15 Gorgeous Calla Lily Tattoos That Look Totally Fabulous

Beautiful and Colorful Calla Lily Tattoos! Want a tattoo inspired by floral design? Beautiful and symbolic, the calla lily is a popular tattoo choice.

Beautiful flowers called calla lilies got their name from the Greek word calla, which means “beautiful.”

Since lilies are seen as symbols of purity and rebirth, many individuals like getting them tattooed, however, the tall, trumpet-shaped petal of the calla lily is more like a leaf than a true lily.

Calla lilies, like lilies, have a variety of interpretations, some of which are conflicting. For example, Calla lilies represent purity, passion (the purple kind), and fertility, but they also have a connection to death and rebirth.

As a result, well-done calla lily tattoo designs may have profound hidden meanings. Check out the many tattoo designs on display and get some calla lily tattoo ideas if you want your tattoo to stand out from conventional tattoo designs.

The tattoo’s significance depends on the person getting it. Still, it’s often a touching way to symbolize anything like a new beginning or to honor the memory of a departed loved one.

What is Calla Lily?

The calla lily, or arum lily, is a blooming plant that originated in southern Africa. Saint Helena has adopted it as its national flower. You may also plant it in a combination of partial shade and full sun. It is loaded with significant meaning.

Since 1926, when it was no longer celebrated in honor of the 1916 Easter Rising, in which Irish republicans fought back violently against British authority, calla lily has stood as a potent emblem of Irish republicanism and nationalism. A calla lily is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a symbol of love, purity, happiness, and faith.

History of Calla Lily Tattoos

Because of their association with attractiveness, the graceful form of calla lilies has made them a favorite subject for artists and tattooers. A calla lily tattoo, the first such example, was discovered on the corpse of a mummified Egyptian lady who lived approximately 3,500 BC.

We could use infrared imaging to determine that the tattoo comprises three interlocking rings. Many interpret the outermost circle as representing the sun, while the innermost circle might mean the moon or a star. The tattoo may represent the endless cycle of being born, dying, and being born again.

Since the Egyptians thought the flowers had magical powers, the necklace could have also been used as a protective amulet.

Calla Lily in Greek and Roman Culture

The ancient Greeks connected the calla lily to Aphrodite. The Romans held the plant in high esteem, and body art featuring the plant’s image was a common emblem of status and wealth. Throughout the Middle Ages, tattoos were linked to Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Calla Lily in the Victorian Period

They gained symbolic significance throughout the Victorian period as a symbol of purity and virtue. Because of their beauty and elegance, pureness and innocence are often represented with calla lilies. Tattoos depicting such traits gained popularity in the Victorian period.

The calla lily tattoo was a sign of purity and goodness that many women were proud to show off.

In addition to the deeper meanings associated with the flower, the Victorians also considered tattoos of flowers an intelligent and fashionable way to express one’s individuality. Furthermore, the flower’s clean, sophisticated form reflected contemporary design trends.

Calla Lily in Islamic and Jewish Culture

Calla lilies represent adoration and love in the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Legend has it that in 1559, Queen Sheba paid a visit to King Solomon of Israel after hearing many glowing reports about the latter’s wisdom. Satisfied with what she saw, the queen reportedly sent Solomon a gift of calla lilies to show how much she cared for him.

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The Symbolism of the Calla Lily

Calla lilies are among the most often used cut flowers for floral arrangements. Because of their graceful form and soft petals, they are often used in floral arrangements. What, however, do calla lilies represent?

As a rule, these blossoms bring thoughts of purity and innocence. In weddings, its pure white tint is used to signify the bride’s virginity.

Calla lilies may also signify a fresh start or rebirth. They are a great token of appreciation for anybody turning a new leaf in their lives because of their relationship with spring.

The calla lily is a stunningly graceful flower given as a token of appreciation for significant achievements for centuries.

The lily remains a popular choice for a bridal bouquet. It is also given to celebrate other important events like today’s anniversaries and Mother’s Day. It is an excellent accessory for any special occasion because it has a light scent and a simple, elegant look.

Meaning Of Calla Lily Tattoos 

Despite the fact that each person’s calla lily tattoo will have a unique meaning, there are a few universally accepted meanings.Many people consider a calla lily tattoo to be a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation.

Calla lily tattoos also represent a person’s inner fortitude and ability to persevere through difficult times. In addition, a calla lily tattoo is a popular way to honor the memories of a dearly departed family member or friend.

The tattoo might remind you to focus on the future and not the past. Because of their association with fresh beginnings and chastity, calla lilies are often given to those who are making a clean break from the past.

In certain religions and civilizations, tattoos symbolize the rebirth of the soul after physical death. For this reason, it may provide solace to individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Colors of Calla Lily Tattoos and Their Significance

Flowers’ colors display a specific and distinctive message that goes along with them. The calla lily blossom comes in various colors, ranging from vibrant maroon to yellow and pink. Each particular color can give the flowers a special meaning.

They have captured the hearts of countless people for years with their captivating beauty. As a result, the color of the blossoms may be used to categorize the meaning of a calla lily tattoo. They are given a variety of specific colorations. Yellow, orange, white, pink, lavender, and dark maroon are the most prevalent hues.


Pink is often associated with affection and love, much like red. Furthermore, the notions of joy, kindness, and femininity are associated with the color pink.


White is associated with devotion and life experiences, being unique, and standing out among other colors.


The color yellow is often used to symbolize joy and happiness. One of its primary associations is a heightening of pleasure and enjoyment. Yellow’s brilliant and erubescent aroma makes it a popular choice.


The vibrant and energizing look of the color orange is well-known.


