will be unique.

Outline Viking On Upper Back

Image: @inkgarage_brooklyn

53. Tiger Eyes Tattoo On Back

The tiger tattoos look stunning on any body part and what makes them unique is the meaning they represent. They stand for raw power, strength, etc., whereas they primarily mean desire if we talk about tiger’s eyes.

Tiger Eyes Tattoo On Back

Image: @chromophil1o1

54. Rooster Tattoo On Upper Back

There are several designs, and art is available for getting a rooster tattoo. The rooster is the symbol twelfth astrological sign according to Chinese culture. They stand for courage, authority, prudence, opportunity etc.

Rooster Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @mfe_art

55. Bird Upper Back Tattoo

Bird tattoos are insightful because they stand for spiritual and physical freedom. However, the meaning of the bird tattoos varies from bird to bird, but universally, they stand for freedom.

Bird Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @romanyuk.tattoo

56. Birds And Wording Tattoo

As I said earlier, bird tattoos are known as insightful creatures and combining them with some insightful words will increase its authenticity and make a perfect tattoo.

Birds And Wording Tattoo

Image: @passeurdencre

57. Unique Tribal Design Tattoo On Upper Back

Tribal tattoos show the achievement and heritage of culture, and the stories behind this art may differ from culture to culture. However, the unique design of this art will never change and look great. These tattoos look amazing on the entire back as full back tattoos.

Unique Tribal Design Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @spuskovik.tattoo

Did You Know?

Upper back tattoos can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they symbolized strength and resilience. Across cultures, the upper back was considered a powerful canvas for meaningful art, reflecting personal stories and cultural significance.

58. Tattoo Upper Back With Black Birds And Tree

Color represents joy, cheerful and happy moments of life, and they can easily be attached to your skin by tattooing. But that doesn’t mean black ink tattoos will disappoint you. On the contrary, they look classy whether whatever design you choose to get inked.

Tattoo Upper Back With Black Birds And Tree

Image: @murphyshouseoftattoo

59. Black Stars Tattoo

Stars are famous for body art; whether you opt for alone stars or accompany them with something else, they will not disappoint. The stars stand for guidance, protection and spirituality.

Black Stars Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @nuketowntattoo

60. Attractive Warrior Tattoo For Men

If you fought a war or any of your family members fought for their country, then it is no rocket science to know what a warrior goes through at that time. Getting a warrior tattoo is an ultimate way to honor their sacrifices because they stand for the struggle and strength.

Attractive Warrior Tattoo For Men

Image: @skinfx_tattoo

61. Black Wings Tattoo On Upper Back

Wings tattoos are prevalent among tattoo lovers. Thye looks astonishing whether you go for tiny wings or large. They hold a deep meaning for the spiritual connection with the loved ones you have lost. The archangel Michael angel will also make a great tattoo.

Black Wings Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @gerosuareztattoo

62. Black Wording Tattoo

The simple, the better, we all have heard these saying, and it is true. Instead of going for a more extensive and detailed tattoo, choosing one-line quotes for the word will look graceful and elegant.

Black Wording Tattoo

Image: @breakfasttowntattoo

63. Red Heart and Roses Tattoo On Back

Heart and rose are both symbols of love, and they look astonishing to the eyes. You may opt for them to show your love and passion for your loved ones. On the other hand, opting for a black rose will show your grief for who you have lost.

Red Heart and Roses Tattoo on Back

Image: @crashmansontattoos

64. Cards Tattoo On Back

The more you search, the more ideas you will get for your next tattoo. Like the cards, tattoos often stand for good fortune and represent death. You may try adding the player with the card’s tattoo, and trust you will love the outcome.

Cards Tattoo On Back

Image: @knikolaartof

65. Classic Black Butterfly Tattoo On Upper Back

Butterfly stands for transformation, adulthood, and a new beginning, often known as feminism tattoo. That’s the reason these tattoos are pretty popular among girls.

Whether you go for black or colored butterflies, both will amaze you. It is one of the best masculine ink design ideas.

Classic Black Butterfly Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @queen.jax

66. Quotes Tattoo On Upper Back

Words and quotes play an essential part in life because they can do wonders when nothing is working. In addition, they may motivate and inspire you to go ahead and face the difficulties of life and keep you sane if you opt for any religious term to get inked.

Quotes Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @who_is_blondie

67. Colored Flowers Large Tattoo Design

Different flowers stand for different meanings and often represent life’s good and happy things. Therefore, one can get tattooed of flowers whichever they like, and they will never disappoint you.

Colored Flowers Large Tattoo Design

Image: @ebooks_guides_training_videos

68. Prisoner Of Heart Tattoo

For some people, love becomes the savior in life because they found the meaning of life and a reason for living from their partner, and for those people, the prisoner of heart tattoo is a perfect choice to ink. In addition, you may combine this tattoo with the name of your loved one and surprise them.

Prisoner of Heart Tattoo

Image: @devil_inkzone_tattoo_studio

69. Cross Back Tattoos For Guys 

If you are a Christian and believe in God, you must know the importance of the cross symbol, which stands for trust in God. Getting a cross tattoo will show the same thing to the world.

