55 Awesome Butterfly On Hand Tattoo Ideas With Special Meaning

Butterfly creatures are just as unique as you. The stunning concept of tattoo art looks impressive with bold and colorful butterfly tattoo designs as if you have got wings. Wear them with pride!! Adding a collection, some beautiful butterfly on hand tattoo design ideas will inspire you. 

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55 Awesome Butterfly On Hand Tattoo Ideas With Special Meaning

What is the most basic tattoo?

There is a whole set of trending beautiful tattoos at any given moment and tattoo trends seem to go on for a while. More common in tattoos, the butterfly design is trending for women. This cute butterfly tattoo lasts long enough for someone to respond to the typical girl tattoo form by drawing up the most tattoo design ever.

1. Butterfly tattoo in black: 

The black butterfly tattoo on hand design is a popular choice that looks beautiful on everyone. Make it small and delicate, and let the wings of the butterfly help you fly. 

Image: @muvaink_

2. On-hand beautiful butterfly tattoo: 

showcasing feminine qualities, beauty and strength with versatility, the tattoo on the wrist enhances your natural beauty.

Image: @ tattoos_by_.38

3. Butterfly tattoo outline in black ink: 

one of the trendiest designs with cute and subtle looks, and there are many options to choose from. 

Image: @oodles_of_tattoodles

4. Danaid tattoo with blue ink: 

The blue butterfly tattoo on hand portrays beauty by also representing joy and luck. These blue butterflies are stylish and timeless pieces of ink that last for a lifetime. 

Image: @princessavibezz

5. Butterfly hand tattoo:

visible to all encounters, butterfly tattoo shows warm-hearted, friendly and loving life. The hand tattoo shows you cherish freedom and love nature. 

Image: @ malyphitetattoos

6. Tattoo for girls with butterflies: 

with the transformation from beauty to feminism, the butterfly tattoo on hand for girls symbolizes everything from freedom to beauty. 

Image: @ pearcetattoos

7. Butterfly tattoo: 

the butterfly tattoo goes anywhere on the body, and the butterfly shape of wings makes great idea framing, particularly with powerful and stunning options. 

Image: @hnz_dmpf

8. In-hand Butterfly tattoo: 

designs made for moment initiate to both the insect and the body part on the palm. The wings are shaped to fit in hand and go well. 

Image: @lukeaashley

9. On-hand butterfly tattoo: 

hand is a great place to get inked. With dainty to elaborated designs, these are pretty famous and trendy. 

Image: @ ghostatnite

10. Butterfly tattoo that looks classic: 

a simple butterfly tattoo on hand design is all you need. It is the shape of the butterfly tattoo that matters and with some natural filler. 

Image: @a.n.n.e.t.t.e.k.i.n.g

11. Classic on-hand butterfly tattoo: 

the oriental design with gorgeous and delicate look despite the large and conspicuous placement looks excellent. 

Image: @ tattootime_g

12. Colored tattoo: 

bring cheerful colors and let it spread contagious happiness all around. 

Image: @dynamiron

13. Butterfly Tattoo: 

dreamt up to come together as two halves to make a whole. The shading with butterfly tattoo looks excellent. 

Image: @gypsytattooco

14. Colorful tattoo design: 

the effect with shading isn’t just beautiful. With bold choices of colors, it comes out from something different and unique. 

Image: @madujune_

15. Colorful tattoo: 

giving it joy, vitality, a new beginning and good luck, and the highly colorful butterfly tattoo gives more meaningful outcomes. 

Image: @ dams44tattoo

16. Colorful butterfly on-hand tattoo: 

it is another place to get inked with delicate and elaborated designs. With the timeless charm of multiple colors, the tattoo never goes out of style. 

Image: @decadent_ink_tattoos

17. Cool butterfly tattoo:  

You will get excuses to go get more ink as with stunning artwork becoming a trend these days. With different sizes of artwork, the butterfly tattoo art looks amazing!

