20+ Iconic Crying Heart Tattoo Designs That Portray The Broken Heart

The crying heart tattoo capture everyone’s attention thanks to their classic design from the early stages of the west.

The crying heart tattoo pattern was popularised at the turn of the twentieth century, while west tattooing was just being started, and it has surely lasted the ravages of time.

Moreover, the crying heart tattoo, which is commonly linked to renowned tattooist Bert Grimm, has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years and is now a favorite of many traditional ink fans.

Crying Heart Tattoo Design

Image: @eerietattoos

Crying Heart Tattoo Meanings

Crying heart tattoos really seem to be loud and vivid are sometimes understood as a representation of a shattered heart and a love story that no longer shines as brightly, but they do not necessarily have to contain any meaningful connotation.

A fantastic little artwork Crying heart tattoos are indeed a good option for a replacement tattoo since they offer extra to any classic piece, such as a forearm.

Expressive Crying Heart Tattoo

Image: @johnnysamericantattoo

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What Does A Crying Heart Tattoo Symbolize?

A crying heart is not just a reminder of the loss you’ve suffered; it’s also a reference to traditional tattoos and an appreciation of all the tattoos that came behind you.

On the other hand, a crying heart tattoo may be the greatest thing for you if you want to immortalize your sentiments and even provide you with little physical agony to divert you from your sorrow.

Crying heart tattoo

Image: @bugdylantattoo

It’s real and dreadful regardless of every time we repeat it: love hurts. And, this is the reality!

We all deal with sadness in various ways, whether it’s romantic, the loss of loved ones, the deception of a friend, or the death of your dog. Some of us drown our sorrows in booze, while others seek comfort in the fries and pies. And, some try out a tattoo!

Stunning Crying Heart Tattoo Designs That You Need To Check Out!

Take a look at these timeless sobbing heart tattoos to understand why this classic pattern is still popular after a century!!

Evil Crying Heart Tattoo

Image: @anaphantom.tattoo

Minimal- Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas For Novices

If you’re having a tattoo for perhaps the first time and aren’t sure how much pain you can handle, choose a basic tattoo design. The design shown above was among the most prominent and iconic designs of the twentieth century.

The design is basic and stylish, and it will undoubtedly convey how heartbroken you are after losing somebody in your life who promised to always love and stand by you.

Crying Heart Tattoo On Neck

Image: @yanlowbrow

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Spiked Fence Tattoo- Crying Heart Tattoo

Unless you want to make your tattoo of crying heart a bit more unique, you may add a spiky border to add additional intricacies and elements to your tattoo.

Spiked fences are a common technique to symbolize that you are now defending your shattered soul and will not allow anyone to hurt it, even if they are mates or partners.

Spiked Fences Tattoo Designs

Image: @artbycherilyn

Year- Crying Heart Tattoo

Many people incorporate a year, with their crying heart tattoo that is connected to their emotional experience after experiencing heartbreak for maybe the first time.

The owner has written the year in black ink so that others can interpret it from a distance. If you want to ink a word, you might incorporate an optimistic or inspiring message to assist you in breaking away from pain.

Crying heart tattoo with year

Image: @tattoos.stephanie

Flower Motif- Crying Heart Tattoo Design

Many folks want to incorporate more within their crying heart design. As a result, you might include the identity of the person you lost or some lovely floral tattoo designs. The florals will add to the appeal of your tattoo design.

Crying Heart Tattoo with Rose Flowers

Image: @jorge.jimmy

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Funny- Crying Heart Tattoos

A wounded heart does not necessarily imply misery. Maybe all we should do is stop sobbing, clear up the mess of our hearts, and look ahead with renewed hope and optimism.

You may add a happy flair to your tattoo to keep the positivity in your soul alive forever, even after going through some difficult times. Keeping it unique and entertaining will provide a good message that the sun always shines after a stormy night.

Funny Crying Heart Tattoo

Image: @xandria.tattoos

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Arrow- Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas

If you feel cheated by a previous relationship, you might incorporate an arrow into your tattoo. The sword symbol flowing through the bleeding heart represents the intensity of your suffering.

Many well-known tattoo artists may be able to duplicate this design for you. You might possibly select one or two of those that you are familiar with.

Arrow and Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas

Image: @weskuswolf

Melancholy Chest- Crying Heart Tattoos

We’ve all experienced the misery that a broken symbolic heart may produce in our heart and body. We frequently lack the desire to eat, sleep, or otherwise care for ourselves.

Unless you want to demonstrate how much grief has touched your heart, but the crying heart tattoo is directly on your heart. It will be one of the iconic pieces you’ll ever have!

Sad Heart Tattoo on chest

Image: @k.uptontattoos

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Dark And Edgy- Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas

In remembrance of your broken heart, you can make a dark, gothic-style tattoo. It represents your dark past when you were heartbroken and had lost all hope in life.

You must try this tattoo to give a tribute to your dark past.

Bold crying Heart Tattoo

Image: @paid.in.teeth

Realistic Forearm- Crying Heart Tattoos

A tattoo in black is extensively shaded provides a deep, dark, and dramatic appearance. And besides, heartbreaks might lead to a really gloomy period in our life when we don’t feel hopeful.

If you want to recall that sad period in your life and how you triumphed over it, this is the tattoo for you.

Realistic Heart Tattoo Designs

Image: @uncle.kit

Abdomen- Crying Heart Tattoo Designs

Not every tattoo design is meant for your stomach or lower abdominal part as it is the most uncommon place to have a tattoo. Also, this part of your body will cause you the most pain.

There aren’t many tattoo designs that will suit your lower stomach.

Furthermore, tattoos on your abdominal area, stomach, or sides are more likely to cause severe pain due to the delicate skin in the area.

Human Heart Abdomen Tattoo

Image: @lukeohre


If you are seeking the most fantastic design to depict your broken heart, there are many sorts of great tattoo ideas available.

On the other hand, a crying heart tattoo is a must-have if you desire a one-of-a-kind gaze design. Alternatively, you may visit a reputable tattoo artist and request them to create a stunning design for you.

So just go ahead and get a tattoo that suits you!

Heart tattoo on arm

Image: @paulopelomenos

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