Cross Back Tattoos For Guys

Image: @samiellefoltz

70. Red Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas

Dragon back tattoo symbolizes grace and intelligence and looks magnificent. Dragon tattoos have several inking options, but opting for a red outline tattoo will look astonished.

Red Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas

Image: @horifong.tattooist

71. Dove Tattoo On Upper Back

A Dove tattoo is a favorite choice for a bird tattoo and represents peace and god’ will. Combining the dove with other elements will look amazing.

Dove Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @romi_art_tattoo

72. Dragonfly  Back Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Dragonfly tattoo means many things, including peace, wisdom, purity, transformation, spirituality, harmony, etc. They look amazing on the back with only a black outline, and you will love to have them.

Dragonfly  Back Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Image: @tulumbeachtattoo

73. Crown Tattoo Ideas

The crown tattoo is pretty popular among tattoo lovers, and they often love to combine it with their name and trust they look extraordinary. The crown tattoo symbolizes triumph, glory and self-contro

Crown Tattoo Ideas

Image: @tattoo_padilla

74. Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men

Dreamcatcher tattoos are protection from evil eyes and are prevalent among tattoo lovers. They look magnificent in colored and black ink. One can combine them with other elements, and trust me, and you will love the outcome.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men

Image: @scorpionstingstudio

75. Eagle Backpiece Tattoo

Eagle tattoos symbolize freedom, wisdom, spirituality, clarity etc and make a mind-blowing tattoo for the back. They look astonished with their large wings and sharped toenails.

Eagles are prevalent in the US army, and people love to combine them with the US flag to show their love for their motherland.

Eagle Backpiece Tattoo

Image: @nikita.jaded.tattoos

76. Dream Feather Tattoo On Upper Back

A moon tattoo with a feather will look amazing on the back. Try these tattoos with colored ink, and they will look astonished. Adding other elements like a butterfly will make it look more feminine.

Dream Feather Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @craftnink16

77. Butterfly Scissors Tattoo Designs

Scissors tattoos symbolize cutting the ties with anyone, and combining it with the butterfly looks fantastic based on the victorian flash series. However, please don’t trust me blindly and see it with your eyes.

Butterfly scissors Tattoo Designs

Image: @aliceink_tattoos

78. Grey Rose Tattoo On Upper Back

Roses stand for passionate love and romance. However, a back rose with grey shading shows the grief and pain that one has gone through after losing loved ones.

Grey Rose Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @skincreationsmacc

79. Fairy Tattoo On Upper Back

Do you think fairies exist? Whatever your answer will be, there was a time when you must have believed that they existed after hearing fairy tales in childhood.

Getting the beautiful fairy tattoo will surprise white ink, and trust me, they will look stunning.

Fairy Tattoo On Upper Back

Image: @tattoodabia

80. Fineline Goddess Tattoo

Vast and complex colorful tattoos look magnificent on the back, whereas the Fineline tattoo looks graceful and elegant.

So if you are also looking for a classy and small tattoo, you must try the goddess tattoo on your back, and you will love the results. It is one of the best smaller tattoos.

Fineline Goddess Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @rebel_ink_801

81. Arrow And Butterfly Tattoo

Arrow tattoos symbolize struggle and triumph, and they look amazing with a sleek design. One may try these tattoos with the butterfly; trust me, they will amaze you with their beauty.

Arrow and Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @mustardtattoos

82. Tribal Raven Tattoo

Raven tattoos are known as the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Their impressive and versatile art look makes a great tattoo, and combining it with a tribal theme tattoo will look amazing.

Tribal Raven Tattoo

Image: @scottybodyarttattooing

83. Bull Head Tattoo

The bull tattoos represent confidence, wisdom, fearlessness, leadership and masculinity and these qualities make them famous. You will love them with black and colored ink.

Bull Head Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @leetattooxii

84. Geometrical Mountain Tattoo

If you are a nature lover, then there is no chance that you will not have a nature tattoo on your back. Nature lets a person talk with themselves and think deeply, and getting the nature tattoo shows the power of nature.

Geometrical Mountain Tattoo

Image: @kavindudulanjasilva

85. Huge Devil Tattoo On The Back

The devil tattoo shows the fierce and naughty side of one’s trait. They symbolize protection from evil eyes. These tattoos are trendy for ages for the inking. It will make a fantastic back tattoo.

Huge Devil Tattoo on the Back

Image: @lowercasetattoos

86. Celtic Heartknot Tattoo

Celtic heart knot tattoo represents the long-lasting love between two people. It is a symbol made of interlocked heart in an oval shape. You may try this small but meaningful tattoo with red, black or green color and trust me, and you will love them.

A geometric back tattoo will also look mindblowing with Celtic heart knot designs.

Celtic Heartknot Tattoo

Image: @teresatheswamphag

87. Scorpio Tattoo In The Middle Of Upper Back

Scorpio is one of the most popular tattoos among men, and they look magnificent in black ink and symbolize loyalty, protection and strength. But unfortunately, they are often associated with intimidation and fear too.