Image: @laurenscarletshades

18. Butterfly elegant tattoo: 

a unique take on new-age cute butterfly tattoo designs where the outlines go deep skin helps create a powerful impact. 

Image: @ themfdaleofficial

19. Excellent tattoo: 

with an ultimate symbol of beauty and royalty, the design is timeless as every detail matters with the piece symbolize love and life. 

Image: @jentrey_mccausland_11

20. Flower with butterfly tattoo: 

with uplifting thoughts to something positive, the flower tattoo designs represent the idea towards life. 

Image: @erinncreates

21. Elegant butterfly on-hand tattoo: 

a clean and straightforward design that lasts for the same time gives meaning to resonate with everyone. It represents freedom by creating an elegant and stunning butterfly tattoo designs. 

Image: @ kirst_tattoo_artist

22. Butterfly funky tattoo: 

making it feel super relaxed and original with the beautiful funky butterfly tattoo have already made special hearts in the ultimate designing patterns. 

Image: @976abo

23. Good looking bee tattoo: 

clever use of butterfly environment to create one complete piece with an elegant understanding of the large piece. Simple yet effective!

Image: @amg1201

24. Good looking butterfly tattoo on-hand: 

incorporating fine details blending in with colors, the hand tattoo looks fabulous in their way depending on the design.

Image: @jordanbrackeen

25. Great butterfly tattoo: 

the contrasting color tattoo with earthy tones somehow looks great with brighter colored wings. 

Image: @thecolorfulpalette._.05

26. Grey butterfly tattoo: 

clean line works with the significant position that matches the contour of the body with clever use of ink looks excellent together. 

Image: @nicholasleetattoo

27. Butterfly tattoo on-hand in grey: 

use of dark shades to give off a mysterious look makes the piece stand out from the butterfly tattoos. 

Image: @missfittsuk

28. Couple butterfly tattoo on-hands: 

two butterflies flying together represent love. Let the butterflies fly together and spread love in real life as well. 

Image: @burndamage

29. Impressive tattoo: 

a super cool piece of tattoo using only one color with detailed shading and line work adds an extra level and lifts it off the skin. 

Image: @nieun_tat2

30. Nice hand tattoo: 

You can surely try out the design for one who wants it simple with no detailing. 

Image: @nathheratattoo

31. Butterfly nice tattoo: 

with minimal shading effect, adding butterfly on hand tattoo meaning to have more authentic and beautiful design adds sense. 

Image: @humildetattoos

32. 3D Butterfly tattoo on hand with peace: 

with special care and precision, the lovely shadows make it come alive and fly off the skin. White butterfly tattoo also looks great as an option.

Image: @ap_tattooer  

33. Butterfly tattoo – pretty: 

for detailing lovers, you can have the desired tattoo. For proper maintenance, be extra careful and make sure to regularly hydrate and moisture the area. 

Image: @brenda_bodyart

34. Pretty design butterfly tattoo: 

a classic and timeless design both feminine and stunning is an excellent combination of butterfly signifying passion, love and transformation. 

Image: @brittanymcroy

35. Pretty on-hand butterfly tattoo: 

the most delicate and personal placements look impressive when you show off. The perfect canvas in  unique butterfly tattoo looks cute. 

Image: @kaystattoos

36. Realistic on-hand 3D butterfly tattoo: 

it comes as a beautiful art piece with vivid and intricate colors. Shading makes the butterfly appeal lifelike where white dots add a bit, and it looks complete. 

Image: @tattoos.by.michele

 37. On-hand skull butterfly tattoo: 

one of the designs with contrasting elements representing temporarily seems like an unusual choice representing the fate of one’s temporality. 

Image: @jboogie.kt

38. Small on-hand butterfly tattoo: 

a small yet straightforward butterfly works well with the best positioning. 

Image: @mirandapokes

39. Tiny butterfly tattoo: 

typically to last longer arranging in any fashion, the butterfly is beautiful. 