Lavender is the color most associated with refinement, friendliness, and a sense of style.


The color maroon makes people think of strong feelings like love, bravery, power, and beauty. 

Features and Designs of Calla Lily Tattoos

The tattooing of these flowers can range from the more conventional to the more abstract. Many tattoos of calla lilies have detailed depictions of the flower’s petals and foliage. In contrast, others opt for a more simplistic approach. Calla lily tattoos aren’t just limited to flower designs; they can also be part of geometric and naturalistic patterns.

Calla lily tattoos are often intricate works of art that combine flowers with other designs, such as vines or swirls, to create a unique and beautiful whole. They range from tiny and intricate to enormous and showy. If you want something special and unique, you can add names and dates to the center of a calla lily tattoo.

Make sure you know what you’re doing before getting a calla lily tattoo. Know the flower’s history, cultural significance, and what it means to you personally. Always seek the advice of a professional tattoo artist when deciding on the layout and style of your ink. If you do your homework, your calla lily tattoo will turn out beautifully.

We have selected 15 beautiful calla lily tattoo designs for you. So let’s start our journey.

1. Dotted Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @mindcrawlerr

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A calla lily is a symbol of purity. Minimalism and a straightforward way of living are becoming more popular in today’s tattoo fashion trends. The calla lilies in this tattoo are drawn with crisp, precise lines and are dotted. This tattoo is charming and has an understated elegance.

2. Fine line Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @annarehtattoo

This calla lily tattoo is a fine line, with a single petal with a long stem that will look good on either the leg or the arm. And you can add colors if you desire. 

3. Key With Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @timperfections

This tattoo features a key and a calla lily flower inked on the wearer’s upper arm. The calla Lily here represents the heart and love, and the key represents the key to the heart. You can get this beautiful design on the arm or the lower leg. 

4. Bouquet Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @boratattoo

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This is a bouquet tattoo with a calla lily and a sunflower inked on the inner forearm of the wearer. The colorful tattoo looks super cool and very attractive.

5. Connected Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @ladybaby_tattoos

This calla lily tattoo is perfect for females. There’s a blend of ornamental and natural here, and bold meets delicate, with the calla lilies inked upside down on the upper arm and connected to a decorative design inked on the ribs.

6. Vase Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @pooka

A vast and attention-grabbing tattoo inked on the center of the chest features a vase in bold black filled with calla lilies done in faint lines. 

7. Painted Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @yuyuz_z

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This tattoo is fantastic as it looks painted and is made of blue, green, and orange colors. This design will look beautiful on women.

8. Memorial Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @odylanguagetattoocompany

Calla lilies also represent death and mourning, so this tattoo is an example of a memorial tattoo. The beautiful purple calla lilies with green leaves and the Spirit Lead Me” inked along with them give it a mystical aura.

9. Tractor And Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @miserabledelight

An unusual tattoo design features a tractor and calla lilies and is inked on the side of the back of the wearer. This design is suitable for a guy. 

10. Heel Leg Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @gioelcamino

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This calla lily tattoo is inked on the back of the lower leg and the calf. It features a giant shaded calla lily with a woman’s legs coming out who is wearing heels. It looks terrific and is fit for a fashionable woman. 

11. Queer Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @_mariahwoodman_

This calla lily tattoo design features a skull with two calla lilies coming out of the eye. It is inked on the upper arm area and is a large tattoo design

12. Tune Of Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @stephwtattoos

The wearer of this tattoo is undoubtedly a music lover. It features a gramophone with a giant calla lily as the set’s speaker. 

13. Humming Bird With Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @sahrachaink

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A beautiful tattoo design features a calla lily and a hummingbird together. But, again, the magnificent and attractive colors stand out.

14. Pinterest Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_dojun

This tattoo design looks very spiritual and peaceful. Everyone will undoubtedly notice the beautiful pink-colored calla lilies inked on the upper arm.

15. Scorpio Calla Lily Tattoo

Image: @georginaleightattoo

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This scary tattoo features a calla lily on the tail of a black scorpion. As this is a large tattoo design, you can get this inked on the leg or the arm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal placement for a calla lily tattoo?

Almost any body part is a good candidate for a calla lily tattoo. They are charming when worn on the back, shoulders, or ribs. Calla lily tattoos are widespread; many prefer to have them as part of a more extensive sleeve or chest piece.

Keep the tattoo’s dimensions and layout in mind as you choose a good spot for your lily design. For example, the forearm or collarbone is an excellent place for a small, intricate tattoo. In contrast, the back or calf is better suited for more prominent tattoos.

The choice is ultimately yours, but a tattoo artist may advise you where to put it, so it looks its best. However, a lily tattoo, no matter where you decide to put it, is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any body art collection.

What is the best calla lily tattoo placement for men and women?

Neck, back, chest, biceps, forearm, and legs are the best places for men to get a calla lily tattoo. While for women, the ideal places would be behind the ears, the hand, the shoulder blade, the finger spaces, the wrist, and the ankle.

What does a tattoo of a calla lily represent?

Today, calla lilies are often used to represent timeless beauty and sophistication. As such, they stand for the pinnacle of success in any effort. Calla Lilies used to symbolize both death and rebirth in ancient Greece.

What is the meaning of “calla”?

Calla is a shortened form of the Greek name Callista (which means “beautiful”) and is used to describe a female person.

Final Thoughts

An individual’s beliefs, values, and character may all be represented via their choice of tattoos. They are the cornerstones of an individual’s identity. Despite the common misconception that flower designs are reserved for women; calla lily tattoos are quickly gaining appeal among male consumers. Depending on size and location, there are numerous calla lily patterns to choose from. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in deciding on the design, color palette, and style of your calla lily tattoo. 

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