Scorpio Tattoo in the middle of upper back

Image: @nino.blckttt

88. Colorful Turtle Tattoo On Back

If you love the sea, you must try the turtle tattoo associated with perseverance, mortality, creation, and patience.

Trust me, and the beautiful turtle would look good on your body. So don’t wait any longer and make it your next luxury tattoo.

Colorful Turtle Tattoo on Back

Image: @feinkunsttattoo

89. Trust No One Tattoo

Almost everyone gets betrayed in this world somehow by someone, whether it’s a slight loss or big, but betrayal is betrayal.

The trust no one tattoo is a symbolic warning to be careful from the cunning and meaningful people.

Trust No One Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @will.tattooing

90. Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo is getting popular, just like Halloween tattoos. They are old-school scary cartoon character and looks astonishing in pastel color.

One can try a singular character or many in a tattoo, and trust me, and you will love the outcome.

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

Image: @adorningmeat

91. Dear Tattoo On Back

If you are a hunter and looking for something good to get inked, the deer skull is a good fit for you; they show the respect that you kept their body as a trophy.

It is also a symbol of a journey from physical to spiritual life.

Dear Tattoo on Back

Image: @slater_tattoos

92. Lizard Tattoo On Back

The lizard is a cold-blooded animal and represents flexibility and variation. These are known as the symbol of death in Rome, whereas they stand for good fortune in Greece.

They make an excellent tattoo for the upper back, and going for a 3d lizard will make it look natural.

Lizard Tattoo on Back

Image: @missd.tattoos

93. Large Japanese Fish Tattoo

The fish are often associated with perseverance, and in some cases, they symbolize the struggle one is facing in their life to overcome.

Therefore, getting the two large fish with different colors will make it unique. It is a stunning badass back tattoo. The pair of two small fishes making a circle is one of the best smaller designs.

Large Japanese Fish Tattoo

Image: @oldoaks_parlour

94. Elephant And Tree Tattoo

The elephant symbolizes good luck, divinity, strength, whereas the tree stands for wisdom, knowledge and growth.

Combining elements in one tattoo makes them look awesome. You may try them in whichever color you like, and they will not disappoint you.

Elephant and Tree Tattoo

Image: @susanabecerratattoo

95. Cover Up Back Tattoo

Back is the best canvas for large and complex designs, and trust me, no structure will disappoint if your tattoo artist makes it with perfect detailing.

So, if you have a smaller tattoo on your back and are now looking for a larger one, this cover-up lotus design will not disappoint you.

Cover Up Back Tattoo

Image: @spiderstattoo

96. Dog Back Piece Tattoo

Dogs are always the first choice as pets because of their loyalty and faithfulness to their owner. They are often adopted to keep the house secure for thieves and make a real friend mean.

If you also feel your dog is your friend, then get this tattoo now and show them how much you love them.

Dog Back Piece Tattoo

Image: @angela_mandu

97. Jewellery Tattoo

The jewelry tattoos look astonishing and elegant on any part of the body. They are feminine tattoos and have several options to try, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc.

Trust me, opting for an emerald jewelry tattoo will leave you amazed with its beauty.

Jewellery Upper Back Tattoo

Image: @tattoodrew

98. Gods Giving Gift Tattoo

There is always a suitable time for everything, and God fulfills your wishes when you are ready for that. Opting for a God-giving gift for the upper back shows your gratitude to God and shows that you trust him with all your heart.

Gods Giving Gift Tattoo

Image: @inkgarage_brooklyn

99. Crowned Lion Tattoo

As we all know, lions are often associated with the king of the animal kingdom, and no other animal can compete with him with strength and power. They are great hunters and look astonishing. Trying the crowned lion tattoo will show royalty on your body.

Crowned Lion Tattoo

Image: @bigdaddytat2

100. Octopus Tattoo On Back

If you are a multitasker and dee thinker, then an octopus tattoo is your perfect choice to get tattooed. You may try an alone but giant octopus on your back, and they will look superb. It is one of the best back tattoos.

Octopus Tattoo on Back

Image: @tattoo_fitexpressmonza

101. Owl And Flowers Upper Back

Owl tattoos are the metaphor of vision and hope, and they are uniques and creative. They stand for magic and prophecy, and combining the owl tattoo with the flowers enhances their beauty. These tattoos will look fabulous as the sleeve tattoo.

Owl and Flowers Upper Back

Image: @rory2012

Personal Opinion

I find upper-back tattoos to be a captivating form of self-expression. The broad canvas allows for intricate designs that can convey deep meanings. It’s a powerful way to showcase one’s individuality while maintaining discretion.


We are sure you must have decided on your tattoos for your next tattoo. If not, you can do some comparative research before deciding. You can use your upper back as a perfect canvas and try whatever tattoo you like, as it is more expansive and excellent for more extensive designs.

Although we tried to collect every kind of tattoos range here, many more remain because the more creative you are, the more tattoo ideas you will have. So, don’t wait any longer; get your next tattoo now!

Kai Falmer

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