Image: @brighteyestattoo

40. Star with butterfly tattoo: 

perfect size and contrast of the butterfly with star work well in every position. The tattoo with fine details looks excellent. 

Image: @tactical_inkaholic

41. Stunning and lovely tattoo: 

making it looks like a jewel, the ideal style on the arm or wrist looks excellent. 

Image: @i__am__liam

42. Stunning butterfly tattoo: 

symbolizing a significant change and development in someone’s life, having a butterfly tattoo may provide luck for the rest of life. 

Image: @tattoosbynikkirae

43. Stunning on-hand butterfly tattoo: 

bringing joy because of its beauty and rarity. The tattoo on hand symbolizes good luck and impermanence. 

Image: @cameron_jonker

44. Stylish tattoo:

the cool tattoo uses the area well, and this is a great technique using older style lines to capture the element. 

Image: @normabotattoo

45. Sweet tattoo: 

The unique links broadly illustrating the center of the drawing is a unique take.

Image: @inkfierno_tattoos

46. Small butterfly tattoo: 

a delicate small butterfly tattoo on hand is a source of fragility and strength contrasting to your skin type. 

Image: @mirandapokes

47. Traditional tattoo of butterfly: 

While these designs go back, the ultimate symbol of independence is a classic masterpiece. the tribal butterfly tattoo designs are in trend with symbolic meaning.

Image: @patrickkamminga_tattoos

48. Traditional on-hand tattoo: 

searching for maximum impact, the everlasting style is a good option for your first time. 

Image: @luxembourg_electric_aven

49. Watercolor butterfly tattoo: 

giving the illusion of watercolors in the tattooed piece allows the viewer a perspective to perceive it through your own eyes. 

Image: @holeymoleytattoos_piercings

50. Incredible butterfly tattoo: 

it symbolizes a significant change and development to belief and signifies good luck. The butterfly tattoos have a unique meaning. 

Image: @tatties_by_sashimi

51. Butterfly tattoo in yellow color: 

the yellow tattoo reflects happiness and joy in the Chinese ideology. 

Image: @loulou_tattoos

52. Attractive tattoo: 

bringing thoughts of new life, the beautiful butterfly reassures a delicate balance with a beautiful theme. 

Image: @justine_tattoos__

53. Awesome hand tattoo: 

charming and elegant look with vibrant colors shows the power of strength. 

Image: @billy_at_wild_west_ink

55. Geometric butterfly tattoo: 

bringing neutral and scientific realms of thinking the beauty is expressed with whole butterfly idea. 

Image: @marv__art

54. Awesome butterfly tattoo: 

enhancing natural beauty. It represents eye-catching natural beauty. 

Image: @leo.tattooist


What does 2 butterfly tattoos mean?

Butterfly tattoos stands for the beauty and femininity in different forms. Butterfly tattoos can symbolize a loved one that passed away. Butterflies stands for the trasformation from immaturity to adulthood and represents the change and development in someone’s life.

What do butterfly tattoo on hand symbolize in love?

Butterfly tattoos represent the connection between love, soul and the mind, indicating that all are capable of being together. The area you choose to get these tattoos carved can make it sensual and erotic. Butterfly tattoos on the upper or lower back area are filled with erotism and look really good on women.

Who has the best tattoo in the world?

San Francisco is where you can get High quality and cutting-edge tattoos from various tattoo shops. San Francisco has been home to many talented and recommendable artists. They have expertise in different tattoo styles, such as traditional, bold tattoos. The grandfather of Contemporary tattoo, Lyle Tuttle, still had his shop in the city where you can get your tattoo done. Although Tuttle is retired now, his shop is still serving the community.

Italy topped the country with 48% of the population having at least one tattoo. Sweden and the United States are in second and third place with 47% and 46% of their residents wearing a tattoo. Although, research told that the people of America and Sweden love to have more than one tattoo as compared to Italy. It resulted in Americans having minimum of four tattoos on them respectively.

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